• Tips On Choosing Colours

  • How I Apply My Face and Lip Makeup

  • My Five Top Makeup Tips

  • My Top Tips for Great Looking Skin

  • How I Apply My Summer Makeup

  • How to Use Makeup Brushes

  • How To Apply Our Fabulous Blush

  • How I Apply Silver Mist Lid Smoothie

  • How I Apply My Eye Makeup

  • Creating a Smokey Eye with LFF Makeup

  • How To Add Colour To Your Lash Line

  • How To Have Beautiful Brows

  • How to Have Luscious Lips

  • Making Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Colour

  • The Importance Of Primers For Older Skin

  • Putting On My Summer Face

  • From Day To Evening Makeup Look

Why LFF?

We celebrate the beauty and individuality of older women, with products specially formulated for mature faces, eyes and lips.

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