Your Guide to Skin Undertones:
Warm, Cool & Neutral

Skin with Warm Undertones

Warm toned skin has a yellow undertone. Women with warm toned skin often prefer to wear deep autumnal colours like oranges, browns, navy blues, and warm greens. They also suit spring colours like creams, corals, soft yellows and deep ruby red.

Words that may describe your skin if you have a warm undertone:




Skin with Cool Undertones

Cool toned skin has a pink or blue undertone. Women with cool toned skin often prefer to wear fresh, crisp or jewel colours like fuchsia, pure white, icy or cornflower blue, black, purple and bright cherry red.

Words that may describe your skin if you have a cool undertone:




*If your skin doesn't fall particularly into either category, you may have neutral skin undertones. 

Which Undertone Does Your Skin Have?

To begin with, it's important to note that your skin shade and your skin undertone are two different things. Your skin shade will fall on the spectrum between pale, fair, light, medium, tan, dark and deep.

Whichever shade you are, your skin will still have either a cool, warm or neutral undertone. You can have tanned skin and still be cool! And similarly, you can be very pale but still have a warm yellow undertone. 

So how do you know whether you are cool, warm or neutral? There are a few useful ways to gain an idea of what undertone you have. For example, the hue of your jewellery, the shades you see most in your wardrobe, and even the colour that the veins in your wrists appear can all indicate whether you are warm, cool or neutral. 

Take our Colour Quiz below to answer a few short questions and find out which undertone your skin has!

Warm & Cool Gallery

Take a look at these galleries of warm toned and cool toned women. When seen together like this, it can be easier to get a sense of the shared undertone of each group.

Warm Toned Women

Cool Toned Women

Neutral Toned Women

Choosing Makeup for Cool and Warm Skin

All makeup on the Look Fabulous Forever website is divided into cool, warm and neutral tones  to help our customers shop for colours which they will love (if you're neutral, you can choose from either!)

Click on one of the below images to take a look at our full warm and full cool range of makeup...