Lustrous Colour Lipstick

Our lipstick is the perfect antidote to thin, lacklustre lips. Made with moisturizing jojoba oil, it hydrates and nourishes so your lips appear luscious and full. And of course it adds glorious color, which instantly enhances the face.

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You deserve to feel confident, vibrant and empowered as an older woman, without wasting another penny on cosmetics that don’t fulfil their promises.

You must look and feel great in whichever LFF product you try, or we insist on giving you a full, prompt refund - no quibbles.

Buy it, try it, and if doesn’t delight you - simply pop it back to us for an instant refund - it couldn’t be easier!

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  1. "Beautiful lipstick" Wow what can I say other than this has got to be one of the nicest lipsticks I have purchased. The fushia colour is beautiful can't wait to try other colours. SueM

  2. "Fabulous lipstick" I have always been delighted with the whole range of LFF make up, but absolutely LOVE this lipstick. They beat the Diors, Chanels of this world hands down every time for moisturisation, durability and of course effect! Thank you Tricia and the team for keeping us gals in the know and, looking beautiful EVERY day!' Dawn

  3. "Love this!" Having tried almost every make of lipstick, finding most of them to 'slippery', I am very impressed with this product. The colour depth is excellent, it has great coverage and stays put longer than normal. Only one colour so far but there will be more! Kitchenbound

  4. "Best lipsticks ever" Have to say these are the best lipsticks I have ever bought, and I have certainly purchased a few in my time. They are so creamy and the colours are just perfect.  Must add the lip primer to my next order. Ali

Lustrous Colour Lipstick

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