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  1. Continued love of this makeup!I just placed another order of this incredible makeup line. I am 64 and continue to be extremely pleased with all the products. It's amazing how, if taught proper application and proper products for mature skin, how many people compliment my makeup. Many thanks to you and your team for supplying such good makeup and customer service.Carolyn

  2. Truly Fabulous!I have just placed my third order in as many weeks! To say I’m delighted and completely over the moon with your products is an understatement .. they really are fantastic and perform brilliantly. Excellent service is a plus!Veronica

  3. Feel like a new me!I have just received my productsand I feel fantastic! The make-up last all day, no need for any touch ups, is easy to apply and looks so great. The  tutorials are so valuable too and really helps. I have always taken good care of my skin and now at 62, I wanted make-up that looked good for someone my age,....natural, without the feeling of heaviness. I am so pleased I found these and look forward to receiving my next order.Karine

  4. Totally converted!When I hit the menopause last year at the age of 50 I lost my sense of self and confidence completely. I gained weight and I felt I look suddenly tired and old. I started buying lots of make up to try and look better but nothing seemed to work so I was skeptical about what difference LFF Other would make. But I'm totally converted. I love all the products and I've pretty much bought them all now. Just about to order the last few bits I haven't got to complete my collection. Can't wait for them to arrive.Alison

  • Love it all!! I purchased right before a wedding after seeing the videos! It was hard to find matte eye shadow and these are beautiful! I received and absolutely LOVE it all! Read more Thank you Tricia for these great products! I have been on a long search for make up at 58 I am now a forever customer!! Love Tricia’s videos as they help so much!! Thank you!! Karen
  • +75 I really love your makeup. I thought about ordering for a long time since I don't have good luck with online makeup, and I am very happy I finally did. I am a makeup junkie and have tried just about everything else out there; now most of that is getting tossed since I plan to only use LFF. Read more I am surprised with the Soft Coral as I never would have selected that color for looks so good on me! Since wearing LFF and using some of the techniques I learned from your videos I have received several compliments. Looking forward to tying some of the other colors. Thank you. Royalyn La Valle
  • BETTER THAN I EXPECTED I am only 55 years old but was starting to notice that makeup did not look as nice on me as it used to. I was beginning to look like a clown when I tried to wear eye makeup so I only wore a natural beige color. Look Fabulous Forever surprised me - I look younger when wearing their foundation, eye make up and lipstick! Read more It looks very soft an natural on my skin - not flaky or cakey at all. I am very glad I made the purchase I did! TERESA KEREKES
  • Another great lip! Tricia, you have done it again with Soft Plum! I recently ordered Fuchsia which I love and is bright. I looked at some of your YouTubes again, and took the plunge to Soft Plum and I love it, too. Read more While I thought it might be too dark for this time of year, I found If I lightly apply it, and/or add a lighter pink with the same sheen over it, the color is wonderful! The light colored lipsticks just wash me out, I have to have a color that more closely matches the inside of my lower lip (strange?) to get the shade that is flattering. I have also learned that while a frosted lipstick maybe too much, I look best with lip color that has a sheen, like your do. I am very happy with both lippies, and will, perhaps venture to Cherry Red later on. Great quality, color, texture for us mature ladies. Thank you! Janet
  • Where have you been all my life... Tricia, I'm 76 and really needed better-than-drugstore products for my aging skin. I'm so happy I found your makeup line. I wish I had known about this years ago. Read more I've made my first purchase and love the Smooth Like Silk Face Prime, Continuous Cover Foundation (#2), and Real Radiance Blush (in the new Raspberry Pop shade. Love it!). All the claims about this makeup being good for older skin are true and I definitely will be placing another order soon. (Can't wait to get the Cover to Cover Concealer and the Bring Back Brow Shape). Many thanks for all you do to help "Seniors" feel young again. Linda
  • Beauty during chemotherapy I just wanted to thank Tricia and the Look Fabulous Forever team for providing wonderful makeup that helps me continue to look good even while undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. I get numerous compliments on how good I'm looking, and I attribute it all to the wonderful Smooth Like Silk Face Prime and the Continuous Cover Foundation. Thank you for these products that help keep you feeling good about yourself, even while going through this difficult treatment. Anne
  • New Grey Brow Make-up Love it! Matches my greying hair..But wondering...if a black mascara or dark brown would be better..Black seems a bit harsh to me.. LFF Note: defo black unless very very pale! Sandra Kuronya
  • Wonderful Products! Tricia, I love the products of your make-up line I have received so far. The shimmer soft moss eye shadow, the no-shimmer olive shadow, the rose colored blush and the fuchsia lipstick. All just fabulous! Read more I live in the US, TX, originally from Germany, so perhaps it took the European touch to brighten things up! I am 63 and feel like a new woman when I apply the products. Will be ordering more. Thank you! Janet
  • Makeover Magic I read an article about Look Fabulous Forever and was inspired, so when I stumbled across the pop up shop in Guildford I thought I must book. What a brilliant experience. Veronica was really helpful going out of her way to create a look especially for me. Read more I have loved wearing the make up ever since Alison
  • Fabulous Deeply Dreamy Night Cream At the age of 73, I have always been lucky to have good skin. But now that I’m facing cancer for the third time in my life, this time a stage 3, the chemo treatments have wreaked havoc on my skin. Dry, lacking volume, more wrinkles. Read more I have used the face prime and foundation for about 2 years, but as soon as I saw this night time face cream, I knew I had to try it! It is truly fabulous! There was a noticeable difference in my skin after the first use. This will be a staple through the chemo treatments and beyond. Thank you for helping my skin look it’s best! Janice Riley Johnson
  • Continuous Cover Foundation and Cover Cream I received my purchase so quickly! I am so pleased with the color of my foundation and the concealer cream. When I received the package, I immediately had to clean my face and try the Smooth Like Silk Face Prime and the Continuous Cover Foundation. Read more The color could not be more perfect!! And the Concealer is perfect too. The look is smooth, especially over the Face Prime. My lipstick is Soft Plum, and it is perfect too. Now, I can't wait to wear all day long and get compliments. Thank you! Vivian
  • So easy brows! I put off getting your brow filler, I was content with my soft pencil. I decided to try it, and wow! What a difference, and sooo easy! Read more I use the brow brush to blend it in, and this does such a nice job of making my brows look soft & full. Ladies, if you have put off this product, don’t. You need a good hangar for the rest of your face, and this is so pretty. ....and it is still there at the end of the day, too. Get the brush...that is what does the blending so effectively. Charlotte
  • Amazing Stuff! I really, really, really like this makeup. I started off by ordering some eye makeup and blush, but I will definitely be exploring the lipstick line in my next order. The eye shadow colors are subtle but definitely make a difference. Read more In fact, that is what I like best, that these products are clearly formulated for the mature face. I can't tell you how pleased I am that I took a chance and tried this makeup! Good job!! lizbeth
  • Finally!!! Yes, at 70+, I finally have great quality make-up in all the right colors and tutorials on its correct application. It's the best thing ever. I've always known, try as I might, that I was a couple of steps short of looking fabulous, but that was the norm. Read more No longer!! Now that I know what I'm doing, it takes me such a short time to get ready every morning, to do it right and be on my way. I can't tell you how liberating that is and how happy it makes me. :) I get a lot of compliments, but the most important thing is my own new-found confidence in the way I look. And don't for one moment think that these products are pricey. I had so many eye colors, lipsticks, blushes, you name it, that I'd bought in the past in the search for something that would work. Most of them are okay, but only okay, and they always seemed to be a constant reminder of some kind of personal inadequacy. Why couldn't I get this right? A useless pile of make-up like that? . . . . now that's expensive! Now I'm no longer wasting time and money and still ending up with the wrong products. LFF works, believe me. I'm never going back. It really has changed me and my life in many positive ways. Ladies, you need this too! You won't be disappointed. Thank you LFF! Maureen
  • All new makeup I just today received the products I ordered and quickly put them on before my evening event. Wow, what a difference and now I wish I had ordered the other products that I liked. So that will be happening soon. Read more I especially love the face primer and the eye colors. My eyes look a lot less crepey but I will need to add the eye primer to my next order. Lovely products! Thank you for helping us grow older gracefully. Helen
  • love these colors! I just received the peachy blush and the coral lipstick. I tried them on and wow what a difference! My face looks brighter and helthier.a difference the right shades make. Read more Thank you LFF Debbie
  • Unbelievable Customer Service The USPS totally botched the delivery of my order once it hit the US. The people at the post office didn't seem interested in helping me track it down. "Oh, well. Read more It probably got wasted. Tough luck." I contacted LFF via email and the next morning they had fixed the problem. I am SO grateful! Can't wait for my order to arrive! Thank you customer service team!!! I haven't even tried your products yet, but you have already gained a faithful customer. Rhonda Badgett
  • Continued Love Of This Makeup! I just placed another order of this incredible makeup line. I am 64 and continue to be extremely pleased with all the products. It's amazing how, if taught proper application and proper products for mature skin, how many people compliment my makeup. Read more Many thanks to you and your team for supplying such good makeup and customer service. Carolyn Roberts, New York, NY
  • Best blush I was so excited to receive my first LFF make up delivery this week. The product packaging is impressive and the make up lives up to positive reviews. I am especially taken with the blush, after being apprehensive to only one cool color option that appeared too pink for my liking online. Read more My older skin has made it difficult to get even blush coverage due to texture. The face primer and consistency of the cream/powder blush made the application so smooth and even. The color is perfect for my completion, subltle and pretty. I foresee more orders in my future! Karla
  • Unbelievable I am 70 years old and have been looking for a new makeup for over a year. Nothing was working. I saw LFF on Facebook and I thought "Why not try". Read more I ordered just one a week ago and the makeup arrived yesterday. This morning I ventured with the new LFF makeup and went to work on my face. I cannot believe the difference. The makeup is wonderful on, easy to apply and I must say I feel different and my face looks great. I am ordering the eye make up and lip makeup right away. Thank you as I feel my skin looks wonderful. Thank you for the videos on how to apply. They are a great reference. Cathie , US
  • My Blush and Lip Color Finally Match! I so appreciate the color matching to skin tone you offer. I have never been able to get my lip color and blush to match let alone compliment my skin tone. You have made this so easy! Read more Saves me money and takes the guess work out. Thank you so much! Roberta
  • all products-the best I have completely changed over to LFF after having used extremely well known and expensive products. My skin has never looked better after adding your touches of color. Can't say enough about your products. Read more Mary USA soon to be 61 yrs young Mary
  • I have found no other products like this! I recently ordered and quickly received the mother of the bride collection (mainly because I wanted all of the items in it..I have no children! LOL!). I am beyond happy. Read more The face primer is lush and silky...really very different from anything I have tried. The foundation is also velvety and lovely. You need just one dab of each..a little goes a long way! Next purchases will be the brushes. I will most certainly use these products after 25 yrs of using Clinique! Thank you! Julie, Dallas, USA
  • Absolutely love ALL the products I also have problem skin therefore was a bit hesitant to use makeup while my skin so bad....but now that I have I am loving how it has responded to the skin looks and feels better and I feel better when using makeup for the first time in a very long time....I am 66 years and loving life more than ever.....when my husband tells me how beautiful I am...I truly feel it now.....thank you for developing such great products. Kathryn, USA
  • Amazing makeup I studied your on line tutorials, & went over what I wanted to order for a couple weeks. When i finally placed the order, I couldn't wait to get it. When it arrived, I put the foundation on right away. Read more I used the makeup brush first & didn't get good coverage. I tried a sponge, same thing. When i finally used my fingers I got the great look, & coverage I wanted. Oh, and the lipstick primer & lipstick are wonderful! I have never found a lipstick that would stay on till yours. And, I have probably spent $ 500.00 over the last 50 years looking for one. Thank you so much. It is all wonderful!!! Donna S
  • Primer and Foundation works even in Texas summer! I am the worst critic when it comes to foundation! I have rosacea and very uneven skin tones, and extremely sensitive skin. I have tried countless other primers and always end up returning them because they break me out. Read more My skin doesn't like layering of products. But your primer not only did not break me out, it kept my t-zone from getting too oily (yes, I still have t-zone issues at age 58!) and it made the foundation look so much better overall. I live in hot and humid South Texas, and that is saying a lot ... that my foundation wears well in August with 100+ degree temps for days on end. I only ordered samples at first but have now placed an order for full size products. I also ordered 3 more sample sizes of the foundation because I travel a lot, some international travel, and one of these samples in my purse will be so handy to freshen up my face a bit after flying overnight to Europe. I"ll be stopping over at Heathrow in Oct en route to Africa and am so glad I found your products before my trip. I can't wait to receive my next order. I never write reviews but just had to tell you how spot-on your products are! Thank you!  Kay, texas, USA
  • Love, love, love! I received the lip collection several days ago, along with a sample of face primer and bases. I LOVE EVERYTHING! So much so that I just placed a huge order. Read more The base is the best I've ever used. I look fresh and it lasts all day. In my 61 years I've tried many brands of foundation, several very high end brands, and none have given me the results LFF primer and base does. I just wish I had discovered LFF before my Son's wedding last Spring. I look washed out in those pictures. After watching and following LFF videos I now know what I should have been doing and what products I needed to use. I could also go on and on about the lip products (love the colors and just ordered the rest of the warm collection) but think I've gone on long enough! Thank you, LFF. You've gained a customer for life! Sharron, Manhattan , USA
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