Living the Life More Fabulous

Beauty, Style and Empowerment for Older Women

I wrote a book! I decided to call it 'Living the Life More Fabulous - a Handbook in Beauty, Style and Empowerment for Older women'. 

I wanted to write a book about how older women might have the very best 'third act' of life possible.

Living the Life More Fabulous is an irresistible guide to feeling great, whatever your age.

Featuring topics such as beauty, style, confidence and health it provides advice on how to live an engaged life and keep an active mind. 

The wonderful thing about being older in the twenty-first century is that we have so much more life to live fabulously! Instead of so-called retirement, I'd like for you to see this time described as a period of renaissance and expansion rather than contraction and winding down. In my book, I wanted to show you how to challenge society's assumption that getting older means becoming invisible.

Whether you are looking for ideas to update your look, improve your general well-being or take an exciting or much-needed new direction, this book will encourage and empower you to live your life to the full.

A sneak peek as to what is included in my book...

Fabulous Makeup

The quickest and easiest way to transform yourself and help you to feel and look better instantly - applying some gorgeous slap. I will guide on how, why and where to apply makeup to your face

Fabulous Style

Tips on how to engage with the world of fashion on our own terms in order to cultivate a confident and stylish image based on your personality, lifestyle, size and shape - avoiding all the pitfalls of looking 'matronly' or 'dowdy'

Fabulous Hair

Us older women have earned the right to style our hair in whatever way we choose. I address the subject of hair for all us older women taking into consideration what style might suite your face and better practices when it comes to haircare

Fabulous Confidence

From all the emails I get from older women, loss of confidence seems to be a major component of the ageing process. I want to show you how to bolster your confidence so that you can hold your head up high and say, 'I matter too'

Fabulous Fitness

The older we get, the more important exercise becomes. You will find tips on how to start a new exercise regime, how to track progress and how to ensure long-term success

Fabulous Food

Good food is a daily pleasure, but for many women it can also be a daily challenge as they struggle to control their weight. This chapter is about the very best possible food choices to ensure that you have a long and healthy old age


"Living the Life More Fabulous will be pounced on by older women who will find it instructive, reassuring and like a best friend, full of friendly advice."

Joanna Lumley OBE

"I enjoyed it so much I now buy one for my girlfriends on their birthdays. Perfect 60th birthday present or any birthday."

Sue George

"Fantastic book! What a perfect time for this book, Super Troopers, and Tricia Cusden to come into my life. I’ve had many great adventures and accomplishments but I’m not ready to withdraw. There are so many things I still want to try. Reinspiring! Thank you so much, Tricia! I look forward to reading the book a few more times. I can’t wait to celebrate my 60th this November in what I will call the beginning of my FABULOUS third act!"

Linda R. Jones