Shadow Blending Brush 7

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A small, round, firm brush designed for applying and blending eye shadow. Use it to:

  • Sweep shadow onto your lids evenly
  • Add an arc of subtle colour to the eye socket
  • Finish off eye makeup by blending thoroughly
  • Made with synthetic hair
  • For eye shadow: sweep brush over the shadow and apply to eyelids. Repeat until you’re happy with the color intensity          

  • To improve the look of hooded eyes: use the brush to work eye shadow into the socket area, creating the illusion of depth                 

  • For blending: after you’ve applied your color, wipe any excess shadow off the brush to clean it (or use another clean Shadow Blending Brush 7). Then sweep brush over the entire eyelid in circular movements, to blend any defined lines

  • Wash the brush regularly with our Brush Cleaner, allowing to dry naturally

Shadow Blending Brush 7

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