My Eyes Are Hooded

Over time, the skin around our eyes tends to loosen, which can result in a somewhat hooded appearance.

Eileen wanted her hooded eyes to stand out and look bigger and brighter.

To address Eileen's dilemma our makeup artist did the following...


1. Applied Smooth Out Eye Prime to each eye lid using the sponge applicator and smoothing with a Concealer Brush.

2. Applied a light to mid shade of No Shimmer Eye Shade all over the eyelid.

3. Applied a darker shade of No Shimmer Eye Shade to restore the socket line.

4. Finished the look with Lithe Lash Mascara.

See oul here.

See below for the products we used...

Customer Testimonial

‘At last an eye shadow I can wear. I had all but given up wearing eye makeup. I’m 60 and my creepy eyelids and very sensitive eyes meant eyeshadows all made my creases look worse and what was left wore pff due to my watery eyes. But I used this in conjunction with the primer and it was brilliant. No watery eyes and a smooth finish. It’s more than I would usually pay, but it does what it says, so I’m a convert. So I will be back.’

- Anne