I have had difficult skin since I was that teenager. Sometimes the acne has affected more than my face, with breakouts on my chest and back area, but now it confines itself to the T zone of forehead, central panel of my face and my chin. It is also accompanied by red patches (rosacea) which flare up from time to time, usually when I am stressed. However overtime I have learned to deal with my breakouts and very few people believe me when I say that I have dreadful skin! As you can see from the picture above, once I have applied my beautiful LFF makeup, my skin looks even and blemish free.

How I Cope:

1. Cleansing

Scrupulous cleansing is essential with skin like mine, but is actually essential for every woman who regularly wears makeup. You are not only removing the makeup but all the polluted grime which builds up during a normal day (especially in a city) I am currently finding a new 3 step regime using Clinique products is working well for me. Having used an eye makeup remover, I use their Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser  which I wash off with a clean flannel (washed and changed daily - I have loads of flannels). This is followed with €œMild Clarifying Lotion€ which is also a gentle exfoliator, and then I put small amounts of Clinique €œClearing Gel€ onto my skin to dry out the spots. Sometimes, if I have a really bad break out, I use something stronger prescribed by my doctor.

2. Feeding and Nourishing:

Every morning I gently wash my face with water using another clean flannel. Then I apply Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect serum followed by their moisturiser. I really hate spending lots of money on expensive skin creams. I want something that my unruly skin will accept and which works to keep it looking great - both smooth and nourished. I am fortunate to have few wrinkles despite never having had Botox, a face lift or any other so called 'anti-wrinkle treatments', and whether this is down to 8 years of daily use of these products or not I have no idea. However I love the feel on my skin and if you believe the €œscientifically proven€ data then maybe using these products has had a beneficial effect. The important point with serums and moisturisers is that they will protect against sun damage and they will add much needed moisture.

3. My Diet:

I know some people say it€™s a myth but I know from long experience that over-indulgence in chocolate is lethal to my skin. I LOVE chocolate but I now find it fairly easy to resist. The old adage €œa moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips€ translates for me into €œa moment on the lips, horrible painful red lumps for days afterwards.€ I do eat fresh fruit and vegetables daily and I also believe that older faces need a certain level of fat in the diet. I get mine from Greek yoghurt (full fat), olive oil in salad dressings and semi-skimmed milk in tea.

4. Using Make-up:

Because of my experience I was very picky when it came to a foundation and a concealer for LFF. Ageing brings lots of problems to facial skin. It becomes blotchier and patchier. Some older women have prominent age spots and as skin thins, tiny broken veins may become visible. Then there are people like me who still have blemishes and red patches. Our Continuous Cover Foundation feels wonderful on the skin - it€™s as though you are wearing something gossamer thin. However it covers all the problems and unifies the skin tone without looking heavy. Our Cover To Cover Conceal has Tea Tree oil in it which helps to calm the inflamed patches that it may be covering. So I love both products and I know that there are now many women out there who find our face products the best they have ever used. (See the reviews on the various product pages.)

I dream that one day I will be €˜over€™ my acne but in the mean time I am not too bothered. I have lived with it for a very long time and I feel that I have it€™s measure more or less. With age comes a sense of proportion and I know that there are far worse afflictions than a few spots on my face - it really isn€™t the end of the world!

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