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new customer

Absolutely thrilled with my purchases. The lip primer really does prevent the dreaded 'bleeding' and the eye prime certainly makes shadow 'stick'. Posh packaging too. Lipstick now on my wish list!!

Rosemary Wright

Brilliant service and great products.

For years I have been spending loads of money on make up but it never looked right. I have bought the concealer, eye primer and base and I have to say that these are wonderful products. I will not be standing at all the beauty counters for hours deliberating what to get in the future. I also would like to add that I ordered the darker make up which did not suit me and I was issued with a replacement product without any problem.

Anne Sharvin

Exceeded Expectations

The scars from cold sores as a child have really taken there toll on my lips, so I have been in constant search of a lip product which stops lipstick bleeding. At last I've found it with your Fabulous Lip Primer. But that's not all...your Fabulous Eye Prime and Eye Shades stay on my lids rather than emphasising the creases...and I love your mascara...it glides on like silk, creating for me the perfect look. I'm so pleased with the quality of your products.

Sonya Patel


I ordered during Black Friday weekend finally taking the plunge with some basics - the primer, concealer and base make up. I followed the advice re shade and they were perfect. I never get the right shade! But it’s the primer that really won me over. Absolutely fabulous and what a difference to applying my make up. I’m 66 and it just never looked right before. I usually ended up going out with nothing on my face, I was so frustrated. You have a convert and I highly recommend Looking fabulous forever.

Karin Rebecca


Love these products and have just received my order of eye shadow and lid colour love - the new packaging much better.


Continued Love Of This Makeup!

I just placed another order of this incredible makeup line. I am 64 and continue to be extremely pleased with all the products. It's amazing how, if taught proper application and proper products for mature skin, how many people compliment my makeup. Many thanks to you and your team for supplying such good makeup and customer service.

Carolyn Roberts, New York, NY

Truly Fabulous!

I have just placed my third order in as many weeks! To say I’m delighted and completely over the moon with your products is an understatement .. they really are fantastic and perform brilliantly. Excellent service is a plus!

Veronica Hayes

I look fabulous

I am so pleased with all my products that I wanted to add that even after swimming, my makeup is still intact. O.K I don't dive and I don't like my face getting wet, but this is the first time that my face still looks wonderful after an hour's swimming. Thank you so much, at last I have found something that works!

Karine Antinoro

Morale boost!

After watching videos and looking at the website for several weeks, I finally took the plunge and ordered some lip prime, eye colours and lipstick. Order arrived within 24 hours, wow! Yesterday, I went to my beautician, Janeand as I was meeting a friend for coffee afterwards, I "put my face on". When she returnedshe said I usually don't see you wearing make-up but those colours are just right for you." What better "testimonial" could I get from someone "in the trade". I walked out and went to meet my friend with my head held high! I am 67 and I look"fabulous"! Thanks Tricia for your super products and advice for those of us who have lost our way in the looking fabulous stakes! Today I am going through my old (and I do mean old) make-up, tossing it out and ordering more for LFF!

Lindsay, North Yorkshire

Best mascara

I have tried so many different brands of mascara over the years but never found one that didn't either flake or smudge under the eyes. Then I discovered Fabulous mascara which neither flakes nor smudges. Thank you Fabulous team for this great product. Also, I love your Prime product which really makes a difference when applying foundation over the top. I have just cast my vote for 'The Startup Awards 2017'. Good luck, you really deserve to win!

Sue Lartides

Best blush

I was so excited to receive my first LFF make up delivery this week. The product packaging is impressive and the make up lives up to positive reviews. I am especially taken with the blush, after being apprehensive to only one cool color option that appeared too pink for my liking online. My older skin has made it difficult to get even blush coverage due to texture. The face primer and consistency of the cream/powder blush made the application so smooth and even. The color is perfect for my completion, subltle and pretty. I foresee more orders in my future!


Fabulous Brow Shape

Just received my beautifully packaged brow shape. After following the video on' how to' I managed to make myself look FAB U LUSS. Thank you so much.

Anne - Kent

What Can I Say

All these people can't be wrong. I would like to join with others to say how pleased I am to have found the Look Fabulous Website. I decided to start with primers for the skin, eyes and lips. They not only glide on so beautifully but provide that blank canvass on which to start the transformation to a new me. I can't wait to try out further products. Audrey, New Zealand

Audrey Meyer

True to form

I have just received the eyeshadow brush and the small eye liner powder brush. Having the tools to apply the product is confident building. So happy with LFF , planning on my next purchase.

Sharon morgan

Very impressed with ALL these products

Bought the Mother of the Bride kit and every item in it was brilliant! People actually commented on how lovely the textures on my face looked. The prime is especially good - so silky! The tutorials are so helpful: learning to use dark powder instead of black eyeliner was a revelation and has made a big difference. Many thanks!

Bridget, Wickford, UK


I have been looking at this range of products for a while trying to decide whether to buy it and I am so glad that I did. After trying samples of primer and foundation I have now purchased these plus the Fabulous Conceal. I am delighted with the results. Smooth Like Silk Prime feels really nice on my skin and Continuous Cover Foundation is lovely and light. Will be adding to my collection very soon. .

Liz - Gloucester


I am 70 years old and have been looking for a new makeup for over a year. Nothing was working. I saw LFF on Facebook and I thought "Why not try". I ordered just one a week ago and the makeup arrived yesterday. This morning I ventured with the new LFF makeup and went to work on my face. I cannot believe the difference. The makeup is wonderful on, easy to apply and I must say I feel different and my face looks great. I am ordering the eye make up and lip makeup right away. Thank you as I feel my skin looks wonderful. Thank you for the videos on how to apply. They are a great reference.

Cathie , US

New job, new you

I did my sister a make over at the weekend as she's just turned 50 and is starting a new job. She was really worried about the job as it's a very senior position and she's never been a manager before. I said I would treat her and do a make over. I'm a nurse, not a make up artist but I was confident in LFF's products and have watched all the video tutorials. Although I say it myself she looked fantastic at the end of it and she was thrilled. I even persuaded her she needs to wear blusher and I've converted her to LFF'S products.

Alison, Burbage, UK

New look packaging

Just received my long awaited cappuccino eye shadow and the face prime . Loving the new packaging so much.

alison conway


I have never bothered much with foundation in my younger years, only ever been a blusher and mascara person, except for high days and holidays. However post 60 I find my skin needs covering, but have really struggled to find a foundation I liked and agreed with my sensitive skin. At last I have! I bought Foundation in medium and its perfect, a light even colour and I have put it on mixed with primer and over primer, no difference. I do find the brush strokes are visible and require a little bit of extra attention. It stays on well all day and survives my hot flushes quite well. I also bought the eyebrow primer- perfect, now an essential part of my daily makeup. I will soon be buying eye shadow and lipstick/primer. I now enjoy wearing make up much more often. Thankyou

Julia, UK

Feel like a new me

I have just received my products and I feel fantastic! The make-up last all day, no need for any touch ups, is easy to apply and looks so great. The tutorials are so valuable too and really helps. I have always taken good care of my skin and now at 62, I wanted make-up that looked good for someone my age,....natural, without the feeling of heaviness. I am so pleased I found these and look forward to receiving my next order.

Karine Antinoro

So lovely to have a make up range specially for us baby boomers!

I've been using the medium Base for a while, but it's very pale on me. Mixed a tiny bit of the sample darker base with it, and it's just right, which means there's probably a need for another shade between the two as it can't be just me. The Primer helps to make it look flawless all day. The Lip Primer is surprisingly effective, and I love the Blusher and eye shadow. I've always worn make up and would feel naked without it, I'm 66, work full time and I'm pleased to have come across this brand!

Beverley W

Simply the Best

I have recently received my first order. The blusher is a joy. I have long struggled to find one that suits my colouring and your's is perfect and goes on beautifully.

Lesley Kyle

A fresh start

In all honesty at the age of 62 have not used make up for a number of years because it all looks fake and claggy. But was persuaded to try this, and am so glad I did because it really is light and flattering, and I now find myself looking forward to putting make up and once again feeling feminine and attractive. Thank you.

Linda, Crewe, UK

The best foundation ever!

I am 60 and I have just received my Mother of the Bride pack. I love make up and use it a lot, but came upon your website and really enjoyed watching the tips by video. I have just tried the foundation and it is the best I have ever had, and I have tried every big expensive name out there believe me! It went on beautifully and the colour is excellent. The blusher works well with it and I feel rejuvenated. Even my daughter asked what I was wearingI am not really sure if I am cool or warm as I seem to be able to wear some shades of each. The soft plum lipstick is excellent though. My only very small comment to the negative would be the packaging is a little cheap, however really that does not matter as the product works and I think in my pack it did say something about changing that. I also had a sample of the shampoo which was excellent I have white hair with lowlights and it shone and looked really healthy afterwards. I am thrilled and will now practice with all my new kit. Tricia has really discovered a niche - we are all sick to death of seeing young images (though lovely), we want to see real women with the same in perfections we all have but managing them beautifully. Really well done!

Joanna, Cornwall, UK

My Blush and Lip Color Finally Match!

I so appreciate the color matching to skin tone you offer. I have never been able to get my lip color and blush to match let alone compliment my skin tone. You have made this so easy! Saves me money and takes the guess work out. Thank you so much!


all products-the best

I have completely changed over to LFF after having used extremely well known and expensive products. My skin has never looked better after adding your touches of color. Can't say enough about your products. Mary USA soon to be 61 yrs young


I have found no other products like this!

I recently ordered and quickly received the mother of the bride collection (mainly because I wanted all of the items in it..I have no children! LOL!). I am beyond happy. The face primer is lush and silky...really very different from anything I have tried. The foundation is also velvety and lovely. You need just one dab of each..a little goes a long way! Next purchases will be the brushes. I will most certainly use these products after 25 yrs of using Clinique! Thank you!

Julie, Dallas, USA

I will Look and Feel Fabulous Forever!

This was my first purchase after following Tricia's blogs for about 6 months. I purchased the Fabulous Brow Shape and Brush, the Eye Prime, mascara and of course, the Silver Mist Lid Colour! I am 70 with dry, but well cared for skin and have been struggling for several years trying to find eye products that don't "drag" or mascara and eye brow colour that doesn't clump....not to mention suitable colours for "women of a certain age". I watched Tricia's videos and took time today to learn how to apply each of these products, and of course, to experiment. FABULOUS indeed! I couldn't believe how products that looked so subtle going on made my eyes pop...in a good way....Not overly dramatic, but enough that you know I have eyes! The packaging is minimal and beautiful. The products and videos are terrific. Everything about the experience, including payment, tells me Tricia put a lot of thought into this business and she knows what we like! THANK YOU!!!

Anne, Otario, Canada

Love the make up

I received my first order, delivery 1st class and very attractive. Love the primer which helps the make up to feel so smooth. At last I have found a make up I love to use. Thank you for all the instructions too. I am 75yrs and play golf, this suits the make up..

Terry, Swanmore, UK

A very happy New Customer

I have just received my first order and couldn't wait to try it, I am very pleased with my first attempt, I hate going to beauty counters in stores, I always feel intimated and then buy something that I have no idea how to apply, spend a fortune and never use it again.. I will only buy make up from LFF. I am currently sampling the Base Colour. I am 59 nearly 60. Thank you LFF.

Lucy, Ebbw Vale, UK

Absolutely love ALL the products

I also have problem skin therefore was a bit hesitant to use makeup while my skin so bad....but now that I have I am loving how it has responded to the products....my skin looks and feels better and I feel better when using makeup for the first time in a very long time....I am 66 years and loving life more than ever.....when my husband tells me how beautiful I am...I truly feel it now.....thank you for developing such great products.

Kathryn, USA


I retired recently and was dreading ending up with the 'retired' look found your makeup site and have had three orders in three days! I used the Fabulous Base and Fabulous Prime this morning and it is just such lovely makeup with a light feel on my skin and lovely finish so retirement look out here I come (66 by the way). Thank you LFF

DAUGHNE - Hampshire

Fabulous service! Fabulous products!

Can't believe how fast my order to Australia has arrived. Placed my first order days ago after following the site, watching the videos and receiving Trish's blog for a while (I don't make decisions quickly!). Just received the most amazing parcel of goodies. Beautifully packaged, and beautifully presented. First impressions are of truly fabulous products that I hope will indeed help me look fabulous forever!

Jo - South Australia


Hi Tricia, As a 73 year young makeup junkie, I have been enjoying your blogs and videos for over a year now, waiting for the day when I could purchase LLF (without guilt - had to justify my earlier Lancôme investment!) I am delighted that I placed my first order on the bank holiday, with the fantastic 20% discount ... it is now Sunday, 6 days later and my LFF package has just been delivered. To say that I am impressed is an understatement; I am over the moon! The presentation is superb...teal and silver....my favourite combination! Can't wait to apply my makeup tomorrow! Watch out for my second testimonial..... on my love affair with LFF!

Shirley - Perth, Aust


I was faced with two back to back summer weddings, my daughter and then my son. I was hopelessly out of the way of using make-up, I couldn't face going to a store and visiting all the different beauty counters as it would be so disjointed and confusing. I know it sounds ridiculous but I was in all honesty quite frightened of the challenge! Somehow I stumbled upon the LFF website and I was so delighted to have found a one stop shop and all those invaluable video tutorials. I consequently invested a lot of money on brushes, the Mother of Bride/Groom collection and a few other bits and pieces and I was just so very relieved I did all the crucial research in time which enabled me to study the tutorials and get it right. On the two wedding days, even though the other parents and main players apparently had professional make up artists do their makeup, mine was actually pretty good though I say so myself. My practice sessions had given me the chance to know what I needed to do about problem areas and how to approach making myself look half decent. So I would recommend Tricia and the LFF set up, it is brilliant. So if you find yourself in the same position as I was and you too are rusty when it comes to modern day makeup techniques having been out of the loop for a long time not knowing quite where to start, have confidence in the LFF products, leave yourself adequate time to know which products work for you and which don't with the knowledge that providing you play fair, they will play fair as well regarding refunding unsuitable items from their collection. And they are really helpful when it comes to advice. Thank you so much LFF, you saved me a great deal of trauma, furthermore the money I spent was a necessary investment because it gave me the confidence I otherwise would never have achieved.

Ann, Hemel Hempstead, UK

It really is fabulous!!

I'm new to this brand but already have most of the products as they are quite simply amazing. Buying cosmetics online can be disappointing but I'm thrilled with everything from Look Fabulous Forever. The colours are subtle and the quality superb. I'm not going anywhere else for makeup now I've found LFF. Thank you Tricia.

Janet, Gwynedd, UK

Amazing makeup

I studied your on line tutorials, & went over what I wanted to order for a couple weeks. When i finally placed the order, I couldn't wait to get it. When it arrived, I put the foundation on right away. I used the makeup brush first & didn't get good coverage. I tried a sponge, same thing. When i finally used my fingers I got the great look, & coverage I wanted. Oh, and the lipstick primer & lipstick are wonderful! I have never found a lipstick that would stay on till yours. And, I have probably spent $ 500.00 over the last 50 years looking for one. Thank you so much. It is all wonderful!!!

Donna S

Loving experimenting

Been trying out the products in my first order received last week. Particularly like Fabulous Light and the rosy blusher. Both very light in texture but effective in appearance. The tutorials are very effective and an interesting way to find out more about other products. The experiments continue .....

Rana - Ayrshire

Fabulous Lip Colour

I recently purchased eye makeup and best of all two beautiful lipsticks. The lipsticks are just so smooth easy to wear and really do enhance my lips which have thinned a little over the years. Very happy with all my purchases and I now study the videos on how to correctly apply all these lovely gems.

Patricia - London

Fabulous products

I've received my first order and I ordered a couple of samples of the Fabulous base as I was unsure what shade I would need. What great coverage and so light. Mixed with primer as suggested and makes such a difference. I'm now going to order more products and build up my collection. Thank you for such great products and I love the tutorial videos.

Linda Price

Look faboulous forever definetly for the older person

I ordered several items. One was the eye prime - excellent and really helped eye make up stay on. Also ordered the lip prime, applying incorrectly at first!   Then I ordered 2 lip colours. I choose a fuchsia lipstick and what an amazing colour this is. Looks great for the evening without looking to tarty. I definitely will buy some more, would love to have a make over like the people on screen. Thank you Trica!

Dorothy, Berkhamsted, UK

Primer and Foundation works even in Texas summer!

I am the worst critic when it comes to foundation! I have rosacea and very uneven skin tones, and extremely sensitive skin. I have tried countless other primers and always end up returning them because they break me out. My skin doesn't like layering of products. But your primer not only did not break me out, it kept my t-zone from getting too oily (yes, I still have t-zone issues at age 58!) and it made the foundation look so much better overall. I live in hot and humid South Texas, and that is saying a lot ... that my foundation wears well in August with 100+ degree temps for days on end. I only ordered samples at first but have now placed an order for full size products. I also ordered 3 more sample sizes of the foundation because I travel a lot, some international travel, and one of these samples in my purse will be so handy to freshen up my face a bit after flying overnight to Europe. I"ll be stopping over at Heathrow in Oct en route to Africa and am so glad I found your products before my trip. I can't wait to receive my next order. I never write reviews but just had to tell you how spot-on your products are! Thank you! 

Kay, texas, USA

Love, love love it

I bought the primer, foundation and blusher a few weeks ago after trying out the samples first. I've never actually used foundation so the samples were a great idea. After watching the video I decided to give it a go... At first I was rather mortified as it seemed to be totally the wrong shade (2) and didn't appear to blend into my skin. Not to be beaten I continued to apply it as per the video and wow what a difference !!! It evened out my skin tone, looked fab, felt extremely light and made my skin feel really soft too. I couldn't believe that such a small amount covered my whole face so well. I love the blusher, though it's not a colour I would have normally chosen (rosy glow). I didn't realise I had a cool skin tone, so thanks for that too.  I love these products so much, I'm going to buy the brow shape next. Can't recommend highly enough, does exactly what it says on the box !!!

Vicki, Scarborough, UK

Eyebrow bliss!

I have just purchased my first LFF products, Fabulous Brow Shape Set, and Fabulous Lash Mascara. I am so pleased with both, but especially the Brow Shape set. After many years of pencilling in my next to nothing brows, I came across the tutorial showing how to use this, and ordered it straight away! I just now need to confirm my skin tone and will be ordering a good range of products! Happy 62 year old who has not used much make up for a few years, looking forward to feeling good!

Shirley, Bowness-on-Windermere, UK

Love, love, love!

I received the lip collection several days ago, along with a sample of face primer and bases. I LOVE EVERYTHING! So much so that I just placed a huge order. The base is the best I've ever used. I look fresh and it lasts all day. In my 61 years I've tried many brands of foundation, several very high end brands, and none have given me the results LFF primer and base does. I just wish I had discovered LFF before my Son's wedding last Spring. I look washed out in those pictures. After watching and following LFF videos I now know what I should have been doing and what products I needed to use. I could also go on and on about the lip products (love the colors and just ordered the rest of the warm collection) but think I've gone on long enough! Thank you, LFF. You've gained a customer for life!

Sharron, Manhattan , USA

My first order

Today I received my first LFF order and wow, how lovely is the packaging and the products themselves. I've really loved using them today and am going to be ordering more. I'm looking forward to trying more of the products and the video's are just great to watch.


Great brows - and water resistant too.

I noticed that a friend had "Liked" Look Fabulous Forever on Facebook. I had a look and was quite interested but not at all sure about ordering online, I'd been using a brow shaper from Benefit, liked the product but found it tended to smudge. I ordered the Fabulous Brow Set and am so pleased with it. It gives amazing but realistic definition and stays in place even during light rain and exercise. Will definitely try more products form the range.

Deborah, Manchester ,UK

a dynamic duo

Purchased primer and base (03) and would recommend use together as a dynamic duo for ease of application, coverage, staying power and an 'airbrushed' finish (my sister's comment). However found colour of base a little darker than expected which is ok at the moment with a tan but plan to buy 02 base to mix with 03 for later in year.

Julie, UK

Love them

I have just bought lip primer and wonder how I managed before, my new best friend. I also tried the base primer sample and from the first minute I was hooked my skin felt wonderful and so soft.. Order on its way.!


Lovely, soft brushes

I recently ordered two of your brushes. I'm ashamed to say I'd been using my old ones (but not very often it's true) for far too long and they must have been poor quality to start with because these are so different! So much for my scepticism regarding makeup brushes. They feel silky and gorgeously soft and there are no longer any stray hairs left behind on my cheeks! I've never put foundation on with a brush before and am astonished at how easy it is and how good the result is. I also love the brush for blusher and am about to buy the one for powder as a result. I've used the brush cleaner once so far and it too seems an excellent product.

Sheryl, Ashtead, UK

Better than fabulous

I have just bought your face primer, it is amazing made my makeup last all day, So will now try your lip primer, can't wait!

Elaine, Northumberland, UK

Eye Shadow

I have just received the eye shadow plus primer and am very pleased. I have been trying to find an eye shadow with staying power for the last 20 years, success at last! I am a new customer but will be back. Great Web site with very helpful advice.

Linda, Northampton

An Onboard Newbie

I found the website for LookFabulousForever by accident and first looked at the tutorials. I have had problems since I turned 50 with eye shadows burning my eyes so I quit wearing them. After watching the tutorials, I emailed the company to see if they had samples so I could try it out but they assured me that I could return anything for a full refund, so I jumped in. I first ordered the cream shadow and base and the powder contrast colors. I loved them. So I recently placed an order for the face makeup. I had never used a primer. I am so happy with all of the makeup and how it removes some of the mature issues. Thank you so much, Tricia.

Mary, California, USA

Fabulous Brow Shape

When I was 13 I plucked my eyebrows, They never grew back so have never been plucked again and look as though they belong to two different people. However your wonderful Brow Shape has given my face a new lease of life, not to mention my eyebrows. Such an innovative idea and totally works, even stays on in the rain! It surpasses all other eyebrow products. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, you just have to try it.

Philippa, UK

At Last

Just tried this foundation and primer. It looks so natural, at last after so much wasted money on various others. Looks and feels so light, I mix 2 & 3 for a great result. Will use two only in the winter. The primer is so soft and goes on very well. Great product.

Eleanor, Oxfordshire, UK

Brilliant products

Just tried the prime, base, light and concealer. Absolutely brilliant results. So easy to apply and use so little. Can't believe I can look so good with so little effort on my part. Thank you. I'm hooked!

Pat, Norwich, UK

Winter Berry Lipstick

I absolutely love your products. I'd hit a real low point having reached the menopause at 50. Your makeup gives me back the confidence I'd lost as I suddenly felt lost and adrift in what I should wear. I am cool colours and I just wondered if you would consider doing a darker very coloured lipstick for winter wear? I think older women can still carry that off.

Alison, Burbage, UK

Fabulous make up

I've recently purchased the base face makeup, the primer, bronzer and blusher. I was quite sceptical before I bought the products. I can honestly say they are all amazing. I am nearly 60 years old and the make up is the best I've ever used. The primer makes my skin feel really smooth and the base makeup is excellent and lasts all day . I am so happy I made the purchases.

Diane, Sheffield, UK

A beautiful range of make up

After several visits to the LFF website I finally decided to give the eye prime, mascara and eye shadows a try. How fantastic they are. After searching with no luck for matt eye shadows I am totally delighted to finally find some and have a choice of good colours. They go on lovely over the eye prime. I will be ordering a few more colours. After having used a premium range of make up for many years I always thought that I would never change but I most certainly will be building up my collection of LFF products. The testimonials are very helpful too and how nice it was to actually speak to a "real person" on the end of the telephone when placing my order. Well done Tricia for such lovely products.

Beverley, Essex, UK

Great products

I have just received my second order, again in just a few days. I love the products and I can't wait to try them. Your service is fantastic. Now I have lipstick soft plum, eye prime, fabulous light, fabulous prime, eye shade taupe, lid colour silver mist and lip prime. You are wonderful Tricia and team. Thanks very much.

Corien, Maastricht, Netherlands

What a wonderful selection of Excellent Products for Everyone

I have just received my first order which arrived in 4 days was well packaged and was opened with great anticipation. When I first saw the website I wondered if this would be another hit and miss order. Imagine my delight when I opened the various items to find them all an excellent colour match. The concealer actually concealed the brown age spots caused by the sun, and the blusher gave a lovely natural colour. Living in Cyprus with fair skin, and platinum white hair getting the right products can be difficult so I will definitely recommend LFF to one and all. Well done for a product which goes above and beyond!!

Jill, Famagusta, Cyprus

Prime and Base are Brilliant

I've always found it a bit of a chore putting on face makeup and only made the effort occasionally. It's a pleasure putting on the LFF prime and base as they glide on so smoothly and a little goes a long way. I now wear makeup more often - feeling good! I'm going to try concealer highlighter and bronzer now.

Ruth, Teddington, UK

Wow, and WOW again!!

Just received my very first order of the eyebrow liner and brush, absolutely fantastic, and I now have eyebrows that are amazing. I took my time, watched the tutorial on Youtube, and was delighted with the finished effect. Being a natural blonde I was a bit apprehensive when I discovered it only comes in black, but I needn't have worried as it was spot on. Can't wait to add some eye shadow next. Thank you so much!!

Brenx, Derby


I recently tried a couple of samples of the foundation/Base and also the primer. I was so impressed by the service and the product I had no hesitation in placing an order with you. The delivery was very quick and the products arrived beautifully packaged. Love the videos which show you how to apply the make up. Excellent! Wish I'd found your company sooner! Will be trying the lipstick and eye shadow next I think.

Jackie, Nottingham, UK

Very Happy Indeed

I have just received my first order from Look Fabulous Forever, Having applied the lip prime and then the beautiful colour Russet lipstick, I truly feel FABULOUS.  I am satisfied with all items in my order and will definitely be placing another order for eye makeup. 

Patricia, Shropshire, UK


I have just received my first order from LFF and am highly impressed with the time it took from day of order to day of receipt. I live outside of the U.K. I love the Fabulous Conceal, so smooth and also the True Coral lipstick which is such a flattering shade when you have a Mediterranean tan. I look forward to trying the Fabulous Mascara and the Fabulous Prime which are part of my order. I will definately be placing another order soon!

Sue - Cyprus


Recently received my third order. Love your products and your service is exceptional. All orders have been received by me in New Zealand within a week of ordering.


Very Happy

Dear Tricia and team, I am delighted cause I got my first order this week and tried the products immediately. They are wonderful, I love your nice face and appearance Tricia! Corien, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Corien - The Netherlands

Primer and base

Recently received order of primer and Base Couldn't wait to try products and they didn't disappoint Base went on smoothly and the overall effect was FABULOUS Was really pleased with quick delivery too Shall be purchasing more products in the future

Arlene, Northamptonshire, UK

Fabulously Wonderful!

Ordered on Monday evening - here by Tuesday lunchtime - excellent! The postbag was silver and distinctive. A very good start! The products are wonderful - eyebrow colour and separate brush are so much better than my Bobbi Brown all in one. No more blobs! The Fabulous Blush, Fabulous Lip Prime and Fabulous Light are excellent, and do exactly as Tricia describes in her excellent tutorials, and work well with my Clinique eye shadows and Clinique colour~pop lipsticks. I will be using the samples of face prime and base tomorrow, and am sure these will be brilliant too. I shall definitely be back for more. The thing that endeared me to Tricia was that she uses Boots No 7 serum and face moisturiser as do I - before she uses her make up products. My one request would be for more images of women in the tutorials in their 60s with darker hair - although the silver haired look is beautiful - some of us still have colour - natural or otherwise! Thank you Tricia for your positive attitude - I am glad I have found your site, and will definitely recommend your products to my friends!

Jessica - Cambridgeshire

Thank you

As I'm approaching my 70th birthday I decided to ditch the dye and embrace the grey.This meant I needed new makeup for the new me.I have been delighted with the products I have bought especially the primers they really do make everything stay put!

Joyce williams

Totally converted

When I hit the menopause last year at the age of 50 I lost my sense of self and confidence completely. I gained weight and I felt I look suddenly tired and old. I started buying lots of make up to try and look better but nothing seemed to work so I was skeptical about what difference LFF Other would make. But I'm totally converted. I love all the products and I've pretty much bought them all now. Just about to order the last few bits I haven't got to complete my collection. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Alison, UK

Staying Power

You may be interested to know that yesterday (Weds 5 July) I used your Summer makeup regime at 7.30am and then travelled by train for a day watching the Wimbledon tennis. Centre court in full sun was 29C, and everyone streamed with sweat. Helped by my wide-brimmed sun hat, my makeup did not suffer at all, and still looked fabulous when I reached home at 11pm!

Yvonne, Sturminster Newton, UK


I just can't believe the difference between your products and what I had previously, like a lot of ladies I have gone back and forward between expensive and not so expensive products but never quite found what I needed until now........ over the last few weeks I have ordered quite a lot (Shhhh) having been so impressed with the primers, the sample foundation, mascara and lipstick and then eye shadow and just now brushes, blusher and bronzer. I at last feel that I know what I am doing. I am also wearing lipstick a lot more often and have been delighted with the impact it has on my overall appearance without feeling that I am overdoing it. Big thank you to all involved in LFF

Dorothy - West Lothian

So Happy

Decided to "dip my toes in the water" and so glad I did! I started out small with some prime products and they were everything promised. I am about to re-order and cannot wait to try your other products. So nice to finally have make up for the older face and feel confident. Thank You Tricia and team for great customer service and that personal touch.

Audrey US


I took some time to decide to give these products a try as I was loyal to my previous brand but WOW I'm so glad I made the change. I initially chose the eye primer and silver lid colour and now I have ordered eye shadow and mascara. I will continue to add to the collection as I use up my other brand. Just fabulous

Anita. Herefordshire


The parcel arrived safely after watching it being tracked from England to Australia. I have not been disappointed with any of the products, they have all exceeded my expectations. Well done to the team at LFF.

Vicki - Australia


After seeing Tricia on BBC breakfast news I decided to have a look at the LFF web site. It took me a while to decide what to order but after watching some of the tutorials I finally made up my mind. I received my first order yesterday and have been experimenting. I am thrilled with it all and can't wait to show off to my friends. Thanks Tricia

Penny , Hampshire, UK


LFF popped up via facebook and Tricia's friendly face prompted me to delve further. Well, I'm very glad I did! As a nervous and inept make up user, the videos really made it all seem so much easier and I have just received the fabulous face collection as a start onto a new, hopefully more confident path! The products are really top quality and feel so good. Thank you for a brilliant service and no nonsense approach to making the best of our mature skin, whatever the age!

Rachel Edmondson

First time customer

My first order arrived today. Two lipsticks which when I opened thought they wouldn't suit me but when put on were so pretty and complimented my cool skin tone as recommended. The silver lid colour goes on easily and is so flattering. The lip prime is great too. Very happy. I have already ordered another lipstick and lid colour. Totally hooked. A great discovery!

Barbara, St. Albans, UK


I was given a collection of this brand of makeup at Christmas .... wow. Never has my makeup looked so good !! Have recently bought foundation and primer again, would not be without it.

Gwen, South Humberside, UK


Your products are excellent and I have been using them for quite some time. My only negative is the quality of the packaging. It is rare for me to reach the end of any of your products that have a hinge without the hinge breaking. This does not of course stop me from finishing the product but does mean I have to stack them up on my dressing table instead of storing them in my makeup bag.

Josie Horler


I was able to use these fabulous products immediately, I have very sensitive skin and I had no problem with any of the products which amazed me. Will definitely be experimenting in the future, wish I had found this company sooner, brilliant products., brilliant customer service.

Lesley, Manchester, UL


I ordered the Fabulous Essentials Collection. I was a former Bare Minerals user bit found as I have aged, it no longer looked so good and my skin was drying out. I decided to give these products a try. I am so happy I did. So far, I am loving it all. I think I am going to be a faithful customer.

Nancy, Texas, USA

So lovely

For too many years I have avoided using much make up but a recent passport type photo that showed every blemish and age spot shocked me into owning up I needed to do something to help my ageing skin. I bought the prime collection plus base, eye shadow and lipstick. Bliss. The face prime feels like silk, the base went on smoothly and the shadow and lipstick were easy to use. I was so, so pleased with the result and it lasted for ages. I should have been braver and chosen a brighter lip shade but can order that next time!

Sue Fielding


Finally taken the plunge and ordered some eye products: primer, mascara, silver mist lid colour and cappucciono eye shade. All are fabulous. They are so much more luxurious, easier to apply and long lasting than my usual. My eyes look so much brighter. Cannot recommend highly enough. Well worth the money.

JC, Glasgow, UK

My Repeat Order

Last week I received my third delivery. I was replenishing primer and concealer that I'd run out of and I decided to try LFF mascara. That too was excellent. I love the blogs. So many well dressed, sassy ladies (as I said before).

Shirley, Sevenoaks, UK

New Best Friend

Oh , my i have just recently received my first order and i am in awe, have used Chanel makeup for many years, when Tricia popped up in an ad on facebook and i began listening and watching her videos i felt like i had found a new best friend, could not wait to try it and i am hooked. Love all of it... keep me informed about any new offers or product

Shirley, Texas, US


I recently received Fabulous Prime, Fabulous Base,also Brow Shape. I am delighted with all three products and cannot wait to try some other products. Delivery of these products came within two days. Many Thanks ..I wish had heard of Look Fabulous Forever years ago Agnes, Dunfermline.

Agnes Anderson

New Happy Customer

I am so grateful for this product!! The Fabulous Face Collection arrived yesterday!! I am so pleased and impressed with this product line. I look forward to purchasing the eye and lip collections soon!


New customer

In truth I as still trying to get the hang of the base. I ordered the totally wrong shade. I have returned the matching untested concealer. On my first try my skin seemed to suck the base in but I had not used a primer. I plan to order shade 1 and mix with the dark base to give more of a summer - hope this works so it is not wasted. The blush is lovely and service is friendly and approachable. 

Sheila Rice

Perseverance Pays!

I recently bought a number of items to ' make a silk purse out of a sows ear" for my daughter's wedding. Amongst them was the Fabulous Brow Shape. Having almost no eyebrows at all, this was vital. Honestly, at first I nearly gave up, I found it so hard to control the brush and get the right density of colour. I'm not saying it was perfect for the wedding( haven't seen the photos yet!) but I have persevered and now feel confident knowing just where to brush and how quickly to use the eyebrow brush to get the right density.The Brow Shape will certainly be one product I will be reordering. Having used it, I forget the brows for the rest of the day unlike powder or pencil when, very often, I found by lunch time I only had one brow!To anyone who is in doubt, please, persevere and I'm sure like me, you will get the result you hoped for and be ever thankful to Tricia for producing the Fabulous Brow Shape.

Caroline Thomas

Best makeup ever

I stumbled across LFF whilst on the internet and I am so glad I did. The testimonials sounded good, good makeup for the older lady, perfect just what I have been trying to find (trying all sorts of makeup in department stores was proving diffiult). I ordered a couple of items from LFF first and watched the tutorials, its so helpful to watch and learn how to put on makeup for us mature ladies. I have grown more confident in applying my makeup and I feel good. Thank you Tricia. I am gradually filling up my collection and I am pleased with my purchases they have all been a success. I love LFF and wish I had found it sooner.



I discovered your website by accident and thought it sounded very interesting - plus the picture of Tricia shows her wearing the same beautiful silk top which I also have. So I knew she was my kind of woman! LFF has been a revelation. Since the beginning of the year I have gradually bought something from every range. In my late seventies I have finally found makeup which makes me feel and look good and more confident about myself. It is such a relief not to have to trail round makeup counters, staffed by young women, trying to find suitable cosmetics for my age. I can't single out any LFF product as I have loved every one I have bought. Also love the inspirational blogs and the tutorials which are so helpful. Keep it up Tricia.. My only worry is that LFF is so good that some big multi-national will muscle in and want to take it over one day!

Frances Thomson

Yours Forever

I read about Look Fabulous Forever in Yours magazine & was impressed by the story of this make up. I am 70yrs & bought my first collection on 9th May. I received my third collection yesterday. Best make up for us seniors ever. It does what it says & looks "fabulous"! Thank you Tricia & the team x

Yvonne Crane

Fabulous eyeshadow

I have just ordered and received 3 more eyeshadow colours ( I already have three) I intend to get them all, they are the best eyeshadows I have ever used for my nearly 70 year old eyes! I think they would be lovely for anybody, lovely subtle colours that blend in beautifully. I have even just recommended them to my daughter!

Jean Hall

Very good product

I purchased two lipsticks a few months ago and was so pleased with them particularly as they were moisturising and had staying power. Unfortunately the soft plum one was put through a washing cycle as I had left it in my trouser pocket. The top came off during the cycle and so it looked quite damaged when I retrieved it but I smoothed it over, used it and it was just as good as before. I was amazed and the colour is still brilliant!

Patricia Castro

Great Service

The service is really fantastic, I love the products I am not the best at putting makeup on but watching the videos was a great help, even my daughters and friends have remarkable how nice I am looking, will definitely order more in the future.

Maureen Falkingham

Great quality Make-up.

I have recently come across Look Fabulous Forever and so glad that I found it! I have just ordered the Essentials Collection along with a few of the brushes and I have to say I am impressed with the superb quality and packaging. I have been looking for some new, fresh and exciting make-up for a while now, and after viewing the tutorials and easy to follow guides, I am excited to start again and wear make-up with much more confidence. Thank you Look Fabulous Forever!

Diane Addison

A great find for a make-up virgin !

At the age of 65yrs I am pretty much a make-up ' virgin' never, in all this time got the hang of it . However with my daughter's wedding later this year I decided this was the time to get serious. I have been delighted with the products and even without following any of the videos feel I can produce an effect I am pleased with. I will never be someone who uses make-up on a regular basis but its wonderful to know I have these great products when I do need to make an effort. Thankyou

Susan, Manchester, UK

Service - Wow!

Just received my products and can I just say how fantastic the customer service is. I ordered my products mid last week, and they arrived here on Monday - that's all the way to Australia! That's even quicker than our local post. Can't wait to try everything - from what I can see, the quality looks fantastic. Will definitely be ordering more.

Christina Burnham


Finally, Fabulous Mascara I love!!! I have been looking for the perfect mascara all my life. Wish I had all the $$$'s I've spent searching back to buy more of this fabulous make up. I love my first order and will most definitely be buying more. From the UK to Louisiana, USA- you have one very satisfied customer!!!

Margaret Anne Slade, Louisiana, USA

A Customer For Life

Trish: I hope you read this one, I waited a while before I wrote a review, on all your products reason being I wanted to see if these products were really worth it. I have tried numerous brands from expensive to cheap and have always ended up not really loving just one brand, not really in love with anything, until I happened to come across your website in my internet quest for good products that would do the job I wanted. I am a busy working woman in my 60’s Living in the States, and out of all the products we have here I had to end up with a company in England, but that’s just fine, my background is British I have been living here for a number of years. I was born in India, when the British were ruling there; my father was in the import export business and worked for a British company that sent him out to India hence I was born there. I must say it was a wonderful life, so my background is quite British, I still shop at some of the British shops they have here for certain products, I lived in Canada for a while and there it has quite a British influence there they had a Marks and Spencer but no more I loved that store. Anyway I hope I did not talk too much so here I am full circle and so glad I found your company. I have tried all your products and I love every one of them. I love the base (perfect shade), primer which helps the base go on so well, my favorite is the fabulous light love the product, the dispenser and the way it highlights is amazing, the blush is very natural and not overpowering, the lid color is fantastic my favorite is the silver, I really have nothing negative about any of your products. I am still trying to master the eyebrow color that has been a little difficult, but I am sure I will get it soon. Trisha thank you for creating something for older women, what a great idea, everything out there shows young women so I think this is a great concept. I enjoy your newsletters in my e-mail and I love your tutorials I have gone through a lot of them and keep going back to them if I am unsure about something. Thanks for being so down to earth, natural and real to us women out there, it is not too often you come across this in the world of today, so it is very refreshing. One more thing you have the most beautiful packaging love the colors and I love the way the products are shipped out. So keep doing what you’re doing and winning over more and more women like me all over the world that wanted that website catering to older women. It would be fabulous if you had skincare also. That is another hard one to master. Thank you so much and keep the newsletters and blogs coming I enjoy them all.


Face & eye makeup

I posted a somewhat despondent testimonial a short while ago, saying that I found the makeup hard to use and disappointing. Almost immediately I received a friendly, helpful e-mail from the team and, following their advice have to say that I am now one very happy customer. Well done to them for superb customer service - I will certainly come back.

Sue, Chatteris, UK

Look Fabulous - Not KIdding

I have recently received my first order - lip/eye primers and lipstick. Normally so difficult to choose lip colour remotely, but the chart showing Cool colours made my choices so much easier and were excellent. Fabulous colour, fabulous texture and stays put - nothing more to ask. As far as the primers were concerned, I didn't really know I needed them as my makeup doesn't 'travel'. I purchased the 2 primers as a birthday present for a friend as she mentioned that she had been looking for this type of product. She is so pleased with their results, I can't wait to .order some for myself. Thank you LLF although I have just celebrated my 70th birthday I take care of my skin and love trying new products - these look a winner to me.

Tanya, Southhampton, UK


I have just received this Fabulous Blush! It is great! Lovely consistency and very easy to use. I confess that I have tried several cheaper products available on the high street but none of them were in the same league as this one!

Geraldine, Penrith, UK

Brow Shape Wow!

I recently received my second order, (just taking it slow to be sure). Well my eyebrows are a little unruly in the main but go to nothing about half an inch before they should. I have to say I was very unsure when I opened the Brow Shape as it seemed a bit dark, but after a bit of practice, well what can I say other than, it just keeps getting better. At last cosmetics made especially for ladies of more refined years. We know how we want to look and you make it possible. Thank you to you and your wonderful team who are on hand to help when I had a senior blonde moment and couldn't find what I was looking for. Amazing products. Will be placing another order soon. 

Shirley, Exmouth, UK.


I am an LFF first-timer & I am thrilled. I am now 62 (how did that happen?) & have always used make-up every day. Over the years I have used both budget & high-end products, making costly mistakes along the way, but this range is amazing for my maturing skin.. It looks elegant on my dressing table & my face! I started with the face primer, base, concealer & eye primer but now can't wait to extend my new make-up collection. Thanks Tricia & particularly for the easy-to-follow tutorials.

Valerie, Lancashire, UK

excellent products i love them!

My very first order of LFF arrived promptly lovingly wrapped. I am very impressed with the primer and base 01 sample and eyebrow makeup which beautifully enhances and looks so natural. I love the tutorials, Tricia is an inspiration! I don't think I will go back to Clinique even though I bought two brand new foundations before discovering LFF - LFF looks so much better on my skin!



What can I say Tricia but fabulous. I'm so pleased with everything I've ordered off you.From the primers eye shadows ,foundation to lips. They all work so well on my skin & go on smoothly.So glad i found you as now i wear my makeup & feel good about myself as I've learned alot from your vidoes. Love the brush cleaner as well so easy to use & makes brushes so soft. Thanks again.

Mary, Newport, UK


Oh wow, I was so impressed when my first order arrived, the envelope was SHINY SILVER! And the inner packaging...everything was wrapped in beautiful sea-green tissue paper. Without using any product I already felt very special, like I'd been sent a gift. As to the products, they have also lived up to expectations. My lovely Fuchsia (my red) lipstick went on very smoothly over the top of my Fabulous Lip Prime. There was no feathering and the colour stayed for a couple of hours, even though we went out for a meal. The Fabulous Prime left my skin feeling soft and smooth and any wrinkles looked diffused. All in all I am delighted with my purchases. Next I need a bright pink lipstick. Oh yes...we went out for a meal because one cannot be all dressed up with nowhere to go...oh yes we can :-D

Michelle, Northamptonshire, UK

What a company...

LFF is a rare company. I didn't like their eye primer so returned it (after a few weeks) and was refunded in full the following day. You don't get service like this very often. I haven't tried all their products but can tell you that their face primer and concealer are wonderful....the best I have ever tried. Well done LFF... you ought to be very proud of yourselves.

Elaine, Buckinghamshire, UK


Finally, age appropriate makeup! We need good coverage with subtle colors. LFF does that. I especially like the eyelid color in the lavender shade. Used over primer, it stays put and simply evens out color. Eye shadow on top also stays put, even on a hot, sticky day. And the blush is divine. You'd have to trowel it on to overdo it! Many other blushes make you look like a marionette they are so intense. I'll be pleased when LFF comes out with a slightly cooler makeup base. The Color 1 is still a bit yellow for me, but it still looks better than what I had!

Dixie, Tennessee, USA

Fabulous Face Collection

After watching all your tutorials and loving the results on your lovely ladies I have finally taken the plunge and ordered your Fabulous Face Collection. It arrived promptly and beautifully packaged I couldn't wait to open it. I was not disappointed, the products themselves were luxurious and after using them for the first time the results were amazing. I will be ordering again very soon as I want all of them!

Adrienne, Batley, UK

Face Make-up

Really pleased with my first order of face primer and base samples. Face primer glides on and makes my skin feel so good. The samples are an excellent idea and I am about to order base No 1 plus the eye primer.

Janice, Farnborough, UK

Eye Makeup

Just received my first order for eyes, shadows. Love them. I am going to place my new order for all the primes, face, lip and eyes.

Patricia, Washington , US

Lip colour

I have always shied away from lip colour even in my younger days. I am 58 now and thanks to your fantastic tutorials I can feel confident that all of the cool tone lipsticks, blusher and eye colours work together. I am loving playing around with the lip colours, they stay put and really brighten my face. Thank you, Tricia and your team

Gwendoline, Stourbridge, UK

New base!

Wow! So happy with my new base. Its light, yet covers my 'blemishes' so well. I really enjoyed watching Trish's tutorial whilst applying it! Now using a brush to apply! Then used my eye base, eye shadow and the fabulous Silver Mist eye colour, again, watching the tutorial. Ditto the blush! I really DO feel fabulous forever!

Lynda, Hartley Wintney, UK


I tried the primer mixed with the base, as per Tricias tips, together with blusher, highlighter, and waterproof mascara for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how my skin looked and felt. I went to the dentist for a deep clean, involving lots of water, followed by a visit to the hairdresser and the makeup remained perfect. I can't wait to buy more products in this amazing range.

Jane, Broadstairs, Uk

Face makeup

Just received my order for base, prime, concealer and highlighter. Absolutely delighted. Has transformed my mature skin and am now blemish-free and more youthful looking. I am 63yrs old. Highly recommend these products and the personalised customer service. Delighted. I am about to place an order for eye makeup and associated products.

Elspeth Henry

Finally, eye makeup I can wear

For some years now my skin has reacted to eye make up - hence I haven't worn much - and when I have it has smudged- ending up in blobs below the eyes! I'm introducing my new Fabulous Forever eye products gradually, but so far, no adverse reaction and the eye primer goes on so smoothly and keeps everything fresh and place all day. Looking forward to my next purchase - face primer and lippy! Also so glad you do the cool / warm colours. I've followed this colour theory for years but buying make up was always tricky as the person behind the counter usually had no idea what I was talking about. Thank you!

Lucy, Balingup, Australia,

Makes such a difference

I have just started using LFF Lip Primer and have to say it has made such a difference to the staying power of my lipstick. Followed recommended instructions re blotting and using a lip brush and hey presto - lip colour stays in place for some considerable time. Will certainly purchase this again.

Jan, Eastbourne, UK

Fabulous says it all!

I have just purchased my first products.... Primer, Base, Fabulous Light and Foundation Brush and I am so pleased with them. They are silky and light to apply and do the job ! Loved the makeup brush too..... and followed the videos on application ...brilliant... Can't wait to start adding to this make-up range. Having felt 'invisible' during my 50's I'm now looking forward to my 60's with re-newed confidence. Thankyou LFF

Frances, Harrogate, UK

Face Prime like Liquid Silk!

Angela Jeffers, Australia Liquid silk! That's just how the face prime feels - and my foundation glides over the top. I'm so happy with it, and the lip prime and new lipstick. Next it will be base, mascara and eyeshadow. Wonderful products - thank you Tricia and team!

Angela, Perth, Australia

Face Primer

I bought the face primer and it feels like liquid velvet on the skin. It is so soft and foundation sits on the face beautifully. Looking to try other products. Thanks

Elaine, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Amazing products

Have just received my order of base mascara eye primer and lipstick. I am extremely pleased with all my choices. When I first saw the Facebook article I must admit I was a bit sceptical but very curious to find makeup especially for my age group. I did take a while to order. Read some articles and watched a few videos. Delivery was superb. Lovely packaging . I will certainly be buying more products in the future.

Ann, Dundee, UK

Love the products

I have been using the prime,base and blusher, my first purchases,for four days now. Feels so good on my skin, very impressed, will definitely be ordering more. Thank you

Carol, Bromley, Kent


This is by far the best mascara I have used for a long time. So often with a new product you end up wiping excess mascara off the brush to avoid it going on too thickly but this one goes on beautifully without looking lumpy or sticky.. Perfect for me as my lashes aren't as thick these days! Thank you!

Hazel, West Sussex, UK

Loved my new lipstick!!!

Just received my new lipstick and lip primer, love them both!! I chose the Cherry Red and it looks fabulous and I feel fabulous, and I'm only going to walk the dog!! Lips feel so soft and moisturised!! Thank you so much, will certainly be purchasing more products, and recommending to my friends tomorrow when we meet up for lunch!!!

Lillian, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Loved the foundation and eye primer

I have been looking for a new foundation without success. The blend and colour of this one is fabulous. So too the eye primer,  makes all the difference when you get to a certain age. I am so happy!

Lesley, Bedfordshire, UK

Amazing products

Just purchased the foundation and primer it is amazing, I've spent a fortune on foundation and primer not anymore, try LFF  it's fabulous

Julie, Swansea, UK

a very good company

I brought a gift set with everything in, it didn't suit me, returned it and had an almost instant refund with no fuss. I however kept the bronzer which is the best ever and the eyebrow definer, which is fab as well. This products even the ones I sent back are all of a high standard, but the colouring did not suit me. I feel I can recommend LLF without hesitation, as most companies would not accept returns after use. Thanks

Meriel, Cardiff, Wales, UK


This is my first purchase from LFF. I bought the eye primer, silver mist lid colour, aubergine eye shadow, brow shaper, soft plum lipstick and lip shine. Starting off with the eyes the silver mist colour is gorgeous it really brightens the eye area. The aubergine shadow looks dark in the pot but is very subtle when it is on and compliments the lid colour beautifully. Also there's no residue that you get with cheaper eye shadows. I live a lot of the time in Spain and eye make up tends to disappear after a short while but with the eye primer it stays on perfectly. I have practised with the brow shape and I think I have managed you get my brows the right depth of colour. I only need a little, then after blending in with a spiral brush they look very natural. I'm not great with lipstick colours and think I may have chosen the wrong colour as it's very vibrant for me. It does stay on and I think I might to buy the lip primer next time. All in all great products and well worth the money. Plus I love the tutorials!

Elaine, Nottingham, UK


I've worn make up from about the age of 14. Sadly at 61 I realised I was stuck in a time warp, that was until I watched a LFF tutorial. I ordered sample foundation and the foundation brush. What an absolute revelation it's been to me using a brush for the marvellous foundation. I buff it in and it just feels (and I hope looks) fabulous. My next purchase is full size foundation and primer. So glad to have found you. Thank you.

Daphne, Aberdeen, UK

fabulous products.

I recently received my order which included concealer, prime, base, blush and fabulous light. I can't say enough about the products and customer service.My order arrived promptly to Canada, and I can tell you that these are the best products I have found, and I have tried lots, including very expensive brands. I look forward to my next order.

Diane, Ontario, USA

Just what I was looking for

I am 71 years old and everything on the market is tailored to the 15-30 year olds. I am very happy that I found LFF. The products are just perfect for my age, no glitter and ingredients that my face doesn't need. I purchased two samples of the Base foundation, and was very glad I did, because now I know just the right shade to order next. Also shipment to US is really quick. Thank you

Nancy, Las Vegas, USA

Very impressed

I came across LFF and decided to watch the videos and tutorials as I had been thinking for a while that I needed some inspiration for my make-up now that I am 55! I promptly made myself a shopping list and bought the first 2 items - eye prime and base. I really love them...I was impressed by the size of the base, that should last a good while and the eye prime has good coverage without feeling heavy. I'm excited to buy more products soon.

Kathy, Derbyshire, UK


Since finding LFF, I have received quite a few products, and there is nothing that I don't like. They arrive quickly and beautifully packaged, and are of excellent quality. The eye primer is particularly wonderful for me. The face primer is next on my list as I haven't yet found one that does what it says on the tin!! Can't wait to try it as LFF's primer has excellent reviews.

Sally, Herne Bay, UK


Decided to try the face and lip products. Before buying the base I sent for a couple of samples. I'm glad I did as I would have bought shade 1 but shade 2 was actually the one to go for. Order arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. Decided to have a practice with everything and I can say there was no product I wouldn't re-purchase. The prime and base are lovely, was a bit unsure about the blush colour (found it hard to decide if I was warm or cool. Tried every test going and eventually warm toned was slightly ahead so went with warm) but when I put it on it was very flattering. Think I may try the more pink one as well to see if that suits as well. The lip prime is great and lipsticks very moisturising. Will be purchasing the brushes soon.

Wendy, Wigan, UK

Fabulous products

Just received my first delivery of LLF. Their quality is exceptional and I am looking forward to ordering more for my collection.

Angela, Milton Keynes, UK

A necessary return

I must admit I left you for awhile, seduced by other products offered. elsewhere, but I soon saw that those products were not in the same class as yours. so I am back for good this time. Thank you.

Alison, Sevenoaks, UK

Love the Products

I've just found these wonderful products. Love them all. Can I also add that the personal touch you receive with your order makes you feel valued as a customer. Quick delivery to Australia. Thank you to Tricia and her team.

Rosemary, Roleystone, Australia

Not just empty promises

I bought the Rosy Glow blush but when I tried it the colour was wrong on me. I decided to return it and ask for an exchange to the Peach Cream. I posted the blush on Monday and had the new product in my hands on Friday, No quibbl.. it has given me confidence to order more products. Thank you for such a professional service. The blush is wonderful.

Diane, Dinnington, UK

What a find!

I have just received my first order. The Taupe eyeshadow with Forrest  along the lash line, applied over eyeprimer has given me the best eye makeup I have had for my 70 plus eyes. I feel so happy and confident with my new look. Thank you so much.

Carolyn, Halesworth, UK

Colour Code!

I have never been able to decide whether I am a 'warm' or a 'cool' toned person but LFF's lovely Customer Services' Caroline suggested I watch Tricia's video on choosing the right colours for your skin tone. Off I trotted and now I know that I am a bluesy pinky kinda gal and I can choose the right colours to make my eyes and skin go zing! No more hit-and-miss choosing with a pin, just the confidence make the better choices. Fabulous!!

Mary, Suffolk, UK

Great Find

I came across this makeup by accident when an advert popped up online while I was searching for some makeup for my 79yrs old Mother, after researching it and finding out it was cruelty free I sent for 2 samples 02 and 03 of the base for her to try, she picked 02 and gave me the samples back for me to try, I thought I would try it even though at the time I was happy with my current foundation. I'm so glad I did, I decided no.3 looked best on me and got several compliments on how good I looked which I never did with my old makeup, best of all it lasted all day with very little shine,I have always had a problem with my skin being very greasy, even at 55yrs old. My Mother and I have now just received our 1st order of the full size base and a few other items for us to try. We are both thrilled to bits with the things we ordered and can't wait to try out other items in the range.

Zoe, Lytham St. Annes, UK

Great products

I am thrilled with my new purchases from LFF. I am in my 70th year and am fortunate to have been blonde all my life! With the ageing process, my hair has become even blonder, much to the admiration of my friends! However, along with the blonde hair comes the pale skin tone and 'nonexistent eye brows and eye lashes' . I have always been anxious about having eyebrows dyed. Having watched your video clip on you tube I I took the plunge and bought the fabulous eye prime and brow shape plus wedge shadow brush. I am so thrilled with them and the results I have had! The 'brow shape' has been my perfect answer to my very fair, non existent brows, and for the first time in my adult life I feel my brows ' frame' my face, and my eye makeup suits my very fair complexion ( although sadly the charcoal eye shade was too dark) I will go for a lighter shade next time! Thank you very much indeed, I absolutely love your products.

Moira, Birmingham, UK


I have struggled with my eyebrows for ages. I have never found a product that I am happy with until I purchased from "FABULOUS". Worked like a dream. I have two even eyebrows which stay on. Thrilled.

Loraine, Stockport, UK

Fabulous products

My first ever purchase from you have had it for a few weeks. Finally plucked up the courage to try it,and wow I wish I'd heard of you years ago. Due to illness I have very sensitive eyes and after wearing make up for over 50 years have been unable to. I know it's strange to some people but I didn't really feel like me without it. Now having used your lid colour in silver mist and shade in cappuccino I feel more like me again. I will definitely be ordering more of your products. The video tutorials were also extremely helpful. Thank you so much. 

Shirley, Exmouth, UK

Wonderful makeup for older skin.

I read an article in the Daily Mail about Trica. It was if she had been writing about me, and how i'd seen myself over the years. Curious I looked up her makeup range. I ordered several products and can honestly say I'm really impressed. The base makeup is not at all 'heavy looking' but gives great coverage. I adore the mascara! no lumps or clumping. Just lovely.

Sally, Shrewsbury, UK

Face primer and concealer

I have just received both these products and have to write to say they really do the job. I have large age spots on my face and nothing has worked in the past. Your concealer did. The primer was like putting on a sheet of silk on to my face and made the foundation look amazing. Thanks I am a real convert to your make up. Saving up for more products next month. 

Lynne, Fordingbridge, UK

Feeling Fab!

My first order was treating myself, last Christmas, to the Essentials Collection and the makeup brushes. I have been thrilled with the LFF base and all, and I mean ALL, of the other products in the collection. I just had to place a second order which arrived within a week to Australia and arrived today. I am sitting here now with my house cleaning clothes on but with full makeup as I just had to try the Fabulous Light and Fabulous Conceal. The look and feel is wonderful and just what I needed.

Karen, Gawler, Australia

Best Ever

Just received my order of the face collection and love it, Now ordering the lip collection.

Ella, Kirkcaldy, UK

Love makeup

Just received my parcel which was a speedy delivery from England to Australia. I live on an island at the bottom of Australia. I just love the fabulous base which matched my colouring perfectly. I am very happy with all my purchases.

Chris, Hobart, Australia


Ordered samples of 02 and 03 foundation. Used 03 the first morning and loved the look. As I left for work my husband commented on how lovey I looked and had I used something different ..............now that's a first and say's it all. Will be placing my order pronto

Joy, Norfolk, UK

Face primer that really makes a difference!

I have tried a number of different face primers and found them ineffective. I decided to try LFF face primer having been impressed by other items. Wow, seriously this absolutely makes a difference...the look is slightly air brushed and slightly younger... think those blurred camera shots of the ladies in the first Startrek series - wonderful!! I have had comments such as: Have you been drinking more water? Have you been getting more sleep? You look really well!! Oh and I'm on my fourth bottle over nearly two years and wear it every day...it's like silk for your skin!

Chris, Kent, UK

My Hero!

Thanks for speedy delivery of Lip Prime and Shine - I now ALMOST have the full house of LFF make up - and they all do 'just what it says on the tin'! I must admit, though, that my Hero Product has to be the incredible Eye Prime - at 77, I still would not be seen out without my eye makeup - but was finding it difficult to make it last for longer than an hour or two without it fading, smudging or just plain disappearing. With the magic of Eye Prime (plus LFF Lid Colour and Shadow) I have flattering eye makeup that lasts until I choose to remove it. Wonderful.

Marion, Somerset, UK


Thank you Tricia for doing all the thinking for me. I have often been a bit overwhelmed (standing at the beauty counter in my cloak of invisibility) by all the products and not knowing what I needed. Your tutorials on application and information on how to choose colours made buying a simple pick and click online. I have been using the make up and had my hair cut and eyebrows done. I am on my way to a new me. Thank you again. 

Paula, Queensland, Australia


I love the makeup but the hidden secret is to pair the products with the proper brushes. I began with just the foundation brush but have quickly expanded to the rest. The combination of the product and the proper tools will give you the very best results.

Kathleen, Ohio, USA

Lip Primer

Really loving using the LFF lip primer, my first purchase from the range. It works really well and I'm now wearing lipstick with confidence again. Will definitely be purchasing more products in the future

Donna, West Sussex, UK

Fabulous prime

Ordering and arrival was very prompt and the luxury packaging made me very confident the make up inside would be just as impressive. It has certainly lived up to my expectation and I love it. It effortlessly glides on to my ageing skin and definitely improves the texture with or without foundation. Highly recommendable. I adore all the tutorials and blogs which makes one feel part of a 'family'. Congratulations Tricia on a fabulous company selling fabulous make up.

Susan, Hampshire, UK

Eye miracle!

The eye primer is amazing! For the first time in my life I can wear eyeshadow the whole day without it sliding into a sludgy mess in the crease of my eyelid. Bravo!

Jude, Durham, UK

Foundation Brush

I have numerous brushes that I have had from other makeup lines. I really thought I could use them for my Look Fabulous Forever products. Wow was I wrong, I then decided to try the Fabulous Forever Foundation brush #3. I was bowled over !!!  I tried it and my gosh!! The foundation went on absolutely perfect ! Seriously, it went on evenly, I could spread it to the places needed and in fact I used less foundation product.  If you love this makeup and haven't purchased the brushes because you have others, do yourself a favor... do it right...try the LFF brushes.

Alberta, Florida, USA

Fabulous Prime

I was very impressed with my first order from your company, both with the speedy delivery, luxury packaging and of course the product. I had recently bought a new foundation base but was finding it very drying and "draggy" on my skin but with Prime it now simply glide on. I also had a sample of your base which seems fine and will order when my own foundation runs out. I will certainly order more products from you and do find the videos very helpful.

Lynne, Norfolk, UK

'It does what it says'

Tried this makeup and found it really does what it says. The tutorials are great and very helpful. The eyebrow brush is the best ever!

Angie, Somerset, UK

Love the look

The eye prime and fabulous eye shade and lid colour  are easy to use and look great. The video on hooded eyes has also helped me apply the products and make eyes stand out. Thank you

Wendy, Tenambit, Australia

Completely primed!

I have been using your eye prime for a year or so, but was hesitant to buy the face and lip primes, as I thought these probably wouldn't make much difference to the way I looked. That's a thing of the past now.Trying both for the first time today has made such a difference to the way I look,; I'm positively glowing ( inside and out!) and will make this part of my daily regime from now on - thanks so much!

Julia, Witney, UL

New Me

Using the prime, 02 base and concealer for a while now, and each time I wear it I'm complimented on my wonderful skin. It is a wonderful collection of products that make me feel beautiful (54yrs young) even my 17 yr daughter compliments me each time I wear it. 

Debra, Brighton, UK


All the products are fabulous but my favourite has to be the Brow Set. Having tried every other product going for my very sparse brows I can definitely say this is the best. Thanks for making my make up routine so much easier.

Lyn, Rochdale, UK

The Best I've Found Yet!

This is the best makeup I've found yet. My first purchase was eye shade and find that it stays on all day and into the night without smearing or fading - something that other shadows just don't do. I love this line and will purchase other items. Many compliments have been received telling me that I look great and I'm so very happy with that, thanks to Look Fabulous Forever. Thank you so much for having this line available to us ladies over the age of "49 Again"!

Linda, Oregon, USA

wonderful site and products

Tricia found your site a couple of weeks ago and am so glad I did! Finally figured out that I am cool toned. Love the suggested colors for whatever tone you are- I have wasted so much money over the years getting the wrong colors. I ordered the eye primer, lipstick , brow shape, two shades of shadow and the ,lid colour silver mist.. Took a little getting used to using the brow shapes, lid primer and silver mist but with your excellent tutorial videos I think I have got the hang of them. I got he sample of base 2 and even though the colour is perfect there is something in the ingredients that doesn't seem to agree with my skin so I shall stay with my current foundation..All in all great products and helpful tips and videos.

Jacquie, Florida, USA

Great Eyebrows

Love the eyebrow "Brow Shape" along with the brow brush. My brows shape nicely without looking drawn on.

Patty, Washington, USA

Brilliant products

Hi just wanted to say I ordered my products Tuesday and received them the next day, brilliant service. The products are beautiful so light on my skin, I got told how beautiful I looked after using the makeup, wow, that's not been said for a very long time, want to order more but will have to wait till pay day!!!?

Geraldine, Berkeley, UK

Looks And Feels Luxurious

I have developed broken veins as I've got older and so I was really relieved that the LFF base covers them really well. I was surprised to see the No1 base looked best and so pleased I invested in the samples. I have always been sensitive to mascara but no problems with LFF. Being a conservative soul, the Golden Mist Lid Colour was a bit brave but I love it, not at all brash as I'd feared – perfect. Your lipsticks feel so lovely and sensuous, looks and feels luxurious. I decided that, starting from fresh again, I would invest in quality product and LFF certainly is that. I'm about to place my second order without any trepidation, feeling confident I can return anything which doesn't suit. Thank you so much LFF.

Philippa, Doncaster, UK

Truly Amazing!

I have waited a few days before reviewing these products so I could give them the ultimate test, an hour of hot, hot Zumba class! I used the Eye Prime and my eye shadow looked just as good as when I put it on. The Silver Mist Lid Colour gives a lovely lift to the eyes as does the Fabulous Light product. Lastly the Blush is really pretty and not too heavy, just enough to give a lovely glow. Well done Fabulous Forever, will definitely be back for more.

Liz, Ludlow, UK

Going into retirement

I have not used makeup very much except for evenings out but as I approached retirement I decided I wanted to start using more makeup. I found LFF on facebook. I bought the essentials collection. I have only tried it a couple of times but I love it. The textures are perfect for my skin. The staying power is great. I recommend trying the samples as I chose a different base than I thought I might need after I tried them. I have just placed my second order for more lovely makeup. I know its not the cheapest on the market but when you know it will be perfect you know you won't be spending money on a product that doesn't work and ends up languishing in a drawer it actually works out more cost effective.

Angela, Folkestone, UK

Primer package

Never ordered cosmetics online before but something about the website and Tricia made me look further at your products. I have recieved the Fabulous Prime Collection and have been amazed at the difference just these three products have made to my routine. I spend much more time on my makeup now and results are excellent.I must say the eye primer is so good, I have been unable to find a decent one since Revlon stopped doing theirs.I love to see the makeovers and tips and also the interviews. Tricia you are an inspiration many thanks.

Davina, Bedford, UK

Colours that work for me!

I have just learned about Look Fabulous Forever and received my first order. The Silver Mist lid colour is my new favourite. It brightens up my whole face!! I love red lipsticks, but they sometimes are too strong on an older face - your Cherry Red is beautifully red, but soft. Thanks for making products that flatter us so well.

Heather, Ottawa, Canada

Very Impressed

I always have used high end quality cosmetics and skin care. I'm now 55 and felt my makeup needed a rethink, especially eye shades and lip products. Having watched the tutorials and makeovers I felt this range would give me a professional finish whilst addressing the issues I had recently been experiencing i.e. lipstick 'bleeding' and 'feathering' or foundation accentuating a few lines at the outer corners of my mouth. What I also loved about this range was how everything was colour coordinated for Cool or Warm skin tones. This takes the guess work away and stops me buying eye and lip shades which do not suit me and end up in the bin! I received my first order 3 days ago and have tested all 3 primers - they are amazing. I ordered a sample of the base and found 03 suited my skin perfectly. The 03 Concealer matches the base and the Light really is a great multi-tasking product that diffuses a gentle glow where needed. I ordered eye shades and lipsticks and when I applied them the colours worked beautifully together. I followed a few of the Tutorials and found them very helpful. Using the primers ensured that my makeup stayed the day....and no more 'bleeding' and 'feathering lips, even when I applied Lip Shine! Amazing products. Very pleased.

Karen, Widnes, UK


I first tested the foundation samples and put your makeup on one side of my face and putting a Dior foundation on the other and let my husband pick which side looked better. We did this several times using various Dior foundations (spray, cream, etc.) and each time my husband selected the side with your foundation on it has fantastic over the others. So, my full order of the makeup came (and I am so delighted with it) but have to say when I opened the Peach Cream blush I was taken aback. It looked so "light" in color and so I was a bit sceptical. I have had just as much trouble finding a foundation I like for years and years but also couldn't find a blush I liked. They were to chalky, to dark, to orange, to peach, to red ..well you get the idea. So I said "OK" I will try your Peach Cream. Oh my gosh!!! 2 swipes with a brush and it was PERFECT !!! Not too dark, not too light, just perfect. My husband said it looked "natural" and he loved it on me. Oh do I wish I had found your makeup years ago ! (I just found it recently because of being able to UKTV on my Roku so I can see live ITV, BBC etc. so got to see your advertisement.) I am 69 1/2 years old/young. and even as a younger woman had trouble finding foundations and blush I liked . Never had that perfect skin. But thanks to you I have the best look that I recall ever having. !! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there for us !!!

Alberta, Florida, USA


I was born in the 50's, and spent my teenage years enjoying experimenting with some of the most exciting approaches to applying make up, especially eye makeup. I always followed the philosophy that you should make the most of your best assets. I believed mine to be my eyes. However, the years are not kind on the eyes and, for the last few years, I have not been able to successfully wear eye shadow without it 'creeping' into the eye lid folds and eye primers have always left me with dry, flaking eye lids. Then along came 'Look Fabulous Forever' and changed everything. I actually like what I see when I look in the mirror when I had begun to accept I would never feel that way again. Thank you so much for the beautiful products and informative tutorials.

Yvonne, Broseley, UK


I've been very impatiently waiting my latest order that finally arrived today. In it was the lip shine which I love, love, love. And guess what! It doesn't run all over the place like the others I've tried. Second product was the mascara which arrived exactly in the nick of time and it's perfect!. No clumps!!!!! Third and best of all was the Brow Shape. All I could do while applying it was say "holy cow, holy cow, holy cow. It was so very easy and precise. I've fought for literally years to find a product for my near extinct brows. Nothing ever worked. Nothing!!! I'm so in love with this product! I have now completed my "basics" and am anxious to order the extras. Such wonderful products!! Thank you Tricia, from the bottom of my heart.

Ruth, Kentucky, USA

Perfect colouring for my age

Having started using lipstick, eye prime, shadow, mascara and face primer I will now be adding to my collection. Beautifully packaged and makes me look very natural (62yrs).

Gail, Tiverton, UK

Love It!

I've not used makeup very much in the past as I have been blessed with good skin - and a lazy nature! As I've approached my late 50's I notice my skin is dull and tired looking which isn't helped by high street products - my skin is either caked or the makeup wears off in a few hours. Since using your product my skin has a glow again and the tutorials have given me confidence to use makeup on a daily basis. I even wear it before going out for a day's walking in the hills which I wouldn't have done before. I love it. Thank you. Cheryl

Cheryl, Camberley, UK


I received my products yesterday face primer,eye primer and three eye shadows and having been poorly with the virus going round I looked rough. However couldnt wait to use them. Amazing I loved them all ! Actually made me look well !! I am always trying new make up to suit my older face (66) and have loads but it's all going in the bin and another order will be on its way. Cant wait until I feel better LFF is going to transform me !!!

Jackie, Chatham, UK

Fabulous products

I was inspired to try the products having viewed the excellent video tutorials. Initially I tried the sample 'Base 2' just to test it on my skin. I was thrilled with the effect. I believe it is the best foundation I have used. Needless to say I bought the full product. The packaging is also gorgeous, it does make you feel it's been packed with great care and especially for you. This is definitely my new forever makeup. Thank you.

Maureen, Ryton, UK

Fabulous for Me, Too!

Really happy with the products!  Base gives such good coverage without going 'cakey', the shades are all good, the lipstick is subtle but has amazing lasting power - I'm pushing the boat out and ordering more!

Mary, Sudbury, UK

Eye brow shape and blushe

I received these itemsand am very impressed with both products. The brow shape set has been a life line due to the fact that my eyebrows are very uneven. The blusher is great also very natural looking, so much so my daughter commented how well I was looking. Thanks Tricia also looking forward to purchasing more products.

Lynne, Fordingbridge, UK

Perfect products

I am now half way through my Fabulous Lid Colour and Fabulous Light and they are fabulous. The lid colour seems a bit thick but blends in perfectly and stays in place all day amd the fabulous light adds just the right amount of highlight required.  I'm so pleased with these products I will be re ordering very soon.

Pauline, Leeds, UK

Perfect Primer

I've only just heard of Look Fabulous Forever and am thrilled with the primer I ordered. It gives such a great finish and make-up lasts much longer. Will be trying out other products!

Petrina, Peterborough UK


Have used many different primers and not only is yours the best I've ever used but instead of being in an ugly tube came in a lovely pump bottle which instead of hiding in my makeup box sits prettily on my dressing table. If this is the quality of all you makeup will certainly be trying your other products. Your tutorials are great too. Thank you, you have it spot on.

Jacquie, Sheffield, UK

Fab results

I started using this makeup a few weeks ago it truly is amazing and great staying power, friends have made comments about how good my make up is - love it - it's my new best friend!

Maureen, Nottingham, UK

A happy Dutch costumer

One would think that I easily could find,and buy, good makeup products in my own country.....Well I guess I can but your website and VERY useful video tutorials on You Tube made me decide to go abroad for a change. I ordered the Fabulous Prime and the Fabulous Lip Prime and it feels like silk! Also ordered the Lip Colour Soft Plum and it's a pity I can't add a photo to show how good the colour suits me..... Happy I found your products!

Brigitte, Zeeland, Netherlands

Another convert !

I am 62 and have spent a fortune on products in the past until I saw the advert for LFF. I am so pleased with the products I have managed to get so far. The delivery is always fast and the hardest bit at the begining like me is choosing my favourite colours!. I'm buying it all bit by bit so enjoy the period between buying browsing the products and deciding what my next purchase will be. Would not hesitate to recommend to everyone.

Valerie, Southampton, UK

Everyone said "Wow, you're wearing make-up"

Having been ill over Christmas, I went out to lunch with our local English group here in France about ten days ago and especially used all my newly acquired Fabulous products, and a bright pink jumper. I was greeted with "Wow! ..." and asked why I haven't worn makeup before. So I created quite a stir, and so I wanted to let you know .... Thank you, Tricia!

Angela, Rilly-sur-Vienne, France

Satisfied Customer

I wish to be added to your list of satisfied customers. I experience, at long last (at 67 years old) the confidence, discovery and fun of applying make-up. This is all thanks to your videos and your really great products, easy to apply, with great results. Unfortunately, life is not perfect. I have abandoned applying the base and have returned to using tinted creams. As for all the other products for eyes, eyebrows, highlighting, cheeks, lips and cheeks, I am one of your biggest fans. I live in France and my friends are principally French, how I would love them to see and understand fully your precious videos . It would be great to spread the word. A well made up face really comes to life!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lyn, Gironde, france

Intelligent makeup

I just received my order and the lipstick (soft plum), blush (rosy glow) as well as the silvery eye color are perfect. I loved the personalized insert and particularly the movie and book recommendations. A cosmetics company that acknowledges our brains as well as our beauty is one we can all feel good about! I will be ordering from you for years to come! Thank you for creating makeup for those of us who are older, wiser and not ready to hang it up. 

Mary, Ashland, USA

Yes !

I have always used very little makeup but with hormonal change and life in general I was beginning to feel increasingly unhappy with my appearance. I have tried many many brands and spent a lot of money but with little satisfaction with the end result. Having found your website and read and watched everything I decided to give it a go - what did I have to lose? The eye products I bought were absolutely fabulous right away. I had never used eye prime before but now I wouldn't be without it. A few days away in the dust and grime of London was a true test. My eye makeup stayed looking the same from dawn to dusk without any smudges, creases or adjustments! The base and foundation I wasn't sure about at first. It seemed much thicker than anything I had ever used before. After a small amount of practise I realised that I had been putting my original base on quite thickly in order to even out my skin tone, with your prime and base I only need to use half as much for far superior result and it definitely lasts. Success! The lipsticks I find are too colourful for the natural look that I prefer. The pressure put on us ladies 50 plus to look 20 years younger by social media and magazines is quite enormous. But all I wanted was to feel happy with how I look and with your products I now do - thank you.

Jan, Walsall, UK

Lovely makeup

I am so delighted and impressed by your products that came with my first order that I shall definitely be ordering some more. I love watching all your tutorials and they help me to put the makeup in the right places. Thank you so much.

Fay, Somerset, UK

Sceptical........not anymore!!

I ordered the face primer, base, concealer, and light as my usual makeup had started to leave me feeling dull and lifeless in my face. Saw this advertised and decided to give it a go using the products as recommended on the visuals. All I can say is wow,wow, wow this is truly amazing, does everything it says and more. You really need to give this ago. Will definitely be saving up to purchase further products and dispose of everything else in my make up bag. Thank you ladies so much one very happy new customer and an advocate of your brand.

Moira, Manchester, UK

At last!

This range is unique for older skin. I have a visual impairment, and with the base, prime, eye colour and the oh so lovely blush, I can apply a natural look with good results in spite of my vision problems. I can't thank you enough. Service is great and understanding too. Win, win!

Annette, Goulburn, Australia

Very impressed

I ordered the eye prime, eye shade and lid colour in my first order. The packaging of the products is lovely and I cannot fault the products, I used them when I went to a wedding and when I came home my eye makeup was still immaculate. I have just received my second order of more eye shades and will be ordering face makeup next.

Dee, Liverpool, UK

So happy!

I stumbled across your website just after my 57th birthday and was so impressed by what I saw that I decided to try your Fabulous Prime Collection and also samples of Fabulous Base colours. I'm so happy that I did! The products are beautiful to apply and feel so amazing on my face that I am placing my second order immediately. Thank you for inspiring me to feel good about my looks again!

Jeannette, Middlesbrough, UK

Excellent Products

I’ve never been very good at applying makeup but the Fabulous range makes it a breeze. previously I found some of the other well known over-priced brands of makeup were too thick, felt caked on or irritated the skin. I’m 67 and therefore retired and usually I would not wear makeup for just being around the house but I have learned through your videos that just a tiny amount of primer and foundation combined just makes me feel better somehow. I love the primer as its so silky. Gradually I am building my collection of makeup. Thank you LFF for bringing such good quality products to the forefront.

Glenys, Kidsgrove, UK

Wonderful products

I have received my fourth order a few days ago and I am delighted with it, The soft moss Lid Colour is lovely just on its own as I love green eye shadow, I reordered the lip prime as I find it works so well at stopping my lipstick from bleeding. I was very pleased with the makeup bag which is a lovely size, I will be able to put all my makeup in it instead of having two smaller ones. I also enjoy receiving your newsletters which are always so interesting and lovely to have my name written on it too. 

Maryla, Marbella, Spain

Summer proof

I have been waiting for our summer to see how these marvellous products stand up to tropical humidity. We have had a fortnight of well above 30C temperatures and 80% humidity. Normally, I forgo any makeup, as it does not last, and is usually oily, sticky and totally uncomfortable. If possible, one does not venture out, but stays near a pool, but of course life does not allow such luxury. Your products have been great. Certainly, they do not last on the skin as long, but this is due to mopping at perspiration rather than actual breakdown of the foundation. But more to the point, they do not change texture in the heat, and with a light touchup during the day I no longer look like a red and blotchy crocodile, and they do not make me feel even hotter and stickier as most others have done during my many years. So thank you for these products!

Diane, Queensland, Australia

Wish I had discovered LFF products sooner Amazing!

Tried the Face Primer and sample of base and was amazed at the results. Watched video on makeup techniques and decided I was warm toned  how  I did not find this out before now - thank you LFF - I needn't have wasted all that money on makeup not and I thought it would be too pale and flat looking but wow! Put the blusher on and I had a healthy natural looking glow to my face. Next on list is fabulous light and brow shape.

Elizabeth, Worksop, UK

Fabulous Makeup Collection!!!

As a former consultant for a large beauty company, I became disenfranchised when they discontinued their cream blush, leaving only a powder one that does not work well for dryer skin. The majority of the eye colors were irridescent as well, leaving little choice for older crepy eyelids. I was absolutely delighted to find your collection! I have tried every product and loved every one of them! The look is natural yet glowing and I am amazed at the staying power. I work all day and used to have to touch up my makeup before the evening. I don't have to do that now! The color selections are lovely too and the tutorials most helpful. Keep up the good work! Love your products!!!

Polly, Minnesota, USA

It really works!

I started cautiously with Fabulous Concealer and Eye prime followed by Fabulous Base sample 02 and then a couple of eye shades. I just have to say the result is really great. The products stay put, they work! I also love the way the concealers and eye shadow cases just snap shut...brilliant!

Liz, Egaa, Denmark

Learn new techniques

I at 66, I remarried last year and had a complete makeover for the event. The professional make up made me look 10 years younger. I've tried to copy the result without success, until I found the LFF website. I've bought the products, and followed the tutorials, and can now almost produce a professional make up. When I'm made up I feel so complete, not just another 66 year retiree. Well done LFF...!

Louise, Fareham UK

I now look fresher and more groomed

At 58 I didn’t think there was anything left to learn about how to apply my makeup and I watched a couple of the videos out of idle curiosity. The one that really caught my attention was on brows. I have light, well-shaped brows that have never needed plucking so I’ve largely ignored them. I’ve occasionally tried using a brown eyebrow pencil and the effect has always been ridiculously unnatural. So I bought the Fabulous Brow Shape Set out of curiosity more than anything else. What a revelation! Absolutely brilliant product. I can now add a subtle emphasis to my brows which has really opened up my face. I also bought the face primer and it has made a massive difference too. I now look fresher and more ‘groomed’. My only criticism is the size of the beautiful container. It looks gorgeous in my bathroom, but I travel a lot and its size makes it very impractical.

Susan, St Albans , UK

A new me for a new year

I don't usually take much notice of online adverts, but having watched some of your videos I thought I would look further. I'm so glad I did! My new make up arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with it. The primers and the concealer make such a difference. I'm not yet as skilled in applying it as I would like, but with practice I'm sure that will improve. 

Penny, Helston, UK


As someone who has always loved make-up and has wasted sooooooo much money by buying products that didn't live up to their hype, I have been amazed and thrilled since I discovered Look Fabulous Forever. The products are just wonderful and do exactly what they promise. The knock on effect of this is that I have a new found confidence and Tricia's blogs are a real boost. I have health issues now and using this wonderful makeup helps me to face the world and hold my head up high. Thank you Tricia and all the people who put these wonderful products together.

Rita, Aylesbury, UK

Transformation outside - and inside

Finding Look Fabulous Forever has not only given me lots of new ideas and techniques for my makeup which really make a difference, it has made me feel fine about entering this age category and boosted my personal confidence. So the transformation is not only on the face, but in the heart too! I look forward to more tutorials as I explore further.

Clarissa, London, UK

My First Order

WOW! I am just turning 60 and have always used minimal makeup, so I did not want that heavy look. After researching products, I took a chance and now just placed a second order. I love the light feel of the base and concealer. After this second order, I am anxious to see how the eye products work for me. I can't be 19 again, but do want to look my best now....thanks for the lovely product line.

Sonia, Ohio, USA

What a difference

I am delighted with the products i have recently purchased. They make a real difference. Congratulations on such a well thought out product range.

Lynne, Chiswick, UK

New lease of life

Tricia - I am 67 and have been in bed with bronchitis for 3 weeks, feeling totally washed up. My order arrived today with samples of Base and two lipsticks - Soft Plum and Fuschia. I have applied the base, which is soft and lovely, and now the Soft Plum lipstick. And I just feel fabulous all of a sudden!

Angela, Rilly-sur-Vienne, France

I believe in them

I am 67 years old and wasn't wearing makeup until I saw your ad. I bought your products and it has made a huge difference to my life. Aside from the products, I don't feel like I am the only one in the "ageing and trying to look better" arena.

Mayra, Miami, USA

Primers and Base

I recently received the primers and a sample of base #2.I love the way they look and feel. I was at the hair salon, chatting with a young women and she said. "I love your face!" Not a bad compliment on my 67 birthday!

Alice, West Chester, USA

Primers and base!

I have purchased all the primers and the base foundation and am delighted with the results. Primer goes on smoothly followed by the base which is easy to apply, does not feel heavy and stays in place all day! Am so pleased to have stumbled across this website!!

Maureen, Shoeburyness, UK

Excellent products

Fabulous prime for foundation and lip primer really work. My foundation used to disappear but now looks flawless and stays on! Lipstick lasts longer and doesn't bleed. Ordered sample foundation and loved it, now going to order this product in full size.

Ann, Truro, UK

Eye Prime, Eye Colour & Fabulous Light

I recently watched the video on makeup for specs wearers and subsequently bought the Eye Prime, Lid Colour (silver mist) and the Fabulous Light. All very good advice and I like the products.

Maureen, York, UK

New to LFF

I've just used my make-up for the first time, absolutely wonderful. I am so pleased with the finished look and will be ordering more from the range. At last I've found a make-up that suits my mature skin......no more trolling the beauty counters for me....

Susan, Bristol, UK


Congratulations on your well-deserved success. I have so enjoyed reading your regular updates, wonderful photographs of stylish women, so admired your philosophy re ageing and benefitted from the splendid videos on using your products. I, along with many of my friends who make the most of our time of life (I am a fit, energetic, happy, fashion loving 74 year old) have been truly inspired by your amazing story. With best wishes for your continued success

Beryl, Isle of Bute, UK

New me

After watching your tutorials I ordered three of your products and am so pleased I did.  They made such a difference. I am about to order the foundation, after trying the samples and will go on until I replace my old cosmetics. Thank you so much

Susan, Northwich, UK

Locating my eyebrows!

I've just received my fab mirror, and have found my eyebrows for the first time in 25 years! Love the colours of the lipsticks in particular (I am cool type, and usually have lots of mistakes with buying). I am 67 and, having a pale face, used makeup all my professional life. After retiring 2 years ago, I stopped bothering. This has given my confidence at new lease of life. Fabulous idea, Tricia, and I love to receive the letter hand-signed by you.

Angela, Rilly-sur-Vienne, France

Subtle but Defining!

I have recently bought LFF products and trialled them for a couple of weeks. I am most impressed with all the products, they are easy to use and do what they say they do. I like the fact they are specially designed for more mature ladies and are not too heavy but give good definition and conceal those parts we are not so happy about as we age. Well done to Tricia and her company, I am a convert, and will be back for more. Thank you also for your good service and excellent videos to follow.

Alison, Beaconsfield, UK

LFF seems to inspires an allover improvement in appearance.

I am 71. I started using LFF in October this year and now have most products to suit my skin type. Not only can I not bear to be without my LFF face on every day but I find I am improving my hair care and styling and also choosing new clothes to accord with the warm tones LFF so rightly advised. Before, I was very uncertain about which colours to wear and find I have far too many of the WRONG shades in my wardrobe.. I truly think that a close look at the colour guide before buying makeup or clothes is a must. My self confidence is growing daily and I cannot thank you enough. It's never too late to start looking better! Well done, Tricia.

Julia, Morlupo, Italy


I m very happy with my products for face and eyes.The forrest green eyeshadow is marvellous. Was afraid it was too green but it is not. For the first time the right green.Thank you I love it.

Marianne, Den Haag, Netherlands

Amazing products

I started with lip and eye prime which are so amazing I have just bought the face prime, so much better than the previous prime I had bought. Absolutely recommend these products. So impressed I moved on to conceal and lid colour. Not disappointed!

Gill. Chichester, UK

Fabulous makeup

Bought face collection as struggling to find makeup to suit my skin. This makeup is fab, so easy to use and stays on beautifully. Never used a cream blush before but adore this one so ordered again. The highlighter really does its job. I have asked my children to purchase me a collection for Xmas. Thank you Look Fabulous.

Julie, Liverpool, UK

First time and worth it!

I just tried my new primer and foundation - can't believe the difference! The primer makes my skin so soft, and there is such a difference in the foundation, it makes my face look healthier and younger, where my past makeup looks caked on. I have never used makeup like this!

Carolyn, North Carolina, USA

Finally make worth waiting for!

I have tried a lot of makeup from many brands. I forget that I am 57 yrs old and not 22. Your makeup is truly a godsend. The wrinkles that I have look almost as if they are not there! The prime is great and makeup stays put, which is not small feat. I will be ordering the eye collection next!

Jane, Ontario, Canada

First time user!

I used my products this morning and love them. I am soon to be 78 and find that your products are Fabulous!! I will be ordering more products to fill out my makeup portfolio. Thank you so much for providing a superior product for older skin. Awesome!!

Joyce, Arizona, USA

Essentials collection

Treated myself to an early Christmas present by purchasing your essentials collection. It has been a few years since I wore makeup but I hit sixty this year and decided I look aged. Having read the reviews of your products I thought nothing could be that good. It took me a while to decide on my skin tone . Your guides were excellent in helping me. I was delighted to receive the beautifully presented parcel. The contents have certainly lived up to the claims. I chose the soft plum lip colour which took a short time for me to get used to, I now wear it all the time. The silver mist lid colour is very easy to apply as is the taupe eye shade. The primers are all excellent and do what they are made for. The mascara is good too, I chose the regular. I also purchased the concealer, 02 to match with the face base, as I have dark areas beneath my eyes. Not disappointed with any of my purchases. For the first time I have makeup that stays on all day. Only need to touch up the lipstick occasionally. Even my husband likes my new look, high praise indeed.

Kathy, Chatham, UK

Best Makeup for older skin to Arrive in Australia. Fantastic!!!!

Over the moon to have received my LFF Products. Arrived here in Australia packaged, well fantastic products. Thank you. Love my base 02,face prime, and brow kit. I look fab. Thanks once again from one very happy Aussie customer.

Leigh, Brisbane, Australia

Now that I'm 67!

I thought makeup was a thing of the past for me. I found Look Fabulous Forever, and thought I would try it. I can't believe it. I watched the video for applying eye makeup, and I am delighted. Now, I feel so much younger. Thank You Look Fabulous Forever!!

Karen, Ohio, USA

So glad I found this makeup

I think this popped up on Facebook and I'm so glad I looked into it, I am so impressed by the colours and textures of the makeup, the foundation has the perfect amount of coverage and the colour no 2 is a spot on match for me, tried a sample and I've just ordered the full size, love, love, love the rosewood lipstick and the cappuccino and taupe eye shades, the colours are dense and the texture silky, it's all perfect, I think I look great.

Kelvin, Staines, UK

How accurate your colour guide is

Before ordering the first time, was unsure about being Yellow or blue toned. I asked my hairdresser/beautician who said I was white/ash/pink!!! - which did not help. However, your choosing colours guide showed how I prefer autumnal colours so decided on Yellow base. The soft coral lipstick proved you right and so have now bought, trustingly both Rosewood and Foxy Lady. Both are perfect for me. I consider Rosewood a perfect and under-praised winter day colour (soft coral ideal daytime summer colour). Foxy Lady ideal for the evening. It is NOT overpowering, as I feared it might be. Well done!.

Julia, Morlupo, Italy

So far so great!

I purchased the eye collection as this is the area I have most problems with - in fact I had more or less given up on eye makeup. I have not had time to try the whole collection as so busy! - but this morning I slapped on the lid colour, did the brows and used the mascara and so far very pleased. The lid colour made an immediate difference, opening up the hooded eyes, the mascara is light, not clogging but effective. The brow paint though is a revelation - I have used brow products before and I thought painting in individual brow hairs would be a pain but I am pleased to tell you it is very quick and looks very natural! So overall very pleased and cannot wait for a quite moment to try the rest of the kit.

Maggie Coventry, UK

Fabulous Primers

I sent for your Prime collection a few weeks ago, I am so pleased with them, The Face Prime is so lovely to use makes my face feel very soft and foundation goes on beautifully. The Eye Prime is great and for the first time for ages my eye makeup stayed on all day. The Lip Prime does just what it sais that it will do and stops the bleeding of my lipstick, keeping my lips look as good as when I have just put it on. Thank you so much for the Fabulous products.

Maryla, Marbella, Spain

Love these products

Have ordered a lot lately and really pleased with it, only one point I would say about the warm tone Coral lipstick I ordered is nothing like the colour on the website, it's a lot paler so I will send that back and try another.

Karen, Bristol, UK

Atlast cosmetics for the mature client

I have tried many expensive cosmetics especially foundation even the ones suppose to be for mature skin but never could find one that I thought wow! what a difference they make until now. I read all the reviews did what research I could on internet and thought I would give this brand a try. I ordered primer and samples of 02 and 03 foundation. The 02 I looked too yellow then I tried 03 perfect well worth ordering the samples. So pleased with the primer and the foundation going to order the foundation and the light pen . Love this range.

Elizabeth, Worksop, UK

Great service

Impressed by the web site and testimonials I placed my first order. One of the product containers was faulty, so I emailed customer serves, received a prompt response and a replacement product within two days. That's what I call customer service........oh and the products are great too

Maralyn, Chipping Campden, UK

Great products

I was in a rut with my eye make up having used the same products for years. I ordered the eye collection which gave me everything I needed for a new look. I love the eyebrow shaper which gives my brows definition. Also the eye prime is a great product as a base. I will definitely be reordering in the future and recommending your products to friends. I might even try the lip collection next! Thank you for the tutorials they are very useful. I'm loving my new look and have definitely climbed out of the rut!

Elaine, Newquay, UK

Something lovely that really works!

I recently purchased your Prime and Base 02. Super smooth to use, looks great and for thr first time ever a base that actually stays for hours.

Susan, Dorchester, UK

mixed reviews:<)

I have tried several of your products and been very pleased with everything except that this last order.....the colors just didn't live up to expectations. I followed the guide for choosing the right foundation, and now that my product has arrived I find that the 02 foundation is entirely too light for me in spite of the description that led me to choose it:<( Also the new lip color, softy caramel........has barely any color at all. I wish I would have gotten the 03 foundation and just skipped the new color lips product and reordered what I knew worked for me. Again...product great, just need more work on helping people get the right colors!

Darlene Betsill

Beautiful cosmetics,

Thank you to LFF for wonderful products that make my 66 year old look face look great!

Cathy, Georgia, USA

Fabulous 'features"!

Fabulous Base, Fabulous Prime and Fabulous Light - 3 Fabulous new LFF purchases. Fabulous products. Fabulous packaging. Fabulous website. Fabulous tutorials. Fabulous delivery. What more can one ask for! Perhaps that fabulous feeling of pleasure and anticipation when sending off my next LFF order!

Alma, Bromsgrove, UK

Very pleased

I have just reached 60 years old and have been wearing get the same makeup for years. I have just received my first order of Prime, Base and Conceal and am delighted with the difference. Lovely feel to my face and looking a lot brighter. Thank you so much - will be ordering some more of these great products.

Jean, Wakefield, UK

So thankful I came across your products!

I am a 57 y/o woman who never really knew how to wear my make-up properly until I came upon LFF's tutorials. Although I never gobbed it on, I was not happy with the result nor was I happy of the outcome of having a few do-overs by local Cosmeticians. I found they tried to make me look young rather how I should look; my age with a lovely radiance. Your tutorials are easy to follow, not rushed, uncomplicated and extremely educational and of course I like how your videos & products are directed for us older gals. I received my first purchase of the Lid Colour Silver Mist, Fabulous Eye Shade in Taupe, Fabulous Blush in Rosy Glow and the Fabulous Lip Colour in Fushia. From a bit of research, I am considered "warm" and every one of the products I received work fabulously! I am ready to place another order in a couple of different shades. I could not be happier!

Lorraine, New Brunswick, Canada

I am delighted with all the products

I am delighted with all the products I have ordered from Look Fabulous Forever but especially with the excellent range of matte eye shades and brushes for easy application. I was just on the point of giving up on eye makeup but am amazed at the subtle and attractive transformation your range and close attention to your tutorials can make

Amanda, Leatherhead, UK

Loving my new look

I needed a new foundation and found the LFF website just in time! I read the product information and testimonials which  sounded  sincere and genuine. I watched the tutorials and  decided to place an order. I ordered one of the Collections and am delighted with the colours of everything and Base 02 is perfect for my skin tone. Have since ordered another lipstck and Aubergine shadow and am having such fun applying my make up . The products feel so lovely on my skin and the effect lasts all day. Thank you LFF for coming into my life at the ripe old age of 71! My only negative is that I'd like the lipstick to be creamier. 

Wendy, Deal, UK

Wonderful Product!

I purchased the Essentials Collection plus Brow Shape and I love it! It makes my skin look so smooth and healthy without that heavy makeup look and feel. I've never used makeup an a regular basis. Too much work and I've never really like the way it looked especially now that I'm older. (58). I've used this every day! It's easy to apply, the videos are so helpful and I still look like me only better! Thank you!

Rebecca, Kentucky, UK

Where did it all start?

Today I received my latest order of brushes, with free brush roll (good quality/nice colour/already in use) and a new blusher. I should acutually have ordered the concealer as I woke up with a bruise in the inner corner of my right eye!! I started using LFF when I bought the complete eye collection and later added new colours for my 'warm' skin tone, plus replacements too.. Received a free sample of No 2 base so that's something to look forward to trying tomorrow morning. Concealer is on the list for a future purchase. Like others I've tried all sorts of brands, wasted a lot of money and not really been happy with the results. What sold it for me, when my eye collection arrived, were the wonderful  colours which flattered instead of showing up every crepey line. Then there were the makeup tutorials, designed to build confidence rather than leave you feeling inept. I'm from an arty background and 'doing my face' each morning is an essential start to my day. Pleased I found LFF!

Diaana, Lockerbie, UK

Super Make-Up For the Mature Lady

I am 63 years old and have tried in vain to get makeup for my very fair, pale skin. Number 01 base is super and gives me a great glow. The  brush roll is sturdy and looks as if it will last a long time. Just super pleased with my order.

Caroline, Ashbourne, UK

The ultimate test

I bought Base and Prime a few weeks ago, was impressed, and ordered the Face Collection. It arrived, unbelievably next day!  Having walked into a footpath sign on Sunday and suffered cuts to, and skinning, all down my nose, I woke this morning and thought this will be a good test! I took photo's on my phone, before during and after I applied the base, prime, cover, light and blush, and I couldn't believe it was the same face. The makeup covers without masking, looks natural, and what's more it does last. It's now 10 hours since I applied it, and I still don't resemble Rudolph. I did change the first order of Base from colour 02 to 03, as it was a little too light, and I'm delighted with all the products I have tried.. Well done LFF.

Maureen, Emsworth,UK

Brilliant eye primer

I have used another well known eye prime for some years but this is better and cheaper! My eye make up stays on all day and evening, despite my crepey eyelids! Highly, highly recommended. Delivery was SO prompt, I was staggered and the lovely padded envelope and personalised letter are a super, much appreciated little touch. I also got a sample of No 2 base, which I really liked and will probably buy next.

Carolyn, Northampton, UK


I have been looking for you for years!! Finally got my present today and had to try. I live in the tropics in Queensland Aust. It is very hard to find anything to suit the climate. Your lipstick is amazing have been looking for that for a long time. Prime is excellent, for eye face and lips. Got my thumbs up. Base, shadow, blush and especially brows. Love the brow brush. I am 65 and awesome, thanks. ? How about some skin care for us awesome gals? Not ageless, AWESOME.

Merilyn, Yeppoon, Australia

Looking great !

I love the products, was not sure if they would work for me but wow! Am reordering and tweaking colors. Thank you

Jan, Nebraska, USA

Never wore lipstick - now I really love it!

Although the face prime and foundation are a repeat order I continue to be impressed with the quality and ease in application making my tired looking skin appear fresh. I previously purchased lip and eye prime and your highlighter and concealer ( how did I manage without them) now I have ventured further and purchased blusher and lipstick ( never wear lipstick but applied as soon as received) and I really love it. Thank you for truly great make up for older skin.

Gaynor, Warrington, UK

Over the moon

Just received my first order within 2 days of ordering. Delighted with packaging including a beautiful silver envelope. Ordered the prime and a base. They are in beautiful containers which will not be hidden in a cupboard but on show. Used for first time today and was amazed at how good it looks and does not dry my face. Overall delighted and can't wait to try other produce.

Maureen, Liversedge, UK

Amazing eye make up

The eye collection is amazing. The colors work so well, and the mascara is like non I've ever used before. It's completely clump-free and natural. Thank you!

Leish, Washington, USA

Fabulous Product

Just received my first order, it came so quickly. Ordered all the Primes, these are wonderful, just like brushing silk onto your skin. Ordered the Conceal in shade three, which works well with my aged sun ravaged skin, the free trial base was good and was exactly the same colour as the Conceal. Believe me in some makes the are completely different. The Pinky Glow blusher I am not certain about yet as it is rather light and appears very Pink on my tanned skin and the Soft Coral lipstick is much more pink than coral in my opinion but still a lovely shade. The packaging is lovely and very chic. Will definitely be ordering more products very soon.

Juleen, Chorley, UK

Perfect make up

I am an examiner for make up qualifications and have just purchased the Fabulous Eye Collection plus Fabulous Lip Prime - I find the current make up products do not facilitate the eye and lip contours that come with age - LFF are excellent products, perfect for my face, looked very glamorous at the weekend!! 

Jeanette, Romford, Essex

Fabulous Base 03

I was pleasantly surprised and relieved at how good this product was. The colour was appropriate for my colouring which has not been easy to find. Thank you! It was easy to apply, went on smoothly and only a little was required. I will be re-ordering and will share with friends.

Jacquie, New South Wales, Australia

At Last

Thank you I have now found makeup which feels fabulous on my skin, especially my eyes. Love the tutorials too!

Jeannie, Bracknell, UK

Concealer that works!

I've recently received a Fabulous Concealer and am delighted with it. I've tried every concealer there is (yes, including THAT one!) and none of them have worked like this!

Lynn, Scarborough, UK

Great Foundation, blush not so much

I loved all the products except the blush. I ordered foundation #3 and the peach blush. It is way too light and really doesn't show up. Also the package fell apart.

Susan, Florida, USA

Delighted after a few weeks of testing

I received the eye prime, lid colour and blush a few weeks ago and after trying out on several occasions can now say that I am thrilled with all the products. The eye primer and lid colour did take me a while to get used to but now I can apply them quicky and they certainly do what it says on the box. Thank you I will be ordering some different products very soon.

Teresa, Shrewsbury, UK

Excellent makeup

I recently purchased some LFF makeup and was very impressed with the quality of the products and the packaging. I am outside of the UK and was also impressed with the speed of delivery, will shortly be placing additional order for a few more products. Thumbs up to this company....

Marcia St Andrew, Jamaica


I just love this makeup and I have tried many before, the foundation is so nice and still looks great at the end of the day, the eye makeup is great too and being shown how to apply has helped so much thank you

Ann, Harlow, UK

Fantastic products and service

After looking at your website online l decided to order the face prime, concealer and fabulous light - can't tell you how pleased l was to receive them promptly, beautifully packaged. They are excellent products for older skin, the face prime is like silk and goes on so easily. The fabulous light and concealer are excellent products too! I had a free sample of base 2 which I've just ordered as its a great match for my skin( the free base was really useful as it takes the uncertainty of knowing which shade to order.) Will be ordering eye makeup soon! Thank you.

Patricia, Swansea, Wales


I started with the Prime and Base. Amazingly quick delivery - in a beautiful package. I used them immediately and after three hours dancing came home looking as fresh as when I started out. I will certainly order more products. 

Sheila, Paris, France

Great Products

I have used the eye prime and the lid colour. Stays all day. Also used the brow shape in the little tube. Think I have it mastered and it is great. Received three foundation samples and I must now order. I reside in the U.S. and was so very surprised at how fast I received the order.

Irene, Florida, USA

Wonderful Cosmetics

I just received my first order and was very happy to have received it as quickly as I did. I had purchased 3 of the collections and a few other things. Well needless to say I am one happy camper! The products are everything they said they were. When I was through I looked at myself and saw exactly what I had always wanted to see with a makeup application. I looked wonderful. You can not go wrong if you purchase any of the products. Please give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

Marion, Orlando, USA

What a find

I have just started to use the face and eye primers, base, blusher (I don't seem to need the concealer as well) and am thrilled with the results. The videos are most helpful: in my case for a 68 year old who has never ventured beyond the spit of the mascara era. The products are light, silky smooth, easy to apply and last all day. I feel 10 years younger and it has been noticed even by a taciturn husband!

Sammy, Bridgwater, UK

Fantastic Products

I have only used 3 products so far and I found them all a dream to use, especially the Fabulous Eye Shade. I was told how nice I looked which made me feel great. I intend to acquire more products in a couple of weeks, there is a lot of my 'must haves' list. I will be recommend LFF to all my friends too. Thank you for your great product Jacqui

Jacqui, Belvedere, UK


I ordered the primer, foundation and Fabulous Light I always had a problem with my make up sinking into my skin so would have to reapply it again later in the day. This is the first make up that has stayed fresh all day. I look forward to ordering more products.

Kathleen, Fraserburgh, UK

Love the products

I saw your article in the Daily Express and then looked online and decided to try the products. I really like them and particularly the face prime and base (which seems to last all day) and the waterproof mascara. I have spent a fortune on mascaras over the years and the waterproof ones always clog and are difficult to get off - not yours. The tutorials are very helpful as well. I will defiinitely be ordering more products and I'm very happy I found you.

Jackie, Cleckheaton, UK

One week in....

I have been using the products for a week and can say that I love them. I have never been able to find a foundation to match my skin tone, I think I have kept Sephora alive with all of my choices.. but your medium tone matches perfectly. I use your base and conceal and it is all light, non-greasy and lasts. Initially, I found the brow shape difficult but I have persevered and now love it. I bought the rosy glow blush which at first seemed too pale but I am becoming accustomed to the look and I think it is working. Your lipstick goes on easily and lasts fairly well. I use all the primers as well and am pleased to say that I like it all. I have received some compliments and I like how I look. So, quite a glowing review!

Becky, Ontario, Canada

I Love This

I have recently discovered and purchased Mother of the Bride or Groom Collection. I have never gone out without makeup, but after applying my new makeup, off I went to my hairdresser. Her comment was '"you even have makeup on today!!" I was so thrilled that she had noticed so just had to tell her about LFF. I just love it. Thank you Tricia and also for your wonderful, informative videos. !!!

Janet, Victoria, Australia

Delighted with products

I have bought several  products. The base I find delightful to apply and it lasts all day.  So pleased with your goods, I have introduced your company to my friends by giving them gift vouchers!

Irene, Loughton, UK

Very happy new customer

I've recently discovered you and am now using a number of your products. The prime and base are a particular delight, easy to apply, they feel good and provide a great-looking, long lasting base for the rest of my makeup. I now look forward to putting on makeup in the morning.

Karen, Beaconsfield, UK

Yet another order!

Just received the lighter base and concealer to take me into winter months. I love the new lid colour, golden mist!

Felicity, Cheltenham. UK

Why I am Back into Full Makeup at the Age of 71+

When I was a spotty teenager,  my mother ordered me to tidy myself. I would say "I don't care what I look like" and she would reply "It's other people who have to look at you".  I now teach and my students are obliged to stare into my face.  It irritates ME when I see students with makeup carelessly or badly applied. This made me think of my mother's words and I decided to "brush myself up" appearance-wise. I discovered LFF and went full out: complete brush and face makeup sets and some eye make up. I followed all of Tricia's advice and gave myself some thorough skincare before daring to try it out. After a bit of practice the total effect is soft and pretty and gives me so much extra self-confidence that I cannot bear to be without it. My husband really likes it and my daughter declared she could tell there was a big improvement in my appearance but "couldn't place it" -which is exactly what I wanted to hear! Well done and congratulations, Tricia!

Julia, Morlupo, Italy

lovely makeup

Delivered very quickly I would highly recommend.

Caroline, Lochaber, UK

I am addicted!

Wow, what can I say! I bought the base first and I honestly couldn't believe the difference this made to my skin, it really appeared as if someone had photo-shopped me! I am 49 and things are starting to change, but I swear this base took ten years off me. I was addicted, so I bought the concealer which again is amazing as it doesn't go into your fine lines, nor does it make your skin feel dry. I also bought the Silver Mist List lid colour and I really could not believe the difference this made to my eyes, they seemed to pop out, again no drying effect and no sinking into lines. I am also going through the menopause - one evening out and about four hot sweats later, my LFF makeup had not let me down, I looked exactly the same as when I did when I left the house. I have tried Mineral I.d, Dior, Channel, Clarins and Benefit but nothing has come close. I am just about to order three more products, the grey eyeshadow, the primer and the highlighter, and I am 100% confident these will live up-to the same standard.I hope LFF are not planning on going anywhere as I really wouldn't know what to do! Thank you for creating something which real woman want and need.

Amanda, Sheffield, UK

Delivery WOW

I placed my first order on Oct. 6 from Canada and have just picked everything up at my postbox! Extraordinarily quick delivery. Have not tried anything yet but will let you know once I have. Very impressed so far.

Rebecca, Ontario, Canada

love the makeup

My 94 year old mother bought this makeup and one day I looked at her and thought how bright her face looked so I ordered it for myself and absolutely love it.

Kyle, Pennsylvania, USA

Truly Fabulous

I have worn make up all my life. I so enjoyed watching the tutorials, I ended up spending more than I intended! I was not disappointed. The face prime, eye prime and foundation are absolutely first class. I have pretty good skin, but getting a bit wrinkly with slightly uneven colouring. The primer and foundation together are really good. The eye prime is a revelation, especially as my eyes are partly hooded, now the eye shade really stays all day. As Tricia says, the make up is as good in the evening as when you first put it on. The packaging is lovely too. Well done on fabulous products.

Susie, Ely, UK

New lease of life

I received my first order just twenty four hours after placing! Wow am I impressed. I thought my makeup days were over but these products make me feel ten years younger. I don't mind looking in the mirror now!! Just placed a second order and can't wait to use the new products. Thank you!!!

Elizabeth, Shrewsbury, UK

Very Pleased

Being in my 80's I have used many high end products that eventually are thrown out. I recently received my much anticipated order of eye products. Far superior to any I have ever used, The mascara is fantastic and exceeds my expectations. This one is a keeper as are all the products. I am now deciding on my next order. What great products.

Barbara, Muskoka, Canada

My first order

My order arrived - all the way to Vancouver - in 2 weeks! I'm impressed with the products. I ordered mostly eye products and I'm really happy with the lid prime and lid colour! I'll order lip products next - and maybe some brushes! Thanks, Tricia!

Jan, Vancouver, Canada

Love all the products

I have tried all the products and I am now using the new eye and lipstick colours. I look so much better using the primers and the makeup brushes. I am still not very proficient with eyebrows yet but it really makes a difference giving me a well groomed look. Thank you Tricia for making me feel so much better about myself.

Susan, Derbyshire, UK

Very happy

Having spent the last few months looking for an update of my makeup and realising I need products which are specially formulated for us more mature ladies I ordered a fabulous base 02, lip prime and eye prime. I love them all - so flattering and my make up lasts all day.  Can't wait to add some more products to my collection very soon!

Katrina, York, UK


Wow, I ordered some eye products yesterday afternoon and I've just spent a happy hour playing with them and also using my sample of Face Base 02. I can't believe how good these products are. I shall be ordering the Face Base asap and my eyes have come alive with that marvellous misty lid colour. I am so pleased to have come across LFF. This was one instance of idle 'Googling' that has really paid dividends. I will be telling my friends to get ordering. Thank You.

Marilyn, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

New to the products

I bought a selection of items to start me off. Prime, Base 03, brow shape, Light. Just ordered concealer, and looking forward to sample of base 02 for when my skin needs a lighter shade. Very pleased with products and love the makeover videos too!

Shirley, Hereford, UK

My second order

I'm addicted to watching the tutorials so when my new eye makeup arrived the very next day I was straight up in the bathroom, in front of the magnifying mirror, having a go. I was really pleased with the results - so much better than my usual attempts. There is so much more I want to buy though!!

Carole, Salisbury, UK

Love, love, love Fabulous Prime

I ordered the primer, base, concealer and eye prime. I am really liking all of the products but after trying every primer made, I knew immediately this is my new favorite. Holds makeup for hours on my combination skin. I will be trying more of the products and I also enjoy the help videos. Thank you for simplifying my life Fabulous Forever.

Janice, Cape Coral, USA

Love the eye makeup

I ordered the Fabulous Essentials collection so I could try all the products. First of all, I want to congratulate you for launching this marvelous line. I also appreciate the live helpline, which has really been helpful. For one who has not worn makeup since 16, the tutorials are a must. Not all the products are suitable for hot climates, like the one I live in, but I am in love with 3 of the eye makeup items: the Eye Prime – a brilliant product. An improvement on anything that comes on after it such as the Eye Shade which, goes on beautifully, Mascara – goes on like a dream – really, the nicest mascara I have ever used, am looking forward to the waterproof version.

Patricis, Meitar, Israel

Small eyeshadow brushes

Received brushes this morning and used them straight away. They are truly amazing and I'll certainly be recommending them to friends. I also tried the foundation base 01 sample you kindly enclosed and not only was it the correct colour for my fair skin tone, but it went on like a dream...no horrible cake effect. It will be on my next list. Thank you so much.

Myra, Scotland, UK

Brilliant Products

I have purchased the fabulous base a few weeks ago and I am thrilled with it. I have very sensitive skin, but this is amazing to use. Today I received a lipstick in Soft Coral, such a pretty colour. I will be ordering an eye shadow next, such great products, I love them.

Gilian, Melton Mowbray, UK

Loving It!!

I just recieved my order and it only took 7 days to Alaska! I was so impressed with the packaging I had to show my friends! You take great pride in making a beautiful first impression! I just got the face collection and tried the base color (because I could not wait) and love that it is very creaming and so natural looking. I will definitely be ordering the eye and lip collection next. Thanks so much!!

Debbie, Alaska, USA

Thank you Caroline!

There doesn't seem to be much doubt that these products are indeed fabulous, so I just wanted to comment on another aspect of this company. Today is the first time I have had occasion to use their customer service. I dealt with Caroline who was kind, extremely patient and very helpful. It is so lovely to have a real person on the end of the phone who may be accessed without recourse to prerecorded messages and lots of pressing of various handset numbers! Well done Look Fabulous Forever - yet another thing you've got right.

Susan, Burnham-on-Sea, UK

Fantastic discovery!

I recently received my second order and am so pleased with all of the items: Eyelash curlers – these are great even tough my lashes are so short! Fabulous Lid Colour – Golden Mist. Beautiful colour that tones in subtly with my brown eye shadow. Fabulous Light – this certainly gives me a highlight. Finding out about ‘ Look Fabulous Forever’ has been a fantastic discovery for me and I will gradually be replacing all of my make up with your products. I find the videos extremely helpful and I have now changed my look as I have the hooded eyelids and now make my eyes look bigger by following the advice. 

Lynn, Brentwood, UK

Eye products

I received my order today which included eye primer, lid colour and 2 eye shades. These are of gorgeous quality and are easy to use and are the nicest eye products I have ever used. I will be purchasing the face primer, foundation and lipstick next! Many thanks for providing great products for mature age skin.

Pamela, Sydney, Australia

Fabulous !!

I have recently started using LFF products and I am really pleased with them, they are perfect. I have watched some of the tutorials and they have helped me to apply the make up. I will definitely order more products - one happy customer!

Paula, Southampton, UK

Eye Products

I recently ordered Eye Prime, shades and a brush. The order was dealt with efficiently and quickly and arrived nicely packaged. The base gives good results and the shadows last all day. 

Sarat Chick, Rochester, UK

It was time for a change!

I have recently received the primer and the base and found them to be excellant products. I was caught in the rut of using the same product for years and was reluctant to change. Although I believe that over the years it had been a good product, my skin has really changed. It started to clog and was no longer easy to apply. I thought I would have the same problem whatever I used. Well I was wrong. The Fabulous Forever products are truly FAB. I also have the lovely silver lid colour. As well as using it on the lid area, I am blending a little into the inner and lower outer corner of my eye mixing it in with my eye pencil . Really brightens things up. Thank you, from a very happy customer.

Dorothy, Chester, UK


I ordered the primer and base makeup, together with a foundation brush. Very smooth coverage, by using a minimal amount compared with other brands. It is a pleasure to use, and has the effect of brightening my face. I will definitely be adding more products from the range very soon.

Kathryn, Leicester, UK

Impressive products, fantastic service!

My second order every bit as brilliant as the first. Silver Mist and Gold Mist Lid colour both really eye-opening - in every sense - and Soft Caramel lipstick perfect for my colouring. Speed of delivery fantastic. Best of all, I was asked by a friend what products I use because 'You look so good'!

Dani, Huntingdon, UK

At long last

Finally a makeup for us older generation, I waited with great expectations for my first order to arrive, and I can honestly say that I LOVE IT, my face feels so soft and silky. Can't wait to order more products...

Denise, Berrigan, Australia


I thought I would try a base for the first time as this summer a few red veins have appeared on my cheeks. I tried the base and feel really " pretty" going out to work this morning it has made a real difference to the look of my face! 

Linda, Harrogate, UK

I love it!!!!!

I have used the makeup for the first time today and I love it!!!!!!!!! I have found the makeup I will use for the rest of my life!!! I am 57 years young.

Angie, Illinois, USA


I've recently received my Fabulous Lip Prime and Fabulous Prime and have been using them regularly. I find them amazing, my skin is soft and the make up goes on and stays on very well. Your website is lovely and all you women are truly FABULOUS! Will order other products with pleasure. The packaging was great, as was the delivery time. Thanks again! 

Tina, Rome, italy

So Impressed

I have just received my first order. It only took two weeks to get all the way to Australia. I am so impressed with the products in the Fabulous Essentials Collection I will be ordering more of the range. We older women were well overdue for products specifically for our skin type. Thank you Tricia for having the foresight to look after those of us who want to look fabulous forever!!

Sue, Hope Island, Australia

Mother of the Bride Collection

Amazingly easy to use and fabulous results very pleased.

Anne, Staffordshire, UK


Thank you, I have recently received my first order of LFF eye primer, and two different eye shades, I was very sceptical about the claims made for these products but so far have been very impressed, they are so easy to use with great results. For my next order i will try the face primer and base but not too sure yet as to what base colour to order as I am very fair skinned but with a slight pink tone to my skin. The website is excellent and easy to use and the ordering is simple and the delivery is first class. I am a convert!!.

Teresa, Knebworth, UK

First order

Today I received my first order I started with caution and ordered soft plum lip colour and primer - very happy with both. so far and only 5 days to NZ. Will try more products when I have decided for sure what tone my skin is I thought it was cool but not so sure?

June, Waikato, New Zealand

Eureka !

After dithering for weeks, I sent for the Primer and Base 02. OMG it was such a shock to find a product that lives up to the advertising! I find the Pimer is the best I have ever used and the Base 2 immediately diminished my Rosacea and sun damage. I immediately sent for Base 3 as I have a light tan and Base 2 will be ideal for winter months. The Base is so good - I have always used tinted moisturiser but it doesn't even out my 70 year old sun damaged skin. This product does! I felt so confident when I went to a reunion lunch - first time in years. The tutorials are really useful and the products are lovely and light on the skin. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I am sending for the eye primer and concealer next..

Carole, Tadworth, UK

Absolutely fabulous products

Have been over the moon with all my products so far.  Website is so simple, ordering and delivery excellent! Can't wait to order more! Has been a revelation for me and given me so many tips as to how apply and what colours are best for my complexion.. Well done LFF.

Teresa, Surrey, UK

Excellent products

Just received my second order of gorgeous products, bought the eye products and tried them out straight away. I was a bit nervous about buying eye shadow and mascara as I have very very sensitive eyes and worried I would be allergic to them as I am to lots of other brands. Feels great, no irritation at all -so delighted!

Sally, Carlisle, UK

How I wish I'd known about LFF before!

Received my products the very next day and have had a few practice runs. I am over the moon with the primers, they do exactly what they say and make applying foundation and lid colour so much easier. Am going to order lipstick and shadow next! Thank you so much.

Carole, Salisbury, UK

Excellent products

I have just received my primer and foundation 02 and am delighted with them. Great coverage for something so light and yet so natural looking. A little goes a long way. They were easy to use and the primer really does lessen open pores etc. I will definitely be ordering more products. Excellent range.

Carole, London, UK

No going back!

Recently reached the big 60 and retired from nursing. l looked and felt tired but not anymore! LFF has the most wonderful products l have ever used. Friends are very complimentary. l not only feel good but l am confident that they stay fresh all day. LFF are life saving!!!! 

Sue, Selby, UK

Wonderful product

I am thrilled! My first order with Look Fabulous Forever and I could not be more pleased with the brow shape set that I ordered. I have spent years (and a lot of money) trying to find the perfect brow set and now I have it. Prompt delivery as well. Thank you LFF

Lynn, Arundel, UK

Beautiful face products

Very excited to receive my first order of Looking Fabulous Forever Make-up. The packaging was gorgeous and as soon as I applied the face primer I knew I was onto something fabulous. The base went on very smoothly and was the perfect colour for me. Will definitely be ordering other colour products in the near future. 

Elizabeth, Taumarunui, New Zealand

Fabulous Make Up

Just taken delivery of my second order blusher and lipstick. Prompt delivery, lovely packaging, blusher and lipstick perfect. Love the videos and lovely Company. Next order for foundation and eye products. Well pleased. 

Margaret, Ayrshire, UK

Very happy with first order

So glad I found your website and your wonderful products. Just received my first order and used them straight away! Love your packaging, simple and stylish! Will certainly be buying more and recommending to friends! Thank you.

Sally, Cumbria, UK


I stumbled upon your site whilst recuperating after a lengthy hospital stay. I was very inspired by you Tricia and your wonderful products just aimed at the mature face. I do believe I have watched every tutorial,which are amazingly simple to follow to get the desired results. I eagerly awaited my first product,fabulous light. This arrived very promptly and all the way to New Zealand . Absolutely delighted with the results and am totaly hooked on the LFF products. Will be building up my collection every month. Thank you so much,I now have confidence applying product with brushes which I had not in the past. I am very excited about the future as I age knowing your products are behind me every step of the way.

Sandra, Taranaki, New Zealand

Diane, Queensland, Australia

After 72 years of tropical sun, my skin needs all the help it can get. I have never used such a light and comfortable foundation. The compliments I receive now are "You're looking well" which means I am obviously looking at my best without any suggestion of plastered on paint. I await only the coming summer to see how the makeup fares under our humidity, but will certainly be reordering in due course.

Diane, Loganholme, Australia

So happy with my first order!

I have just received my first order and have already used the concealer with No. 4 brush, it is absolutely fabulous! Also received the rosy glow blusher which is so different from the normal colour I use and already I can see a big difference. Now I know to use cool colours I think it will make my make up look fresh and light. Will try the primer tomorrow, I'm sure this will be just as good! Thank you from a grateful 64 year old!

Katrina, Mid Glamorgan, UK

One Happy Septuagenarian!

I just received my order. I love, love, love these products! I'm 70 now, and have been using makeup for most of my adult life, but have had a terrible time finding the right foundation for older skin. The "youth movement" in the USA especially, is so prevalent that it is difficult to find a foundation that is full coverage without making one look like an old cracked china doll. The first time I used your primer and foundation, I fell in love with the lightweight feel of silk against my face, and yet, found that it covered very nicely. I had watched your videos and read all your material on line, chose a color that I thought would work and it was a perfect match. The eyelid primer is wonderful for evening out the lid and creating a uniform surface for that wonderful and rich shadow. I'm an artist, so I the eyebrow shape and I were quite comfortable with each other from the beginning. Thank you for a marvelous product. I will certainly be re-ordering when I next need the product. Oh, and even all the way from England to Northern California, I received my makeup very quickly. Thanks. 

Susan, California, USA


I have received my first two orders and I am thrilled with your outstanding products. Indeed, they give me a much softer look which I need at 73. I ordered the Base 02, Conceal, the Fabulous Light and a Lid Color in Silver Mist. I am so very impressed with the job they are doing! I have looked and looked and am thrilled to learn of this line of makeup and I am thrilled with the results. Since I have watched your tutorial videos, I was able to start immediately with the products. Thanks for being an answer for the difficulties faced by ageing skin and for coming to the rescue! No doubt, I will continue ordering until I’ve acquired all of these fabulous products. Thank you so very much!

Susanna, Austin, USA

Couldn't keep from looking in the mirror!

Yesterday was the first day that I wore my new makeup. Just received it a couple of days ago. I ordered the base 02, and the blush Rosy Glow. I love it! I have been looking everywhere for makeup that is especially formulated for the "mature skin" (mine's 69) , and happened upon Forever Fabulous strictly by chance. I had never used a brush to apply my foundation before, but after watching the video I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did. Thank you so much for these wonderful products, I will be ordering more.

Karen, Magnolia, USA


Received my products a couple of weeks ago. They were well worth the wait! Beautiful products. I will order more, for sure. Also, the customer service is fabulous. Thank you!

Michelle, British Columbia, Canada

Lovely products

I came across this make up and website through the Womens Institute magazine and liked the sound of it and even better that it is not tested on animals. I placed an order and it arrived today. Couldn't wait to try it and it has exceeded my expectations. Lovely colours and easy to apply. Really does make your face glow. I ordered a soft coral lipstick, rosy glow blush, mascara, no 2 concealer and cocoa eye shade. Fabulous and I will be ordering again. Thank you Tricia.

Karen, Lytham St. Annes, UK

Wow, what a confidence boost!

As a 73-year-old on the outside, and a 23-year-old on the inside, I was aware that my 1960s eye makeup was no longer the most flattering – but I didn’t know what to do about updating appropriately. Cosmetic consultants in stores were no help at all, invariably giving me their latest look which may have been suitable for lovely young women, but not me. When I came across Tricia and Look Fabulous Forever I was intrigued by the videos and the products. It all looked too good to be true. However I threw caution to the wind and indulged in a basic order and I have to say it changed my life. I’m astonished at the change from feeling rather sad about what I saw in the mirror, and sorry for those who had to look at me, to becoming surprisingly confident. I haven’t had to lose the emphasis I like on eyes but I’ve learned a much better way to handle the same makeup elements, and I love the evenness of skin tone I can achieve with LFF products. Most of all, I enjoy, and keep returning to, Tricia’s completely non-patronising videos. Thank you, Tricia – you are exactly what I’ve needed.

Valerie, Pulborough, UK

Thrilled to bits

I have just made my third order in as many weeks. I first ordered the 'mother of the bride or groom' collection, next ordered the bronzer, another shadow and another lipstick and today I've ordered another two lipsticks.....somebody please stop me! I love it all, my mature skin (67 in November) feels like silk with the primer and the base and my eyeshadow stays on all day with the eye primer.

Linda, Gouex, France


I've never gone out the house without my makeup on but as I've got older I've felt so unhappy with my makeup spending so much money trying to find one that suits the older skin. So when I read about LFF and watched the tutorials I thought well no harm in trying.  Right from putting the primer on, then the base, I knew this product was for me so I've tried most of the products. I'm even impressed with the eyebrows I now have ..I'm hooked. It makes me feel so good and has given me my confidence back that I'd lost ...cant thank you enough.

Mary, Workington, UK

Mature Woman's Dream Make-Up

I bought the Fabulous Essentials Collection. I must also admit, that I have never bought any products outside the United States. With that being said, I was thrilled when I received it. I had watched many of the videos before it arrived, so I had an idea of how to apply it. From the moment I put on the face, eye and lip primers, I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience. Using brushes to apply is a must. I never used brushes, on a regular basis, but that will never happen again. I applied full makeup last night to go to dinner with friends. My face was smooth and flawless (I have redness and some areas which require concealer)....everything was covered. I do wish that the concealer had been included in the kit, but I did just order the concealer, a lip brush and a new shade of lipstick. I am very excited with my new products. Thank you, Tricia, for developing a product that is for the mature woman. Warm regards.

Carolyn, New York, USA

Smooth as Silk!

I bought the face primer, lip primer, foundation, a lipstick and eyeshadow. I absolutely adore the primers - the face primer males my foundation glide on and stop that scaly look as well as making it feel so soft to the touch - if i didn't have the wrinkles i would say my skin looks and feels like it did at 20! Eyeshadow lovely to apply and stays on all day without creasing, lipstick primer does stop bleeding of colour - amazing - and lipstick also very nice. Am a super fan of these products in particular the primers! Am about to order Face primer as gift for a couple of my friends!

Jo, rural Victoria, Australia

Truly fabulous

Purchased the foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick, brow shape, along with primers! Beautiful makeup that lasts the entire day even in the Florida heat and humidity! Looked as nice at 11pm as it did at 10am! The 01 foundation shade is perfect and the blush can be built for more color but I think it is perfectly subtle and not gawdy! I was sceptical about the brow makeup but I love it! Top of the line products and top of the line company! Arrived within a week! Thank you for this beautiful line!

Edna, New Port Richey, USA

Great products

This is one of the best makeups I have tried.The foundation is perfect, feels light and natural. The fabulous light is really good and reduces wrinkles around eyes. The products arrived in less than a week, although I live abroad. Excellent online service. I have finally found the right makeup for me and I will certainly buy more from now on.Thank you !!

Deby, Pardesia, Israel

Love it

Over the past two days I have purchased a face collection, brushes, bronze,  three eye shades and two lid colours.  I have to say I know why its called fabulous.  I have sensitive skin but this is perfect. I'm 60 always worn makeup of good quality but this is the best ever.  So glad I discovered it I love it.  


Christina, Leicestershire, UK

Will buy more

I bought the lipcolour Fuchsia which feels fantastic on. Lasts all day. My husband particularly liked this colour. I also purchased Lid Colour Silver Mist and Concealer 01. Both of these are a delight to apply and feel so good on. I also bought Base Colour 1 which I do not like. It is too light for my skin and gives it a pasty old look. I prefer my Revlon foundation. I will however be buying more of the other products because I think they are excellent quality and value for money. Thank you girls, good job! 

Leanne, Perth Western Australia

Went A Bit Crazy...!

Well, I don't usually do things like this but I went bit crazy and placed five orders in the space of two weeks! I'm so glad I did because I just couldn't bear waiting for my makeup once I tried it! I got rid of all my old makeup, and made room for all my new lovely colors of eye shade and lipstick, as well as blush, concealer, assorted brushes, eye lid color, eye primer and lip shine. My husband thought I'd gone crazy and I guess I did... crazy for your wonderful new makeup. I'm a lifetime enthusiast! Thank you!

Pam, Tennessee, USA

Brilliant products

Well ... first of all I tried all the primes. They were stunning, even using my old foundation and lipstick. But after a week or two, I couldn't wait to try more so I bought all the face products. Now I need the rest! Out all my old make-up has gone so now I can be forever fabulous. Thank you!

Marion, Hastings, UK


Lovely makeup and excellent service

Just received my fifth order and once again delighted with all the products. Ordered face prime again as half price offer at the moment. Continually finding offers and discounts which are too good to miss!

Sharon, Scunthorpe, UK


Absolutely thrilled!!

I have just received my first order and am absolutely thrilled with the products. I was a little nervous because the brow product is actually a paint and the brush is so tiny. I watched Tricia's video of her summer make up to get a bit of confidence and went for it. It was so easy and they look fabulous especially after I used the brush.I can't wait to use the wedge brush and shadow to do the eyeline. You have really brightened up my life because i really felt I was looking really dowdy especially in the sunshine. I shall always buy my makeup from you from now on. Thank you also for the wonderful and friendly and very knowledgeable customer service and the little personal touches like writing my name on your flyer.

Julie, Pas-de-Calais, France


Awesome Makeup!!!

I have been using the make up for a little over a week and I can not believe how awesome it is! The primer makes your skin feel silky smooth and the foundation just glides on with no deposits in creases. Absolutely lovely. Stays on all day and does not appear to fad or disappear as the day goes on. I will be adding additional products to my collection. Thanks bunches!

Debby, North Carolina, USA


As good as the reviews

I usually hate wearing make up as mascara gives me sore eyes and panda smudges, and lipstick always wears off within an hour. However I need at least a little mascara to wear behind my thick glasses.  After reading the reviews I ordered the the mascara and lip primer to try and couldn't believe the results. The mascara stayed where it was supposed to all day and it was so comfortable to wear that I forgot I had it on. My husband even said that my eyes seemed to be less puffy the following morning (obviously after I had removed it!) As for the lip primer, I used it under one of my own lipsticks, which I bought ages ago and threw into the drawer hardly used) and it had great results. I actually managed to drink a cup of tea without leaving a lipstick smudge around the rim and it actually stayed on for a good few hours, I'm coming up to ,my 60th birthday next week and with a trip to Italy to celebrate I am going to give myself a make-over with more from the range to try and compete with those Italian senoras!

Karen, Côtes-d'Armor, France


Wonderful Products!

Oh my gosh! I am so happy with my new make up items! I purchased the "Mother of the Bride" Collection after many days (weeks!) of talking myself into it! I've used everything several times... I purposely waited to write this review until I had a chance to really test everything... and I am so impressed! The products are all as described and more... the tutorials are so very helpful... and the brushes! So soft and of high quality! I've even ordered a few more items... additional lipstick and eye shadows... because I am having so much fun. Most importantly... I know I look and feel better wearing your make up and have received compliments telling me so! I am telling everyone I know!

Andrea, California, USA


Extremely Happy

Just received my first order of LFF. Have been trying for ages to find a makeup for the more mature skin. The primer and base are lovely as are the other products I have purchased. Will definitely be shopping here again.

Debbie, Coventry, UK


Great Makeup!!

Finally makeup for older beautiful women that holds up. It is difficult to find makeup and tips when all you get today at the makeup counter is young women who do not know what looks good on an older worman. The foundation and primer is one of the best I have ever used. Thank you Look Fabulous Forever for giving the mature woman an outlet for great makeup! I highly recomment this line.

Ann, California USA


Fantastic makeup

Fantastic makeup. It feels like I have no makeup on and my face feels soft when wearing it.  I am so pleased with the results, I feel fantastic. I only tried it today as I treated myself for my granddaughter 's wedding in September. Thank you so much.

Maria, Tonypandy, UK



I was lucky enough to get the good skin genes. I have always taken care never to show my face to the sunlight. Recently I have become irritated to see frown lines between my eyebrows and my chin lines showing up more!! I ordered the eye and face primers and the Fabulous Light. I have never used primer before. Hhaving watched the video I thought it looked good but it was the feel more than anything else.  Normally people would say your skin is lovely but to me my makeup always felt like mask and I would always have to touch it up if I was going out at the end of the day but this time it felt Fabulous and lasted until bedtime! I have never had such a lot of compliments. Without exception everyone asked what I had done as I looked fabulous. A lady I hadn't met before said "Yes it is ok in your 50s, wait until your 60s things will change" she nearly fainted when I told her I had celbrated my 70th birthday this year. Thank you I am a convert I I'll be buying 3 items a month until I have the whole range!

Wendy, Hull, UK



I received my order from LFF 2 weeks ago. I have very sensitive skin so I was very hesitant about using the products. However I was pleasantly surprised. I have used other face primers without success, but the LFF primer is perfect and the foundation has great coverage. The eye primer and lip primers fantastic. Great products and I look forward to trying more LFF products. Thank you.

Elaine, Bristol, UK


Fantastic makeup

I have just received my second order from LFF and I am so pleased with all the items I have purchased so far. The tutorials have helped me say goodbye to my dated make up which has been the same since the 1960's! The website is excellent too and Customer Services so helpful and efficient - Thank You Caroline!! All my old makeup is now in the bin and I will definitely be ordering more products!!

Gillian, Surrey, UK


Absolutely delighted!

This all started for me after becoming increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied with my efforts to apply my make up and the end results being less than satisfactory and certainly not flattering. I realised that my technique hadn't real changed since I was in my twenties and at 57 my face and skin had significantly changed. So I went online and discovered the excellent tutorials on how to make up the older woman posted by Tricia.  So impressed was I that I ordered the red carpet collection and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Following the tutorials I started to learn how to apply it. What a revelation, I am absolutely delighted with the results. I love the primers and how they are so light and effective. I have to say that I just love all of the products I ordered but particularly the brow shape , the fabulous blush and the fabulous light as well as the base and concealer. It all does exactly as described on the website and the tutorials. I am also delighted with results of using the eyeshade Charcoal to define the eyes - so much easier to apply than a pencil and so much more effective than liquid eyeliners on the older eyelid. I am now applying my makeup with much more confidence and the effects are eliciting such pleasing compliments. It is so wonderful to come across a range of cosmetics specifically formulated for the older woman that actually work and I would recommend LFF to anyone in a similar position. I have thrown away all my old make-up and I will only be using LFF from now on.

Melanie, Norfolk, UK


More defined eyes at last

For a long time i have been looking for a product to define my very fair eyebrows and make them look natural. I have also been trying to find an eyeliner which doesn't leave me with two black eyes when I try to cover the fine line at the base of my lashes where mascara doesn't seem to reach. Now, with the help of your informative videos and your lovely products my eyes are brighter and more defined Thank you so much.

Janet, Worcestershire, UK

Happily surprised

Like others I was hesitant in ordering online but found the website and tutorials so helpful I decided to "go for it"! I'm so pleased I did - I ordered the lip primer and Sweet Pea lipstick plus the Silver Mist Lid Colour. The products arrived quickly and beautifully packaged and I was eager to try them. I'm very impressed and have ordered my next lipstick already! Thank you so much.

Karen, Hove, UK


The best makeup ever!

I absolutely love your makeup. I have had several people compliment me on my makeup. I think the primers for the face, lips, and eyes really make a difference. My makeup stays on until I take it off. The foundation, concealer, and blush look natural, and the makeup brushes are the best I have ever used. There are two products I have rarely used. I am using a pencil eyeliner, and my eyes look great. I almost always use just mascara and no liner. I also have not found a bronzer that looked natural until this one. I love this makeup and the natural look I get with it.

Doris, Tennessee,USA


I am so pleased with your makeup line! 

I am 67 years old and have always worn makeup as an adult. I came across LFF's website and videos and decided to try the makeup line. I had been unhappy with my foundation for awhile. With some broken veins across my cheeks and rather splotchy skin I needed full coverage but the foundations that I was using was not doing the job. As I live across the pond I was hesitant to order from the U.K., but my order came within a week. So, I tried the LFF foundation yesterday for the first time. The color was spot on. Good coverage, and it lasted throughout my work day. These are quality products, and I'm planning to purchase the whole line now. How lovely it is to see products and videos geared to the senior woman! Wonderful products, wonderful encouragement for us women "of a certain age."

Kirk, Tennessee, USA



I was very nervous about ordering makeup on line and not knowing which colors to buy. The videos really helped me to choose the perfect base color. I received the primer, base and concealer today and immediately had to try it. This makeup is so light and goes on beautifully, I am going to be ordering many more products. Thank you so much.

Donna, Tennessee, USA


Been looking for these cosmetics for the last 5 years

Being 55 years old and noticing how my previous make up emphasised any wrinkles I ordered the Essentials Collection and was delighted with it. This make up does not emphasise my wrinkles. There was no concealer in the pack which for me is a an essential. I ordered this separately with the Fabulous Light. I feel addicted to this make up now as it feels so light on my face and the videos on you tube are so helpful. I put on the base the wrong way first time but after watching the video again I got it right and to looked great. Well worth the effort. Will continue to use these cosmetics as they are best for my age. The brow shape is amazing and natural looking and this has made such a difference to my confidence.

Cazza, Glasgow, UK


Primer and Base

I have recently been recommended and bought the primer and base which are the best that I have ever used. It was great to be able to request some samples to try out first to get the right shade and I have recommended the products to a number of family and friends. Thank you.

Janice, Bournemouth, UK


Wonderful products, outstanding customer service

I'm loving the products I've bought (face primer, eye primer, brow shape, eye shade, lid colour, blusher) and find the video tutorials so helpful. I ordered a lipstick, decided I should choose a more vibrant shade than usual, so opted for Foxy Lady. Tried it when it came and no, it's too deep a shade for me and yes it says one can return products, but I've tried it. Emailed LFF and Caroline responded very quickly that yes, one can return even if a product has been tried. Gives one such confidence in purchasing further products. Beautiful packaging too, a pleasure to open the silver envelope and the tissue to discover the lovely sleeves to the products.

Chrissy, Yorkshire, UK



My first time shopping with LFF. Great website and I was very impressed with the super fast despatch. I'm especially loving the blusher which is so easy to apply and better than any other (more expensive) brands I have tried.

Jill,  Haywards Heath, UK


I just had to write another Testimonial!

Since buying my first basics of primer, foundation, lipstick, Lid Colour and Foundation Brush I am hooked now! Concealer and mascara were the next order! I have even become a bit meticulous about how I store my products,resulting in sourcing a dressing table organiser so that each 'step' of my make-up routine is in its own set place. I now enjoy getting ready each morning!

Catharine, Buxton, UK


Delighted to have found these products

I watched the videos on YouTube and realised I have been making mistakes in applying my makeup for years. Decided to try a few of the products and I can't believe the difference. Although I have always purchased good brands these products are so much better.
I especially like the face primer and the fact the makeup lasts all day without having to touch it up. I will be making regular monthly purchases now until I have the full collection.

Carol, Kent, UK


Absolutely Delighted

I received my eye prime and two eye shades really quickly and they were beautifully packaged. I am so pleased with them. The primer is brilliant and the eye shades stay on all day. They are the best I have ever used . The tutorials are a great help too. I will definitely be ordering more items. The website is great too! Thanks!

Gillian, Surrey, UK



I love the eye shadow, brow shape and highlight! I'm a customer forever. Thank you

Mary, Illinois, USA


Warp speed delivery

Last Thursday afternoon I logged on to LFF with my second order. I was so impressed with the Silver Mist that I decided I'd like to try the Soft Moss for my indeterminately coloured eyes (have been described as grey, green, hazel!). While I was at it I added Fabulous Light, because my confidence in the effects given by using LFF products was growing daily. I was too late for the 3pm cutoff, but happy to wait another day for delivery. Imagine my shock at receiving my order in its lovely silver package THE NEXT MORNING! How do you do that?? (By the way - loved both items.)

Marion, Somerset, UK


Answer to a prayer

I have been using all the products since January and I am delighted!! Especialy with the Concealer, Light, and all the eye area products. They are truly fabulous and an answer to a prayer. I sent a picture to you of me at my grand daughters wedding which you have put on your facebook page in the photos section if anyone would like to see the results. Thank you Tricia.

Sulwyn, Vaucluse, France



Well I have just used all the new makeup I bought. The products are fabulous and my overall look is so much better and certainly doesnt look like I have a heavy made-up face.  So pleased with this thank you!

Joan, Staffordshire, UK



I received, yesterday, my first order, which was concealer and a Silver Mist lid colour. Well, I have a multitude of concealers in my make up drawer but nothing of this calibre. It covers imperfections beautifully, it is not greasy or too dry, just the right consistency. The Silver Mist lid colour is absolutely fabulous, I used it all over my eyelid, adding a brown shade to the outer edges. I am so pleased with my purchase, I feel it will be one of many.

Patricia, Rotherham, UK


First Order

Received my first order very quickly, great packaging. Bought the concealer 01, got a thumbs up from my daughters, so just about to make my next purchase. Great website too. 

Sue, Dorset, UK


What a great foundation!

I must have tried almost every foundation going over the years. I have numerous half empty tubes and bottles littering my bedroom. Purchased base (02) , the first foundation I have bought since deciding to stop colouring my hair at the end of last year. Really pleased with the texture and I seem to glow. Also bought the blusher in the cool shade recommended, and a new lipstick. Blusher is subtle, and, being creamy, is easy to handle. Pleased with everything I have purchased so far through your website, and a relief not to be bombarded with and swayed by every new cosmetic product that comes to market. Life is so much simpler now.

Jill, London, UK


First Order

Just taken delivery of my first order. I am completely delighted with the product, the packaging and the prompt delivery. Could not ask for more. Many thanks will be placing a further order in the very near future.

Margaret, Ayrshire, UK


Face make up

I have received my second order with glee. This time I went for a prime and base. They make my skin feel pampered and the all-over matte finish looks good. This morning I put on four things: serum and moisturiser from Boots, that you recommended. Then I had a shower before adding the prime and your lightest foundation.. All successful. I wouldn't say I've completely mastered the eyelash curlers, but I'm working on it!
PS Enjoyed reading the blog about books.In your shadow there as I like the same ones and I've had very similar journey. Thanks again for all these additions to my life.

Pat, Bristol, UK


Fabulous Products and Fabulous Service

I started using LFF products a couple of months ago and have been thrilled with how well they work, how brilliantly they last through the day no matter how hot the weather or the work out!!! and the good choice of colours. The website is easy to use and delivery is next day (unless you order on a Saturday or Sunday in which case your order comes on Tuesday which is fair enough) so customer service is excellent.
However, I recently found out just how good customer service is when I had a problem with a tube of eye primer. They are eplacing the damaged tube immediately.. This is truly customer service above and beyond and all delivered in a wonderfully friendly and understanding way. Thank you LFF and keep up the excellent work.

Angie, Liverpool, UK


I can now wear eye make up!!

For many years I have suffered from Blepharitis (information of the eyelids) and have been unable to wear eye make up didn't that didn't irritate my problem...BUT I decided to give the eye products a try and WOW I can once again have pretty eyes.... but of course like all make up good cleansing is so important.. but thank you Look Fabulous Forever.

Anne, Somerset, UK



I found your blog and was immediately intrigued. I have received my first order - eye prime and lip prime. Love them and love the concept. This definitely fills a need for those of us wanting to continue to look good as we age.

Nancy, Texas, USA


At last make up that really makes a difference

As a birthday present to myself I received my beautifully wrapped parcel just in time for a party. I eagerly watched all the videos on how apply . The, wonderful products went on easily and I looked and felt fabulous. After years of no comment on my appearance I received many compliments on my appearance, making me feel great to be 63 and I have stopped being invisble. AT LAST!

Margaret, Oxfordshire, UK


3rd delivery

Just received my 3rd order. I am so impressed with the products I am building my collection fairly quickly. Certain will continue in the future.

Sharon, Scunthorpe, UK


Really good products

Just what I needed to brighten me up, first time I put a lipstick on bare faced and it was gorgeous, must get another shade. So pleased with the other face products it lasts ages on too.

Mavis, York, UK


WOW! So delighted!

I just happened to come across Fabulous Forever whilst looking for something else and after reading the reviews my mind was made up for me! I have got many products and They are brilliant. After watching the videos I had a go and the look is so natural and lasts with no fading for hours. So I have thrown out what I had I my drawer and Fabulous Forever is on my dressing table as its looks so pretty. I definitely recommend Fabulous Forever.

Amanda, Cheshire, UK


Thrilled with my products!

Having received my order within 24 hours , I have to say that I no longer would go elsewhere for makeup .The colours and textures are the best I have ever bought and that includes the most expensive products in the market place! I will certainly be introducing them to my friends.

Di, Colchester, UK


Great products

Oh how I wish I had found your site before now, am so pleased with the results of product I have purchased so far, have got my mojo back!

Joy, Folkestone, UK


Fabulous Lip Collection

Thank you for all your wonderful advice! I ordered the Fabulous Lip Collection and couldn't be more pleased! The products are exceptional and your philosophy on how older women can make themselves feel better with the use of make-up is spot on. I feel so much better when I have my look pulled together, and I think as women we need to be building ourselves up rather than pointing out each others flaws. I watch your video tutorials all the time. They just make me feel better. So...thank you very much. I will be purchasing more in the weeks to come!! And telling my friends about it as well.

Karen, Tennessee, USA


Received a parcel of basics for my 71st birthday and absolutely love them!

My skin feels so soft more like silk - at my age !! Will be ordering more products as I just love the way they blend in. I always wear eye make up so am not afraid to try new tricks (love the videos) and foundation for evenings but will be trying the cover as I also have flare ups of rosacea from time to time and the idea that it will last all day is very tempting. Wonderful idea for us mature women who don't always have perfect skin. Am giving my friend a treat tonight trying your products. Well done keep up the good work and thank you x

Jo, Devon, UK


Great products

I bought a variety of products after watching two of the videos. They are all of a good quality. I was unsure about buying a lipstick without trying the colour, but having seen it on the video, decided I would. I am really pleased with it, and with my new technique for applying the blusher. Thank you.

Helenmary, Chelmsford, UK


Truly Fabulous

I'm so pleased with the makeup, especially the primer and concealer. I've finally found a makeup to lightly cover rosacea without a 'caked' look. I did have to place an order for the concealer 3 as the shade 2 wasn't quite dark enough. Overall extremely pleased, just wish I'd discovered your company a few years ago!

Janine, Stevenage, UK


The search has ended!

For many years (I am 63), I have been looking for a base that neither made the "hills and valleys" of my face stand out nor made me shiny and breaking out in nasty cysts. I have found it! Your combination of face primer and base is beyond fabulous. It looks great throughout the day even during our warmer summer months. I ordered the light/medium and just ordered the medium to help cover some discolorations and my slightly tanner summer skin. Soft Plum lipstick is my new go-to favorite and the eye colors could not be better.

Christine, Maine, USA


Just great!

Received my makeup on Friday and tried it out yesterday to a party. Felt confident that I didn't look like 'mutton dressed as lamb'.The primers made such a difference. Great videos too. Thank you.

Jacqui, Southampton, UK


Superb cosmetics

Was a bit dubious about ordering without trying first but I am pleased I did! Foundation gorgeous texture easily applied, bought the light/medium but will be ordering medium for hols. Loved the blusher, my daughter commented on the colour.  Soft Plum lipstick darker than I thought but will keep for autumn,and will order lighter shade . I am a convert !!

Mary, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


So impressed

Received my first order today. I had studied ALL your videos and learned far more than I've ever learned in a department store. I'm hoping that at 70 it is not too late to do makeup right! All these things impressed me: Ease of use when ordering online; Lovely packaging - the shiny jiffy bad, the cosmetics wrapped in tissue; the personalised note, the easy slide boxes. Oh, and the colour of the silver mist lid colour is divine.

Pat, Bristol, UK


A great confidence boost

During the past two weeks I have had great fun as I indulged myself in gaining clear, simple and effective advice on buying and using make up products for myself. The tutorials are so informative, inspiring and useful. I bought the brow shape set to start with and already it has transformed my thin, straggly, grey eyebrows into a more shapely consistent line which now beautifully frames my face ready for eye make up. I can now see my eyebrows above my glasses perfectly. My confidence has returned to now to tackle eye make up too, something I have not done for too long.

Jackie, York, UK


The best makeup!

I have tried so many different brands of make-up, and all have been a disappointment when it comes to mature women and our different make-up needs. However, the exception is the make-up from Look Fabulous Forever! It doesn't sit in wrinkles and make you look older. It doesn't slide off your skin like other makeup.It doesn't get clumpy or produce a "caked" on look or appearance.  It goes on like silk and stays put. It does exactly what all women of all ages want: even toned skin with youthful dimensions that look like we were born that way. I have purchased almost every product and absolutely love them all, but especially the primer and foundation. When Look Fabulous Forever says it goes on like silk it truly does. These two products are not heavy on the skin and do not clog your pores. They both blend so smoothly into your skin, and last all day, as do all of their products. I have already recommended all of the Look Fabulous Forever products to my friends.

Stephanie, Alberta, Canada


Just - wow!

Put on my new eye makeup, as per helpful video, and it looked - OK. Went to town, entered changing room in clothes shop - looked into (well-lit) mirror and thought 'Wow!' Eyes actually looked fantastic - memo to self, try using better light at home when applying makeup!!! It is now 10.45 pm and have just removed make up - that eye primer REALLY works! Impressed.

Marion, Somerset, UK


Great products

Lovely products, so easy to use and give a great finish. I was unsure ordering make up on the Internet but the videos are so helpful in choosing the best colours and showing how to get the best results. Thank you for a great product.

Jeanette, Lightwater, UK


First order received today

Bought eye prime, mascara and blush. All excellent. Not used eyelid primer before but won't be without it now.

Annie, Bournemouth, UK


Great products

I have just received my Look Fabulous Face Collection. I am so pleased with it. My skin feels so soft and the makeup looks so natural. I will certainly be buying more of the products.

Sandie, Bournemouth, UK


My first order

Just received my first order and am thrilled with the items! Will definitely be adding to my collection.

Sharon, Scunthorpe, UK


Very Impressed

I am 65 and always feel that I am wasting money on makeup that just doesn't do me justice. I am new to LFF and have purchased the conceal, eye shade and brow shape. The concealer is soft, does not drag, doesn't cake after a while so smooth, the eye shadow is matte, perfect, as it seems to not make eyes puffy with all the shiny sheen. The brow shape is far better than any pencil, take your time in applying, My eye brows had so many gaps, They look great now and it doesn't smudge. I do not know why these products work well with mature skin, but they do.

Esther, Bristol, UK


Great Products

I have only just started using them, but my makeup stays on all day, Brilliant!! Just received my Fabulous Light and couldn't wait to try it. It really does make your eyes "pop". My second lipstick is soft plum and I really love it. I will certainly continue to use it.

Jacqueline, Canvey Island, UK


Beautiful products that enhance!

I love the whole range of the LFF make up. Everything blends effortlessly and enhances the face rather than maks. The colours are beautiful (I have every colour of lipstick) and the texture and coverage of base, concealer are second to none. If you have yet to try the LFF products, you will be a total convert on receiving your first order!

Dawn, Manchester, UK


I absolutely love your products

Fantastic products, blusher stays on all day, all the primers are excellent and really worth using before applying your make up, can't recommend you enough!!

Lynda, Grimsby, UK


Very happy over 60

I have tried all the famous brands out there nothing ever gave me the coverage I needed for thread veins and redding skin, till now - fab products do exactly what is said on the tin. Will be adding to my collection very soon.

Marian, Chester, UK


Foundation and Primer

Just started using these for the first time. A great combination together. I can't believe how much better the coverage is and how much longer it lasts. I will be trying more of the products.

Nancy, Indiana, USA


Foundation Primer

I have never used a primer before. I cant believe the difference it makes, smooth's out the lines, makes my skin feel soft and makeup lasts so much better. Have the blush which I am still getting used to as used to a powder and just ordered the brow shape set and taupe eye shade. Enjoying your products, thank you.

Sue, Brentwood, UK


This is one very happy customer

I made my fist order, this week. Surprised how quick it arrived. Having tried the Mother of the Bride collection. I am really pleased how easy they were to apply. I wasn't prepared for how fabulous the products are After being hesitant about ordering should of done it weeks ago. Thank you so much, will definitely be buying more.

Christine, North Wales, UK


Lasts all day and then some!

I bought my first products just over a week ago and I love them all! The eye prime is a lovely base to the lid colour which lasts and lasts and looks brilliant. The foundation is a perfect match and smooths out any blemishes that lurk about. I plan to order more products and I can see all my previous make up heading for the dustbin. Such a great response when I found one of the items I had ordered was missing in my delivery with a lip prime in the package instead. After a quick email the item missed was posted out and in my hand within 48 hours and I was gifted the lip prime! Outstanding indeed. Now to order some brushes.

Kathy, New Milton, UK


Love my new makeup!

I recently received my first order from LFF - some eyeshadows. I LOVE them. I'm 55 and have alway worn make up but had felt lately that some colours and textures were no longer suiting me. I have been so impressed with the quality that I am excited now to buy other products in your range. I think your videos are so helpful and show what a transformation makeup, applied in the right way, can make. Thank you!

Lynn, Aylesbury, UK


In love!

Hi Tricia, I think you are a genius and am in love! I am delighted with my purchase of the Fabulous Face Collection along with the silver mist lid colour and lipstick. Love the colours which suit my cool complexion and grey/white hair.  Especially love the blush which truly is a cream to powder blush unlike others I have tried. Cannot wait to purchase a couple of shadows and the eye primer. Thank you so much for embarking on this brave venture and I wish you great success. My shipment even arrived in Australia a few days earlier than I expected. Thank you! 

Maureen, New South Wales, Australia


A Fabulous Gift to Myself

I recently ordered the Fabulous Essentials Collection, and I am in love with this makeup! I have tried a number of high-end makeup collections over the years, and without a doubt this is the best. It caught my attention my being designed for women over 50. I believe the primers to be the secret to these products staying on all day. My makeup looks natural. The colors are great. I wear cool colors, so I chose colors from that palette. I placed a second order almost as soon as I got the first order. I am excited to try other colors and products!

Doris, Nashville, USA


Something really odd has happened! 

I have been laid up with a broken hip - thankfully now recovering. As a treat I ordered your primer, base foundation and eye shadow. They arrived this morning and I applied them before going to the hairdresser for the first time since my accident. I was amazed when he said that he could hardly believe how well I looked - he said I looked better than before the accident!
All down to your products. Thank you - I'll be back!

Pat, Liverpool, UK


Enjoying the fun!

I'm thrilled with all the makeup I've bought. I've had such fun while we've been away playing with it all. Thanks so much for the videos. I'm feeling like a pro!

Sue, Tring, UK


New user

I've received my first LFF products. Eye Prime and Lid Colour - fabulous results. My third product being the Brow Shape Set. I've only used this once. My eyebrows are almost non existent and the difference is amazing. I'm now busy selecting more items. Having only ever used Lancome and Estée Lauder this is a massive move. (Age 70).

Jocelyn, Abbots Langley, UK


At last proper advice

I came across this website by accident and am so pleased I did. So much helpful advice and videos, which have really made me re-think my makeup and how to apply it. I have bought the blusher, foundation and eye prime, which I am very pleased with. I am of that age where I have a lot of hot flushes - if there are any tips on applying makeup and it staying put most of the day it would be greatly appreciated, I plan to try out a few more of the products in the future. The delivery service was really quick - very impressed.

Penny, Southend on Sea, UK


I don't need any more eye shadows!

How wrong was I? I've just received my first order from LFF, including, yes another eye shade. But what a difference - this one just slides on and stays there. I love the matte finish but also love the way it feels, looks and is still there several hours later.  My order arrived in a lovely shiny package the day after I'd ordered it. Really good service. I really appreciate the packaging which is helpful to those who have to take their glasses off to do their make up. It's all clearly marked and different coloured or shaped tubes.

Soosipicc, Nottingham, UK



I made my first order this week and was pleasantly surprised at how quick my products arrived. Having tried the eye shades, I am really pleased at how easy they were to apply and how it stayed in place, no creasing and lovely colours. I will be buying more!!!

Angela, Northampton, UK


Trust Tricia

I ordered Fabulous Prime, Eye and Lip Prime and two brushes with high hopes. The tutorial videos were very helpful and using Tricia's helpful guide I was more than impressed with the results achieved, so much so that I placed a further order for two more Fabulous Primes. The products are easy to use and I feel much more confident that I am using them properly; the results speak for themselves. My granddaughters have certainly noticed a difference! The delivery service is so quick, just as promised.

Kim, Newbury, UK


Fabulous Everything

I want to thank you for my beautifully packaged purchase of base foundation, concealer and blusher. Your products are truly magnificent. It was all the positive reviews that made me decide to give Look Fabulous Forever a try. I only add to this for any newcomer that you will be amazed. I actually looked at myself after applying these products and wished that I had known sooner, instead of all the other products that failed me. My confidence has soared. The size of the base is very generous, not needing to use too much either. The blusher - I've been looking and looking for this perfect colour. I want to thank you for your care. In the packaging, product, emails on tips, everything. I couldn't recommend this site highly enough. Just wonderful.

Janine, Quensland, Australia


I've just started

Having just received my first order I wasn't prepared for just how fabulous the products are. I'm now thinking what to order next.

Carol, Bexhill on Sea, UK


Fabulous Service, Fabulous Products, Fabulous Feeling!

Just wanted to say I am so, so happy that I found Tricia and this wonderful Company. The products are an absolute BLISS to apply and the confidence they give me is 100%. Would never buy any other make of cosmetic......why would I when I've found the best?!

Gina, Farnham, UK


Absolutely Fabulous

Received my face collection about a month ago and since using it following the helpful video tutorial I have had so many compliments from friends and work colleagues telling me how well I look. I absolutely love the products especially the primer,foundation, highlighter , actually I love all of them! I have also recommended these lovely products to friends and family too. Very happy

Julie, Keswick, UK


Really love this makeup

I have been using this makeup for over a year and just love how simple and easy it is to use and look great. I am a redhead so was a little concern about the foundation colour but found 02 for the foundation and concealer were perfect. And all the warm colours work well with my coloring too. The Fabulous Prime is now a essential in my makeup routine as it just makes that foundation look perfect. For those other Canadians out there it takes about eight days to receive the product in Canada.

Heather, Ontario, Canada


Truly Wonderful

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. The cosmetics are beautiful to use and the effect is lovely. I particularly like Fabulous Prime and Fabulous Base, they give a wonderful canvas to work on. My make up stays put all day so there is little need for constant touch ups. Once again many thanks for these great products.

Gabrielle, Kettering, UK



Amazing results

After seeing an article in a magazine I visited your website and looked at videos on You Tube. I am so pleased I did as I have never had confidence knowing what makeup to use and how to apply. I ordered several products and cannot believe the difference they make. I now intend ordering several more products which I know will be right for me. Thank you so much for your great products and videos on how to apply.

Anne, Country Durham, UK



I have bought both the wedge brush and charcoal eye shade and attempted to use both for the first time today, having never been able to get aline on my eye lid before. I am delighted to say it was so easy with these products, i also used the eye primelight and lip primer the effect is amazing. Thank you I will be using the other products I purchased to obtain the looks from your videos.

Shirley, Wakefield, UK


So glad I finally placed my order!

After being hesitant about ordering, I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the items I purchased. I especially like the foundation brush. It leaves a very nice finish compared to applying foundation with my fingers. I also purchased eye shades (and brush!) and am still experimenting. So appreciative of the tutorials ... I visit them regularly! Ordering was easy and the items arrived much quicker than I expected. It seems returns would be easy, but I will not be using that service any time soon. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!

Kathy, New York, USA


Thank you

I received the fab prime, base, blusher and highlighter last week. I realised the first time I used them that it was different and SO much better than anything I have ever tried. Absolutely love it. I am 74 and have always tried to look after my skin but just recently have felt I was really beginning to look my age! I have tried so many foundations in the past but this is truly the best. Fabulous is absolutely the right word to describe the products! 

Sheila, Winchester, UK


At last beautiful make-up for mature skin!

Loved receiving my lovely new makeup from you. Especially love the lipsticks, I haven't wore lipstick for ages, I can never find any to suit me. But the LFF ones are special, really moisturising on my lips. Look forward to wearing them at my daughters wedding in August this year.

Karen, Oxfordshire, UK



After seeing Tricia's interview on TV I wondered if this was the makeup I had been waiting for. I purchased primer, foundation and fabulous conceal. All three were excellent but the primer was something I had never experienced before. Now my foundation just glided on and stayed for most of my day. The one problem I found was that with the clouded glass I was not aware that the primer was coming to an end. Being a Yorkshire girl at heart however I managed to remove the top and get the very last drops out of the container until my new order arrived. A great product. Looking forward to trying the eye products next.

Pat, Middlesbrough, UK



I have just used the skin, eye and lip primers for the first time. I cannot believe the difference - smooth, soft skin, eye shadow stayed on perfectly for the first time, and, best of all, no lipstick bleeding. Thank you so much Tricia, I am delighted with your products, and will never use anything again but your products. Plus, of course, it was an absolute treat to receive my makeup in such wonderful packaging. It made me feel really special!

Anne, Caerphilly, Wales, UK


Happy customer

I have now ordered a selection of eye and face makeup over a period of time and have been very happy with every products. I must give a special mention to the mascara which I have used for over a year - I have sensitive eyes and so far no problems. I love it!

Teena, Withersfield, UK


Like a birthday gift 

I have just received my first order from you - so beautifully packaged that it was like receiving a birthday gift. The primer is so fine and malleable and goes a long way too. Thank you.

Diana, Luton, UK


Start of a New Me!

My first order arrived today and I am converted to your products already. I ordered primer, base, lip colour,lid colour and the most amazing foundation brush. I felt that these would mix in well with my existing make-up. Guess what? I want to order everything and I have already emptied most of my old brands from the bathroom! I love how all the products are the 'building blocks' to create a fabulous look. Did I mention the AMAZING foundation brush??!!!!

Catharine,  Buxton, UK



After years of trying different brands of makeup , I have found the perfect collection for mature skin Thank you I can't wait to purchase more!

Sharon, Lowestoft, UK



I had bought a range of your products 6 weeks ago and just used them for the first time. I could not believe how well my makeup stayed in place for 10 plus hours. It hardly felt as if I was wearing any makeup, it really was so different to anything I had worn before. I am lucky to have good skin for my age of 58 but my skin felt really soft with the makeup and as I said the staying power is excellent and it was a really hot day. So glad I found you on line . Thank you so much 

Val, Swansea, UK



Thank you for my order, beautifully packaged. I am delighted with all the products particularly the base and lipstick. Having spent a small fortune on the high street looking for the perfect items I have now found them, all on one website!!!

Ruth, Hayle, UK


Love love love!

Having been an Estée Lauder fan for the past 30 years, I am coming round to the fact that the LFF products are now exactly what I need. I've been using the Eye Primer for the past month and it's amazing the difference it makes to the staying power of my eye makeup. I also purchased the Highlighter and love the subtlety of its effect. Having read the customer reviews,the next thing on my wish list is the Primer. Love the packaging, love the very helpful tutorial videos. Thank you!

Kate, Shoreham-by-Sea, UK


Excellent, quality product and very useful video tutorials

I heard Tricia on BBC Woman's Hour and was sufficiently impressed to go and do LFF research and place a fairly large order.  The product arrived within 2 weeks as promised, and it was very smartly packaged -  most impressive. This attention to detail really appeals. Today, after another viewing of the video tutorial, I applied my make up. All products are easy to use and feel so light on my skin. It did not take very long at all and it was fun to do. The eye makeup is particularly impressive. The primer, Taupe, Charcoal, etc look great. Several people have already commented on how good I look.  I can honestly say, that, after 64 years, the application of eye makeup has finally been demystified for me. Than You! i will be ordering again, despite having to do so from another continent. The Fabulous Light is definitely on my wish list. So glad I found LFF product!!

Pierrette, Vancouver, Canada


So wrong for so long!

After watching the tutorials, I realise I have been putting eye make up on the wrong order for 52 years! I thought long and hard about buying, but bought face and eye make up. Love it, absolutely love it - stays put all day; is enhancing without caking and, applied in the right order, blends well. My only complaint is that bottles are heavy for travel, but hey, might have to leave something else out!

Barbara, Whitstable, UK


Go for it! It's great, even for I-don't-use-makeup women

Over the last few years I noticed that the eye makeup I occasionally used to wear seemed to be looking slightly odd. After stumbling across Look Fabulous Forever I decided to try a few products and how glad I am that I did. Deciding to trust the advice on their website I chose Forrest and Soft Moss  (amongst others) even though I have a pale blue-grey eye colour. And I must admit that the result is great. I'll be putting an order in again soon to get some more basics. And maybe in the future even buy some face makeup which would be a first for me.

Martina, Craig Cefn Parc, Wales, UK


Fantastic Products!

I read about Look Fabulous Forever in the Telegraph Magazine recently. I ordered Fabulous Prime and Base 02 and they are both wonderful. Previous premium brands I've tried in the past aren't a patch on them. I shall be ordering more. Thank you Tricia, so much!

Shirley, Sevenoaks, UK


So Glad I found You

I came upon your range of products by accident and I am so glad that I did. After watching a makeover demo I decided to give it a try and ordered the lip primer, eye primer and blusher. I was so impressed by the way they felt on my skin and how good they looked and lasted I placed another order (or two) and I am now a complete convert.

Jennifer, St Albans, UK


Second Order

Just received my second order - blusher, highlighter and lipstick. Delighted with the products, blusher easy to apply and gives a healthy natural glow. The highlighter brightens the face. Love the products,wish I'd ordered sooner!

Janice, Newcastle under Lyme, UK


Really is "Fabulous"

I was dubious about the products, as it is advertised, to do what so many other products are advertised to do, but don't be.  The products I have purchased do exactly as advertised and are really, truly FABULOUS. I look forward to purchasing more products and the tips on video for older make up are a life saver. A must watch. WELL DONE ON A FABULOUS PRODUCT for us older women.

Alison, Watford, UK



Am so pleased, with not only Products but delivery too.  Will defintely recommend to others, and am hoping to order more!!!!! So pleased.

Deborah, Bristol, UK


 Best make-up ever!

Since discovering LFF all my old make-up has ended up in the bin. All the products are top quality and suit my skin, colouring and age! I get lots of compliments and I recommend LFF to all my friends. I also really enjoy Tricia's interesting and helpful blogs. Long live LFF!!

Valerie, Shropshire, UK


Brilliant Products

I recently found your web site and tutorials and bought several of your products which do all you say. I had stopped wearing make up because I couldn't find anything I liked but now my face is made up every day with your products and I look so much better. Have recommended your site to my daughter.

Nettie, Scotland, UK



Have just bought a range of your products, and I must say I love them -  have just used them today and I felt great.  Will definitely be buying more.

Norma, Northants, UK


First Order Received

I was thrilled with the silver packaging of my first order! I am even more impressed with the products I chose especially the two primers for lips and eyes!!

Patricia, Westcliff-on-Sea, UK


New to Look Fabulous Forever

Having used primers in the past and spent a fortune over the years, your primer and base are fantastic ! You are true to your word and my skin looks great! At long last I have found a primer and foundation which I love and would certainly recommend to my friends and family. 

Pam, Gloucestershire, UK



I have just bought the eye primer and at last despite the very hot weather my eyeshadow stayed put all day. The concealer also covered my age spots brilliantly. Thank you.

LV, Preston, UK


First impressions

My first foray into look fabulous forever was the eye makeup, the eye primer and cream colour are fabulous, smooth and classy. I wasn't as keen on the Forrest green which I found rather severe and will be returned (so what have you got to lose ?). I also tried the brow shape, to begin with I put too much on the brush and was disappointed but once I realised how little you need it was easy to fill in the gaps and create great eyebrows.

Anne, Gloucestershire, UK


USA Women: Try these amazing products!

I am from California and was introduced to your products by my fabulous UK friend. I was a bit worried about ordering internationally. The products arrived "gift wrapped" in just one week and included a personalized note. Returns would be easy -- but I won't be doing this as I am pleased with my Prime products. US makeup companies have some great competition with Look Fabulous Forever.--- Fine products and incredible customer service.

Rebecca, California, USA



I've not worn foundation for a few years now,  not liking that cloying feeling it gave me. I tried cream, powder and minerals to no avail. With a wedding coming up I knew I would have to put something on my face with photographers around so I sent for some LFF products.  Wow! From primers to face, eye and lip products I've loved them all, they go on so easily feel fantastic (even after being on all day) and look great. I love the hints and tips you find on the website especially enjoyed the one for wearing glasses, I love my glasses but always struggled with the correct makeup up, not any more. Delivery and packaging is excellent. I'm so happy, I now have a large makeup bag again. Thank you Look Fabulous Forever.

Yvonne, Ellesmere Port, UK


Feeling great

I used to love make up in my younger years with my raven locks and dark smoky eye shadow. Now I've grown older I'd really lost my way along with the black hair. Your videos are great and now my products have arrived I'm really enjoying a look which is subtle but helps define my face. Thanks

Susie, Manchester, UK


Thank You!!!!

After listening to Tricia on Radio 4 last week, I was straight onto your web site watching tutorials and reading real peoples testimonial's. Being so disillusioned by young beauty consultants advice and them not knowing how a 63 year old feels about the way she looks, not to mention cost and a bin load of unsuitable products. Well what can I say apart from the fact that your products have made me look and feel so much better.  Having first purchased Fabulous Face Collection then eye prime, shade and lid colour. Hopefully I am on my way to Staying Fabulous For Ever. Thank You.

Janice, Worthing, UK


Wow! I love it!

I purchased the 'Mother of the Bride' kit just because it had everything I thought I would need for lots of special occasions this year where I knew I wanted my makeup to stay put all day without having to worry about touching it up and boy was I pleased. Absolutely fabulous! I did find that using the face primer and then the base was a bit heavy for me but watched your video for a summer look on your website and found mixing the two was perfect. Cannot thank you enough.

Pauline, Isle of Wight, UK


At last I have found a product to suit my age!

I cannot thank you enough. I have tried so many named products over the last couple of years but none of them have come close to yours in complementing my ageing skin. I have purchased the primer and foundation with the foundation brush. I love it. I have now ordered more products, lipstick and eye shadow, which I know I will love. Love the tutorials as well. Thank you.

Sally, Sittingbourne, UK


Such Fun!

I was stuck in a rut - used the same makeup and techniques for longer than I care to remember. Then out of a publication from a well known museum came an invitation to change all that. And by watching the videos and identifying with so many of the comments I was off. An order was delivered the next day and I am so enjoying the products I've ordered. The eyelid primer, lip primer and lipstick are all great. But the Brow Shape is the one I really fell for - transforms the look of the face of this 64 year old. It's even made me clear out my makeup drawer - to make room for the next order.

Carol, London, UK


Surprisingly pleased

I have just received my first order having seen Tricia on ITV London News and checking out the website. The personal service was great and i was really impressed with the face primer and brow shape products.

Frances, London, UK


A change for the better

I have never felt very confident using liquid foundations and for years used a pressed powder mineral base. Recently though I thought it accentuated the lines on my face. I decided to try some LFF products and bought the Fabulous Face Collection. The Foundation is like silk and so easy to apply after using the Prime. I love all the products in the collection. I also bought the Eye Prime and the difference it makes to applying colour to eyelids is remarkable. I am a convert to LFF, I feel much more confident about my make-up and will be making further purchases very soon!

Jan, Sandhurst, UK


What a Great Find This Makeup Is!!!

Where shall I begin. To start, the website is quick and easy to use and the tutorials are so helpful. I am not a makeup novice but it is great to get more ideas from application to effects. Very, very useful. The makeup is of premium quality, from the primers for face, eyes and lips, to the foundation, eye colours, blush and lip colours. They were all so very easy to apply, my face didn't feel at all made up and yet, I was. When I received the Essentials Collection, I knew I had to order more of this beautiful makeup. And so I did. I can't wait for the next order to arrive. What a great product line you have come up with, Tricia. Thank you for getting me excited about wearing makeup again.

Judi, Cumbira, UK


Confidence at last

I watched the Youtube videos and ordered the products. Now I can actually make up my face confidently and be pleased with the result. I go out feeling that I look my best. Please Tricia can you sort out the fashions on the high street too!

Rose,  London, UK


At last - plaudits are earned

When I saw the video, it was Tricia who really drew me to the range. Calm, intelligent, unlikely to be fooled by hype, realistic about herself and life, My confidence was borne out. This stuff is excellent and for the first time in a while I look like a much better version of myself. That's all I ask, I don't expect transformation, and she's supplied it. Thank you, Tricia.

Anne, London, UK


What a great look

After watching the tutorial on eye make up for hooded eyes I was transformed. I hadn't realised what the problem with my eye makeup was until then. Now I use the Eye Prime, then the shadow as explained, then eye liner and mascara. I feel 20 years younger,I am 70, and along with your face products I feel great it has given me more confidence and pride in my appearance. Thank you very much.

Deirdre, Waitara, Australia


So Impressed

I am so so impressed withe the prime and base i recieved today. I am 52 and all of a sudden my usual make up just didnt do it any more and looked awful to the point it was really starting to get me down as i have always tried to be proud of my appearance. The prime and base have instantly transformed my complexion and brought it to life again. I am now ordering the fabulous light and blush, ....... I'm hopked and never again will i meed to waste money in the high street. Thank you. I can't recommend Fabulous Forever highly enough.

Susie, Middlesex, UK


Wonderful customer care and response time - on top of lovely products!

I only recently figured out that I might need to look for makeup that suits older faces!  All of the sales folks in shops could be my grandchildren so no experience with older skin and faces!  I still work full time in a demanding job in the City so wear full makeup at least 5 days a week.   I need long lasting and professional looking makeup. I discovered LFF in the Daily Mail. Within one month I've made 3 large orders trying just about everything. The videos are a joy and the customer care is quick and very personal. Purchases arrive very quickly and beautifully packaged.  The lip primer is FANTASTIC- no more feathering or bleeding of lipsticks - first product I've ever found that works for this! I also bought eyelid primer - also great and perfect neutral/natural colour. I bought both eye colours and 3 eye shades, the small shadow/lip brush which is terrific for applying the liner above the eye lashes. The highlighter is another favourite - I especially like it under the brow. Still learning how best to apply the brow liquid but think I'll like it a lot. I bought both blushes - very lovely. The cream to powder formula is perfect. I am so so pleased to have discovered LFF and enthusiastically recommend their products!

Catherine, London, UK


 Delighted with products  

To let you know how delighted I am with the products in my two orders. I am particularly impressed with the eye and lip primes which really do what they say. I ordered your Soft Coral lip colour, a lovely soft natural colour which along with your blush is perfect for casual days at home. At 77 I feel I need a bit of colour to give me a boost. Enjoying the videos - have just watched the eye makeover. Feel quite inspired and think my next purchase might be the Fabulous Light and a brighter lipstick.

Luise, Northumberland, UK


 Staying Power!

I've just bought a range of your products and am extremely impressed with everything, but particularly with their 'staying' power.  I put on my make up at 7am and had a full day of meetings, with no time to even look in the mirror.  Getting home at 6pm, my 'face' was still on.  That's never happened before.  Particularly impressed with the primers - and lipstick.

Lesley, Kent, UK


How much I love your products!

I bought my "Mother of the Bride" kit about a month ago and I want tell you how much I love your products!!!!! I am 52 years and my complexion has definitely begun to show the effects of aging. Instead of jumping on the botox bandwagon, I want to age gracefully. Your products are designed to help me do just that!!! My face feels soft, smooth and fresh all day!  Thank you LFF!!!!

Angelia, Georgia, USA


Relieved that someone understands the problems of an older skin

Thank you very much indeed for the very fast delivery of my order. Your conversation on Womans Hour Radio 4, made my ears alert! And, I am so glad that they reacted. I listened with much interest as I have been 'fed up' with my old make up sliding off, just disappearing, from my face during the day. Particularly my nose and cheeks. I am 71 years young and decided it was time for a change, after listening to you on Womans hour. I viewed with much interest a lot of your tutorials and was hooked. I am so relieved that someone understands the problems of an older skin. I have always loved make up from when I was a young 'thing' in the early 60's ... black eyes and virtually white lipstick and masses of mascara - it was Max Factor block mascara in a very small blueish box with a small brush it was great. Anyway, this is thank you for a great product ... I love the Fabulous Prime, Fabulous Base and Fabulous Conceal. I am just about to order an Eye Primer to stop my eyes looking hollow, as they do. And, wearing glasses does not hide the hollowness I have realised. Thank you for all the information out there for us, all very easy to understand and to enjoy.

Margaret, Crowthorne, UK


Over the moon
I am over the moon. In one day my order has arrived. 1 small drop of prime is all i needed silky smooth skin.  1 small squirt of base and my whole face and under my chin covered. Not 3 or 4 like my old  more expensive base. Lol.  The highlighter and concealer transformed my dark circles around my eyes. No stinging skin or watery eyes.   Back for more  You Bet.

Sue, Cheshire, UK


I just love this line of cosmetics

I have always taken very good care of my skin so I have not worn foundation, just blush mascara and eye shadow. This makeup has changed that. I love the look of the foundation which looks perfect all day. Everything, and I do have the entire line except for mascara, is perfect. Thanks so much for this.

Gale, Ontario, Canada


I shall certainly be ordering from you again

Many thanks for sending my Order.  I used the products last night for a special Dinner and as a lot of the reviews said, I did have my reservations, but absolutely no need for any, my face felt velvety and smooth and the makeup lasted all evening which is a first for me, so many thanks and I shall certainly be ordering from you again.

Jean, Wetherby, UK



I am so hooked on this beautiful light makeup that makes the older skin feel and look younger, it feels amazing, i can't believe it. I am hooked, love it love it love it!

Rachel,  Hazelbrook, Australia


Great Products

So far I've purchased mascara, lip and eyelid primers, eye shade, lip colour and fabulous light and have been delighted with everything. The quality is excellent with much better staying power than anything I've used before.

Hazel, Dunfermline, Scotland, UK


Fabulous Forever is true to its name

I have ordered again and again because these products really work. Friends and family say I look 10 years younger. The Prime and Base should be part of every womans make up regime. I really recommend these products.

Gill, Cumbria, UK


First purchase

Having become a recent buyer for these products I have been very impressed with the quality of the products provided. I will be using this service again and also using the tutorials they are extremely helpful. Although I would have liked a leaflet which explains how to apply the products.

Eleanor, Middlesbrough, UK

Great products

I got so many compliments about my lipstick that I sent for the eye collection too! The products are all great. Super quick delivery again and lovely packaging. The website is so easy to use and not a typo in sight! Highly recommended

MC, Strathlachlan, Scotland, UK


Well worth the money

I am 61 and if you are anything like me you will have been using the same products and applying make up the same way for years. I found about Look Fabulous Forever from a TV programme, liked the look of the products and decided to try them, I ordered the essential collection and can honestly state that all products are fantastic. The tutorials are well worth looking at and have taught me how to apply the make up correctly, I would highly recommend Look Fabulous Forever, give them a try you will not be disappointed.

Alexandra, Horam, UK


Even better than the anticipation! 

Well! Products, packaging and service which are even better than the anticipation! I am 62 and have travelled all over the world with my business as a leadership coach. I have spent a fortune on all sorts of make-up hoping that it would help me maximise the way I look. I listened to you on Woman's Hour at the beginning of the week and here I am absolutely delighted with the gift you have given me this morning. FINALLY I feel I have found the quality in the products and the colours which suit me at my time of life and I feel refreshed and GREAT! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ( P.S. I especially loved the shiny packaging).

Julie, Saffron Walden, UK


Exceptional Quality

I received excellent help by email and subsequently ordered lipstick and makeup. Both are exceptional quality. The items arrived the next day, beautifully packaged. Can't recommend highly enough!

MC, Cairndow, Scotland


Love the products

Thank you for my order - very impressed it came the next day and I'm enjoying trying the products out. Eye and lip prime excellent, concealer good and goes on well, the lid colour is very pretty. I keep practising to get the look but after almost a thousand years of doing "my way" it's taking a bit of time. I can't wait for my lipsticks to run out then I can order the lovely ones from you. Thank you for such lovely products.

Valerie, Boston, UK


Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous

This is the best product line I have ever used. It lives up to every claim. I love the video tutorials. Having great products is not much good if you don't know how to apply them.

Louise, Ontario, Canada


Look Fabulous

Thank you for your wonderful products. I read about them in The Daily Mail. I sent for the lovely silver mist lid colour, the eye prime and fabulous face prime. All brilliant.I loved the tutorials which has made my face glow with the tips. I will be ordering more of your great products. A big thank you to all who have produced these wonderful products for the mature ladies.

Carol, Rotherham, UK


Very pleased

Am very pleased with the primers and foundation l purchased. Also picked up a few tips from your videos which were useful. Enjoyed your blog regarding dancing as good exercise. I turn music on and dance while l'm doing my housework or cleaning the kitchen. It helps the boredom.

Maureen, Worcester Park, UK



Just received my order and am very pleased with all the products. The face prime and base go on so easily. I took Tricia's advice and mixed them together and was thrilled with the result. The base colour is perfect having struggled in the past to get the right colour. It is true that the makeup does stay looking good all day. Thanks again for a great product. We all want to Look Fabulous Forever.

Caroline, York, UK



A friend suggested I look on your website at the lovely makeup for the older woman, of which I am definitely one! I chose to order three items, Base, Blush and Conceal. I was thrilled when they arrived, beautifully packaged and make up that I had always longed for but never had never found. I am now about to order the face prime and lip prime and so looking forward to receiving it as I know it will be just what I want. Thank you Tricia for making me happy.

Gillian, Worcester, UK


Customer Service - Brilliant
Have just spoken to Caroline as I had a query with regard to a lid colour.  She new exactly what I was talking about as she used it herself. She talked me through it. Problem sorted! Other organisations could take a leaf out LFF with regard customer service!! Many Thanks
Sylvia, Devon, UK


Fabulous - it's true!

I'm new to LFF and absolutely love the items I purchased. The face primer and base work beautifully together and I love the lip prime too. I was disappointed at first with the eyelid primer until I discovered what I was doing wrong. I was putting too much of it on! Luckily I remembered the wonderful "how to" videos at LFF and checked it out there and discovered what I should have been doing. The "how to" demonstrations are wonderful for me as I really did not know how to apply make-up properly all these years!!! Thanks Tricia and the Irish Times online as that is where I discovered you.

Alice, Virginia, USA



Truly Fabulous

Finally after many mistakes over the last few years I stumbled across your make up products. Felt rather nervous purchasing on line but decided having watched a number of your tutorials to take the plunge and went for it. So glad I did. Amazing!! The face prime makes such a difference so I'm going to be ordering the eye and lip primers. Packaging and delivery excellent . Thank you team from a very happy lady.

Mary, Derbyshire, UK


Love it

Just used the facial products for the first time and found it easy to use and a good finish.

Sheila, Dover, UK


Brilliant Service

Just had to return a lipstick as it was too bright for me and get it replaced with a softer colour...I can't believe how fast the service was, sent back Tuesday and new product arrived Thursday...wow and thank you.

Diane, Brighton, UK


Like silk on the skin

Have just received my first order of all the primers- face, eye and lip! Delighted with lovely packaging and presentation , never mind the contents! Face primer goes on with silken finish and lip primer really helps with ' feathering' problems. Read about your company in "The Irish Times" and thought I would try some of your products! Big 70 coming up but have inherited very wrinkle free skin ( thanks darling Mum, but could have done without the blood pressure problem!!) . Now hope to order foundation and brow products. Enjoy your blogs and tutorials, Tricia - very informative. Thanks to all your team for courteous and prompt contact!

Anne, Dublin, Ireland


Amazing Products 

I stumbled across these amazing products one day whilst scrolling through Facebook. Wow! They are brilliant. I'm 53 this year and grey haired and have always struggled with shades of lipstick, eyebrow colour, decent mascara that doesn't clog and a good shade of foundation. Well I'm definitely sorted now!! The eyebrow shape is amazing, easy to use and nice and natural. The mascara is the best I've ever used and the foundation goes on really well. I bought the lip prime as well and it works really well with the lipstick. I even had some lipstick on at the end of the day without topping up and the shade is perfect! The pale lilac lid colour is great and really enhances my blue eyes when i use a deep purple shade of eyeshadow or even a little on its own. I would highly recommend these products and will definitely recommend them to my pals. Why didn't I find you sooner?!

Lorna, Salisbury, UK


Truly Brilliant!

Here in the U.S. we rarely use the word "brilliant" to describe products. After receiving my first LFF purchase, however, the term I considered to be just another adorable U.K.-ism when watching the videos has now become my standard term for describing LFF products. Having been blessed with a very nice complexion (thanks, Mom & Grandma!), I never wore or really learned how to use makeup in my younger days. That was fine until I hit my mid forties and began to see the first signs of sun spots and rosacea. Over the next decade I spent countless dollars on everything from drugstore brands to very high end cosmetic store purchases. No matter the price, it all eventually ended up in the trash can. The few products I kept using were a disappointing compromise; the look was only reasonably acceptable, and they still made my skin feel like it was covered in paint. The LFF products not only look wonderful, they also feel fantastic! Plus, the wonderful primer makes it very easy to achieve a nice even application, even for someone who totally missed out on developing those critical makeup application skills that most women develop in their teens and 20's. I decided to try LFF for 2 reasons - first, I liked the concept of products specifically designed for older women. Also, I thought a U.K. company might have a better grasp on the meaning of "very fair" complexion. Courtesy of my Scottish ancestry I have red hair, green eyes and virtually no pigment in my skin (any pigment I do have has apparently decided to band together in random locations to form dark spots due to my very foolish sun exposure in my younger days). Over the years I have tried dozens of products claiming to be "very fair", only to find that they left me looking like I was preparing for a Japanese Kabuki performance, or the manufacture's R&D department was apparently unaware that it is possible to have this little natural pigment in one's skin. Not only is LFF foundation #1 perfect, the concealer blends flawlessly with the foundation and really does conceal rather than draw attention to my dark spots and redness. And best of all, my skin no longer begins screaming at me to "get this paint off right now!" within a few minutes of applying my makeup. So not only are these products truly brilliant, I will now be able to spend the time and money I have previously wasted on researching, shopping for and almost always eventually discarding one brand of makeup after another. Thank you, LFF!

Pamela, Massachusetts, USA


Truly Amazing

I've tried so many base foundations that have either been far to light and aimed at younger skin or ones that give a full cover but leave your face looking dull, mask-like and lifeless. I took a leap of faith and ordered the face primer, base and concealer. I am totally delighted. My face is transformed, looks dewy, bright and luminous and all imperfections are subtly concealed. I'm hugely impressed and very pleased.

Jenny, Lincolnshire, UK


Feeling Fabulous

I found your site as a random link from Facebook and thank goodness I did. As I've moved into my 50s I'd been feeling faded so thought I would give your face collection a try. It arrived today and I couldn't wait to try the products. The Primer smooth out little lines wonderfully; the Base is light and easy to apply and makes my skin look dewy; its wonderful have a concealer that not only works but that matches the base. I used the Light and Blush as recommended in your video and for the first time in ages I feel like I am glowing. Thank you so much Tricia. I will definitely be back for more.

Melanie, Newmarket, UK


Pretty Eyes

 Today I recived my order of the Silver Mist and I am so impressed.  A very pretty, subtle shade that enahances without overpowering.  I will definitely order other prodycts from this range.

Sharon, Carmarthenshire, UK



My friend recommended your products I love the primers and now trying the base, conceal and blush I have recommened your primer to other friends keep up the good work age is only a number.

Margaret, Carcassonne,France


Back for more....

Delighted with the make-up. The base is great and the make-up goes on really well. I use my fingers and finish with a foundation brush. I am still getting the hang of how little I actually needs use. Thought the make-up was expensive, but it should last a long time as I don't use it every day. The lilac eyeshadow is good too and adds a little subtle colour without being too heavy ( I wear specs). Now buying an eyeshadow and concealer.

Anne, Wisbech, UK


Simply Devine

Placed my first order last week and I am absolutely delighted with the products! As a redhead I have always found difficulty in finding the right makeup. However, since finding Look Fabulous Forever I can truly say, at 60, I feel glamorous for the first time!! Will definitely purchase more of these beautiful products. Many thanks to Tricia and the team.

Gina, Farnham, UK


Light at the end of the tunnel!!

I read all the wonderful comments on the website and decided I had to try this make up range for myself. Like so many older women I have wasted lots of money on expensive products that just did not work for me. Fabulous Base and rosy glow blush arrived in the post yesterday and so far so good! Love the blush and the natural colour it adds to my face. The base feels light on my skin and I am so grateful for the fab videos that show me how to apply my makeup.  A picture speaks a thousand words! I am now a convert to Look Fabulous and will be building up my collection of products over the next few months - cant wait!! Thank you so much.

Kay, Tonypandy, UK


Lovely products

I bought the eye collection and have been really pleased with everything in it. The eye shadows are lovely and blend really easily, the mascara is fab and the first one I have found that doesn't irritate my eyes. I love the brow colour and the primer is once again the best I have ever used. I will certainly be trying other products. The packaging is beautiful and the quality of everything is noticeable. Fabulous.

Anne, Little Sandhurst, UK


Absolutely Delighted!

Prior to placing my first order I emailed with a query and the response was prompt and helpful. Ordered prime and foundation, so pleased with the results. I had been using mineral powders for a long time as I had bought so many liquid foundations which did not match my skin tone. My daugjhter remarked one day that my skin looked chalky so I watched the video on Gransnet and placed my first order. I'm delighted with the make-up, the tutorials are excellent. I am 67 years old and my skin looks fresh and dewy. The 02 on my pale skin is a very good match. Thank you!

Jan, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK



I must admit I was a bit sceptical about ordering make-up online. So much of what I received ended up in the bin! However, from the first time I put the Fabulous Prime on and then the Base No.2 which was the perfect shade for my skin, I knew I was onto a winner! You are correct when you say it lasts all day! As a Celebrant I am out in all weather and need something that will stay the course! Wonderful, highly recommend...will be placing another order very soon. 

Cheryl, Tasmania, Australia


Fabulous Essentials

I came across an advert for this make up by chance on Facebook and having read the reviews decided to go the whole hog and order the Fabulous Essentials pack. At £130 this could have been a very costly mistake, but I am pleased to say I was not disappointed. At first I thought the 02 shade foundation was a little too dark for me, but by the time I'd added blusher, eye and lip make up it looked perfect. I have had many compliments on how well I look since wearing the make up which has really given me a much needed boost. I have since ordered the brow make up and the charcoal eye shadow which, when used as an eye liner, has made an amazing difference. I am sure I will be adding to my collection soon. Thank you so much. I would never have thought that make up could make such a difference to the way I feel about myself.

Bernie, Northumberland, UK


Truly wonderful products

I keep adding to my collection of products and brushes and absolutely love them. I find the charcoal eye shade applied with brush number 5 creates a great eyeliner & for a natural day look I apply Fabulous Prime before just brushing on the bronzer and blush followed by my sweet pea lipstick. Can't praise these products enough. Thank you so much Tricia!

Carol, Lancashire, UK


Personal Touch

Products arrived in a lovely silver package. I very much like the personal touch as buying online is usually so impersonal. The eye prime and lid colour certainly stood the test of time.....almost 12 hours since application and still looking pretty good.

Christine, Wolverhampton, UK


A make-up artist complimented me on my make up!

Totally out of the blue, Silvia, a make-up artist who lives nearby, recently complimented me on how well I had made up my eyes! Followed the LFF tutorial step by step. Am now going to progress to foundation and blush and hope for further compliments! Thank you so much Tricia and co and very well done!

Delia, Forli, Italy


I placed my very first order - 'Fabulous Light', on Friday afternoon and it came Saturday morning. Great service. I have only tried it twice but so far I can only say 'I love it'. I will certainly be ordering more from Look Fabulous Forever. Thank you
Nancy, Hampshire, UK



I'm so pleased with the make up purchased. The primers make a really positive difference to the way the base or lipstick looks and the quality of the products is first class. Well done!

Anne, Surrey, UK


Thank You!

I want to sincerely thank you for such a super product. Absolutely delighted with my order which prompted me to watch the tutorials and to place another order. You definitely have a new customer and I will not hesitate telling my friends. I have been waiting for this for such a long time. Excellent. Well done.

Carol, Inverness. Scotland, UK


No one has said that to me before!

Today I wore your products (base, prime, light, and concealer) for the second time. Two people came up to me (one of them a makeup artist) and told me I had beautiful skin. In the many years I have been on this earth, no one has said that to me before. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. 

Donna, Virgina, US


Smokey Eyes

Who would have thought I could finally achieve smokey eyes at the age of 55!! I have never been good at applying eye make up and would previously only wear mascara and ocassionally some eye liner - I love putting on my smokey eyes now!! .This is my first time using any of this make up, I went for it and ordered the whole lot other than the eyebrow items. It has taken me a while to learn how to get the best out of it, watching all of the videos which are so helpful. I feel so much more confident now applying my make up, which in turn, gives me more confidence when going out. The only thing I would say, I was disappointed in the lipstick, it does not have any longevity and definitely will not stay put through eating food. I have therefore reverted to my old lipstick which does last through a meal, but is not as creamy. Overall, a very pleasant first buy and would recommend.

Dawn, Loughborough, UK


Great Eye Make Up

I met Carole on a recent holiday and she always looked fabulous so I had to give your make up a try.
I love all of the eye collection it is so light to wear. I especially like the eyebrow colour as I have very white eyebrows and the colour is perfect - not too black!
Many thanks for the prompt service.

Carol,  Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


So So pleased

So, so pleased with all products purchased. Yes my foundation stays perfect all day thanks to the primer! And at last I have a 'no clumping' mascara. Can't wait to try more products. Many thanks

Ann, Wolverhapmton, UK


Fantastic Products

I saw these products on Facebook and started to read more on the site. I read the testimonials and was convinced to buy some products. Well! They do what you say they do. There's a good start. I've spent a fortune on make up that doesn't suit me or doesn't work so this is so refreshing. I have watched the videos and written down the tips so I can do it (hopefully!) just as well. I am about to place my second order inspired by the latest promotion but I would have done it anyway. Love Tricia's blogs and sensible advice. Yes makeup and clothes industry there are a lot of us out there and we still want to look glamorous. Look Fabulous Forever - well done.

Linda, Portsmouth, UK


Great products

I felt a bit low about myself on my 68th birtday. I was surfing the internet and to my surprise I found “Look Fabulous Forever”. So to treat myself I bought these special make up products in the hope I would feel a bit better and more confident about myself And I do! After some initial problems with the post which was solved with great service I received the products and I could not wait to try them out. Wow, the primer and base are so soft and silky. I was surprised how little goes a long way so it is money well spend. The green lid colour lifts up my eyes and the blush does what it promises: it is so subtle a colour and gives my face a healthier look. The primer for the lipstick, which I have never used before is great, lipstick looks great on it. It is many many years since I used make up. I loved the videos and I learned a lot about how to use make up the right way. And I finally know what colour person I am! A “Cool Colour person” and that will help me also by choosing the right colors for my clothes. For sure I will order some other products. Thanks Tricia!

Ans, Zwaag, The Netherlands


Nan, Colwyn Bay

At last someone is completely on our side! The advice and guidance given was excellent.The prompt response and delivery added to the excitement of finding really great products.

Nan, Colwyn Bay

Marvellous products

I have just received my second order from Forever Fabulous. It has taken me a while to order a foundation on the Internet, I still have two bottles in my bathroom cabinet which are the wrong colour for me and to find that out you have to try them, which means you can't send them back. The Prime is marvellous so smooth and it means the base goes on very easily and you don't have to use much. I have recommended these products to my friends but they are reluctant because they can't try the base colour before they buy. Would it be possible to have samples of this I think it would increase your sales.

Gaye, Gillingham, UK

How wonderful 

I have just received my first order and wanted to say how wonderful all my products are. They arrived the next day after I ordered. The packaging is gorgeous, all wrapped in lovely turquoise tissue. The containers look pretty on my dressing table let alone how they look on my face. So easy to apply and has stayed as good all day.  I first discovered Tricia last year when I read about her in Woman and Home magazine and followed her since, watching the videos and waiting for my current products to run out!! I anticipate receiving her blog every Sunday morning and love reading it. She strikes a chord with me, and I feel as if I know her. So happy with my products, it's such a boost of confidence to apply new make up. Thank you!

Susan, Bridgnorth, UK

Fabulous Base

Having watched every tutorial (and loving them) I decided to start off by ordering the Fabulous Base and thats just what it is, FABULOUS! So light but with amazing coverage, absolutely love it. I ordered the 03 shade which is a bit dark at the moment so will be keeping this for the 'summer months' and am ordering a shade lighter 02. By the way, ordered on-line yesterday afternoon and arrived this morning at 9 a.m. How's that for good service!!! Looking forward to building up a nice collection. Many thanks.

Glennie, Suffolk, UK

Marvellous products and wonderful tutorials

Thank you so much for all your marvellous products and wonderful tutorials. Previously, I have always been terrified of eyelash curlers and have treated them with fear, as instruments of torture. However, I took advantage of your special offer, which included purchasing a set, and my goodness, what a difference they make! Having watched the tutorial on using the eyelash curlers, I wasn't quite so scared, and yes, they really do make even my short, stubby lashes look incredible! Have just placed another order for some brushes and silver mist eyeshadow, and can't wait to try them all out! So, thank you so much! Who knew I could make such a difference and learn so much, even in my 61st year!

Yvonne, Dumfries, UK

Can't recommend these products highly enough!

I saw the New Year presentation on TV and decided to give the products a try. Firstly I bought a foundation, brush and light enhancing pen and was very impressed with these products. I have just made my second purchase, blusher, eyeshadow, brush and lipstick and once again thoroughly pleased with my purchases. The products are such high quality and the brushes are beautifully made and lovely to use. I'm also very impressed at how quickly my orders are processed and despatched and very well packaged. I enjoy watching the tutorials and they have given me colour choice advice and confidence to make full use of my new products. I'm looking forward to my next purchase already - many thanks.

Sharon, Daventry, UK

Not a make-up person

Even though I am not a make-up person, it seems I am now a believer! The products are first rate and easy to apply. Even my husband sees a difference and that means so much to me!........

Cathy, Pennsylvania, US

Amazing products

I have just tried out all the products from the Essentials Collection. Everything's amazing. I loved the foundation, blusher and mascara in particular. I saw someone today who I hadn't seen for a while and she said I looked really good. This was despite me having a bad cold and a chest infection! I have recommended Look Fabulous Forever to all my friends. Thank you!

Claire, Corfe Mullen, UK

Simply fabulous

Just received my new eye shadow. Excellent service and will be placing a new order for more products, very informative tutorials.

Sheila, Gwynedd, UK 


I received my order today. I am so pleased with the products I have ordered some more.

Susan, Taunton, UK

Absolutely brilliant!

I just love this makeup. I have really struggled to find a decent makeup and this is just beautiful, I no longer feel like I'm wearing a mask! I've never used a foundation primer before and can't believe how good it feels and what a difference it makes to the actual foundation, even my husband commented on how natural it looked!

Jen, Hull, England

Over the moon!

I received my order today. Wow fantastic, I am so pleased it is fantastic.

Sandy, Melbourne, Australia

Best ever

I have just received my second order of make up and was very pleased with how quick and nicely packaged it was. I received the foundation primer and love it. It feels like silk on the skin. I love all the other products such as the eye primer and the fabulous brow shape, I now have eyebrows! Will be ordering again soon want to try the aubergine shadow it sounds lovely. Keep up the good work Tricia I love reading your blogs and have have taken your advice on facial cleanser and weekly scrub plus the serum and my skin is looking so much better. Thank you.

Sandra, Kent, UK

Very Impressed

As a first time customer I have been very impressed with the service and of course the products. So far I have prime, base and blusher. You need such a small amount of the prime for the foundation to go on so smoothly. It goes without saying I shall gradually be replacing the rest of my make up!

Sylvia, Devon, UK

First Class Customer Care!

I am so impressed with the level of personal care afforded when enquiring about your lovely products. After care is always top of my list when dealing with a company. The other thing I am extremely impressed with is the tutorials. I have picked up so many useful tips for applying makeup and shall stick to my new routine. I now take a lot more care and time over it and even get up a bit earlier in order to do it! I was totally inspired with Tricia's interview on Breakfast TV and you really deserve the current level of success that you are enjoying. Long may it last and the very best of luck to all. Please don't discontinue anything without fair warning!

Wendy, Devon, UK

A New ME, Thank You

This is a first for me to write anything!! I just have to share my enthusiasm for these amazing products, thank you Tricia. I have made so many mistakes in the past not mentioning hours spent at makeup counters trying to make up my mind what would be the right colour etc etc. I had not been priveldged to see the TV interview or read any of the tabloids about Look Fabulous Forever. I was really disappointed with the products I was using and decided to scroll the internet searching 'makeup for older ladies'. Look Fabulous came up and immediately as I read about the products, testimonials and watched the videos I was sold on them. I did have a few questions to ask and sent an email I had a reply within 20 minutes very detailed and helpful. I placed an order for the eye collection, lip prime and lipstick. The order was placed late Friday afternoon so I knew the order wouldn't be processed until Monday, my order arrived Tuesday!! I couldn't wait to get started I was excited but nervous at the same time. The eye colours are just perfect for me, look absolutely amazing and make my eyes look fantastic. The lip prime is a must works perfectly and the lipsticks just a dream. I find that the lipstick stays where it's put and lasts. I will be ordering further products when I can. Look Fabulous Forever has made a massive impact on me and changed the way I look and feel about myself. I will be a permanent customer.

Pamela, London, UK

It all started when I saw Tricia on breakfast TV...

Tricia looked and sounded so genuine I thought I would try the products, so I bought a range of Look Fabulous Forever in January and I am delighted with them. I have always enjoyed make up, but I have never found any which looked so good and stayed on all day.  I have found that if I put on my make up in the morning, it stays good all day and when I am going out in the evening all I need to apply is a little lippy which I have managed to eat off during the day, and it looks really good again.  I really love the blusher which goes on so well and looks very natural. All the products are good and I haven't regretted buying any of them, in fact I have just received my second order and I am already thinking of what I would like next. My friends have started telling me how well I look, and asking if I have had a new hair do.etc.

Vera, West Midlands, UK

Just beautiful!

Last week I received my second order of cosmetics. I already had two of the eye shadows and the silver mist lid colour. Now I have been trying the Base 03 and the soft moss lid colour. I am so delighted with these products. The colour of the base 03 is perfect for my complexion and the soft moss lid colour is so light and easy to apply. I have never come across a cosmetic brand like this before. I have tried many well known brands over the years but the textures of these products are really lovely and suit my skin perfectly. You have a permanent customer now Tricia! 

Carole, Manchester, UK

Really fabulous

I have been thrilled with all the products I've tried and everyone tells me how well I look rather than commenting on the make-up which I think is great. I'm gradually replacing everything!

Felicity, Cheltenham, UK

Couldn't have chosen a better name - FABULOUS is certainly the right name 

I never ever write reviews but I couldn't help my self. I started using prime only a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I will never be able to live without it!  Best make up I've ever bought, along with the foundation and eye primer. I have just ordered concealer. I'm so happy keep up the good work.

Diane, South Yorkshire, UK

New Year - New Me

I received my order this morning and have tried out everything in my Fabulous Essentials Collection. The ordering and delivery was easy and quick, the products are great, colours perfect for me, and my face feels great....You've brightened my day. Thank you.

Lynne, Suffolk, UK

Fabulous eye products

I first received face makeup, tried and loved it so secondly bought eye makeup which is by far the best I have ever used. I would, and will, recommend LFF makeup to everyone I know. Thank you.

Lesley, Keighley, UK

Here I go again

This is my second review of these wonderful products,not sure if that's allowed, but think I should tell everyone about new things I have tried. Bought new brushes & lip shine in my last order. I use the soft plum lipstick, worked a treat when I applied it with my new lip brush and the lip shine gives it a really professional finish. I have also bought the number 7 brush. I do think sometimes we tend to forget the tools and consider the make-up more important but please do try the brushes too they work a treat. Thanks again Tricia - more brushes for my next order I think!

Carmel, Doddington March, UK

Love this website

I like many others watched the interview on BBC breakfast. Out of curiosity I visited the site to see what it was all about. What a lovely surprise to find such an honest sales pitch with really helpful videos on how to use all the products. I particularly like the blusher I've purchased in the pink shade it goes on very smoothly with just the right hint of colour. I would definitely recommend these products to my friends.

Lindsay, Huntingdon, UK

I now feel good. Thank you

At the weekend some friends called whom I haven't seen since christmas time, when they first came through the door they remarked "hey you look fantastic", then on leaving one friend asked "what have you changed?" I told them to look at your website. I felt a million dollars. Thank you LFF so much.

Lesley, Keighley, UK

Excellent Products

I firstly ordered the package of face products which I am so delighted with.  After years of trying to find the correct colour of foundation I am pleased to say the colour is so good. I then ordered the lip products and have found my lipstick does not bleed anymore, I am so pleased about this as it was a particular bug bear of mine. I am aged 68 but love to wear make up as I think even the best looking of us need a little help. The service was very quick, next day deliveries and really good packaging. I guess my next products to try will be the eye make up. Would definitely recommend your web site to all my friends. Thank you.

Ruth, Gateshead, UK

Quality Make-up

I discovered Look Fabulous Forever by chance and as a make up hoarder (always trying to get it right) thought I must get some. After using it for about a month now, I am so happy and impressed at the quality of it and how the simplicity of the tutorials, etc have really helped to make my routine easier and more enjoyable. I love the foundation and concealer, very creamy and a little goes a long way , with a great and natural coverage. I have so many foundations, powders and so on but this is just so right for me. I would recommend anyone to try it for themselves. Thanks so much Tricia, I'm sure you're making a lot of ladies happy.

Jackie, UK

Wow, super impressed by these products!

I recently bought a collection of products containing amongst other things primers, foundation, highllighter etc I was a bit concerned about ordering as I am only 52 and thought that perhaps the foundation may be a bit heavy for me. To my delight, I found that the face primer was silky smooth and that the foundation is light and smooth and yet gives excellent coverage. The Fabulous Light is fantastic, it really does give the illusion that your upper eye brow is more taught and higher. I will definitely continue to order in the future.

Evelyn, Fife, Scotland

Truly Scrumptious!

I saw Tricia being interviewed on BBC Breakfast a few weeks ago. I had never heard of her cosmetic company before, but she looked so amazing I thought I would try some of them. I am in my 70th year now and I have always loved make-up. As an amateur actress, I use it on the stage, but I don't use 'so called 'stage make-up' as it is sometimes too heavy. I sent for two eye shadows (Forest and Cocoa) and an eye colour in a lovely silver grey shade called Silver Mist. I was first of all delighted with the packaging, which was extremely professional and in a very attractive silver and green colour. The eye shadows are a beautiful texture and very easy to apply. I followed the video and I was so surprised at the look achieved. You can really achieve different levels of colour depending on if it is for day or night time. I also found that I could remove the eye shadows with normal eye make up removal pads without leaving a residue. I would definitely recommend this product and now that I have tried it, I will be sending for more of the same very soon. I really fancy the Aubergine shade!! Thanks Tricia for my new look. 

Carole, Manchester, UK

Even a 73 year old can look fabulous!

Recently received my first order from LFF and experimented with it today. I am truly amazed that it could make such a difference. As I am 73 in the past I have only used a tinted moisturiser with quite a lot of concealer to cover my dark circles which never gave me the finish that LFF face makeup has given me. I am now going to look at the eye makeup and order very soon. Go on girls, if it can make a difference to a 73 year old think what it can do for you!

Lesley, Keighley, UK

What Fab Makeup!

I am so thrilled with my first order of LFF makeup! I ordered brow shape as I had just run out of my usual product, doubting that it would be as good for my fine grey eyebrows (now I am 65 and have tried so many products) but I am really thrilled with the brow shape, and it is so easy to apply and my brows look so natural.  I thought I would try the advice on applying lipstick and then use a lipgloss which I have ever used before as I thought it would feel sticky and wear off quickly, but wow! It's great. I can't believe how great it looks.
I will be ordering more of this wonderful makeup range soon. Thank you so much LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER.

Mary, West Sussex, UK

Fab, Fab, Fab

I have very sensitive eyes, and after your prompt reply to my problem. I decided to give it a try. I ordered the Essentials Collection. You will be pleased to know I have not had any reaction to the products. They are exactly as described. Not only am I thrilled, so is my husband. I have recently grown out my tint and love my new silver hair, so really needed new make up. A total new me and I love it.  I will be spreading the word. Fabulous.

Margarent, Hampshire, UK

Brilliant Service!

This is my first order from the LFF team and what a lovely treat it was! My order arrived very promptly and beautifully wrapped. The products are in easy to use containers and feel lovely on my skin. Here is to a new year and a new me!

Hilary, Exeter, UK


My first time buy....delighted with products, packaging and fast delivery. Will be buying more!!!

Angela, Chelmsford, UK

Thank you

Thank you Tricia for your personal call yesterday and for solving my delivery problem. Excellent customer service - excellent products.

Maureen, Cornwall, UK

Thank you

I would like to thank you so much for the fab lipstick. Colour just what I expected (fushia) and stays on better than any lipstick I have tried before. Also a big thank you for the blusher brush you sent as a gift because you were inundated with orders over the New Year. Brilliant customer service. Well impressed also with YouTube tutorials.

Lorraine, Bristol, UK

Excellent products, thank you

I am so pleased I saw your interview on BBC. It has changed my life! I just love the makeup. It is so light and easy to apply, just goes on like a dream. Never looks cakey or stale and is as fresh in the evening as when I put it on. Thank you for making my makeup regime so enjoyable! Every product I ordered is a joy to use. 

Irene, Essex, UK

Thank you and sorry

I was one of the very many women who saw your interview on BBC over the Christmas period. I found the website and was hooked as soon as I saw the lovely make overs and the before and after pictures. I ordered my first cosmetics and then had a nail biting wait until they arrived. I couldn't wait. I wanted to try them and see if they were really as good as they looked. You kept us informed and told us that they would be with us asap. You said they would be worth waiting for. Guess what.....you were right! I now have eyebrows! I now have make up that stays on all day! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have since signed up and have ordered more. Oh, and I am sorry for the migraine you suffered, I feel kind of responsible for that, but thank you so much for bringing ladies of our age such gorgeous pretty make up.

Rosemary, Maidstone, UK

Excellent Products

I am really glad I saw your clip on the BBC! I have finally found the best make-up for me, after having wasted time and money over the last 10 years on unsuitable products. Having used some of your products over the last couple of weeks, I´m absolutely delighted with the result and have just placed another order. I will happily recommend your company to all my friends and tell them about the wonderful products and the fantastic customer service even on a weekend! Thank you and I wish you all the success you deserve! Just hope you won´t grow so big, that we loose your wonderful personal touch!

Maj-Britt, Sweden

An Amazing Difference

After the mish-mash of make-up I had before (now all in the bin!) what an amazing difference this has made to how I look and feel. The packaging is gorgeous too. After the mish-mash of makeup I had before (now all in the bin!) what an amazing difference this has made to how I look and feel. The packaging is gorgeous too. Everything is just so right for me, and I will now be a lifelong devotee!I was getting so disheartened by all the glimmery, shimmery and downright nasty products and had all but given up in despair of ever finding any suitable makeup, so many many thanks indeed for making these wonderful products available to a hitherto forgotten group of women!

E.R, Huntingdon, UK


I recently purchased my first Look Fabulous Forever products (the Eye Collection) and am not disappointed. The eye primer is excellent and the eye shadow colours are also very flattering. It's taking me a little more time to put my makeup on in the morning but it's worth it as it (amazingly!) stays put all day. I will be buying a lot more from this range.

Kathy, Luton, UK

I could rave on for hours!

I love all my products and can never decide which product I like best. The foundation brush is so beautiful,  the softest brush I have ever tried. I have used a very good primer under or with my foundation for a long time now, so procrastinated about buying LFF primer until now. I can say without a doubt that the LFF primer is the best primer I have ever used, absolutely beautiful with LFF foundation . LFF mascara, eyeshadow and blush are so soft and subtle....I could rave on for hours about all the LFF products I have bought. Safe to say I'll be using LFF products only from now on!

Gina W, Australia

Can't wait for my next order!

Tentative steps and bought the blusher, plus brush. Fabulous and I don't look like a barbie doll! Can't wait for the mascara ordered today.

Gill, Henley in Arden, UK

Fantastic Makeup

I am so thankful that at last there is a makeup collection that is suited to the mature woman. Look Fabulous Forever is not only fantastic to use, the results are excellent as well. The videos are very helpful so you know exactly how to use the products. All this is backed by a very efficient customer service, you are kept informed about delivery once your order is placed, which gives peace of mind. I have nothing but praise for Look Fabulous Forever and would recommend it to anyone, as you won't be disappointed.

Gillian, Leicestershire, UK

One of the best decisons I've ever made!

I found this site via Facebook, and decided, "why not?". One of the best decisions I've made! Now I buy my makeup exclusively from Look Fabulous Forever, as I can hand-on-heart say that I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products. Their staff are really helpful too, as I was unsure which Base foundation I would need, and they sent samples of 2 shades, free of charge, to help me choose! Their tutorials are great too! I've been wearing makeup for more years that I care to admit to

Val, County Down, UK

I am a complete convert!

Firstly, I must say I am a sceptic. I thought how can everyone award 5 stars, but I could see that Tricia really believes in her products and thought I'd give it a try. I am a complete convert! I bought the face collection and the base is soft, goes on easily and matches my skin (even though there are only 3 shades to choose from). It looks natural yet covers really well. I use the prime first and wow what a difference this makes! I've never used a primer before, (this is my desert island must have). I wear a really good moisturiser because my skin is very dry. After I applied my old makeup it had dissappeared by lunch time. I tried to fix this by wearing a powder to fix it in place, but this just sat in my wrinkles and I looked ancient!. Now I feel confident and my look lasts all day, truly! I love the fabulous light, the concealer and the blush too!. I have just ordered the eye shadow and lid and lip prime. In fact I wont be able to rest until I have it all!

Jill, Derbyshire UK

Love the Makeup!

I absolutely love the makeup!! Being 60 years old and able to buy as a set what would look appropriate at my age is very nice. Many times the younger sales/makeup women at department stores do not understand the change in our skin texture and tone as we age. I find myself looking “garish” or in “Kabuki” makeup after they finish with me. So glad to have found LFF.

Helen, Georgia, USA

Loving Every Minute

Having read all Tricia's blogs and watched all the videos, I too, apply my makeup every day, 20 mins application for 14 hours of enjoyment! And it still looks good at bedtime, and it's a shame to remove it! Love the eye prime and recently bought three eyeshadow, taupe, cocoa and aubergine, which was very daring for me, as I only used to wear brown. But I wear them all, and I have to say that they look stunning! Even complete strangers have commented, which is a real boost to the confidence. This has led to my watching video demos of hairdos, so I also take more time on my appearance totally now, and it really is worth it girls! So, thank you for all your advice! I am learning every day and loving every minute of it too!

Yvonne, Dumfries, Scotland

Five Stars

Like many others I first saw this range on the BBC Breakfast and was very taken with the concept of make up especially for older faces. Last year I stopped colouring my hair and allowed my natural grey to grow in, it suits my skin tones much better and I have received many compliments. However, I was dissatisfied with my make up and have been trying various different looks with no great success until I found Look Fabulous Forever! I am delighted with all the products and feel that I have found a new look that compliments my skin and hair tones. All the products are really lovely to use and I would happily recommend them to anyone in the older age range.

Jan, Wakefield, UK

Amazing stuff

I have many bad makeup buys, like most women but after trying the prime and foundation I just fell in love with the products. Consequently I have now purchased just about the whole range and continue to be amazed at how good it is. The company is professional and delivery is overnight.....can't get better than that. Thank you for a new lease of life at 71!!

Diane, East Sussex, UK

Thank you

I placed my first order just before Christmas, hoping it would be great to try out during the Christmas period, however the items didn't arrive. After contacting LFF replacements we're quickly issued. My eyebrows have now found a definition I didn't know existed, easy to use and well packaged, I also now have eyeshadow's that last a day without creasing or disappearing, I love both products and the service given.Looking forward to trying out my next purchase. Thank you to Tricia for the prompt reply to all my e mails, a great service, I understand that your popularity has now increased due to interviews on the BBC, congratulations and well done, Many thanks.

Pauline, West Yorkshire, UK


I saw the interview on BBC Breakfast and decided to give the eye make up a try, I was extremely doubtful about it as there are so many claims about products being perfect for older women, but I have now used it several times and am a complete convert the moss and forest lid colours are perfect as I have green eyes and they are really good quality and easy to use, my daughter in law is a qualified beauty therapist and she was so impressed she will be telling all her older clients!

Jan, Northampton, UK


I received my make up products today, beautifully packaged. First try this morning and I am delighted with the results. The face prime, in particular, is great. I like the soft blush, much easier to put on and doesn't look harsh and clownish! Makeup has to work hard on my 72 year old face,this does the job!

Celia, Surrey, UK


I have just used the 3 products I ordered from you and I'm surprised and delighted with the results. As a non-makeup user who has been wondering if anything can possibly help my ageing appearance, your helpful videos and products have convinced me that it is possible to look better.Without the videos I wouldn't have had a clue - so good to watch the demonstrations and follow your guidance. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try something new.

Lynn, Bradford, UK

Delighted with the results!

I am one of those who saw the interview on breakfast TV and immediately thought "that's exactly what I am looking for"! Having used some of your products for the past week now, I am absolutely delighted with the results. Beautiful products which do their job perfectly. I particularly love the face primer - it has the texture of silk. Having used Estee Lauder products for many years, I will be gradually replacing everything with Look Fabulous Forever items. Thank you and I hope that your business goes from strength to strength.

Catriona, Prestonpans. Scotland

Thank you so much!

I have just read your blog about how your orders just exploded after you appeared on BBC - that said, I am doubly impressed by the service I had ordering twice from your site over the Christmas period because your service was seamless!! Love your products and very pleased with all of them - I now feel 10 years younger!

Sue, London, UK

First Order

Today I received my first order of products. I am a picky and savvy shopper but have to say that these cosmetics were just fabulous. The packaging was good to handle, the products were lovely to use and were just as described - the quality was exceptional...way beyond what I wanted never mind hoped for. Really good products and fantastic service. I will be back!

Morven, Dumfries, Scotland

Brilliant products

I don't wear foundation regularly but when I do I've struggled with getting a product that suits me. However I read the advice on your site regarding using a primer and colour choice of foundation and decided to try both. I am delighted with both of them and the primer feels beautiful and makes applying the foundation easy. Also the foundation goes a long way so is good value for money. I will be ordering the lip primer and eye primer shortly. Finally the delivery was excellent and in lovely packaging.

Sue, Cwmbran, Wales


Treated myself to the Essentials Collection....I could not be more pleased with the results! Fabulous products and brilliant customer service.

Sara, Falmouth, UK

A big thank you

I was so pleased to find your site and products,I was beginning to lose my way,didn't know what to buy.Now the worry has been taken away,with good results,can't wait to try the rest. Thank you.

Linda, Middlesborough, UK

What a Wonderful Company!

I was one of the first people to purchase from LFF and I have never looked back. All the products are divine but the service and back up is second to none. Well done Tricia and her team.

Liz, Whalley, UK

Great Discovery!

Was so excited to receive the beautiful, silver package in the post today. Have just sat at my dressing table, removed all make-up put on at 7 am today and had a wonderful hour watching your videos on how to use all the products you have just sent me. I might be 72 and have always worn make-up but I am thrilled with how I look right now! The foundation is not too dark, a problem I usually find to my disappointment, the eye and lip primers are amazing, I have never used either before and I am so pleased with the eye shadow shade and the lipstick (quite often that's a disappointment too!). I was one of the many thousands who saw you interviewed on Breakfast TV last week, so glad to have discovered your range and will certainly be ordering more products.

V.S, West Sussex, UK

Lovely makeup and Excellent service

Ordered the face collection as a Christmas present to myself on the evening of 22nd December and it arrived on 24th December. Applied the makeup as directed by Tricia in her tutorial and wow what a surprise! The foundation and base felt like silk on my skin, the concealer covered my dark under eyes, highlighter and blush did what it said on the tin. I didn't feel as I had any makeup on at all. Applied in the morning and still looked good before I removed it at bedtime. Didn't sit in fine lines like other foundations I have tried in the past. Will certainly purchase again from LFF in the future.

Sue, Worcestershire, UK

This Stuff Really Works!

My New Year's resolution was not to be taken in by make up adverts promising 'radiance' 'youthful glow' etc but luckily I came across Look Fabulous Forever before the New Year and indulged myself buying the Look Fabulous Forever primer (and other stuff). I am now dumping my not inconsiderable stock of primers, foundations, etc and will now only use Look Fabulous Forever. This primer is so silky and although I will never look 20 years old again (now 66) I look considerably better using Look Fabulous Forever primer, base, concealer, lipstick primer and brushes. I will be buying the eye stuff very shortly. The videos for each product are very helpful - so thank you Tricia for making my Christmas and making me feel confident

Isaura, Suffolk, UK


Never having written a review for anything in my life I felt compelled to do so now. I've tried so many different products over the years and now at 62 I'm even more of a make up tart desperately looking for THE perfect products. I happened to come across your website last week and thought I'd try the collection with primer and base and concealer . I didn't have huge expectations but I couldn't have been more wrong.These products are beautiful and really work well giving my skin a wonderful smooth appearance and healthy glow. So I'm absolutely delighted and just about to order some more products !! Thank you so much Tricia from your new number one fan.

Pam, Hertfordshire, UK

Very impressed - Products are Excellent!

I am so excited to have found your products and am very impressed by the high quality of everything I have tried so far. As I am sure many people have, I have tried umpteen products over the years, often with not very good results, but your products are excellent.

Jill, Essex, UK

Wonderful Find

I found this website by accident, but what a find , been using the products about a week now & they are perfect. Had great help & advise from the company founder Tricia she really cares about her customers. I am reluctant to pick any one product to praise because they all work beautifully. Watch the videos they are really helpful . Cant wait for my next purchase which will be the brushes. Thanks Tricia your a star

Carmel, Cambridgeshire, UK


Received the primer and the Base today and found both products to simply glide on to my face.... Like silk. Dont hesitate, you won't regret it. Wow!

Mary-Rose, Glasgow, UK

Thank You For Your Wonderful Products

I have enjoyed all of your products and have received quite a few compliments since using them. My favorite is the Prime because it gives such a silky feel to my face and everything else goes on so easily after I use it. Thank you

HW, Tennessee, USA

Wonderful Find!

I am so delighted that, by chance, I came across this range of make-up which suits my skin so perfectly. It is easy to apply and I have no worries that it will streak - it's light and gives a perfect finish. So far I have only used Fabulous Prime and Fabulous Base, but I can't wait to try some of the other products.

Jill, Somerset UK

You have changed my life

I stumbled on to your site and absolutely love it - to tell you the truth I actually cried when I watched the video tutorials on both makeup and clothes - I am so in desperate need of help that I will be visiting your site regularly. Thank you I feel that you have saved my life.

Susan, UK

I'm turning into a LFF addict

I love playing around with make-up. I go for classy products, like Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury, as well as some of the less expensive high-street brands. I’ve only recently discovered the LFF products. I was attracted to them by the impressive video transformations. If those older women could look that good then why not me? I’ve been experimenting with the silver mist lid colour – divine – and the brow shaper – an inspired product. I’m getting good results with the eye primer and eye shades – and even had a compliment on my make-up the other day. I plan to try the lipsticks, lip primer and soft moss lid colour next (actually I probably won’t be content until I’ve got the lot). It’s great that Tricia had the vision to bring out a range for us older women. Thank you, Tricia, you’re tapping into a rich seam here.

Lesley, Bedford, UK

Please Keep Up The Good Work!

I feel I must say how much I rate your customer service. It is excellent! I also want to let you know how helpful your tutorials are. Your products are fantastic as you will see from my third order, just placed, which has now replaced all my old products and brushes. As I shall be 70 on 8 December I am so glad I have found you and will now stop wasting my money on other products.

Patricia, Warwick, UK
What an Eye-Opener!

I have spent a fortune on make-up during my 60+ years, believed all the rubbish written in adverts about "firming" my sagging skin, reducing wrinkles, anti-aging serums and creams, and then I came across LFF. Living in South Africa with a failing currency, the cost was a little breath-taking. However I took the plunge and have not a penny or moment of regret. Just love it. I started with eyes and my second order will progress to more eyes and experiment with the face. My make-up drawer has been emptied of all the shadows, eye liners and brow pencils (absolutely love the LFF brow product and brush!) and can't wait to do the same with my concealers, highlighters, blushers and foundation. Thank you Trish and your team.

Sally, Port Alfred, South Africa

My Makeup Now Fits Who I Am

I was 71 yesterday. I have been using LFF makeup for about 6 months now. I love it and actually really enjoy putting my face on now whereas before I think it was more that I just never went without it, if you can understand me.

I feel so different about myself. I feel good. I do not feel old. It has given me my mojo back- my makeup fits and suits who I am.

Hilary, Costa del Sol, Spain

Wonderful Products

After reading an article in the Mail newspaper, I thought I'd check out the site & I'm so glad I did. I've found it difficult in the past to find products for a mature skin but Look Fabulous Forever products are just what I've been looking for, they are easily applied and really do last all day. Thank you Tricia for such amazing products.

Carol, Lancahsire, UK

Fantastic Makeup and Service

Can't recommend this make up enough. I have always worn make up on a daily basis but haven't always been happy with some of my purchases. Enter LFF makeup. Wow - I am so happy with all my purchases. I especially love the prime and base. After watching Tricia's video, I mix them and put them on together to save time. My complexion now looks flawless. I do suffer from rosacea but this is the best makeup I have ever used. It covers beautifully and feels so silky on the skin. I did initially pick the wrong colour base and reluctantly returned the product, but Tricia's team are brilliant and replaced it speedily, I can't praise the service enough! I am slowly replacing all my makeup for this brilliant brand and so happy to have found it!

Linda, Burnley, UK

I wish your company every success!

My order was delivered within 24 hours.I love all the products and I’m sure I shall be ordering more before long.I will also tell my women friends of your fabulous products. I loved talking with Tricia-she is such an inspirational women and I wish all success to your company.


Wonderful Product Line!

I am just shy of 55 and have struggled with finding the right makeup. Luckily I stumbled upon LFF and I couldn't be happier. I use a number of your products with the lid primer and lid color in silver mist being my absolute favorites! Thank you for a great line of products and super customer service. Love the tutorials!

Susan, Montanta, USA

I couldn't be happier!

I purchased the 'Mother of the Bride' Collection & I couldn't be happier. Every Product is of exceptional quality & perfect for my age skin (64). Every step compliments the following Product. The Prime really does prepare your skin for the Base. I am loving the Brow Shape. First day, I was a bit uneasy, but the following day there was no turning back. The quality of the Lipstick shows through as you apply it. So creamy with staying power as an added bonus. All Products are superior to any of my past make up purchases.

Christine, Sydney, Australia

Feeling Fabulous!

I received your red carpet package for my birthday this month. Absolutely love all the products. I have never been able to wear a normal foundation as it was always too drying for my skin. LFF base is totally opposite, it makes my skin feel more natural. I also love the tutorials and I have been practising with my eye make up, something that I have avoided using in the past. I now feel that I can wear some colour and feel good. Thank you.

Sue, Cheshire, UK

I love the makeup and the way you do business

The makeup is lovely, it makes my skin look clear and soft and is not cakey or too heavy. The primer makes a huge difference by smoothing the skin for foundation. Truly lovely! Working with your company was an impressive experience. You took the time and trouble to stay in touch with me to ensure that I received my make-up . Again, my sincere gratitude for everything. I love the make-up and the way you do business.

Sally, West Virigina, USA

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new eye makeup

I couldn’t be more pleased with my new eye makeup which has given me a ‘fresh look’. The greatest revelation is the brow shape and brow brush which has brought my face back to life. Since going grey (officially) four years ago I have tried numerous other eye brow products which just pail into insignificance when compared with yours. I hope in time to gradually purchase more of the products, lips are next on my list.

Kate, Skipton, England

I love your products!

I am 55 years old and was considering hiring a makeup artist to apply my make-up for my son's wedding, but stumbled upon your wonderful tutorials. I decided to apply my makeup myself and am so glad I did. I felt and looked great. I'm hooked on your products, they do just what you said they would do. Can't thank you enough!!

Crystal, Massachusetts, USA

Simply inspirational!

Since I've started using your makeup and following the tutorials, I have had numerous comments and compliments from others. It's been wonderful for me, thank you! I look forward to every blog entry and every new tutorial. You have inspired me to not let my age get the best of me!

Andrea, Fort Collins, USA

Fabulous , fabulous forever makeup

I received my order today, (amazed at the speed with which it arrived) and of course had to try it. This makeup is incredible . I, too have only used high end products but your product beats them all. Although the Canadian dollar suffers against the pound I will continue to order this makeup. Thank you thank you for such an amazing product line.

Gail, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for making your beautiful makeup available to women in the U.S

Today was the first time I wore your products and they are everything you said and more. My face looked flawless and the products stayed fresh looking throughout my day. I look forward to adding a few things I didn't purchase the first time.I love watching your videos on your web page and YouTube. I have always worn high end makeup (not drug store) but your products just seem to blow those out of the water. I am so glad I stumbled across your videos on YouTube and gave you a try. It is hard enough to look in the mirror and see those fine lines that were never there before and have the wrong makeup on that enhances them. But with Look Fab Forever, it never settles in those fine lines. It's just your skin, only better. Thank you for making your beautiful makeup available to women in the U.S

Vicki, Middlebury, USA

This make up is fabulous. I highly recommend it. My husband commented how different it made me look. Fabulous and healthy instead of made up. Will be ordering more.

Sheila Sullivan

The products feel beautiful on the skin

The Look Fabulous Forever range is perfect. The products feel beautiful on the skin, the tutorials are excellent and the results wonderful.
An excellent purchase going by all the compliments I received. I can now wear makeup again without that 'caked on' look so often with the older skin.
Thank you Trish

Jean, Australia

My Son's Wedding

My son gets married on 20th June and as Mother of the Groom I wanted my make up to be perfect and last all day. So you can imagine that over the last few months I have been trying out lots of new ways to apply make up and was looking for inspiration from the Internet when I stumbled upon your web page and the tutorials for us older woman (60 next birthday). What a revelation and how easy you made it look. I especially like the videos of you applying the make up yourself. I purchased most of the products and have practiced my look a few times and now feel prepared for a wonderful day next week. I might even post a photo!

Linda Hills

Love the Simplicity

I received my order and found every item to be just as you say - fabulous. I am so happy to have discovered a line of make up for older women. I have tried a lot of make up only to feel like I look like a chalk doll. I love the simplicity. I will for sure be telling my peers about this line of make up. Hopefully your products will be available in the U.S. in the future.


Absolutely the Best

I have tried quite a lot of makeup brands over my 62 years and never found one that truly performed as expected. I no longer have to buy, try and throw away makeup. My makeup lasts all day and the coverage is perfect for this stage of life. One of the products in my first order was the Base, I received a sample of the Primer and it truly made my skin feel velvety smooth and performed as promised. I definitely will be ordering the primer along with other products with my next order. I have now finally found a lifetime product it is absolutely the best!

JoAnn Katchmore

A Recent Convert

As a recent convert to LFF I want everyone to know how truly fabulous I have found the prodcuts I have tried. They do exactly what you have said they do - Eye Prime makes eye makeup stay put all day, Lip Prime makes a gorgeous base for lipstick and Face Prime makes my skin feel so smooth.Yesterday I received my eye products and so enjoyed using them this morning. The colours and textures are perfect! The lipstick stays put, actually on my lips, not in the creases around my mouth. When I run out of my present base and blusher - guess what I shall buy - LFF of course. In fact my face will become totally LFF!

Wendy Ormerod

Recommending to My Friends!

I have been using the base for a couple of months. I found it to feel very light but give good coverage and perfect with the primer. A little goes a long way. I've been very happy with all the products I've had from this company and have recommended the site to friends. Have found the tutorial videos useful too. I recently gave a friend a sample of primer and base to try as she had just purchased yet another foundation she was unhappy with. Perhaps it would be possible for you to sell little samples of base and primer for people to try.


The real me, but the best me I can be!

So...here I am on the eve of my 71st birthday. I thought you may like some feedback from my first order.

Firstly, thank you so much for sending everything so quickly in the beautiful silver packaging (almost too lovely to open!) I'm having a great time trying everything. All the products do exactly as you say they will; the primer feels amazing and the base is so easy to apply. I didn't know there was such a soft foundation brush available. In the past I've bought some really expensive brushes but none compares with this one. Every item just feels so gentle and comfortable to wear, while adding exactly the right level of definition.

I feel like the "me" I hoped I would; the real me, but the best me I can be!.

The fact that you aren't afraid to use the word "pretty" is marvellous. Not many of us can claim to look "stunning", "amazing" and so on, but we can all feel and look prettier, thanks to your beautiful products. The packaging is so stylish and chic, a real pleasure to use. I also have a feeling they will last a long time, being of such good quality.

Tricia, I must congratulate you.

Jane Lishman


I ordered the foundation base, the brush and cream eye shadow about 3pm. the parcel arrived next morning, Amazing!! I am delighted with all the products and will be ordering more, especially the face prime, which was sent as a sample in my package. Well done Tricia and team! Larry

Larraine Foster


I only discovered LFF a week ago and am so happy I did. I've been really impressed at the speed at which products have been despatched and so happy with everything I've bought. It's hard to say which is my favourite as they are all wonderful, but if I had to choose then it would be the Fab Brow Shape and Brow Brush I not only have thin brows but also a scar running through the middle of one eyebrow. For the first time it's not noticeable! Having said that I love all the products. I also love the tutorials -- such a help

Tena Walton. Ludlow

Great products and awesome service;

Hi Tricia, Firstly The best service!! Secondly the products are fresh, delightful and effective. Thirdly, I can't wait to order want more! Thank You.

Wynne Tranter

Brilliant Idea and Lovely Products

I would just like to say how fantastic it is to actually find makeup for older women and advice on how to use it. Everything about my face has changed so much in recent years - I have no idea when or where my eyebrows went - and it's tempting not to bother with makeup especially when faced with the vast array of it on the market all aimed at the young. However your products are designed for women like me with the same ageing issues I have, no longer do I have to feel old and a bit silly at the make up counter in Debenhams. Thank you for your brilliant idea and lovely products.

Lesley, Essex

Totally Perfect

I just purchased The Base which arrived just in time for my vacation…it was perfect! I have bought so many foundations over the years and non have been quite the right color. With Tricia’s help I got the right color first time AND it does just what it says it will. When I got back off vacation my eye prime, brow shaper and eye colors had arrived. Again totally perfect! So happy to have found this company, I will be coming back for sure!

Rona, Ontario

LFF range is fabulous!

Thank you for all your help. Postage was quick and the make up is fabulous. I am 66 suffer with thin and sensitive skin but by golly the LFF range is fabulous.

Lyn B, Birmingham UK

Amazing Makeup

Hi Tricia, Just to let you know that I've received both my lip and eye prime...wow...where have these products been all my life?!! Seriously impressed with them, love the packaging and the clean lines and of course you do realise that I shall now have to treat myself to the face prime, foundation, concealer and on and on! Thank you for this high quality make up and skin care designed especially for mature skin, I have a particularly stubborn line above my lip (just one side) and the prime has helped enormously, nothing else has come close. Keep up the amazing work!

Lyn Rozier, Telford, Shropshire

Looking fabulous

I absolutely love your products and now use them regularly. I also find the video tutorials invaluable, and with your help I have updated both my makeup products and techniques and now feel fabulous again.

Felicity Lawson

My new best friends...

Look Fabulous Forever now appears on my chrome page as "most visited". I came across the site by accident and read Tricia's blog - as soon as she said she had been through a colour analysis for clothes, I thought her make-up must be worth a look. As I fall into the modern day category of a "baby boomer " I still consider myself worthy of style and how make up can hold back the years! The Fabulous Forever range of make-up and brushes feels unique and I am sharing the success of my purchases to date with friends who also enjoy quality products that feel expensive at an affordable price. Thank you Team Fabulous. 

Karen, The Costwoolds, UK

Hooked on Your Website

I love the online tutorials-so useful. Over the past few years I have shyed away from make up counters as most assistants are so young and I feel they couldn't really give me the advice I wanted. At last someone who realises that us 50 + ladies require as much advice, as other women when it comes to make up! I am now hooked to your web site.

Jane Parker

I love all the products I have purchased. As an older lady I was using the same makeup I had used for years. You need an update ladies, and trust me, I feel so much better now I made a change.

Julie Mitchell

Fabulous makeup

It's not often one comes across a product made specifically for my age group (68) I am delighted with the videos showing exactly how and what to use. I have bought the concealer and lovely silver mist lid colour. I love them. Can't wait to get more products and ditch the drawerful of unused makeup. Confidence restored! Very pretty packaging and excellent delivery. Thank you!

Jan Galloway, Chichester

Facial make up

After reading about your company in Woman & Home magazine, I placed an order for face prime, foundation, lipstick & eye shadow. I am very happy with all products and first tried them on a day when I really felt my age and my face showed it! - before putting the make on! The prime & base are both really silky, felt & looked good, ditto the lipstick and the eye shadow gave a good kohl effect. I also received quick, friendly, good advice from Tricia to an email despite it being the weekend. All very good - I will be ordering more products & recommending the range to my friends

Angela Rippingale, France

Thank you for your fabulous products!

I am so happy I happened upon your wonderful makeup line for us mature women. I feel so confident knowing I have the correct colors for my skin tone now. The tutorials have been fun to watch and very helpful. The foundation color #2 is the perfect color for me and does a wonderful job of covering my rosacea, and the pretty lipstick colors brighten my face. Now I can go through my drawers and get rid of all that makeup that was never quite right. I have finally found the best makeup for me. Thank you Tricia for your fabulous products.

Sharron, New York, USA

My Confidence has tripled!

I have spent quite a lot of money just recently on many of your products and I am really delighted with all of them. The face prime, well, what can I say, it was the softest most delightful primer I have ever used and you can feel it's doing its job.The foundation also is wonderful, as are all the items I have bought. This is well worth an investment, I am 62 years old and I hadn't updated my make up for years, I am so glad I have. Thank you Look Fabulous Forever, my confidence has tripled since I found you and your very helpful You Tube videos.

Julie, W.Yorks, UK

My only regret is that I didn't discover your amazing products sooner!

Sandra, Wales

New User of Look Fabulous Forever

I just received my first order yesterday and had so much fun putting on my makeup this morning. I am a 68 year old and put my makeup on everyday. I love watching all the video's and learning the right way to do my makeup for my age.. I just put in a second order which means I love this product.Thank you so much for such a great products.

Linda Bell

Lovely products, quick delivery and amazing packaging

My lipstick and lip prime came today, really lovely. The red of the lipstick is exactly what I have been searching for for years. I nearly kissed the postman when I saw my package, such quick delivery and what amazing packaging. That in itself made me feel special. Tried the prime and base too, perfect colour.

Ally, Shrewsbury, UK

At Last!

At last - someone understands the make-up needs of mature ladies! The videos are really helpful and the make-up is perfect. Thanks so much!

Helen, Milton Keynes, UK

Small is Beautiful

One thing I love about the LFF range is that it is small and therefore achievable as well as being "purpopse built". I have wasted so much time wandering around beauty halls in the big stores like a lost soul, coming away having been pressurised into wasting money on some totally unsuitable products.

Maggie, Glasgow, Scotland

Fabulous Forever? You bet!

I have been a make up junkie all of my life and have used every brand on the market. As I got older I wanted a core collection suited to my now maturing skin and look in Look Fabulous Forever I found it! I am thrilled to have discovered Tricia's beautiful products and have found in particular the Fabulous Lip Colour in cherry red amazing! The colour and the longevity - I still had this on my lips by lunchtime after applying it at 7am! A first!. The excellent service I received from the company was an added bonus! Highly, HIGHLY recommended!

Dawn, Manchester, UK

Quality products; quality customer service

I came across LFF whilst looking for online makeup tutorials and placed my first order. I worried that the order would not arrive on time for my daughter's wedding. Tricia was wonderful and went the extra mile to ensure that I had my goodies. I cannot praise her enough. The products are wonderful and I applied them on the day using the techniques gleaned from the tutorials. End result? I couldn't compete with my lovely daughter but I think I did her proud AND the makeup stayed put all day despite tears and dancing. Thank you, again.

Lynda, Nottingham, UK


Nicer than Cover Girl or L'Oreal

I've been using your fabulous base and prime for several months now.I also use your eye shadow. They are much nicer than Cover Girl or L'Oreal I've been using for the past several years. I'm so glad I found your website and your tutorials, they're really great. Thanks

Elizabeth, Arizona, USA

Fabulous Eye Colour

To say that I am pleased with the eye colour is a complete understatement ! I have spent years trying out different colours in different makes and ranges and never quite finding the right one. Well, now I feel that I have really found 'the one'. The fabulous 'silver mist' is so versatile, goes on like a dream and mixes well with shadows to give a complete master class look. I can do my eye makeup in super quick time. The eye prime makes it all so easy to apply. I am so glad that I've found your wonderful company. For ladies of a certain age, this is just amazing, although I have noticed keen interest on my purchases by my daughters!! May have to lock it up. Thank you Tricia. This is now my 'go to' site for good make-up tutorials and to purchase the best ever make-up for me. Thank you.

Anita, UK


Wonderful Products

Thank you so much for your wonderful products and the fantastic web page. I have never felt confident choosing lip, cheek, or eye colours before, and have wasted a lot of money on products I don't use. I love the ease with which I can choose colors, using 'models' from your gallery with coloring similar to mine. Finally, I know what will work, and thanks to the videos, how to apply my makeup. I am amazed at how lovely the colors are, and how they light up my face. This is especially helpful as my hair is now grey, and without makeup I look washed out. But not any more! Excellent products, really helpful --and fun - tutorials.

Mary, Ohio, USA

Face Primer

This face prime is just amazing, it does exactly what it is supposed to do!! It makes your make up go on so smoothly and helps remove those wrinkles!! All the make up is superb, so much so I am about to order another lipstick. Well done Tricia!

Liz , UK

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have found your make up line. I have purchased a few products and I love them all.Thank you so much for creating such beautiful make up for the older woman. Well done and thank you for the tutorials. I thought I was quite good at applying my make up after all these years of practice but I have actually learned a lot. Thank you.

Colette, Scotland, UK

Just wanted to thank you so much for receiving my make-up package. What excellent service. This afternoon the postman came at 3 p.m. to deliver it. Of course I could not wait to try them and I'm so pleased with them. They really are everything you said they would be. Also thank you for your base 02 that you sent along as a gift, I did not expect that at all. I've already shown the result to one of my daughters and she said "Oh Mom, that's really nice". I am looking forward to using more of your products in future.

Jenny, Netherlands

You will LOVE it, the best makeup I've ever used and the service is also the best..Tricia be proud, you are amazingly good at your job........I may have to adopt you

Vicki, Tasmania

I just purchased my first order with Look Fabulous Forever. It took three attempts to put the order through, however I immediately received an email from Tricia who helped me with the challenge....She was wonderful.....now that is customer service! To anyone having trouble ordering from USA keep trying...I know it will be worth it. Thanks again Tricia.

Jackie, Florida,USA

I love your products and your philosophy of demonstrating them on models who are your "normal" friends. The videos are so relaxing to watch as well as being very helpful. I have given a few products as birthday presents, and not just to the over 50s!

Eve, Scotland, UK

These products (and the wonderful You Tubes) are helping me beyond measure ! No longer the feeling, why bother with makeup ? It makes a real difference in "how" I see me and how I feel, when other do to...Wow The colours are lovely, blend with ease and do exactly what the claim to do. I love the new me...Living in France where makeup is "queen"of fashion, no probably more a princess... These are made just for me, well "Us"...and we have the confidence to carry it off with panache. Thank you again! I am looking forward for my second order to arrive.

Marti, France

I am so happy that someone out there is manufacturing makeup for me, and showing me how to apply it.

Trudy, Toronto, Canada

I have received my order and just wanted to say how pleased I am with the products. I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make to use primers on my face and eyes. The medium base I chose toned perfectly with my skin and the overall effect was flawless and not at all cakey - and I have dry skin!! I was a bit dubious when I saw the lilac-ey looking eyeshadow, but again, it lifted my eye area and seemed to work well. Although I still have wrinkles I feel I look the best I can and my confidence has increased. Great stuff - I will recommend!

Jane, England, UK

I love your cosmetics! They are an absolute delight to apply and wear - veins, blemishes gone.

Lynn, Scotland, UK

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