Makeup, in my opinion, is a quick and easy way to look your best, and it's also tonnes of fun once you get the hang of it. So this week I have been giving some thought to all the reasons older women might give for why they don't like to enhance their natural good looks with makeup...

1. They Believe That They're 'Past It'


These women may have made an effort with their appearance when they were working, but now they get up and get ready in the minimal time possible. Perhaps they just wash their face, run a comb through their hair and pull on an easy, no-nonsense outfit. This is the unfortunate product of midlife and mature women being treated by society as though they are invisible. 'Why should I care what I look like when noone looks at me anyway?' they ask. This is, of course, a fallacy. Midlife and mature women continue to have much to offer the world and themselves, and I refuse to believe that we stop looking fantastic as soon as we hit 50!

2. They Lack Confidence Applying Makeup


I will admit that makeup needs to be adapted as we get older. Mature skin tends to be drier and lack colour, and our lifelong techniques may seem to have lost their effectiveness. Beauty counters can be daunting, and a bad experience with a young makeup artist at one of them may have left some of us itching to run home and take off our 'new face' ASAP. Altogether this can lead some of us to reluctantly accept that makeup is for younger women with flawless complexions - an opinion exacerbated by magazines and adverts which refuse to showcase women over the age of 30 at all. Luckily, there is much in the way of makeup advice for older women, especially on my Youtube Channel, where you will find hundreds of mature makeup tutorials!

3. They Fear Appearing Like 'Mutton Dressed as Lamb'


A favourite saying of many a mother, this is a fear that is widespread in our generation. Nobody wants to appear as though they are 'desperately clingling' onto their youth, but why should that mean avoiding makeup altogether? Perhaps some trends of the younger generation are best left up to them, but well applied makeup will always flatter and enhance a face at any age! And I will never relinquish my love for a bright, bold lipstick... in fact I find it more integral on an older, paler face than I do a young one.

4. Their Husband or Partner 'Doesn't Like It'


A favourite saying of the other sex: 'You look better without it'. Whether a phrase used currently by their partners, or one they remember their fathers weilding in their youth, this can truly put a lot of older women off. And if you gave up on makeup a long time ago, suddenly adding colour and ornament to your face may seem extravagant at first. But the truth is that if you are applying your makeup well it will only magnify the beauty that you already possess. If it makes you look great and feel great then I can't see much sense in forgoing it for the sake of a dated and inconsequential comment!

5. They Are 'A Lifelong Feminist'


They didn’t go on all those marches in the 60’s and 70’s to win equal rights for women to surrender to that ultimate symbol of male oppression (lipstick!). So their scrubbed face is a statement of their feminist credentials and membership of the sisterhood. For me, feminism is the right to have personal choice, no matter what your age or gender. If a midlife or mature woman doesn't wish to wear makeup because of nothing but her own will, good for her! But donning a little lipstick doesn't exclude you from being a feminist. 

6. They Think It Makes You 'Vain'


Perhaps these women feel that spending time making themselves look more attractive amound to 'self indulgence'. But I have to disagree. Taking care of yourself means more than just looking after your internal physical health. Ensuring that you feel mentally good about yourself and the way you present to others can play a big part in maintaining your mood and energy - what's self indulgent about that? I know that I certainly feel my best when I'm showing the world I'm willing to invest time in myself by scrubbing myself up a little each day!

7. They Were Taught to Think Makeup Is 'Common'


Another misogynistic trope generated by society: 'It's only stupid, frivolous women who wear makeup.' Therefore, to mark your intellgience you must wear a bare face as a sort of 'I'm clever' badge of honour. Again, this belief is dated and nonsensical. Are we really to believe that intelligence is rooted in a bottle of foundation? 

8. They Think 'Makeup Is Inappropriate When You Are Older'


Where did this opinion come from? Is it similarly inappropriate to enjoy fashion and style in the clothes we wear? If anything, mature faces are more suited to makeup because they need the colour and luminosity more than fresh younger faces. The importance is in choosing makeup that is specifically formulated for older skin!

9. They Want to Blend In With Their Social Group


Peer pressure doesn't just exert itself on teenagers! If the entirety of one's book club, exercise class, golf club, church or other social group opts for the bare-faced look, it can be easy to think you must conform. But if 'looking fabulous' is what makes you the odd one out I say be odd! 

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10. They 'Don't Have The Time'


Modern life is busy and many women may feel that they simply don't have the time to apply their makeup because of the time constraints of their responsibilities. Would you believe me if I told you that you can create a beautiful face of makeup in just 5 minutes? See it done in real time in our video tutorial here

Did my list of reasons for not wearing makeup chime with you in any way? Like me, have you always worn makeup despite being an intelligent feminist? Do you also ‘stick out like a sore thumb’ in your social group with your lippie on?

Tricia x