Red Carpet Party Style For Older Women

Very few of us will ever walk down a red carpet but every now and again we might want to €˜pull out all the stops€™ and look fabulous for a special evening out.



There are many challenges in this for the older woman - not least the amount of flesh you choose to expose (arms, neck, décolleté) and the crippling discomfort of most party shoes! So here are my thoughts about achieving a glamorous look when that invitation drops onto the mat.




It€™'s very tempting to wear black (see above) as the most seductive and sophisticated (and slimming) evening colour. However black is also the most difficult colour for older women to wear because it can drain the life from your face and make you look ill. However black is fine if the neckline is low because you can wear an amazing piece of jewellery around your neck and get away with it. Navy is a great choice because it satisfies the €˜dark and slimming€™ brief whilst suiting most skin tones.




This depends on your body shape and the state of your arms, legs and neck. Let€™'s start with the neck and chest area above the boobs. If this is crepey and lined then you may want to cover it up. This year there are lots of dresses around which have lace arms and top part above a solid bodice. These are a perfect solution because they conceal whilst still looking stylish and quite sexy. I no longer wear anything sleeveless and I also have dreadful legs - they are shapeless and the ankles are thick. So unless I am wearing a long dress then I wear fine black tights which have a (slight) slimming effect. Alternatively I wear evening trousers and a really gorgeous (sleeved) top.




I love a bit of blingy jewellery and the great thing about bold earrings and necklaces is that they draw the eye of the beholder to your face. A plain dress which is elegant and flattering can be made much more exciting with some interesting baubles. The shops are full of suitable bling at this time of year.




These are very problematic for me - maybe the most difficult part of my evening outfit to get right. My feet get sore very quickly if I am standing for long periods and they also swell up. Unfortunately evening clothes almost demand a heel but I choose the lowest heel I can get away with and I NEVER wear brand new shoes to a party - it€™s far too risky. Apparently the Queen has her (hand made) shoes worn-in by a lady in waiting before she wears them! Failing that I just wear new shoes around the house until I am sure that they won€™t hobble me completely. I love to dance and I need shoes which will let me strut my stuff with the best of them.




One solution is to slap on an additional layer. Not! A better solution is taking time and trouble and ensuring you have enough colour on your cheeks and lips to look good in artificial light. Don€™t take a shower and immediately do your makeup. Leave an hour or so after the shower and then apply a primer to your exfoliated face, and also apply an eye and lip prime. Primers are essential for a night out because they will ensure that your makeup stays put and also stays fresh for hours. Maybe try a smokey eye - we show you how in our new video (link below) but practice this beforehand as it can be tricky to get right. Blush and Lip Colour will make you look instantly prettier and younger - so don€™t be afraid of wearing a more vibrant lipstick, it will light up your whole face.



Red Carpet Party Looks


I wish you a fabulous festive season of looking stylish, soigné and sophisticated so that you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that you could walk down any red carpet with the best of them!

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