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Hooded eyes? Patchy skin tone? Or lipstick that won’t stay put? We’ve got the solution to all of your beauty dilemmas in one handy place...

10 Reasons Why Older Women

Don't Wear Makeup

Dilemmas & Solutions

In this blog, Tricia analyses the top reasons older women tend not to wear makeup, gives a little advice to those toying with the idea, and encourages us to defy ageism...

Makeup that won't stay put?

Problem Solved!

Dilemmas & Solutions

As skin gets older and becomes more porous, it can seem as though it ‘absorbs’ foundation in just a few hours. Here’s how you make your makeup last...

Combat Redness and Rosacea 

for an Even Complexion

Dilemmas & Solutions

Is sensitive skin or rosacea giving you red patches? Why not even out your skin tone in a few short steps with our hero face makeup products...

How To Get

The Best Brows

Dilemmas & Solutions

Hair loses pigmentation over time, and brows are no exception! Define your faded brows and shape your face in a few easy steps…

Disguise Hooded Eyes

with our Easy-to-follow Tutorial

Dilemmas & Solutions

Hooded eyes are a common part of ageing, but they shouldn’t deter you from creating showstopping eye looks. Here’s how to apply eye makeup with hooded eyelids...

How To Get

Glowing Older Skin

Dilemmas & Solutions

Looking for the secret to Glowing Older Skin?

Give your face a pop of colour with our lively blush and bronzers...

Brighten Your Deep Set

Eyes with Concealer

Dilemmas & Solutions

Open up your eyes and appear brighter and more youthful by counteracting shadowy deep set eyes with concealer and light eye shade...

Fake a Good Night's Sleep

By Hiding Dark Circles

Dilemmas & Solutions

Did you know that the undereye area is one of the most crucial makeup touch points? Let us show you the difference a light, bright under eye can make...

A Skin Tone Transformation using

Look Fabulous Forever Makeup

Dilemmas & Solutions

Mature skin is often patchy with blemishes, broken veins or age spots. 

See how we transform Kim’s skin in a few simple steps...

Makeup Tricks

for Hooded Eyes

Dilemmas & Solutions

Want bigger, brighter eyes?

Overcome saggy, hooded eyelids with a few professional makeup tricks...

Makeup Tips for

Crepey Eyes

Dilemmas & Solutions

Skin around the eyes is delicate at any age, but an older eye can develop that ‘crepe paper’ appearance. Smooth that texture with a little primer and...

Dull, Tired Looking Face? Here's How to

Brighten and Older Face

Dilemmas & Solutions

Highlighter and bright lipsticks aren’t just a young woman’s game. Here’s how to utilise them to brighten your face and rejuvenate your look...

How To 

Cover Age Spots

Dilemmas & Solutions

Quickly cover sun and age spots with a few of our face products to mimic the perfect complexion...

How to Apply Lipstick and

Prevent Bleeding Into Wrinkles

Dilemmas & Solutions

Say goodbye to fuzzy edges and hello to precise, professional looking lipstick with our bestselling lip primer...

The Most Flattering Eye Makeup

Depending on Your Eye Shape

Dilemmas & Solutions

Here’s how to create your eye look so that it will flatter whichever eye shape you have...

How to Give The Illusion of a Plump 

Lip with Bright Colours

Dilemmas & Solutions

Paula lamented the thinning of her lips as she reached 60 and beyond, so our makeup artists showed her how a bright pop of lip colour, in the right tone to match the skin, can fake a fuller lip...

Feather No More! The Makeup

Artist's Secret to a Clean Lip Line

Dilemmas & Solutions

Do you find that your lippy often bleeds off of your lips and into the fine lines around them? Add just ONE easy step to your makeup routine and say goodbye to feathered lips forever...

Shhh! The Secret

To Long Lasting Lipstick

Dilemmas & Solutions

Do you leave a lipstick mark on every cup, straw, sleeve and fork? Here’s how to stop your lipstick from budging or smudging with a little beauty industry must have: lip primer...

Eye Primer for

Discoloured Eyelids

Dilemmas & Solutions

Older eyelids often become discoloured and crepey making it harder to get a good even coverage from your eyeshadow. Using a primer as a base will even your skin tone...

The Best Mascara

for Older Lashes

Dilemmas & Solutions

 Learn how to combat wispy, sparse lashes without having to opt for a clumpy volumising mascara...