Tricia's Top 5 Makeup Tips for Older Women

As we get older our makeup needs a change - from finding a foundation which gives enough coverage without looking heavy to eye makeup which stays put and doesn’t end up looking messy

I'm here to help you find products to suit you and help you look your best

I’ve put together my top 5 hints and tips about the best makeup to choose and how to apply it

Tricia x

The Perfect Base

One of the problems we face as we age is that foundation, eye makeup and lipstick no longer stay put as they once did. This is caused by the fact that our skin is no longer as smooth as it once was. It’s also a lot drier - so makeup tends to be absorbed into the skin

The Look Fabulous Forever Face Prime feels like silk on the skin and smoothes out any fine lines or open pores, ensuring that your makeup lasts for hours

TOP TIP - Face Prime is NOT a moisturiser, so it goes on after you have applied any serum or moisturiser

Watch my Face Prime tutorial here!

Frame Your Face

Eyebrows give your whole face balance and proportion

Once your base is ready - always start with the eyebrows!

Put definition back in your brows by using a product like our Brow Shape. This ingeniously uses a very fine brush and liquid paint with which you can recreate the illusion of the fine hairs of a normal eyebrow - even if they are very sparse

TOP TIP: After applying, take our spoolie brush and brush the product through your brows to ensure that it’s evenly distributed

Watch my Eye Brow tutorial here! 

Healthy Glow All Year Round

Open up your eyes and bring luminescence back to your skin with Highlighter. Popping some of our Instant Bright Highlight on the brow bone accentuates your features, adding luminosity and shape to your face

TOP TIP: Add a touch to the top of cheekbones for an extra dewy glow

Watch my Highlighter tutorial here! 

Define Your Lashes

Always add a sweep of mascara! The mascara I have developed may be a surprise for some of you who are expecting a heavy duty lengthening and thickening mascara. That’s what we all need when we are older - right? Well no. Our Lithe Lash Mascara adds subtle definition and colour without being hard and spiky - so the eyelashes still feel soft to the touch

TOP TIP: Apply an extra coat of mascara to the lashes in the outer corners of your eyes to open up the eye 

Watch my Mascara tutorial here!

Luscious Lips

If you asked me what is the most important makeup item for an older woman, it would always be lipstick. Why? Because it does many wonderful things for an older face

Firstly, it adds much needed colour to the lips which are often very pale.

Secondly, our lipsticks give definition back to the mouth and make lips look fuller 

TOP TIP: Our Never Feather Lip Prime stops that annoying ‘bleeding’ of your lipstick colour so that it looks sharper

Watch my Lipstick tutorial here! 

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