My Face Looks Lifeless

Later in life, our lips are apt to lose their redness. Skin becomes more translucent and eyebrows fade, meaning our features have less contrast. Keep your lips luscious with our rich lipstick, add blush to define your cheekbones and use highlighter for luminance.

To address Jane's dilemma our makeup artist did the following...


1. After applying Face Prime and Foundation we defined the cheekbones with Real Radiance Blush.

2. For luscious lips, we prepared the lips with Never Feather Lip Prime and used a lip brush to apply a few coats of Lustrous Colour Lipstick. 

3. To add luminance, we use the built-in brush in Instant Bright Highlight and applied it to the top of the cheekbones and onto the brow bones.

See below for the products we used...