My Eyes Deep Set

Older skin does, lamentably, have a tendency to sag, and this can make our eyes appear smaller and more deep set like Angie’s. However, by blending a matte eye shade – and adding a brightening touch of lid colour – you can open them up beautifully. Deep-set eyes can also cast more of a shadow, so adding concealer under the eye can help.


Watch how our makeup artist applies makeup to deep-set eyes below...

To address deep-set eyes, our makeup artist recommends...

1. Defining brows with Bring Back Brow Shape

2. Applying eyeshadow in a mid-tone to the lid area

3. Applying eyeshadow in a light-tone into the socket line and outer corners of your eye

4. Applying eyeshadow in a darker mid-tone on the top and bottom lash line

5. Dotting Sheer Brilliance Lid Colour on the brow bones for luminance

5. Finishing the look by applying mascara

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