The Best Hair Products

The Best Hair Products

For Women Over 50

For Women Over 50

As we age our hair often loses its fullness and can appear brittle and lifeless

The best hair products for women over 50 will add volume and strength to the hair. Our founder and mature hair extraordinaire, Tricia, has created a range of products formulated to boost your roots and reinforce your follicles.

The result? Strong, smooth and lifted hair, no matter your age...

T H E     V O L U M E     B O O S T    R A N G E 

T H E  V O L U M E  B O O S T   

R A N G E 


Cleanse your tresses and stimulate your scalp for hair growth with our Volume Boost Shampoo

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Turmeric complex (Capilia Longa™) nourishes hair follicles and promotes growth

Caffeine stimulates blood flow in the scalp to boost hair growth

Sugar Beet (Betaine) improves moisturisation for healthy looking hair

Botanical Hair Volumator Complex improves volume, fortifies hair for strength and reduces breakage

How to Use:

1. Ensure hair is thoroughly wet, then squeeze a grape sized amount of shampoo into your palm

2. Massage into your hair, focussing mainly on your roots, and then work into mid-lengths and ends 

3. Rinse hair thoroughly and follow with our Conditioner and Root Boost Spray


Nurture your locks with our restorative, volume enhancing conditioner

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Pro-vitamin B5 improves the overall condition of hair leaving it manageable and glossy

Creatine (an amino acid) penetrates the hair follicles and helps to strengthen hair from within

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein reinforces hair follicles, prevents breakage and leaves hair looking fuller

How to Use:

1. After rinsing your shampoo, take a walnut sized amount of Volume Boost Conditioner into your palm

2. Take your time working it gently into the lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding your roots. Applying conditioner to your roots can weigh the hair down reduce volumisation 

3. Leave the conditioner in for a minute or two to allow it to work it's magic, then rinse thoroughly 


Boost your roots and prepare for a bouncy blow dry with our Root Boost Spray

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

Enriched with Biotin, the most essential supplement for healthy, strong hair that continues to grow

Phyto-Peptidic Fractions are an innovative and exclusive nutritive blend clinically proven to reduce hair loss and provide key nutrients to prevent breakage 

Caffeine stimulates the root of the hair at the scalp for instant, visible lift 

How to Use:

Option 1: Clean, condition and towel dry your hair. Apply the Root Boost spray directly into your scalp, lifting layers of your hair to ensure your roots are fully saturated. Massage gently using your fingertips, then blow dry and style as usual

Option 2: Apply onto dry hair, targetting the roots and the underside of your hair. Gently massage in for instant volume right before you leave the door! 

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