How to Get Your Skin Glowing

Makeup looks best when it’s applied to great skin. Here are 5 top tips for getting your skin into shape...

1. Improve the Surface Layer of Your Skin

- Older skin tends to be very dry. Remove dead skin cells so renewed, younger looking skin can show through

- Use a gentle exfoliator to scrub your face. This will boost blood circulation and bring newer, moist skin cells to the surface

- Your skin will absorb our Smooth The Day Face Cream better when it's freshly exfoliated.

2. Hydrate From Within

- What we eat and drink can affect how good our skin looks, so eat foods containing Vitamin C

- Make sure that you drink lots of fresh water

- Taking fish oil supplements can also have a beneficial effect and all of these things will help to prevent (or slow) wrinkling. 

3. Use a Gentle Cleanser (No Soap!)

- Soap strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it feel uncomfortably tight and dry.

- Use cleansers which will remove dirt from the surface of the skin but will not disturb your skin’s delicate pH balance.

- I wash my face every morning with our Perfectly Clean Cleansing Lotion. You'll love the refreshed and hydrated feeling you get from using just warm water and a creamy cleanser. Bye bye dryness!

4. Use a Winning Serum/Moisturiser Combo

- After you have exfoliated, use a good serum and allow to sink into the skin.

- Apply your moisturiser on top of that for a double hit of nourishment.

- After ten minutes or so, you can go in with an SPF so that you know that your skin is always protected from UVA sun damage.

- If you suffer from dry skin, using this winning combo will keep your skin quenched, bright and glowing!

5. Remove All Traces of Makeup Before Bed

- Use an eye makeup remover on your eyes where the skin is more delicate and prone to stretching.

- Then use a good emollient night cream to ‘feed’ the skin while you are sleeping.

- Sleep is of course fantastically rejuvenating to the skin and ensures that you don’t have bags or dark circles under your eye during the daytime.

- Give your under-eyes a helping hand with a restorative eye cream.

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