The Importance of Primers for Mature Skin

Few women who come along to my makeovers have ever heard of primers.

Yet when I was planning products for our range I knew it was essential we create the best primer for mature skin.

In fact, so essential, we made 3 of them.

Why Use Primer for Mature Skin?

One of the problems we face as we age is that foundations, eye makeup and lipstick no longer stay put as they once did. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that our skin is no longer as smooth as it once was. It's also a lot drier - so makeup tends to be absorbed into the skin.

As I aged I started to notice that a few hours after I had applied makeup to my face, it would look as though I had no makeup on. My eyeshadows also tended to migrate into the creases and crepey areas on my eyelids. Whenever I applied a darker lipstick, the edges would become blurred as the colour 'bled' into the fine lines around my mouth.

This is why it's so important that those of us with mature skin use a good primer.

Smooth Like Silk Face Prime

Our face primer feels like silk on the skin and smooths out any fine lines or open pores, ensuring that your makeup lasts for hours.

Application Tips:

Application Tips:

> Face Prime is NOT a moisturiser, so it goes on after you have applied any serum or moisturiser

> There are two ways to apply it. Either smooth evenly over your whole face and then apply your foundation.

> Alternatively (to save time) mix one pump of Prime with one pump of Foundation and swirl them together with Foundation Brush 3 on the back of your hand before applying evenly to your face.

Smooth Out Eye Prime

Our eye primer covers eyelid discolouration and stops your eye makeup from going 'walkabout' so that it stays neat and mess-free.

Application Tips:

Application Tips:

> Use a VERY small amount and apply direct to the eyelids with the integrated sponge

> Use Concealer Brush 4 to spread evenly over the eyelid area and above into the socket line

> Allow to absorb fully before applying eyeshadow

Never Feather Lip Prime

Our lip primer stops that annoying 'bleeding' of your lipstick colour so that it looks sharper and neater.

Application Tips:

Application Tips:

> Wipe all residues of foundation from your lips with a Q tip

> Apply the Lip Prime with the sponge applicator to the bit where your lips meet the skin around your mouth

> Rub into the skin with your finger and using another Q tip make sure your actual lips are free of prime

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