Why Do Older Lips Need Lip Primer?

A good primer acts as the perfect canvas for your makeup, whether you have large pores, an uneven surface texture, or dry skin. And lip primer is one of the most important forms of primer, because of the sheer difference it can make to the longevity and look of your lip products. Here, our founder Tricia Cusden demonstrates how to use our Never Feather Lip Prime as a part of her three steps to luscious lips:

So it’s no wonder that our Never Feather Lip Prime is a Look Fabulous Forever bestseller, here's why:

Why Choose Lip Primer?

It Prevents Feathering

Lipstick feathers when it bleeds from the edges of the lips and into the small lines that surround them. This creates an appearance of uneven, ‘messy’ lipstick, and prevents lips from looking defined and luscious.

Women of all ages can find their lipstick feathers, but older women may find that the lines around their mouth deepen and exacerbate the issue as they age. The answer? Prepare for lipstick or gloss by sealing the edges of the lips with a primer. This will prevent feathering, and ensure your final look has a clean, crisp lip line.

Your Lipstick Lasts Longer

A lip primer will also help your Lustrous Colour Lipstick or Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine to last longer. The primer fills in large pores, smoothing the skin texture around your lips, and creating a barrier between your lipstick and any natural oils that reduce longevity. 

For best results, apply to the edge of clean lips just a few minutes before your favourite Lustrous Colour Lipstick or Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine for a smooth, precise, lasting finish.

How To Apply Lip Prime...

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