At Look Fabulous Forever we are not just a Beauty Brand, we are a Movement

A movement to celebrate mature beauty, To challenge perceptions, and to embrace the benefits of ageing

I launched Look Fabulous Forever in 2013, aged 65

I was struggling to find products that worked well for my skin and as an older woman, felt completely ignored by beauty brands and retailers

My idea was simple; I wanted to create products which were specifically formulated to enhance the beauty in older faces. I also wanted to celebrate age rather than promoting anti-ageing in all of our video makeup tutorials for older women, and our photographs

So I decided to create a range of makeup and skincare specifically for older faces, eyes and lips...

Look Fabulous Forever

Happily the response to Look Fabulous Forever has been amazing and we now have many dedicated ‘fans’ worldwide who love our makeup and our pro-age philosophy.

We're still on a mission to help a generation to look, feel and live fabulously.

We are for the women whose charm and allure has never faded. Fabulous sometimes feels very far away when very real changes happen to our bodies as we age...

But let's embrace those changes and look Fabulous together!

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I am here to help you find products to suit you and show you how to use them to look your best. 

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