And I thought ‘if it’s true that you and your daughter can wear the same shoe styles then you are very fortunate indeed!’ Because for at least ten years I haven’t been able to buy what I would call ‘mainstream’ shoes - by which I mean the kind of shoes that my two daughters will blithely wear without apparently being crippled.

I have finally (and reluctantly) acknowledged that I need footwear which takes account of the state of my feet.

For a long time I tried to cram my feet into something tempting in (say) Selfridges' fabulous shoe department. These objects of desire would then sit immaculate in their boxes in my cupboard as painful reminders that I just can't wear shoes like that any more. My feet are nominally size 5 (38) which is good, but in reality my left foot is half a size smaller, so no pair of shoes ever fits both feet. Invariably the right shoe fits fine and is too big on the left or the left foot is fine and the right is excruciatingly painful after a few minutes. I also have some arthritis in my toes, so heels are a no-no. I feel that skirts and dresses look much nicer on me with a heel (however small), so I have decided that it’s trousers and comfy shoes for me, probably until I push up the daisies.

However, whilst opting for comfort, I really don’t want to completely give up on style. Shoes complete an outfit, they affect the way you walk and your posture and they also affect your facial expression - if your feet hurt it will show on your face! So here are some of the shoes I have been enjoying this year which will hopefully show you that comfort and style can go hand-in-hand or maybe that should be foot-in-foot.

The Sporty Shoe (or Trainer). I must admit that I abhorred trainers for daily wear for a long time. I have never understood the fashion for sports clothes (i.e track suits) worn when not actually engaged in some form of physical activity. I know that I am showing my age here (and channelling my immaculately dressed mother) but I used to think that wearing such unstructured clothes was not for me. And then I heard an item on Woman’s Hour from a couple of young fashion journalists saying how the ubiquitous white sports shoe was very fashionable right now and how you could wear it with everything. Which drew my attention to the fact that practically every woman I saw was wearing white lace up trainer-style shoes. So I went to John Lewis and tried a few pairs to see if they were as comfortable as they looked. I soon discovered that the best ones had leather insoles so they were less hot and sweaty than the rubbery ‘plimsoll’ type. My perfect pair were by ‘And/Or’ and as you can see they have been jazzed up with some leather tassels making them look a bit more sophisticated.


My Well Worn White Trainers

Smart Casual Summer Shoes. For several years now I have bought ballet-style pumps from Hobbs for summer comfort because my feet tend to swell in the heat. Every summer I’d buy a couple of pairs in black or navy suede and wear them until they (literally) fell apart. This year (thanks to the white trainers) I’ve only bought one pair of Hobbs ballet pumps (see below) and I also decided to try a very pretty stripey pair I’d been eyeing for some time from a small online brand called ‘Mandarina Shoes’. Their marketing manager is an old friend of mine so I asked her to send me a couple of pairs of shoes so that I could try them for size and comfort and tell you about them. Their selection of pumps is full of interesting and quirky colours and styles and I do love the pair you can see here. They aren’t quite wide enough for my short fat feet, so they weren’t comfortable on me, but if your feet are narrow then I think they’d be a great choice for smart casual wear.


Ballet Pumps (Hobbs)


Flat Pumps (Mandarina Shoes)

Posh Shoes. Every now and then I yearn to wear something a bit more grown up on my feet with a nod towards a heel. Last year I bought a pair in John Lewis by Kin - which is apparently their own brand. As you can see they are red patent with a small heel and are fabulously comfortable in a ‘car to bar’ kind of way (in other words I can’t walk miles in them but they’re fine for a meal out). I still wear them with trousers but they are perfect when I want to dress up a bit. The other pair below are also by Mandarina Shoes and because they are a wider fit they fit my feet better than the narrow pumps and are very comfortable. They are a lovely bright pink suede and would be a great ‘occasion’ shoe for (say) a summer wedding if you wanted to wear a small heel. Mandarina Shoes are offering you all 10% off any order, including sale items, using code LK10. And just to reassure you Mandarina Shoes are not paying me for this mention of their brand either with shoes or cash.


Red Patent (Kim - John Lewis)


Pink Suede (Mandarina Shoes)

Please join in the conversation below about your trials, tribulations and triumphs when it comes to your shoes (and feet). It’s an aspect of getting older I don’t enjoy much, but I refuse to completely give up on style for practicality. The key thing is to find solutions which fit your feet and your head. However, as I have found to my cost (many unworn shoes in my cupboard) sometimes my head gets the better of me!

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