The Best Eyeshadow for Mature Skin

Back in 2013, 65 year old makeup artist and Look Fabulous Forever founder Tricia Cusden was struggling to find beauty products which worked for her mature skin. She felt ignored by beauty retailers, and endeavoured to launch her own makeup and skincare range which understood the needs of older women and celebrated the beauty of the ageing process.

As we get older, the skin around our eyes can become very susceptible to signs of ageing. This is something to be celebrated (a laugh line is a symbol of happiness after all) but it’s also something to bear in mind when we choose our eye makeup.


With the development of more fine lines, hooded eyelids, spots and dark circles, we need to be particularly selective about our eyeshadows, and make sure we choose ones which are specifically formulated for mature skin. Read on to discover our top secrets to finding the best eyeshadow for older eyes...

Cut Out Creasing

The key to a polished eye look is an eyeshadow that goes on smoothly and blends well. Although cream eyeshadow has gained a reputation for being easier to apply, a powder eyeshadow will always flatter mature eyes better because it is less likely to migrate across the skin and sink into fine lines.


Our No Shimmer Eye Shade comes in a matte, powdered formula which can glide over fine lines and won’t settle into creases. If you find that your eyelids are hooded, a little droopy, or have a ‘crepe paper’ texture, our buttery matte formula will give more even coverage than cream-based alternatives. It’s also far less likely to move around the eyelid, making application easier and boosting the longevity of your look.

Say No To Shimmer

When it comes to makeup for mature eyes, nearly all beauty experts agree that it’s best to stay away from shimmery or glittery products. The older eye lacks the smooth canvas that glittery shades require: fine lines and wrinkles are apt to suck in all the pigmentation and shine, leaving the finish looking slightly messy and uneven.


Think in a similar way as you would with your face makeup: you wouldn't use a highlighter to accentuate your wrinkles! That’s why all of our eyeshadow products are completely matte, allowing you to add definition and colour to your eyes, without highlighting the skin’s texture.


However, for special occasions when you want to a bolder look, our Creamy Eyeshadow Sticks offer the perfect solution. They provide a subtle pop of light without any shimmer or glitter.

Preperation is Paramount

Customers who have discovered our best selling primers could tell you that good skin preparation is just as important as makeup application when it comes to mature skin. Older eyelids often develop age spots and dark circles, making it harder to get a good even coverage from your eyeshadow. The more delicate texture of the eyelids can also mean that the same old eyeshadow products we used to swear by just don’t have the same staying power that they used to.


That’s why our eye shades are designed to work in harmony with our Smooth Out Eye Prime to create a long-wearing, smooth textured look. Using our primer as a base will also even your skin tone and lighten the colour of your eye to accentuate the pigment of the shadow and give your colour a pop!


Choose Colours Wisely

We all covet big, beautiful eyes, so a good eyeshadow look should really open the eyes up. We recommend that, after you prepare with a good eye prime, you apply a lighter shade of shadow all over your lids to catch the light and bring them forward. You might opt for our Eye Shade in Cream, Cappuccino, or Caramel Pink. 


Next, use a slightly darker shade in your eye socket to create definition and depth. You could choose Taupe, Cocoa or Rose Gold. Finally, use your darkest shade in the outer corner of the eyes to create a sultry, elongated almond shape. Opt for shades like Chocolate or Dusky Pink and build lightly in layers.


When it comes to choosing which colours work best for you, this all depends on whether you have cool or warm toned skin. We find that knowing which colours suit your skin type can make the world of difference to your eye makeup! For example, women who complain that their eyeshadow doesn’t blend well and looks unflattering often find that they are actually cool toned, and should be avoiding using so many red-based browns and opting for brighter shades instead.


Thankfully, we have the answer! We’ve devised a Colour Match Quiz, which will ask you a few short questions and determine whether you are cool toned, warm toned, or neutral toned and suited to both! At the end of the quiz, you’ll be shown a handful of products in shades which will be sure to flatter your skin. Why not take the quiz here and start getting the most out of your eyeshadow

julie applying eye shadow julie applying eye shadow
sally holding an eye shade sally holding an eye shade

Line Your Lashes

Appy your Eyeliner in soft small feather strokes instead of one thick movement. Start at the outer edge of your eye and try and go right to the base of your lashes

Top Tip: If your eyelid is crepey, you can gently stretch your lid to create a smooth base for application

To make your Eyeliner last, use a Wedge Brush and an Eye Shade in a similar shade to your Eyeliner and gently trace over the liner. This will help to set the liner and keep it in place all day

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