5 Minute Makeup Routine

Can you create a beautiful full face of makeup in just 5 minutes? Our resident makeup artist shows us how to do just that in her 5 minute makeup routine. Watch the video below or read on for Sally's step-by-steps and time saving shortcuts...

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1. Face Prime

Apply 2 pumps of Smooth Like Silk Face Prime to the back of your hand and then use your fingertips to smooth it over your entire face

2. Beauty Balm or Foundation

Apply your Light Look Beauty Balm or Continuous Cover Foundation to your face and blend it out using a Foundation Brush. Ensure you cover your eyelids as there will be no time for Eye Prime

3. Concealer

Touch up any discoloured areas of your face with a little Cover to Cover Concealer, using a Concealer Brush

4. Highlighter

Sweep some Instant Bright Highlight onto your cheek and brow bones using the integrated brush

5. Eyeliner

Line your eyes by taking a Wedge Brush and our No Shimmer Eye Shade in Charcoal and softly pushing the shadow into your upper and lower lash line

6. Blusher

Using your fingers, apply Real Radiance Blush just above the apples of your cheeks and bring it up towards your temples. Blend the edges using a Blusher Brush

7. Bronzer

Take a Blusher Brush and lightly sweep Enduring Summer Bronze where you already applied your blush. Then, brush a little into the socket line of your eyes, just under your brow bone. This will add a sweep of colour when you don't have the time for a full eye look

8. Mascara

Quickly coat your top lashes with the mascara to open up your eyes. If you have time add a coat to the bottom lashes too

9. Lipstick

Apply your lipstick straight from the bullet, ensuring to line the edges of your lips first before bringing it in to the centre 

10. Eyebrows

Take a Wedge Brush and our No Shimmer Eye Shade in Taupe and quickly and lightly fill in your brows

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