A Step-by-Step Guide:

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes should be cleaned ideally once a week, at least every 2 weeks, and always before any event for which your makeup needs to be pristine. Why? Because dirty brushes hinder good makeup application!


When your brushes are full of old makeup, they cannot blend as well. Any products you apply with a dirty brush are likely to cake, drag, and go on unevenly.


Dirty brushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria - the arch nemesis of a good skincare routine! If you don’t keep up with regular brush cleaning, your brushes are likely to clog your pores and make you break out.


That’s why one little magic tool, our solid Makeup Brush Cleaner, could actually be the most valuable investment in your beauty routine…

Here's How:

> Wet brush with cold water
> Open the brush cleaner pot, and begin swirling the bristles of the brush gently around in the product in circular motions for 20 seconds
> This starts to turn the solid formula of the brush cleaner into an emollient which is picked up by the brush
> Rinse the brush thoroughly and wipe off any excess water
> Re-shape the bristles using your fingers, and set both brush and open cleanser tub aside to air dry

The Benefits of a Solid Brush Cleanser:

> Non-liquid formula means it's mess free
> Compact pot so it's travel friendly
> Cleans brushes in seconds
> Lasts for months

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