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Our full range of 8 high-quality makeup brushes:

> Short, fat beautifully soft powder brush
> Super-soft blusher brush gives your cheeks the perfect finish
> Angled foundation brush adjusts to the contours of your face
> Small, rounded concealer brush reaches where your fingertips can’t
> Versatile, multi-purpose lip & shadow brush
> Spoolie brush tames and grooms your eyebrows
> Small, round, firm brush for applying and blending eye shadow
> Small finely-angled brush for precise eye lines
> Plus brush roll to neatly store your makeup brushes

Top tips on how to use each of our brushes: 

  • Brush 1: Perfect for sweeping powder or bronzer over the face to give your makeup a smoother-than-smooth finish.

  • Brush 2: With a circular sweeping motion, it blends in blusherfor just the right intensity.

  • Brush 3: Use the brush to apply foundation by buffing it evenly onto the face.

  • Brush 4: Use the brush to stipple concealer onto any areas you’d like to cover, building to the density you’d like.

  • Brush 5: Use for precise application of eye shades, lipstick or concealer.

  • Brush 6: Comb through the brows in an upward motion, then along the brow line.

  • Brush 7:  For blending,sweep brush over the entire eyelid in circular movements, to blend any defined lines. 

  • Brush 8: Use to apply eyeshadow as eyeliner or for smudging to create a soft, smokey look.
Collection Contents
  • Brush Roll

  • Powder/Bronzer Brush 1

  • Blusher Brush 2

  • Foundation Brush 3

  • Concealer Brush 4

  • Shadow & Lip Brush 5

  • Eyebrow Brush 6

  • Shadow Blending Brush 7

  • Wedge Shadow Brush 8

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The Brush Collection

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