8 Makeup Products Older Women Need

Tricia shares her 8 must-have makeup products for older women. She selects 3 face, 3 eye and 2 lip products which conceal, correct, add colour, luminosity and interest to older faces...

1. Concealer


As we get older we develop more blemishes, age spots and often have a slightly more uneven skin tone

These areas need a little more help than a base foundation alone 



Take a No.4 Concealer Brush and gently buff the concealer into your problem areas 

Then press the concealer with the warmth of your fingertips to melt it into the skin

2. Highlighter


Fresh, dewy looks are very flattering, particularly on older faces

Highlighter adds coveted luminosity 


You can't really go wrong with the highlighter: simply brush it onto the areas you would like to add a glow to, such as your cheekbones and brow bones

Blend in using your fingertips 

3. Blusher 


Blusher is essential to counteract the colour-loss we suffer as we get older

It makes us look healthy and brings our faces to life



Swirl your fingers in the blush and then pat it onto the centre of your cheeks and upwards towards your temples

Take a No.2 Blusher Brush and buff it all in 

4. Brow Shape


Eyebrows frame the face and give it balance and structure

Brow Shape also adds definition and colour to sparse or very light brows



Use the integrated brush and apply the Brow Shape to your eyebrows in light, feathery strokes

Lengthen the tail of your brow if you feel they stop before they naturally should

Brush through with a Spoolie Brush to soften and tidy up the brows

5. Eye Shade Trio 


A strong eye look will make your eyes look bigger, brighter and better

The Eye Shade Trio contains complementary colours which can create an entire eye look from one palette



Take a No.7 Shadow Blending Brush and buff the lightest colour over your entire lid as a base

Then take the middle shade and define your socket line using 'windscreen wiper' motions

Finally, take a No.8 Wedge Brush and your darkest colour and line your upper and lower lashes, particularly in the outer corners to create a 'cat eye'

6. Mascara 


Mascara makes such a huge difference to older faces that if you only have time for one thing, you should make it your mascara!

It really opens up the eyes and makes them pop



Gently sweep the mascara onto your top lashes in multiple coats

Add one coat onto your bottom lashes to keep the eyes looking balanced 

If you apply primarily to the lashes on your outer eye you can achieve the 'cat eye effect'

7. Lip Prime



Older women face a pesky problem of lipstick feathering and bleeding into the lines around the mouth 

Never Feather Lip Prime stops this from happening completely by sealing the outer edges of the lips



Start with clean, makeup-free lips and apply the Lip Prime only to the outer edges of your lips 

Allow to dry a little before applying lipstick

8. Long Lasting Lipstick


Tricia would not go anywhere without lipstick!

Lipstick is the perfect finishing touch to maintain equilibrium in the face and brighten your overall look



Apply the Lipstick straight from the bullet or using a No.5 Lip Brush

Precisely line your lips with the Lipstick before filling into the centre 

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