I designed this beautiful range of pro-age makeup five years ago when I was 65. My idea was simple; I wanted to create products which were specifically formulated to enhance the beauty in older faces. I also wanted to celebrate age rather than promoting anti-ageing by featuring real older women in all our video tutorials and photographs. Happily the response to Look Fabulous Forever has been amazing and we now have many dedicated ‘fans’ worldwide who love our makeup and our pro-age philosophy.

How to Buy Makeup Online

Buying makeup online may daunt you, so here’s my easy guide to choosing LFF products so that you can shop with confidence.

Everyday Essentials For Older Skin


Smooth Like Silk Face Prime: Top seller from day one and still flying off the shelves. A superb product to smooth the skin, fill in fine lines and open pores and keep makeup in place for hours. Buy as part of the Primer or Essentials Collection.

Smooth Out Eye Prime: No more messy eye makeup as this primer smooths the eyelids first and means that eye makeup will stay put for hours. Dot onto eyelids and smooth with a brush or fingers. Buy for less as part of the Primer or Essentials Collection.

Never Feather Lip Prime: Stops feathering or bleeding of the lipstick around the mouth. Lips are sharply defined once more. Apply just to the edges of lips and allow to dry. Buy for less as part of the Primer or Essentials Collection.

Instant Bright Highlighter: Lovely luminescence for the tops of the cheekbones and brow bones. Highlighter adds shape and creates a subtle dewey effect which brings the whole face to life. Apply with integrated brush and pat into skin. Buy for less as part of the Occasions Collection.

Happy Healthy Skin

Hydration Hold Serum: A terrific hyaluronic acid rich serum which acts like a fine sponge on the skin to draw and hold moisture all day long. Apply lightly to clean skin both before the Face the Day and Deeply Dreamy Night Cream. Buy for less as part of the Skincare Collection.

Face the Day Cream: Packed with multivitamins, peptides, a broad spectrum sunscreen and an anti-pollution agent, our day-time moisturiser is light and non-greasy and suits all skin types. Buy for less as part of the Skincare Collection.

Deeply Dreamy Night Cream: Hydrate and nourish your skin all night long with this rich but easily absorbed and nourishing cream. Also contains highly moisturising hyaluronic acid. Apply lightly to the face and neck before bed on clean skin. Buy for less as part of the Skincare Collection.


Neutral Colours that Suit Most Women


Real Radiance Peach Cream Blush: If in doubt about whether to choose Rosy Glow or Peach Cream, go for Peach Cream. This suits 90% of our customers. It’s a really great colour - just enough pink, just enough peach. The cream-to-powder formulation is perfect for older skins. Buy for less as part of our Essentials Collection.

No Shimmer Eye Shade Tio: These lovely matte Eye Shadow colours suit pretty much everybody which is why we combine Cream, Rose Gold and Taupe into a single pallette called ‘Soft Neutrals’. Purple also suits women with blue, grey or brown eyes, so Bluebell and Aubergine are a good choice for most women.

Sheer Brilliance Silver Mist Lid Colour: A beautiful creamy ‘smoothie’ which has been a bestseller from the start. Suits pretty much everyone as it brings out the colour of both brown, grey and blue eyes. Apply with the integrated sponge applicator and allow to dry.

Lithe Lash Mascara: Our mascara is designed to leave lashes soft and pliable - not stiff and spiky. Black is best for 80% of you I’d say, and we now have brown for those who prefer it. We also have black waterproof mascara if you who find that mascara smudges underneath the eye. Buy for less as part of our Essentials Collection.

Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine: Wear it on its own or dotted onto your lippie. Instant glamour. Instant wow. 

Are You Warm or Cool Toned?

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get the right lippie even in a shop at a beauty counter! Unless you try them all on (usually not allowed) then you just have to hope for the best. However there are some guidelines I can give you when choosing lipsticks, blushes and eye shades from our range. Most skin is either warm-toned or cool-toned, regardless of hair and eye colour. This is why we have split our range into two categories: warm and cool to make it easier for you to pick the right shade for you.

If you have warm toned skin, you will look great wearing clothes which are paler or darker shades of cream, beige, yellow, rust, brown, yellowish greens and warm blues. These shades will make you look your very best and will complement the yellow undertone of your skin. Good makeup shades for you are: Eye Shades for lid and socket area: Soft Olive, Cocoa, Forest and Chocolate. Cheeks: Blush Blush in a Peach Cream but avoid anything too orangey or brown which can look harsh on an older face. Lip Colours: Avoid anything too pink and go for nudes, corals and browny-oranges for a more vibrant effect. 


If you have cool toned skin, you will look great wearing clothes which are either paler or darker shades of pink, purple, cherry red, pure white, grey (and black) and cool blues and greens. When you wear these shades you will tend to look healthier and brighter as they will complement the blue undertone of your skin. Good makeup shades for you are: Eye Shades for the lid or socket area: Soft grey, Taupe, Aubergine and Bluebell. Cheeks: Blush in a Rosy Glow. Lip Colours in soft pale pinks, plummy shades for a mid-tone colour and cherry red for a more vibrant evening look.


Please remember that we never argue if you decide to send back an item for a replacement or a refund. Why so generous? Because our return rate is actually very low and we just want you to be happy. So buying LFF online means that you’ll never make a costly mistake again and we are confident that you will love whatever you buy!

And finally we have lots of step-by-step video tutorials to show you how brilliantly all our makeup works on a real older face which will help you to feel more confident when applying your own makeup. And if you fancy a makeover we have two popup shops in Wimbledon and Guildford, book here. Or you can find an LFF friend near you. 

We are so happy that you have found us and look forward to a long and fabulous relationship!

Tricia x.