Let's Keep it Simple

Choosing a foundation to match your skin type, texture and shade is no mean feat at any age, but you can rest assured that our Continuous Cover Foundation is perfectly formulated to give mature skin smooth and even coverage. At Look Fabulous Forever, our Foundation, Concealer and Beauty Balm all soften wrinkles and hydrate and nurture delicate older skin.

That’s your texture covered, but what about your shade? We know that finding the perfect foundation colour online can be daunting, so we’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide to help you get the right colour match, choose a product, and then learn how best to apply it for fabulous results.

How To Choose Your Shade

Below you will see five images of women with a range of skin tones. To find your shade, simply select the model whose skin tone most resembles your own. Underneath each image you will find the product number (e.g. 02) of the foundation shade which will best match this skin tone.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a cool undertone, a neutral undertone, or a warm undertone, all our foundations are formulated with a yellow base for optimum versatility.

You will also find the recommended shade numbers for our Light Look Beauty Balm and Cover to Cover Concealer which will best complement your chosen foundation.

Then, scroll down to ‘How To Choose a Product’ and take our quiz to find which of these three products will best achieve your desired look.

01 - Foundation shade 01, Beauty Balm Shade 0.5, Concealer Shade 01
02 - Foundation shade 02, Beauty Balm Shade 01, Concealer Shade 02
2.5 - Foundation shade 2.5, Beauty Balm Shade 01, Concealer Shade 02 or 03
03 - Foundation shade 03, Beauty Balm Shade 02, Concealer Shade 03
3.5 - Foundation shade 3.5, Beauty Balm Shade 03, Concealer Shade 03

    NOTE: We acknowledge that our shade range is currently limited and is not adequately inclusive. Our intention is to develop and expand to reflect a wider range of skin tones in the future. 

    How To Choose a Product

    We all have different preferences when it comes to our face makeup. Some of us like full coverage, some prefer something a little more lightweight. At Look Fabulous Forever we believe in makeup to suit every preference. Take our short quiz below to find out which product is right for you.

    Simply answer the questions, making note of whether you’re a 1, 2, or 3. Then scroll down to the advice column of the number you chose most. At the bottom of the page you can find helpful tips and tricks, as well as video tutorials, on how to apply our face makeup for flawless results.

    What level of coverage do you prefer?

    1. Light and barely there - the ‘no makeup-makeup’ look

    2. Enough to unify my variable skin tone

    3. I need it to cover my age spots, broken veins, acne rosacea and other blemishes

    What finished overall look do you prefer?

    1. Barely there - no-one would know I am wearing foundation

    2. Light looking but not obvious

    3. Smooth, polished and flawless

    How competent are you at applying foundation?

    1. I mainly use my fingers and ‘slap it on’

    2. I sometimes use a brush if I have the time and inclination

    3. I always use a brush to blend and buff the foundation into my skin


    Mostly 1’s 

    We suggest using our Light Look Beauty Balm 

    A bit more than a tinted moisturiser but a bit less than a full foundation, it’s formulated to feel creamy and lightweight. It’s also quick and easy to apply with your fingers if you prefer.

    It will unify your skin tone but be almost invisible on the skin.


    Mostly 2’s 

    We suggest you mix our Light Look Beauty Balm half and half with our Continuous Cover Foundation. Both products last twice as long so the result is cost effective.

    For evening looks or during the winter, you may wish to apply Continuous Cover Foundation applied very lightly with a brush.


    Mostly 3’s 

    We suggest you choose our Continuous Cover Foundation. Applied carefully you can achieve a flawless effect without it looking or feeling heavy.

    You can also use our Cover to Cover Conceal on any patches of skin which require extra coverage such as discoloured  thread veins, rosacea and dark under eye circles.

    Face Makeup Tutorials for Older Women...

    How to Apply Our Foundation: 

    How to Apply Our Beauty Balm:

    How to Apply Our Concealer: 

    30 Day Guarantee

    We know that, with all the advice in the world, sometimes a shade or product is not quite right for you once it arrives. But rest assured, because all of our products come with Tricia’s 30 Day Guarantee . If you’re not delighted with any of our products, you can return them, free! We’ll exchange them for a different colour, products, or refund. The choice is yours. 

    Find out more about our returns policy here