My Eyelids are Discoloured

Older eyelids often become discoloured and crepey making it harder to get a good even coverage from your eyeshadow.

Using a primer as a base will even your skin tone and lighten the colour of your eye to accentuate the pigment of the shadow and give your colour a pop

To address Zena's dilemma our makeup artist did the following...


1. Applied Smooth Out Eye Prime to prepare the lids - neutralises any discolouration and forms a perfectly smooth base for the next step

2. Applied a layer of No Shimmer Eye Shade to add colour to the lids

3. Curled lashes and applied several coats of Lithe Lash Mascara

See video tutorial here.

Customer Testimonial

'What a find! I have never used such a good eye primer. It's simple to apply and makes my various eye shadows last all day.'

- Lisa, Look Fabulous Forever Customer