Our 10th Birthday Stories
Marion Rapson

Our 10th Birthday Stories
Marion Rapson

As we approach our 10th Birthday, we want to celebrate by sharing a collection of extraordinary stories that showcase the profound impact our brand has had on our Ambassadors, Team, and cherished Customers.

Meet Marion...

Marion is a dynamic and adventurous 66-year-old woman who has embraced the beauty and joy of Look Fabulous Forever. Marion's life takes her between two enchanting locations - Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire and the quaint rural village of Langoelan in Brittany, where she proudly owns a charming house.


Marion spends most of her days with her beloved children and grandchildren. In her free time, she loves to play badminton with a close-knit group of friends. In addition to badminton, Marion loves to explore the great outdoors through invigorating walks, rejuvenating yoga sessions, and refreshing swims. 

Marion's Journey With Look Fabulous Forever

Marion discovered Look Fabulous Forever in 2016. She was drawn to the fact that the people in our ads resembled her and represented relatable older women so decided to give our products a try. Little did she know that this simple decision would begin an incredible journey.

Marion was very impressed by how our products felt on her skin and since 2016, her makeup bag has completely transitioned to exclusively Look Fabulous Forever products! In 2021, she applied to become a brand ambassador, viewing it as an opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and experiment with new products. Expecting rejection, Marion was astonished when she received an email inviting her to join the esteemed group of six new brand ambassadors.


Marion loves how our products are organised into cool, warm, and neutral colour tones, making it a breeze to find the perfect match for her cool toned complexion. However, it is the game-changing video tutorials that have truly boosted her confidence in applying makeup.


Marion's enthusiasm and devotion to uplifting women through makeup have established her as an indispensable asset to our company. Her genuine passion for helping customers embrace their beauty and feel absolutely fantastic radiates in every aspect of her videos, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have her as a cherished member of our team.

How have Look Fabulous Forever products or the community influenced your confidence and self-esteem?

"Look Fabulous Forever products have made a huge difference to my confidence. Thanks to the excellent products and the wonderful video tutorials, I now feel more confident about applying makeup in my 60’s than I did in my 20’s!!"


Which Look Fabulous Forever product do you find the most effective or transformative?

"It’s really hard to pick one individual product but for me I think it would have to be the Real Radiance Blushers. It subtly changes the shape and contours of my face without ever looking “over made up”.


Have you received any compliments or feedback from others since using Look Fabulous Forever products?

"Yes, I have, mainly people telling me I look really well!"


Do you enjoy experimenting with different makeup looks?

"Being quite a shy and self conscious person I’ve never really experimented much with different looks. However, after seeing the recent examples of style makeovers I’d now be quite tempted to have a try at a completely new look!"


Have you attended any Look Fabulous Forever live events?

"The afternoon tea in London was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to get together with other ambassadors and some of the LFF Team"


How have the Look Fabulous Forever video tutorials helped you?

"I really can’t express how helpful I find the video tutorials. They have been a real game changer for me and have massively increased my confidence about applying makeup"


How and when did you become a Super Trooper?

"I had already been a member of another online women’s group for over 20 years. Those women are my Internet Sisters, many of whom I have met in person over the past 20 + years. They have shared and celebrated happy times and held my hand across the internet through sad times. When Super Troopers was launched I had no hesitation in joining because I already knew just how powerful and supportive online groups can be."


Have you engaged with other customers or Super Troopers through the Look Fabulous Forever community?

"Yes, I’ve been an active member of Super Troopers since the group was launched, I really enjoy being part of such a diverse and interesting group of women"


What do you find most fulfilling about being a part of the Look Fabulous Forever community?

"It’s a real privilege to be part of a family-run, ethical company that produces such excellent makeup and skincare. I really love the fact that Look Fabulous Forever and the Super Troopers not only embrace the fact that women over 60 still have so much to offer, they demonstrate it every day"

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