How to make your face look Brighter, Fresher and more Youthful

Whisper it quietly - what really ages our faces isn’t actually wrinkles, it’s the loss of colour, definition and contrast in our eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and lips.

The good news is that it's easy and quick to restore all that colour and definition with the right makeup! In this video I show you simple techniques to brighten your face, to restore definition to your features, to bring back colour and to create a more youthful glow. Watch below...

Step 1


Apply Continuous Cover Foundation using a Foundation brush 3. Our foundation has great coverage without looking heavy. Skin still looks like skin, only with blemishes, unevenness and age spots reduced.

Step 2


Add some Instant Bright Highlight to the brow bone and top of the cheek bones. This brings subtle light and contouring to the face, and really helps to bring the face to life.

Step 3


Apply Cover to Cover Concealer applied with Brush 4 to cover up dark under eye circles, bluish areas at the corner of the eyes or any redness around the nose. It’s also great at covering up age spots or thread veins on the cheeks.

Step 4


Our Real Radiance Blush is a cream to powder formulation so it doesn’t sit in fine lines or wrinkles and is very easy to apply and blend using Brush 02.

Step 5


Bring Back Brow Shape is excellent for restoring definition and colour to sparse or faded eyebrows.  Apply with light feathery strokes and brush through with spoolie brush 6 to make sure product is evenly distributed. 

Watch Tricia's How To video here!

Step 6


Use No Shimmer Eye Shades to shape a define your eyes and Lithe Lash Mascara to darken your eyelashes. 

Watch Tricia's How To video here!

Step 7


Finish will a beautiful Lustrous Lipstick to light up the whole face. 

Watch Tricia's How To video here!

The essential products to make your face look brighter and more youthful...

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This blush really lives up to its name. It has a lovely texture and gives the face a glow and much needed pop of colour. I found it long lasting and the peach cream is a lovely shade which suits my warm complexion.

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