As we age something weird begins to happen to our eyes. The skin on your eyelids may begin to darken and take on a brownish tinge. Our eyebrows begin to lose colour, definition and shape. They may also start to sprout in all directions and become wiry and difficult to tame. The skin on the upper part of our eyelid starts to become loose and stretchy and to descend over our lower eyelid.

Ready to put a paper bag over your head yet? There's no need to dispair because there is so much you can do to imporve the way your eyes look with clever carefully applied makeup.

Start with the eyebrows

I would begin by getting your eyebrows professionally shaped and tidied up. If necessary, banish the long straggling greying wiry hairs. Now put definitions back using a product like our Bring Back Brow Shape. This ingeniously uses a very fine brush and liquid paint with which you can recreate the illusion of the fine hairs of a normal eyebrow - even if they are very sparse indeed.

"It's amazing no one has thought to do this before! I get my brows shaped and tinted professionally, but they are very sparse. Hitherto I've used eyeshadow powder or a pencil, but it's been hard to control and can look 'too much' - this product solves the problem simply and elegantly."

- Jan, West Sussex, UK
Next neutralise any discolouration on the eyelid with an eyelid primer.

A flesh coloured primer both restores the lid to its rightful colour and it helps all the other products you apply to stay put. Our Smooth Out Eye Prime works in exactly this way - apply it, smooth it in with your finger and allow it to dry which takes about 60 seconds or so. It's also a good idea to use a concealer in the inner corners of your eyes so that you lose that 'hollow-eyed' look that can be very ageing.

"I've never used an eye primer before and was stunned by how much easier this one makes the application of eye colour. It also makes the colour last for a whole day. Really impressed by this and also the lid colour and eye shade I bought with it."

- Pat, Dunfermline, UK
Apply lid colours.

Now you can start to shape the eye to create the effect you want. I would see the eye as three distinct areas - the brow bone, the socket and the eyelid. Put colour onto the eyelid if you want to create a soft and pretty effect.


Use a highlighter on the brow bone.

This will open up your eyes and bring luminescence back. Keep it to the area beneath the brows and above the socket. Instant Bright Highlight is great for this - add a touch to the top of the cheekbones for an extra spot of iridescence.

"The best brightener for eyes that I have ever used. Am in love with this product."

- Barbara, Ontario, Canada
Apply eye shades.

Use dark, but neutral colours like Cocoa or Taupe in the socket area especially if you have hooded eyes. Lastly darken the area just above your eyelashes. This creates the illusion of thicker eyelashes.

Lastly a sweep of mascara!

The mascara I have chosen for the range may be a surprise for some of you who might be expecting a heavy duty lengthening and thickening mascara. That's what we all need when we are older - right? Well no. I personally don't think so! I think older women with thick spidery eyelashes look weird - so our Lithe Lash Mascara adds subtle definition and colour without being hard and spiky - so the eyelashes still feel soft to the touch.

"This is, by a country mile, the best mascara I've ever used. No clogging up, no nasty fibres - I couldn't be more pleased."

- Jan, Birmingham, UK
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