How to Make the Most of Your Eye Makeup

How to Make the Most of Your Eye Makeup


As we age, the skin on our eyelids can begin to discolour, lose elasticity, and become a little droopy. Eyebrows may become either very sparse, or wiry and difficult to tame. 

But don't despair! With a little cleverly applied makeup you can improve the way your eyes look by adding definition, depth and colour. Learn how to make the most of your eye makeup with our ey

1. Whip Your Brows Into Shape

1. Find the inner point, outer point, and high point of your brows using our video tutorial below

2. Pluck away any stray or unruly hairs that are not in your brow line

3. Use Bring Back Brow Shape to fill in your brows using light, hair-like strokes

4. Brush your brows through using an Eyebrow Brush to soften the lines for a natural look

2. Prime Your Eyelids 

1. Eye Primer glides over textured skin and creates a smooth, even canvas for your eyeshadow

2. Smooth Out Eye Prime comes in a light, neutral colour to counteract any redness or dark patches

3. Starting with a light primer makes eyeshadow pigment pop

3. Add Definition & Depth with Eyeshadow

1. Use a blending brush to sweep a light shade of eyeshadow over entire lid

2. Define your socket line using a slightly darker shade, this will bring the front of your eyes forward 

3. Apply your darkest shade to the outer corners of your eyes to create a flattering fox eye shape 

4. Slightly dampen a wedge brush, swirl in your darkest Eye Shade and line your upper lash line to accentuate your lashes

5. Add volume to your lashes using Lithe Lash Mascara


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