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October Update


Congratulations to our top seller!

October 2018- Michelle O’Neill



2 parties, 2 x one-to-one's, 10 Orders, £492 of sales

Top Seller Award

LFF Skincare System, retail value £120.

Michelle's Story

I live in Oxhey Village,  South Hertfordshire, with my family. I am a beauty therapist with twenty years experience and now run my own home-based business. I‘ve always loved makeup and skincare and enjoy helping my clients to find the right solutions to their concerns.  I hear from my clients their frustration at the lack of understanding from the high street and department store makeup concessions. Indeed I have experienced this myself!

I was intrigued when I came across LFF as I am an avid follower of beauty and style blogs for the older woman. I ordered some products, the fabulous blush and cream eye shade (my personal hero items) and loved the concept and the tutorials. When the opportunity arose to become a LFF friend I instinctively wanted to be part of it.

So far I have enjoyed meeting some fantastic women and hearing their stories through one to ones and parties whilst demonstrating and passing on tips and application techniques in a sociable setting. I am looking at ways of showing and selling the products to more women and groups - watch this space !

Michelle Party highlights

I love seeing the interaction between friends that know each other well and give honest compliments to each other on their new look. One of my favourite events was with two lifelong friends - it was supposed to be a one-to-one and the friend that came along for moral support ended up ordering £300 worth of products for herself also giving a new makeup look to a recently divorced lady in her 50s boosting her confidence to rejoin the dating scene!

Michelle Party Tips

My tips for successful parties would be to be relaxed and really listen to the guests as often when the conversation flows they make their specific needs known whether it’s technique, the order in which products should be applied or advice on colours that will look good on them. Everyone joins in the warm versus cool conversation!


Top sales and makeup tips


Makeup Tip - How to Have Luscious Lips:

Don't forget to apply Never Feather Lip Prime around the edges of the lips and let the product dry.  When applying a lipstick to someone else, always take some off onto a spatula then apply with our Shadow and Lip Brush 5 so you avoid double dipping into the lipstick.  With one hand, using one finger press just above your client's lips to make application easier. Using the brush, paint onto the edge of the lips as if you were applying a lip liner, then fill in the whole area. Don't put too much in the outer corners as this can sometimes look caked.  Use one tissue thickness to blot and if you really want your lipstick to last, use a very fine translucent powder (we like By Terry's Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder) through the tissue. Apply a second layer and to avoid any lipstick on the teeth, tell your client to almost close her mouth and then to pop her little finger in and and pull it out again.  Any lipstick which would stay on her teeth will come off on her little finger! For a glamorous or evening effect, apply our Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine in the middle area of upper and lower lip. For very thin lips avoid really dark colours but sometimes it's good to be a bit bolder than your client would normally try....it is VERY easy to get stuck in a rut with lipstick colour and it can totally balance the face and finish off a lovely look.

Sales Tip

If you meet  potential customers but they are not quite ready to order at your 1-1 or party you can link them to yourself prior to their ordering.  This means you will benefit when they are ready to place their order and your time will not have been wasted. There are two options:

  • Access the LFF website via your evergreen link and set them up with an account or

  • Ask said person to visit the LFF website and then just to add to the URL your evergreen code so after the forward slash mine would bewww.lookfabulousforever.com/lffhome/CG

Option one is safest!

Advanced Makeup and Sales Training Feedback 

We had an absolutely brilliant day on 13 November when Joy, Margot, Olwen and Wendy attended the inaugural training day with their models Nicky, Nicky, Penny and Carrie.

  • It seems everyone liked the comprehensive handout we prepared - “brilliant notes”
  • Loved the chance to ask specific application questions

  • Excellent advice

  • Exchange of ideas


Bits and bobs new supplier

Found for us by Joy Roberts, Just My Look.









News Round-up:

Skincare reminder

We officially launched the new skincare on Sunday 18 October, and the range is designed to feel silky smooth on your skin, and has nourishing ingredients to give your skin what it needs. You can read more details about the serum, day and night creams in your product bible sheets. If you haven’t had a chance to add the skincare to your starter kit yet please remember there is a special one-off 60% discount code for you to do so - simply log on to your account (please do NOT use your evergreen link), add the three items separately to your shopping bag and then pop LFFHOME60 into the promo code box on the shopping bag page to receive the new products for £48 rather than £120!

Pop-up Shop Wimbledon

The pop-up shop is now open until end of March!

Welcome to our new friends!

Denise, Deanne and Jan - 20 November 2018



Suzi- 29 November 2018


Friend party pics