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November Update


Congratulations to our top seller!

November 2018- Anne Hanlon



2 parties, 4 x 1-1s, 15 Orders, £957 of sales

Top Seller Award

Mascara, eyelash curlers, brow shape and three brushes.

Anne's Story

I live in the heart of rural Somerset.  My husband and I retired from running our Village Store and Post Office three years ago but still live in the village, and have done so for 20 years.  I still get my shop 'fix' by volunteering for a local Children's Hospice charity in their amazing shop situated in Glastonbury. While working in Glastonbury I learned how to apply glitter strands to ladies' hair and so do this in my own time.  The ladies who like to be 'sparkled' are also the kind of ladies who might be interested in Look Fabulous Forever and so, many of my new customers have come to me this way.

I first found LFF through a recommendation on Facebook and immediately liked the look of the website and found the tutorials helpful and encouraging.  From my first purchases – Smooth Like Silk Face Prime (my very favourite product) and Bring Back Brow Shape, I was hooked! From then on I often thought to myself “Wouldn't it be great if I was able to try these products before I committed to buying them”.  Then, lo and behold, I saw the newsletter announcing Look Fabulous Forever Friends at Home and so I instinctively signed up for it!

The rest is recent history, as they say.  Since my initial training day which, by the way, was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time, my enthusiasm for the products has not diminished in any way.  I have enjoyed introducing my friends and clients to the range and we have had some fun mornings/afternoons trying out and experimenting.

Anne's Party highlights


One of the best tips I gleaned from our training day was to hold some launch parties initially so that friends could come along and try the products with no pressure to buy.  I held these at home over several weekends, emphasising the discount that could be earned from hosting a party and managed to get several bookings to start me off.

Although I have encouraged ladies to come along 'bare-faced', for one party I decided to put my money where my mouth was and arrived 'bare-faced' myself instead of arriving already made up and ready for action.  Therefore I was able to go through step-by-step with my usual makeup routine, taking the guests along with me. It was great fun and there was much banter about what suited who and why.

Anne's Party Tips

Arrive in good time to allow a relaxed set-up and chat with the hostess, assuring her how the event will progress and re-confirming what her hostess discount would be at the end of the day.

Display the products in order of application, which helps with the flow of the event and be up-front with the price list at beginning of presentation so that guests are not constantly thinking about the prices.

The 'warm' versus 'cool' conversation is always a good ice-breaker which, if all else fails, gets everyone looking at the colour of their veins* and saying “Oh yes!”

*Blue = cool tone and Green = warm



Top sales and makeup tips


Makeup/Skincare Tips: Serums? Primers? Help!

A lot of ladies get a little confused with the difference between a serum and a primer! I am now quite in love with the new  skincare* and in particular, the  Hydration Hold Face Serum.  When to use?  It is a skincare product so use it after cleansing (and toning if you use a toner) but BEFORE your moisturiser - I use it both day and night under either the day cream or the night cream.  It is a HUMECTANT, this means it attracts and helps retains moisture. The key ingredient is 2.5% hydrolysed hyaluronic acid and this helps to binds over 1000 x its weight in water and has a low molecular weight so it easily penetrates the skin.  Fantastic to improve hydration and to make your day and night cream more effective. This time of year when the central heating is on and we are out in cold, biting winds, our skins really benefit from extra moisture and the result is that your skin will look fresher, more comfortable and it makes your foundation go on so well.  Remember not to use it on the eyes, just the face and I also use it on my neck/decolletage area as I use the day and night cream there too.

*If you haven’t already bought the skincare range for your kit do remember there is a one-time use 60% discount on the individual items when you use the code: LFFHOME60.

Sales Tips- New Year, New You!

 January is a fantastic time for makeovers.  We are all in need of a New Year pick me up after the excesses of Christmas and it is time to have a fresh start.  No better place to start than our makeup bags. If you have some gaps in your diaries, why not try and have a series of 1:1s or 1:2s or even 1:3s (this is then a "party") over a cup of coffee either in your own home or at your clients home.  

Either go back to existing party clients or ladies who never made that Beauty Playground or your launch but seemed interested at one point. Do you know anyone who is to become the mother of the bride or groom? Revisit your initial brainstorming list.

Time to contact your local care homes? Boutiques? And not forgetting Michelle O’Neill’s great tip: “A beauty client of mine belongs to the Townswomen's Guild. She showed me the latest issue of the Guild magazine with a double page spread interview with Tricia about LFF! I contacted the local branch organiser and she is writing about me and LFF in their next local newsletter I am hoping this will lead to some enquiries.”

You can offer really personalised, tailored help and some new tips, new ideas on colour and a chance to show your clients the new skincare if they haven't seen it.  I always tell my clients to come wearing their normal day makeup (so I can see what they normally do) and to bring their makeup bag with them so you can have a declutter and help them decide what suits and what they may need to add.  You will be amazed at just how old some of the makeup will be....sometimes still the same eyeshadow they used on their wedding day 30 + years before. Build your confidence using the products on different face shapes, eye shapes and colouring by doing these 1:1s and when or if you are already fully competent applying makeup on other people, remember it is YOUR business so you can always charge out for your time too.  

If you would like to attend our next Advanced Makeup Training Session to help with this, email: caroline@lookfabulousforever.com for more details.  

Ladies are definitely screaming out for personalised help as our Wimbledon pop-up shop has shown....and the personal touch where you can really listen to their particular issues can be so rewarding. 

Welcome to our new friends!



Suzi Patrick with Sally Deung and Joy Roberts

29 November 2019

Friend party pics