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February Update


Congratulations to our top seller!

January 2019- Jan Harman



2 Parties, 3 1-1s a total of 10 orders, £477 of sales

Top Seller Award

Serum, Day Cream, and Face Prime

Jan’s Story

I became an LFF at Home Friend because I wanted to try something outside my comfort zone.  I have no experience whatsoever in selling or promoting products. All my working life I have been a “back office” person.  From a GPO Telephonist (number please!) at 16 to logistics and administration and finally Finance Controller for the last five years of my working life.

During my initial LFF at Home training in November, we were asked to describe something we had done during our working or personal lives that we were proud of and I could not come up with a single thing!

However a few days later I was reminded of an incident during the late eighties when I travelled with a colleague to Helsinki Finland (which was the gateway to sales of goods to Russia prior to the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989). We secured, against all the odds, an order to supply insulation material for the “100 Coldstores” project during the Gorbachev Era. This was a seminal time in Russian history as Gorbachev tried to democratize his country’s political system and improve the movement of foodstuff across the region.  Each cold store required two truckloads of insulation and was a logistical nightmare (hence why I was included in the meetings!). There was fierce competition to get that order and I am proud to say we delivered on time and got fully paid (another of my responsibilities.)

It is funny how you forget about your own achievements when you reach retirement!

I worked for 45 years, brought up two children with all that entails and latterly helped and continue to help with my four grandchildren. But now, five years into retirement I feel as though I have never worked and that was all someone else’s life.

 One has to constantly remind oneself that you are not a non-person. Hence my decision to “go for it” with LFF at Home; at what I believe is an excellent time to empower other women to have a positive attitude to themselves and enjoy this phase of their life.


Jan's Party Highlights

Through my limited beauty workshop experiences, I have been so pleased with all the positive responses, not only to the products (which we all know sell themselves) but to my advice and knowledge.  So many ladies leave saying that they have learnt something new (a testament to the excellent initial training) which is very rewarding. One lady whom I have been going to for facials and eyebrow tinting for the last thirty years bought the brow shape!  How good is that!

Jan's Party Tips

I always send a thank you / order acknowledgement via email to each client that has placed an order, the day after the party. With the acknowledgement, I attach a copy of the product  "order of application" form.  I have had a tremendous response from grateful ladies saying they had problems remembering when to moisturise, face prime etc.

Welcome to our new friends!


Top sales and makeup tips



Makeup Tips


Instant Bright Highlight is a must, it just looks amazing and is so subtle. I use it to create a ‘C ‘ shape round eye, run a stripe down nose (to make it look thinner), under the outer third to halfway along of eyebrows, slanted up from the outer corner of eye up to the eyebrow, in the cupid's bow to create voluptuous looking lips and in any furrows or deep lines to make them less deep - remember to blend fully otherwise you’ll have odd stripes everywhere! 

A quick tip from Christine Martin in case you missed it:

If on a long weekend get yourself a small little pot and pre-mix enough foundation/prime/beauty balm - takes up very little room and ensures you still have all your makeup!  


Mother’s Day is coming on March 31st.  As a mother myself, I would always LOVE to be given an experience as a pressie from my sons rather than flowers or chocolates.  We can provide a wonderful gift option for sons and daughters to give their Mums... an LFF 1:1 make-over! If you have any local florists that you could contact, offer a complimentary LFF makeover with bouquets purchased for ladies of the right age.   You could either make your own personalised gift voucher or a scroll rolled up with a ribbon with your details on it. Think outside the box...this could be another chance to visit local Care Homes to offer your services for Mother's Day or simply to brighten up their day.

Keep trying out different looks with your LFF kit on yourself and if you feel nervous helping others, have a day where you invite good friends over for coffee one by one throughout the day and for you to practise your skills of choosing colours and products for them.  The more people you see, with different colourings, face shapes, eye shapes and skin types, the more confident you will be with 1:1s and helping ladies at events. Remember to tell them it is to help you practice, not for them to feel they need to purchase anything. You may just be pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy the 1:1 attention and help. If they want to spread the word for you, then offer to do an event at their home and remind them of the amazing deal they get as a hostess as a thank you.

Motivate yourself by writing a list in the morning or the night before and prioritise actions with the ABC Technique.  A's are the must do's, B's the should do's and C's the could do's in a day. I always start by doing something I least want to do first and then you can feel virtuous and tick it off your list.  If picking up the phone to someone to ask them to come and be a model for you fills you with dread, reward yourself with something you love when you've done it. ACTION brings results! Good luck everyone.

New Skincare Products- Coming soon!

Ta dah! Arriving at the end of March will be our fabulous eye makeup remover which will retail at £18 and a cleanser, due to arrive in June, which will retail at £20 - watch this space for further details.

LFF Near Me

Since we launched this service on 19 January we’ve had lots of enquiries and Caroline has enjoyed arranging the ‘dates’ - it would be great if you would post some of your success stories and pics on the group Facebook page!


Advanced Sales and Makeup Training - 14 May 2019

Following on from the success of our November and February courses we are delighted to hold our third training course on Tuesday 14 May.  Please email Caroline@lffhome.com if you would like to book a place for yourself and your model. Limited to four Friends plus their models so first come first served! 

Enhancing your skills can enhance your earning opportunities as makeovers and lessons could be charged for! Currently three places remaining.




Course Details

Date: Tuesday 14 May 2019

Time:  9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Venue:  LFF Wimbledon Business Centre, The Old Town Hall, London, SW19 8YB

Cost:  £150.00 (includes teas, coffees and sandwich lunch for you and your model)



Course Outline

A full day of hands-on training, learning and practising advanced makeup techniques on your accompanying model. Top tips from Sally on how to introduce and sell complementary products to increase your party revenues. 




Course Objectives


  • Better assist your customers in choosing products colours

  • Enhance your makeup application skills and knowledge

  • Learn how to introduce complementary products to increase sales

  • Give confidence for you to charge for your time with makeovers and lessons


Course Content

  • Review of makeup, with a recap on ingredients, USPs and benefits

  • Hygiene and tools required

  • Day makeup

  • Turning day makeup into night makeup

  • Special occasion makeup and makeup for photography

  • Professional application tips

  • Choosing the correct colours for different skin tones

  • Techniques to unify skin tone using Continuous Cover Foundation and Light Beauty Balm

  • How to deal with pigmentation issues, sunspots, dark circles and lines using Colour Balance Neutralisers and Cover to Cover Conceal

  • Eyeshade colour combinations for different eye colours and skin tones

  • Eye makeup for different eye shapes

  • Mascara

  • Eyebrows

  • Real Radiance Blush for different face shapes

  • Lustrous Colour Lipstick - making it last and choosing colours

  • Contouring - shaping, shading and highlighting techniques with Instant Bright Highlight and Enduring Summer Bronze

  • Making makeup last

  • Brushes - cleaning tips and how to sell the brushes

Course Outcomes

  • Feel more confident and knowledgeable when advising party guests

  • Feel confident and knowledgeable when performing makeup demonstrations and beauty playground parties

  • Increased sales from enhanced product knowledge and ability to charge for makeovers and lessons plus sales of complementary products

  • Receive a LFF Advanced Makeup Course Certificate


Pics from our last Advanced Makeup Training course

22 February


Friend’s pics