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December Update


Congratulations to our top seller!

December 2018- Hilary Fisher



5 x 1-1s, 5 Orders, £473 of sales

Top Seller Award

Skincare System

Hilary's Story

I began my career as a singer and singing teacher. Dressing for my performances I experienced first hand the power of costume and how it can affect the way you present yourself.  However, my real interest in personal image began many years ago, when colour and style analysis was in its infancy.

My sister and I visited an image consultant together.  Everyone had always said how alike we were, so it came as a shock to learn we had different style personalities and we were at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to colours that suited us.  A grey suit that looked terrible on me, looked wonderful on her - a valuable lesson in how the same outfit can drain and stifle one  person while flattering the colour and enhancing the personality of another.  A lesson I have never forgotten!

Following my singing career, I trained in colour and style at The London College of Fashion and with Kim Bolsover at Improvability in Sheffield, to become an independent colour and style coach.  Being independent has given me the freedom to offer a unique service, not tied to any  company ,so that I can focus on helping clients to express the best of who they are through what they wear. I bring my experience as a teacher to listen and help clients discover more about themselves, to build their style confidence, ensuring they have the knowledge to apply that confidence beyond our session.  

It is more than a year now since I joined LFF as an "At Home Friend" and it has been a very happy association.  The fit with my business is perfect particularly since my main clientele are ladies of 50 plus and it is great having a makeup range which I can offer them.

When it comes to organising LFF parties, as you well know it requires effort and I have sometimes found it frustrating getting commitment from people but "hanging loose" has worked.  I had already started one party at my house when a lady I hadn't heard back from called me. She was most apologetic. She said she was in Waitrose and had bumped into a friend and could they both come?  Of course, I said yes. The friend not only bought makeup but organised a party herself. Result! More recently I have started offering 1-2-1 makeovers and discovered I really enjoy doing them. It seems as if the ladies appreciate the personal attention and they often buy more makeup than at a party.  Two ladies came one Saturday for makeovers. Both were exhausted after a week's work. They left energized, looking gorgeous and ready for an evening out. What's not to like!?


Hilary's Party Highlights

I was nervous when I began all this because I am no saleswoman. I am naturally a teacher and I have come to realise through my experience with the parties that they work best when I stay true to myself.   When I am connected to that "teacher" part of myself the success seems to come.

Hilary's Party Tips

Silver foil cake bases from Poundland make great display trays for the makeup and are

light to carry.  It's best to introduce the products gradually,  in the order you apply them,

this keeps a lid on things and stops the party becoming a free-for-all!


Top sales and makeup tips


Makeup Tip - Prime to Perfection

If you convert your clients to our hero products, the  primers, you will have much repeat business! Here are my top tips:

  • Smooth Like Silk Face Prime. This is my favourite product! Allow your serum and moisturiser to fully absorb before applying the Face Prime.  A good decorator always primes walls before painting them, to ensure smooth application of the paint. It’s exactly the same with our Face Prime.  Use a pea sized amount and smooth over the face avoiding eyes and lips. Our Face Prime contains Aloe Vera and Silica which helps fill in any open pores and fine lines, ensuring the foundation glides on evenly and smoothly. It will also keep makeup in place. If time is short, you can pre-mix, on the back of your hand, a squirt of Face Prime and Foundation and apply together. My preferred method is applying the primer over my face first, using fingers or a foundation brush, then still pre-mixing a little primer with my foundation and applying both with foundation brush no. 3.  I have nicknamed the face prime "Magic Knickers for the Face" which always makes my clients laugh and they remember it! I also use it on all ages - even my younger brides as I just think it is AMAZING.

  • Smooth Out Eye Prime  is a must and will ensure the lids are even in colour BEFORE applying eye makeup and it forms a really smooth base.  Any eyeshadows applied will not crease into fine lines and it will also reduce the appearance of crepiness as it contains extract of Coconut Oil.  If the eye prime occasionally "pills" (rolls into little balls), this is because it has been applied to slightly wet or greasy/oily eyelids...usually as a result  of leaving moisturiser/oily eye makeup remover on the eyelid. So make sure you apply it to DRY and oil-free lids before you apply eyeshadow. I put it on with the in-built applicator (disposable lip wand for hygiene purposes at events or 1:1s) and smooth it out with the wonderful Concealer Brush no. 4 then pat it with my finger.  Don't put on too much, just enough to cover the moveable part of the lid to the socket area.

  • Never Feather Lip Prime...This product is a  must to stop lipstick bleeding into any fine lines around the mouth.  Make sure that you use it on the skin around the outer edges of the lips and pat in with fingertips.  Always allow it to fully dry before you apply lippie. A lot of ladies think it is to use over the entire lip area.  WRONG!!! Make sure you educate your clients to ensure it is used to SEAL the edges of the lips only, then it will work its magic.

Sales Tip - Relationship Building

For someone to become a loyal customer they need to trust you and form a relationship with you.  Any form of selling is about building relationships, establishing needs and offering solutions then gaining agreements for those solutions.  Relationship selling is about being transparent, honest and helpful. No more or less than the way you would choose to interact with a close friend and no more, no less than the way you would wish to be treated if making a purchase yourself.  Before you jump in with product suggestions think of yourself as a doctor, asking questions before you diagnose.

  • What is your client's present situation? What does she usually use and what works for her and what doesn't. Does she wear makeup already and how much time does she have to apply it? Is she comfortable with the colours she is using at the moment?

  • Find out what she hopes to achieve.  Is it the use of primers? How to keep her makeup on all day?  How to work with hooded eyes or broken veins? Does she want a 5 minute before work makeup look or does she want to achieve a full-on smokey eye effect for the evening? What are her needs and how can you, in a relaxed, non-threatening way, help.

So with LFF At Home, you are not actually "selling", but are enthusing and sharing what you love. Passion is infectious as is being warm, friendly, approachable and empathetic and this allows great relationships to occur.  


LFF Near Me

On Saturday 19 January we went live with ‘Find LFF Near You’ to help generate more customers for you.  If you haven’t checked out the page please see here  and  if we don’t have your headshot please send one asap - ideally a large resolution (MBs rather than KBs) and shot against a plain background.  You can search for yourself on the page by inputting your postcode or town.

Future plans for LFF Near You include showing your personal phone numbers and email addresses - when you have indicated you are happy for us to do so, a booking system linked direct to you and short biographies to go with your images.  At the moment Caroline is checking the enquiries on a daily basis (Mon-Fri) and then connecting enquirer to their nearest Friend - or adding them to an ‘interested’ list if there is nobody within a 50 mile radius.

Advanced Sales and Makeup Training - February 2019

Following on from the success of our November course we are delighted to hold our second training course.  Please email Caroline@lffhome.com if you would like to book a place for yourself and model. Limited to four Friends plus their models so first come first served! Enhancing your skills can enhance your earning opportunities as makeovers and lessons could be charged for! Currently, two places remaining.


Course Details

Date: Friday 22 February 2019

Time:  9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Venue:  LFF Wimbledon Business Centre, The Old Town Hall, London, SW19 8YB

Cost:  £150.00 (includes teas, coffees and sandwich lunch for you and your model)



Course Outline

A full day of hands-on training, learning and practising advanced makeup techniques on your accompanying model. Top tips from Sally on how to introduce and sell complementary products to increase your party revenues.





Course Objectives


  • Better assist your customers in choosing products colours

  • Enhance your makeup application skills and knowledge

  • Learn how to introduce complementary products to increase sales

  • Give confidence for you to charge for your time with makeovers and lessons


Course Content

  • Review of makeup, with a recap on ingredients, USPs and benefits

  • Hygiene and tools required

  • Day makeup

  • Turning day makeup into night makeup

  • Special occasion makeup and makeup for photography

  • Professional application tips

  • Choosing the correct colours for different skin tones

  • Techniques to unify skin tone using Continuous Cover Foundation and Light Beauty Balm

  • How to deal with pigmentation issues, sunspots, dark circles and lines using Colour Balance Neutralisers and Cover to Cover Conceal

  • Eyeshade colour combinations for different eye colours and skin tones

  • Eye makeup for different eye shapes

  • Mascara

  • Eyebrows

  • Real Radiance Blush for different face shapes

  • Lustrous Colour Lipstick - making it last and choosing colours

  • Contouring - shaping, shading and highlighting techniques with Instant Bright Highlight and Enduring Summer Bronze

  • Making makeup last

  • Brushes - cleaning tips and how to sell the brushes

Course Outcomes

  • Feel more confident and knowledgeable when advising party guests

  • Feel confident and knowledgeable when performing makeup demonstrations and beauty playground parties

  • Increased sales from enhanced product knowledge and ability to charge for makeovers and lessons plus sales of complementary products

  • Receive a LFF Advanced Makeup Course Certificate


Introduction Fee for new Friends

Whilst LFF At Home is most definitely a party plan business as opposed to multi-level selling or network marketing, we thought we’d like to reward you as and when you may from time to time introduce a new LFF At Home Friend!  

If you know someone who would like to become an LFF At Home Friend, and you email us to introduce them, once they have purchased their starter kit, attended a training course and made their first sale you will receive a £50 LFF gift voucher to spend as you wish.


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