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October Update


Congratulations to our top seller!

September 2018 - Christine Winter


2 Parties. 11 Orders. £753 in Sales.

Top Seller Award

LFF Skincare System, retail value £120.

Christine's Story

"After a busy career as an HR Director in the publishing industry, I retired a few years ago when we moved to a remote part of Norfolk from Beaconsfield in Bucks. We wanted a slower pace of life with room for our horses and dogs and found the perfect house with ten acres set in a forest and close enough to spend time with our grown up family.

I discovered LFF products in 2016 when I realised that my current makeup just didn't work for me anymore. I started watching the videos and trying new ways of applying makeup. Friends remarked on how well I looked and I spread the word to them about this wonderful range. Becoming a LFF At Home Friend was an obvious choice as I had already encouraged lots of people to buy the makeup. I also found that as the years passed I needed a new project to encourage me to get out meeting people and do something that was a bit of a challenge. Since signing up to become a LFF AT Home Friend I have undergone quite a few changes myself by updating my own image. So at 67 years young I feel more colourful and confident after having my hair cut short and getting my colours done. Needless to say this has also involved buying lots of new clothes and jewellery in brighter colours."

Christine's Party Highlights

I have met some fascinating women and because of the atmosphere created by a makeup party they share their individual stories and challenges openly. It's very inspiring.

Christine's Party Tips

Don't worry about about becoming a salesperson as this makeup sells itself!


Top sales and makeup tips


Each month Sally Deung, our wonderful makeup artist and co-trainer for LFF At Home will bring us a top sales and makeup tip.

Sales Tips

How to get more parties booked

Parties, or Beauty Playgrounds are your bread and butter - the cost to you is minimal and if you can aim to get 1 or ideally 2 bookings from each party, you will not need to advertise anywhere. If you are struggling to get events booked please revisit your original brainstorm list and see if there is anyone on it who came to your launch and showed interest or who you haven't contacted yet.

Be brave and call them personally, rather than email. Paint the picture of what a party actually entails and ask for their help as a friend to help you start your new business. Explain that you would love them to find a few friends (3 or 4) ideally who you don't know to get them together for a really fun gathering day or evening. They’ll need to provide simple drinks and nibbles and will be able to an play to their heart's content with the amazing new makeup you have!

Tell them that you will advise on the use of the products, choosing colours and give hints and tips and this is really just for you to practice and to use the products on different people . Tell them too that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE for anyone to buy anything.

You could even host the event at your house but only offer this if you are happy for it to happen and ensure that they bring the drinks and nibbles. Emphasise the fun element of this event and how much it would mean to you to get their opinion on the products which you love. Remind them of the discounts they will get too as the host and their free gifts. Try to pencil in a date in their diary there and then. If all else fails, have them over for a one-to-one and once they try the products at the one-to-one ask again if they would have a pre-Christmas party gathering....it’ll be great to show their friends how to apply the right colours for all those Christmas events coming up!

Once you have a party planned in your diary, make it one of your main objectives to leave with ideally 2 new party bookings. Sow the seeds throughout the party. Be bold and encouraging. If you don't ask, you won't get and remember you are actually doing them a favour by allowing them to play with the products in such a fun, relaxing and laughter filled setting.

Makeup Tip

Concealing Brown Age Spots

Apply primer and foundation first then taking the small no. 5 brush apply a slightly lighter concealer mixed with a drop of the foundation and stipple over the area needing concealing - then gently pat with ring finger to “melt “ it in. Our concealers are so good at covering pretty much anything. Depending how dark the area is you could also use a tiny amount of the peach colour corrector before the concealer. Then next step using a number 7 brush 'seal' with some translucent powder. Tricia always puts translucent powder on top of concealer when she is covering her own acne rosacea.

Good luck everyone and here's to pre-Christmas diary bookings and a lot of fun.  

PS. You now have a great new excuse to go back to people to say the wonderful new skincare is also here so they could try that at their party too!! WIN WIN!!


We officially launched the new skincare on Sunday 18 October, and the range is designed to feel silky smooth on your skin, and has nourishing ingredients to give your skin what it needs. You can read more details about the serum, day and night creams in your product bible sheets. If you haven’t had a chance to add the skincare to your starter kit yet please remember there is a special one-off 60% discount code for you to do so - simply log on to your account (please do NOT use your evergreen link), add the three items separately to your shopping bag and then pop LFFHOME60 into the promo code box on the shopping bag page to receive the new products for £48 rather than £120!

The testimonials are starting to arrive and here is a small selection:

Love the packaging!

"I've just received the limited edition skincare system, so way too early for a proper review, but just wanted to say how much I like the packaging, especially the black and white lids for night and day creams so that I know exactly which is which without my glasses on - great idea!"

Great serum

"I’ve tried various serums and I think this is the best one ever. It immediately sinks into the skin and is non greasy. Would highly recommend."

I Like it (serum)

"I like the feeling on my skin. It absorbs very well and leaves no residue. My skin feels comfortable."

Perfect day cream

"I love this product as it’s a great non greasy base for my foundation. I’ve tried many day creams of various prices, and I find this one just right for my mature normal skin. Would highly recommend."

Nice light cream

"I like this cream as it is light and I do not like going to bed with a thick cream on my face. It feels smooth and easy to use."

Great night cream

"I never liked to use night cream as I always found them too heavy and greasy. I decide to give this one a go, and I’m glad I did. I only need to use a small amount and it’s easily absorbed into my skin. Doesn’t come off all over the pillowcase."


We are delighted to welcome, Olwen, Joy, Margot and Wendy to this inaugural course and will ask them to provide feedback in the next month’s newsletter!


Heather found us some great natural daylight bulbs in Wilko and we've found some more ideas on Amazon here and Ebay here.


Welcome to our new friends!

Gail and Anne - 16th October


Harriet and Roselyne - 24th October


Wimbledon BookFest

We had a fabulous team outing to go and listen to Tricia talk at the Wimbledon BookFest on 10th October - she made us all feel very proud!


Full of Life

Hilary, Wendy, Tricia and I had a fabulous day at Twickenham's Full Of Life event on Friday 26 October. It is Richmond upon Thames’ flagship event for residents aged over 55. It was a great opportunity for people to get information and advice from businesses, charities and community groups from across the borough and to meet new people. Also to try out some new things, including singing, zumba and boxing - Caroline went for the boxing egged on by Hilary and Wendy! We met lots of potential LFF At Home Friends, including Deanne who travelled from Amersham to meet us. Wendy and Hillary are busy following up on potential party leads!




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