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September Update



Congratulations to our top sellers!

July 2018 - Lillian Farrelly, Belfast


3 Parties. 11 Orders. £530 in Sales.

Top Seller Award

Three Beauty Balms, retail value £90.

3 Parties in One Month Reward

Our first Friend to host 3 parties in one month!

A full set of brushes in a brush roll, retail value £133.

Lillian's Story

"I trained as an image consultant in order to help people look and feel their very best. I remember that even as a young teenager family and friends would always ask me for my advice if they were picking or had chosen an outfit to wear for a special occasion. It would always have to have the once over by me! I love to see my clients looking and feeling a million dollars after availing themselves of my services. It’s the wow factor I love to create for them.

I came across the Look Fabulous Forever makeup range by accident really. I googled “makeup for older women “ as I felt I needed a better quality makeup for my older clients and indeed for myself. I’ve never looked back. I just love the quality of the makeup and the fact that it helps make my clients and I look younger but in a natural way. It’s no wonder I became a LFF At Home Friend. I find it complements my own Image Consultancy ‘Older Is Fabulous’ beautifully."

Lillian's Party Highlights

Seeing the ladies increase in confidence after applying the LFF makeup products. It’s wonderful to see them look so happy and fabulous.

Lillian's Party Tips

There is a lot of work involved in organising a party so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. Practice with family members first. Have a lot of the makeup products decanted beforehand as this will save time. Enjoy! Remember it’s great fun for all involved.

August 2018 - Annee Pain, London


2 Parties. 8 Orders. £615 in Sales.

Top Seller Award

A full set of brushes in a brush roll, retail value £133.

Annee's Story

"After looking after my husband for 8 years and then his subsequent death, I had to build a new life for myself so I took up dancing! It gave me the chance to have a social life and stay fit. I have been on lots of dancing holidays I plucked up the courage to go on a Mediterranean cruise by myself. I met interesting people, saw lovely places and waltzed and quickstepped the night away. Since then, I have been on a cruise every year with a like-minded woman that I met.

I have 4 grandchildren, a spritely 90 year old mother, a weekly yoga lesson and a day when I listen to children read in the school at which I was a teacher before I retired. I tried internet dating on several occasions and met quite a few frogs before I found someone I really clicked with. Now we spend holidays and weekends together. I enjoy life and there is still a lot of fun to have.

Having won the competition for the Face of LFF 2018, I was made up professionally using the products and was delighted with the results. With this experience and Tricia's wonderful videos, I was keen to spread the word to others. LFF At Home was the obvious choice as the concept of the Beauty Playground is brilliant and fun for the participants and me too! The company is flexible and I can work as much as I want to and can fit it round my existing commitments."

Annee's Party Highlights

I enjoy helping ladies try out all the products and listening to their encouragement of each other. I have had some delightful feedback from customers, such as "I can't believe how much I like it - what a change!"

Annee's Party Tips

I would suggest starting with 4 ladies maximum at a party. I find this more relaxing and it allows me time to give them all personal help.


Top sales and makeup tips


Each month Sally Deung, our wonderful makeup artist and co-trainer for LFF At Home will bring us a top sales and makeup tip.

Sales Tips

How to get bookings at your parties as well as sales

Remember to sow the seed of someone hosting their own party at a party. Do this right near the beginning of the session, in the middle and towards the end - if you just ask the guests right at the end, whether they would be interested in booking a party, they will not have thought it through and will only be interested in which products they are going to buy! By mentioning booking a party and the benefits of being a host, earlier on, it gives them time to think about who they might ask and whether their friends would enjoy it.

Makeup Tip

How to deal with someone who has different eyebrow 'bones'

This is a very common problem as most people have asymmetrical eyes/brows and as we age, our eyes also often become "hooded" making the difference even more noticeable. When applying eyeshade to someone with asymmetrical eyes, I usually ask them to look at me face on. For placement of the darker eyeshadow, I make sure that the top (remember the number 7 shape as per the eye chart in your guide - section 7) is at the same height on either side when you look at the face, even if this means you are putting the shade onto a slightly different area on each eye...you are in effect, creating a false socket line and an illusion of evenness. The eyeshadow will be above the actual socket line. Keep the eyelid area fairly neutral in colour so that when the makeup is applied, you are more drawn to the darker shade which should then make the eyes appear more symmetrical.


Our beautiful new skincare range will launch in October 2018. The range includes three new products that have been designed to work with older skin. You will receive new product sheets with full details on each product in the coming weeks.

Advanced Makeup and Sales Training

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Many of you expressed an interest in attending an advanced course on applying our wonderful makeup so your wish is our command! Working with Sally Deung we’ve developed a one-day certificated course - for which you will need to provide a model to practise on! The course is limited to four Friends at a time so it’ll be first come first served. Please email Caroline if you’d like to attend so I can book you in. The course will only run if we have 4 people attend and the cost is £150 per person which is to cover the costs of running this course. 

Advanced Makeup and Sales Training

Course Details

Date:  Tuesday 13th November 2018

Time:  10:00am - 5:00pm

Venue:  LFF Wimbledon Business Centre, The Old Town Hall, London, SW19 8YB

Cost:  £150.00 (includes teas, coffees and light lunch for you and your model)


Course Outline

A full day of hands-on training, learning and practising advanced makeup techniques on your accompanying model. Top tips from Sally on how to introduce and sell complementary products to increase your party revenues.

Course Objectives

  • Better assist your customers in choosing products colours 
  • Enhance your makeup application skills and knowledge
  • Learn how to introduce complementary products to increase sales

Course Content

  • Review of makeup, with a recap on ingredients, USPs and benefits
  • Hygiene and tools required
  • Day makeup
  • Turning day makeup into night makeup
  • Special occasion makeup and makeup for photography
  • Professional application tips
  • Choosing the correct colours for different skin tones
  • Techniques to unify skin tone using Continuous Cover Foundation and Light Beauty Balm
  • How to deal with pigmentation issues, sunspots, dark circles and lines using Colour Balance Neutralisers and Cover to Cover Conceal
  • Eye shade colour combinations for different eye colours and skin tones
  • Eye makeup for different eye shapes
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrows
  • Real Radiance Blush for different face shapes
  • Lustrous Colour Lipstick - making it last and choosing colours
  • Contouring - shaping, shading and highlighting techniques with Instant Bright Highlight and Enduring Summer Bronze 
  • Making makeup last
  • Brushes - cleaning tips and how to sell the brushes

Course Outcomes

  • Feel more confident and knowledgeable when advising party guests 
  • Feel confident and knowledgeable when performing makeup demonstrations and beauty playground parties 
  • Increased sales from enhanced product knowledge and introduction of complementary products 
  • Receive a LFF Advanced Makeup Course Certificate

News Round-Up

Welcome to our new friends!

Lillian and Annee - 28th June


Jan, Margot, Judith, Christine, Olwen, Janet, Heather and Jayne - 24th July


Chris, Dorothy, Michelle and Joy - 13th September


Chris, Marie, Vera - 27th September


Henley and Wimbledon Living the Life More Fabulous - October 2018

A chance to see and hear Tricia being interviewed and talking about her book Living the Life More Fabulous. Tickets for Henley Literary Festival 5th October please see here and for Wimbledon BookFest 10th October please see here. We are looking forward to our office outing on the 10th October, so see you there if you can make it!

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