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There are two main types of cookies, first and third party: First Party Cookies are those set by the website you are viewing. Third party cookies are set by other sites; for example if a video has been embedded from YouTube, YouTube may set a cookie of its own. Cookies can also last for different durations. Session cookies last until you leave the site, others may last for days or months so the site can recognise you and your preferences on subsequent visits. 

We use a number of different cookies on this site, these are: necessary cookies that are essential in helping users to move around the website and use its features such as events bookings; and performance cookies, that collect information about how users use the site, such as which pages are the most visited. These cookies collect anonymous information only and only use any information to improve the site.


We use Google Analytics on the site that uses cookies to collect this sort of information. Please click here for more information on Google’s privacy policy, or to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics on all sites please visit:


We use a number of third party service providers on this site, some of which may set cookies on your computer when you use the facility. 


Tag4ARM and Cookies

Tag4ARM uses cookies in order to track when users visit the site. The webpages tagged is based on where the tracking script is placed. These are 1 st party cookies that are set on the domain of your website. These are the following types of cookies: 

1._pk_ref: This cookie stores the referrer of website (6 month duration)
2._pk_ses: This cookie is used to store the session of visitor. After every 30 minutes, if there is no visitor activity within 30 minutes, then visit will be considered as new after visitor action. This data is then sent to (30 minutes duration). 
3._pk_cvar: This cookie identifies unique users for the custom variable tag when it is used ("page" level custom variable will store the name/value in the next page view tracked).
4._pk_id: This cookie is used to store the visitor ID. This identifies whether a user has previously visited the website or not (13 months duration).

Information about deleting or controlling cookies can be found here.

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