When I get a response to what I write I feel as though I am part of a lively community of interesting and vital women some of whom may even agree with me. And if they don€™t - then that€™s fine with me too! Another pleasure has been to find other older female bloggers who have usually contacted me via Twitter. I have now met up with several of these women who are all writing on related subjects (fashion. latest trends, skin care etc) and so I thought that this week I would tell you about my favourites.

I have given you links to their websites (in the title) so that you can take a look. Subscribing to their blogs is free and you will receive email notifications of their latest posts if you decide they would be of interest to you.

Ceri Wheeldon is now in her mid-fifties and started Fab after Fifty just as she was turning 50. Hers is a vibrant and wide-ranging website which covers many topics including fashion, fitness and diet, empty nesting, relaunching careers and other topics of interest and issues faced by women over 50. She recently interviewed me via a webcam which was quite challenging but worked just fine in the end. Our video interview with my top tips on makeup for older women is her €˜most popular€™ feature currently.

Josephine Lalwan started this fashion blog in 2009. As you might expect, she is a very chic 60-something woman who was inspired to share her years of experience working in the world of fashion. Her philosophy is strongly based on the notion that €œwith a little knowledge and inspiration we can all continue to have fun with fashion.€ I also fully endorse this sentiment of hers: €œas women of a certain age we are a growing demographic- let€™s prove that we can also be a chic one.€ Next week she is going to write about her experience of a makeover with LFF. We will be posting her 'before' and 'after' pictures on Facebook - so watch out for that!

Penny Kocher has become a personal friend after we met on Twitter and then had lunch together, which we have now done several times. Penny is a wonderfully warm woman in her sixties who writes regular blogs (she doesn€™t have a website as such) about fashion on a tight budget. She has a wonderful eye for a bargain and as an immensely stylish person, she regularly photographs herself wearing her charity shop finds. and other bargains she has spotted. Penny has had an LFF makeover and often mentions our products as she loves our makeup!

Beauty Plus

Jane Cunningham writes as The British Beauty Blogger with many thousands of followers. She has recently started a new blog for women of 50+ as she herself is approaching that age, Various writers contribute to these (almost daily) posts and you will find skincare advice, along with observations about fashion, makeup and anything else that has caught Jane€™s very discerning eye. We met Jane a few weeks ago and although she was initially sceptical (of the need for a range of makeup specifically formulated for older women) she reviewed our products very favourably.

What all of these blogs (including mine) have in common is a passion for staying fabulous regardless of the odd wrinkle or grey hair.

We are all writing with knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an older woman in a society that is ageist and a beauty and fashion industry that is only slowly waking up to the power of the €˜grey pound.€™ By subscribing to our blogs you will hopefully stay informed, inspired and entertained by a group of women who all share your concerns and speak your language!

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