I wrote this after an incident I witnessed in a smart boutique during which an older woman was being ‘encouraged’ by her husband and daughters to return a coat which she loved because it was in a colour deemed unsuitable (a lovely vibrant purple). My point was that age doesn’t protect us from peer pressure and that in fact older women may be subject to all sorts of prohibitions associated with their choice of dress. My blogs are sent out on Sunday mornings, so I usually spend the rest of the day reading and publishing the comments that you leave. These comments are a great way for me to find out whether you have had a similar experience which has resonated with you in a similar way. Comments like this one from Sally:

"Hi! I never normally comment but I so agree with you, and had not realised that peer pressure exists all our lives….last week a friend and I went to a similar boutique as you mentioned…only the two of us older ladies and a wonderful shop assistant. We tried on several outfits, matching scarves and jewellery. My friend and I both bought stunning ponchos, trimmed with pearls and jewels, plus a bobble hat each.. with 2 raccoon bobbles!! Different but fun… the next day my friend returned hers because: “my husband says I look stupid and will stand out in our village.” Sad. I know I’m now on my own and it’s easier for me…. amazing how one negative comment can influence your choices.”

Which brings me to this month’s Street Style Fashion selection. For newcomers to my blogs, this is a feature we do every few weeks when we have enough photographs to show you. Our young photographer, Beatrix Blaise, does a brilliant job of capturing the style, chutzpah and confidence of fabulous women she spots when she’s out and about.

I hope you understand that this is always a bit of a lottery! Sometimes she gets lucky and will find several likely candidates and sometimes it’s a fruitless search. So, I hope you will enjoy and be inspired by this week’s selection. For some reason it’s a slightly younger group than usual, with women mostly in their fifties - again we have no control over this and we are certainly not prioritising this age group!

There will be styles here that you may not choose for yourself so I would ask you, as usual only to comment on the looks you like. As Sally said last week “It’s amazing how one negative comment can influence your choices.” So please, let’s make this a criticism free zone and let’s celebrate the individual choices made by each of these fabulous women!