However today you may be reckoning with the consequences for your body and general energy levels. Many of us start the year by embarking on a diet in order to lose weight. Please don’t be one of them; evidence proves 95% of diets fail – dieters don’t maintain weight loss permanently.

It’s far better to make long-lasting changes in your eating habits that are permanent. And what is even better, is to start with a clean slate.

Let me explain why… Just as your house collects dust and dirt, your body collects toxins.  Bodily “dust and dirt” are environmental toxins and chemicals you come to encounter every day. There are obvious toxins like mercury, lead and arsenic but, did you know toxins can also come from common things like candles, carpeting, furniture, fabric softener, food containers, water and your food?  If you eat a typical supermarket diet, the packets you buy not only contain food but chemicals that your body doesn’t want or need. All processed foods include additives used to make food easy to transport and look pretty sitting on shelves for months. A diet based upon convenience, processed foods comes at the cost of our long-term health and we feel it in symptoms like toxic headaches, lethargy, and bloated stomachs. Did you know a lot of joint pain and swelling can be traced back to a poor diet?

Intentional Cleansing

"In a healthy body, the process of detoxification runs smoothly," says Mark Hyman, functional medicine doctor and New York Times bestselling author. But as we age and when we overload our capacity, our bodies won’t cope with the toxic burden. Explains Hyman, "When you become toxic, the mechanism for detoxification in the liver gets sluggish and certain toxins can remain active longer than we want or than our systems can handle. This makes us sick and impedes normal metabolism. It also causes fluid retention, feeling bloated, and puffiness."

We’re surrounded with toxins—from pollution to preservatives, pesticides and excessive sugar in the foods we eat. These things destabilise blood-sugar levels, deplete nutrient stores, cause a build-up of substances such as heavy metals and lead to chronic inflammation—all of which make us tired and sick. And we continue to feel this way until we detoxify.

"The key becomes figuring out how to enhance your body's capacity to detoxify and get rid of waste while minimising your exposure to toxins," Hyman said.

Signs Your Body Wants Cleansing...

When was the last time you felt energetic and headache free? Have you lived with a bloated stomach for a year or more? Are you tired most days?

Here are some signs that it’s time to make a change:

You crave sugar and carbohydrates like biscuits, bread, pasta or sweets
You experience brain fog
You're always exhausted
Your joints are aching
You're slightly stressed, depressed, or anxious
You can't lose weight
You have trouble sleeping
You can't concentrate

Start by consulting your doctor to ensure that you’re not suffering from some active illness that’s undiagnosed. Then, although we can't control everything in the world around us, we can make a massive impact on our own health through thoughtful and simple changes in our eating habits to STOP adding toxins directly into our bodies. This will rest your digestive system, steady your blood sugar and lighten the overall toxic load.

Then, GIVE yourself the nutrients you need with a clean diet plus targeted supplements. And, take the right amount of TIME to rest your digestion and clear away the stored toxins. This is my recipe for cleansing: STOP + GIVE + TIME = a clean body and a clear mind.


21 Day Turnaround

How do I know all this? Last year I worked with 61 women who lost over 360lbs in weight, regained flexibility, flattened their tummies and felt good about themselves again. They joined the 21-Day Turnaround - a quick programme I developed to help women easily turn around their eating habits. If you’re new to healthy living, it’s a good starting point on a liberating life-long journey...and where I recommend you start when you decide you’re in charge of your health and won't feel victimised by food!

Since then, clients have asked me, what’s next? What do we do after the 21-Day Turnaround? My answer is a new programme for a new year – the next step is to cleanse in order to get rid of years of built-up toxins. 

A New Programme for the New Year: Cleanse-Wright 4 Week Detox

Because there’s a right way and a wrong way to cleanse, I have now designed a new 4 week cleansing programme. It covers the basic principles of STOP, GIVE & TIME. To be healthy we need to STOP adding toxins, GIVE ourselves the nutrients we need and take TIME to do so. A common misconception is that detox diets must be extreme, that they're expensive, or that they're all green juice misery—but this doesn't have to be the case. In fact, they can (and often should!) resemble a pretty simple, balanced, whole-foods-based diet. No pricey pre-packaged meals necessary.

I’m launching this today because a new year is the perfect time to be out with the old (toxins) and in with the new (year). The first members have already signed-up for a self-care month of personal consultations, cleansing nutrition supplements, learning, cleansing recipes and freedom from toxic headaches, bloating and tiredness.

Perhaps you’ve joined me for the 21-Day Turnaround and feel ready for this new stage in your health journey. Or perhaps you’re beset by the symptoms I’ve described and you’ve  had enough of them. Whatever you need, I’m here for you. If you feel like Cleansing is ‘Wright’ for you then I’m very excited to meet you if you decide to join us!

I can promise you that there are wonderful benefits to cleansing and detoxification, here are my favourites…


You Lose Weight

Sugar and flour are the main culprits in weight gain. They make overeating easy and have addictive qualities. Also, they spike blood-sugar levels and insulin leading to inflammation, which makes you store belly fat and blocks your ability to feel full. When you detoxify, you STOP adding sugar and carbs that hold your weight hostage.

Fewer Headaches, Less Fatigue, Aching & Tiredness

After a detox, you feel vibrant, alive and full of energy. Even if you’re slim you can experience fatigue, brain fog, aching, digestive issues, allergies, and headaches. Being free from the drag of these symptoms opens the door to life again!

You Combat Cravings

Sugar is the new nicotine. In fact, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine and a lot more accessible! Willpower isn’t enough to win that battle! A detox allows you to biologically unhook yourself from the addictive power of sugar, flour and hyper-processed, highly-palatable, food-like substances.

You Eliminate Food Sensitivities 

A well-designed detox will also eliminate foods causing inflammation and allergies. Many people don’t know they have food intolerance– they’ve become so used to the symptoms – but most people do. The two most common food sensitivities are gluten and dairy. STOP these and you’ll give your gut a break!

You Get More Sleep

Hectic modern life often interferes with the natural need for sleep: eating the right food at the right time can allow your body to rest when it needs to and have energy when it needs it! GIVE your body the food and nutrients it really needs and it will shine!

You Have Better Sex

Sex hormones, toxicity, and your insulin balance are intimately linked. We’ve been conditioned to believe that low sex drive is normal as we age. It doesn’t have to be. Libido-crashing mood disorders in women and men do not need to be a part of the ageing process. Bad habits such as drinking and smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, and being chronically stressed all diminish sex hormone balance. When you detox, you eliminate toxins causing hormonal imbalance.

You Uncover Your True Motivation and Choices

Taking the TIME for an intentional cleanse is also an opportunity to examine your thoughts and feelings about food, health and happiness. Simply placing your awareness on these values and moments in your life improves your motivation and your ability to choose instead of being in a craving battle with food. Once you get a ‘taste’ for clear-thinking, energy and enjoyment, you’re motivated to protect these in your life.


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