In the UK we are now properly in a Spring-like mood and this is reflected in our clothes! This month Beatrix Blaise, our photographer, has captured that mood brilliantly in her wonderfully bright and joyful images of stylish older women she has spotted, many of whom have thrown off their heavy winter coats and hats and chosen to wear a rainbow instead! I particularly love Antonia's whole look (see left) which incorporates so many stylish elements which she has pulled together brilliantly using different combinations of warm tones. You will notice how she has co-ordinated her makeup to match and is wearing a blusher, a very similar colour to our Peach Cream Blush and a lipstick that is close to our new Lip Colour in Russet. As she is wearing a very bright and colourful scarf next to her face, she really needs the colour in her cheeks and lips in order not to look washed out. Antonia wouldn't tell Bea her age, so I will leave you to guess!

In this selection we also have several photographs taken in the sunshine with our stylish women wearing some properly funky eyewear! I love the fact that something as simple as a pair of sunglasses or spectacles can inject some chutzpah into an outfit and lift it from ordinary to fun or funky or super cool.  Diane (80, right) really suits the cool toned colours she is wearing and is simply dressed in a dazzling white shirt and plain black trousers. However her choice of bright blue funky glasses are just enough to turn 'safe' into 'special'. She has also balanced the strong frames by wearing makeup in cool tones like our Rosy Glow Blush and Soft Plum Lip Colour. We have a video showing you how to apply eye makeup to look good when you wear glasses.

I do hope you enjoy our Street Style photographs this month. Several made me smile because they are such strong statements of visibility and engagement with fashion to create a signature look. These women all look confident and comfortable in their own skins. They look as though they have given some thought to how they want to be seen and how they see themselves. I know that some of you really struggle with this, so here are my top tips for how to look more stylish and soignée:

  1. Know which colours suit you best and then inject brighter elements of those tones into accessories. See some examples below of  warm and cool tones so that you can get a better idea of how this works in practice. Take a look at our Choosing Colours page if you are unsure and follow the guidelines there.
  2. See style as an 'overall effect.' There are several elements and they all need to work together. Hair, makeup, jewellery, scarves, clothes, tights and shoes. Many women forget how important it is to have colour and definition in the face from face, eye and lip makeup to either balance darker dyed hair or to complement grey or white hair so that you look less 'washed out.'
  3. Think about your body shape and how to make the best of it. For instance Carolyn (70) slims her silhouette by using a contrasting colourful scarf to add a vertical line of bright colour. Without the necklace, scarf, orange bag and red Converse trainers, her loose top and trackie bottoms would look much less interesting.

Women with cool toned skin like Sue, Melanie, Anne and Margaret (below) look good in white, pink, purple, cool blue, blue-reds and acid greens. LFF Makeup to suit them: Eyes - Silver Mist Lid Colour, Soft Grey, Taupe, Aubergine and Charcoal Eye Shades. Blush: Rosy Glow and Lips (from pale to vibrant): Pink Pop, Sweet Pea, Soft Plum, Fuchsia, Cherry Red.

Women with warm toned skin like Sandy, Una, Liane, and Mary look good in the colours cream, rust, brown, warm greens and blues, orange and warm reds. LFF Makeup to suit them: Eyes - Golden Mist Lid Colour, Cream, Soft Olive, Forrest, and Cocoa eye Shades. Blush: Peach Cream and Lips (from pale to vibrant) : Soft Caramel, Rosewood, Soft Coral, Russet, True Coral, Foxy Lady. 

Wear Funky Sunglasses

Co-Ordinated Look:

As always tell us which styles you really like and also tell us the way you engage with fashion and style - is it with colour, accessories, hairstyle, makeup or all of the above?