I was absolutely gobsmacked because I hadn’€™t realised how keen older women were for help and advice with their eye makeup. The reason is not that difficult to understand because it IS particularly challenging to apply eye makeup for older women. Why? Read on. I'll explain why it's so different to apply eye makeup to mature skin  and give you some guidelines to help.

The LFF Guide to Eye Makeup For Older Women

Dry and crepe-y looking eyelids. The skin on our eyelids becomes thinner and may also become loose and stretchy as we age.  I think it is important to ensure that the delicate skin of our eyelids is well nourished. I therefore apply the serum and moisturiser I use on my face to my eyelids as well to ensure that my eye area is properly moisturised. I also use a special eye makeup remover at night (I like Clinique or Clarins for sensitive eyes). This ensures that the delicate skin of my eyelids is treated as gently as possible whilst being thoroughly cleansed.

Eyebrows and eyelashes. My brows are really quite alarming these days! The individual hairs are variously white or overlong and hooked in shape or they are very short and stick straight out instead of lying flat! I use a magnifying mirror and pluck out all the offending hairs. Then using our ingenious Bring Back Brow Shape I recreate the illusion of beautifully balanced and groomed brows which give that all important framing to my eyes. I also prefer mascara which leaves my eyelashes pliable and silky rather than stiff and over-volumised because I think it looks more natural and less ageing.

Hooded Eyes. We have a very popular video on this subject. Do please watch this if you have hooded eyes as you will learn a step-by step technique to disguise the €˜hooding€™ with eye shadow. The trick is to think of the space between the eyebrows and eyelashes in 3 distinct areas: The brow bone should be light, the socket line should be dark and the eyelid should be light. So apply Instant Bright Highlight, our highlighter to the brow bone and then apply No Shimmer Eye Shade in Cream, or Fabulous Lid Colour in Silver Mist or Soft Moss to the eyelid. Then apply either Taupe, Cocoa, Aubergine or Forest Eye Shade in an arc of colour (following the shape of the brow) where the socket line should be. Blend well to create a subtle effect.

Messy eye makeup. Makeup just doesn€™t stay put on an older face, and eye makeup often looks really messy after a short while. The reason is that the skin isn€™t smooth as it once was and is also drier, so products get absorbed into the skin.  The solution to this is to apply our Smooth Out Eye Prime. This flesh-coloured liquid primer is best applied with a brush (Concealer Brush 4 works well for me) and allowed to dry thoroughly. This will then keep all other eye products fresh looking for hours at a time.

Eye Liners. However attached you may be to your black eye liner I would say it might be time to re-appraise whether this still suits you! I always want to create the illusion of thicker eyelashes with some kind of line above them, but now I find a darker shadow pushed into the roots of my lashes with a small wedge brush looks far softer and more subtle. You can smudge the line slightly so that it doesn€™t matter if you cannot create an absolutely perfect line.

And how long does all this take? If I am totally honest I would say it takes me about 10 minutes to apply my makeup really professionally, and around 15 minutes if I am doing a makeover on another person.

But I also say that is the best 10 minutes you will spend on your appearance! Why? Because all day people will tend to be looking at your eyes when they are talking to you. Older faces lack something called €˜luminance of contrast€™, so by adding definition to the eye area (and restoring that lost contrast) with some carefully applied and beautiful colour, you also bring the whole face to life! Watch the below video of me applying my eye makeup.

And of course all the products used in the video are available to buy on the website.

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