Jo Good - Our Ninth Ambassador

We have a real treat for you this week in the shape of an interview with Jo Good. Jo is the latest in our Ambassador series of conversations with older women who exemplify the notion of fabulousness in later life. A few weeks ago, when we featured Gillian Wheeler as our Eighth Ambassador, some of you took me to task for various reasons.

So I’d like to explain that my sole aim in profiling the women in this series is to show that there are many varied and interesting ways to stay fabulous in later life. Our ageist society consigns older women to invisibility and irrelevance and shows us a very narrow range of role models to inspire us. With these interviews we are hopefully exemplifying the rich variety of women’s lives. Some of our Ambassadors have had long careers, others have changed careers and headed in a totally new direction at a time when most are thinking of retiring. Some have married and had children, others have not. Most have had to overcome the kind of challenges and heartache that come to all of us if we have lived for long enough. However all our wonderful Ambassadors have one thing in common and that is a refusal to be either invisible or irrelevant. Which brings me neatly to Jo Good. I so enjoyed talking to her and finding out about her life and I hope you agree that Jo is a real ‘life enhancer’ and, as such is a perfect ninth Ambassador for LFF.

Jo is so full of energy and enthusiasm that I have described her in the introduction as a ‘pocket rocket!’ She’s really tiny (certainly compared to me!) and yet she exudes that wonderful quality of ‘joie de vivre’ that we at Look Fabulous Forever feel so strongly about.


I have met Jo twice, both times when I was invited on to her daily radio programme on Radio London. She fills the capital’s airwaves for three hours every day from 1pm-4pm with music and chat with her listeners and also with those guests that she has on the show. The last time I was in her studio it was to talk about ‘Living the Life More Fabulous’ and it was evident that Jo had done her homework and read the book! For that I was very grateful as it meant that we could have a meaningful conversation about various topics, including the subject of whether, as a 63 year old woman, she should now cut her shoulder length blonde hair.

As you will hear, Jo has had a varied and interesting working life. This includes a longish stint as an actress in ‘Crossroads’, a very popular soap of the sixties and seventies. This was parodied brilliantly by Victoria Wood in ‘Acorn Antiques’ and, as you will hear in the interview, not without cause as Jo details the wobbly sets and embarrassing and stilted silences for which Crossroads was renowned. Jo’s radio career started in Brighton and since then she has worked in this medium continuously, building a very loyal following on Radio London for her daily and Saturday morning show. She’s also very passionate about fitness and is a yoga devotee, rising impressively early every morning to travel across London to her yoga class. Another passion in her life is her bulldog Matilda and her 93 year old mum, herself a former yoga teacher and one of the stars of Jo’s YouTube channel. She started this a few months ago and it’s a perfect reflection of Jo’s warm and outgoing personality and her slightly chaotic life. It’s called Adventures of a Middle Aged Minx, so do take a look if you want to be entertained.

Please share your comments below as I love the engagement with all of you and the way that you engage with each other. I really appreciated your wholehearted approval of our new TV ads last week - helps so much to know that we are on the right track!