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  1. Continued love of this makeup! I just placed another order of this incredible makeup line. I am 64 and continue to be extremely pleased with all the products. It's amazing how, if taught proper application and proper products for mature skin, how many people compliment my makeup. Many thanks to you and your team for supplying such good makeup and customer service. Carolyn

  2. Truly Fabulous! I have just placed my third order in as many weeks! To say I’m delighted and completely over the moon with your products is an understatement .. they really are fantastic and perform brilliantly. Excellent service is a plus! Veronica

  3. Feel like a new me! I have just received my products and I feel fantastic! The make-up last all day, no need for any touch ups, is easy to apply and looks so great. The  tutorials are so valuable too and really helps. I have always taken good care of my skin and now at 62, I wanted make-up that looked good for someone my age,....natural, without the feeling of heaviness. I am so pleased I found these and look forward to receiving my next order. Karine

  4. Totally converted! When I hit the menopause last year at the age of 50 I lost my sense of self and confidence completely. I gained weight and I felt I look suddenly tired and old. I started buying lots of make up to try and look better but nothing seemed to work so I was skeptical about what difference LFF Other would make. But I'm totally converted. I love all the products and I've pretty much bought them all now. Just about to order the last few bits I haven't got to complete my collection. Can't wait for them to arrive. Alison

  • fabulous makeup This is fab makeup, truly. I love it all, so much information on the website which is very helpful. I went through a bad patch after a lot of health problems and kind of lost my way and basically didn't wear any at all. Read more Now I feel as if I'm back with a bang! watched the videos , bought the products and now I'm getting wonderful comments on how I look. Thank you Tricia, I feel fabulous. Now preparing myself to be Mother of the bride and I know I will look and feel great . anita
  • OMG WOWSERS The silk face primer is absolutely fantastic. My skin feels and looks excellent after only using for a couple of weeks. I will not be able to live without this product. Read more Superb. Well done to Looking Fabulous Forever !!!! Carole
  • Look Beauty Balm I have today received my Beauty Balm and it is fantastic! The coverage is really good without it being too thick - great in this heat. At last I have a base which I really feel comfortable in. Read more Thank you so much. Sheena Standring
  • Absolutely Fabulous I have just this morning used my new trio eye colour and I am so pleased with the results. I thought it would be trial and error and practice. First time with the help of the tutorial and a fabulous result. Read more Thank you Michele
  • The proof of the pudding The postman delivered the products less than 48 hours after ordering them. I have to admit I was sceptical. However I used a tiny amount of primer. Read more Lovely. Then tried the foundation which I was wary of ordering as I usually use BB orCC cream. It was smooth and light but with good coverage. I also used the colour corrector and concealer and was similarly impressed. However not wanting to be too carried away with my positive first impressions I set off to meet friends telling myself I would wait and see if I felt the same way when I next looked in the mirror. My friends'reaction on seeing me though put paid to that. 'WOW look at you! ' said one friend. 'Your makeup is lovely!' 'You've had a makeover', said another! I've never had reactions like that when I've changed brands. And I've used a lot of differnt brands! Thank you LFF. My next order will be for eye makeup which I haven't used in years! For anyone in doubt ORDER! Marie
  • Thank you so much, Tricia! I am 71 and retired last year having worked and run businesses without a break for 50 years. Make up was de rigeur in my client-facing role and since I am blessed with fairly good skin, I always managed to look my best helped by regular facials to counteract the effects of smoking (stopped in 2010) and constant international travel. Since retirement, my professional purpose has gone, and I feel I have become invisible and rudderless. Read more In tandem with this, my weight increased and since I was not meeting with clients and travelling the world, I found myself only wearing makeup when I went out. In January of this year I resolved to get myself back in shape by losing weight slowly and permanently. It is July and I am happy to report that I am half way to my target and I look and feel so much better. Brows and lashes are both a bit sparse but LFF products have helped these. I wear glasses, so eye makeup and brow definition are really important. Last week I bought Tricia’s book, Living The life More Fabulous, and could not put it down, sitting in the garden in the heatwave, I read it at one sitting! Congratulations, Tricia! It is a masterpiece! Everything you said resonated with me and I was also inspired by all the ladies cited in the book. I was a supremely confident business woman for decades and you have motivated me to ‘pull up my socks up’ and reclaim myself. I shall keep the book by my side always in case I slip up. Thank you so much! Anne
  • Very pleased! I’ve been pondering about ordering for some time, wondering if it might be all hype but decided to take the plunge because of the return policy. I ordered eye prime, golden mist eye colour and blush to address my concerns. Applied prime and eye colour, then tried the blush, but thought it a bit pale - but then I’ve avoided blush because I always seem to end up looking like Aunt Sally! Read more Was a bit dubious but stood back and viewed overall effect and was amazed. Subtle changes that all came together and worked. Will order more products. Barbara
  • LFF I’m really happy with all the make up I have bought. For years I have tried various products none of which I have felt were really good for my age, but since using LFF I feel confident that my make up looks good which makes me feel good. Even my 15 yr old granddaughter has complimented me . Read more Basically it’s does what it says , so one happy customer. X Margaret Toni Cook
  • Love this brand I am 72 and I have now bought a variety of products having completely overhauled my make up. This has to be the best for more mature skin, the Face Primer is absolutely superb and has to be my favourite product. Having said that, I haven't had one item yet with which I haven't been pleased. Read more Fabulous. Maggie Riochardson
  • Well done I despaired of ever finding foundation that didn't end up in my fine lines. I bought the face primer and the foundation and even in the heat we have had recently it worked. I was nervous about buying without trying the colours but the foundation was perfect. Read more Thanks , will be back for some colour soon. Karen
  • The best No Shimmer Eye Shade - EVER!!!!! Over many decades I have bought a huge amount of eye shadow, in all its forms, however, I truly believe that this is the very best one that I have ever tried. It is unbelievably easy to blend and the colours are gorgeous. Thank you so much, I know that I don't need to try elsewhere any more. Read more Very best wishes. p.s. thank you also for the two foundation samples, so very kind of you. I think my colour will be porcelain. N Jones
  • It's never too late to look fabulous! I'll be 79 in October. No, I don't believe it either. Unable to have children, I have always worked in professional offices, so make up was 'everyday' to me. Read more Since retirement I found most brands did nothing to enhance my aging skin - enter LFF! Now I still use make up every day, but the make up is LFF - of course I am looking older these days, but like to think that with LFF I can still look good - wouldn't be without it. Marion
  • Stroke Survivor I have stopped wearing make up 13 years after a massive stoke loss of use of left hand, my face has become old. I used to love make up but wearing all young persons brand it didn't stay on long can't wait to try this make up it sounds like it will help me out mind you I have to work out how to put it on with one hand looking forward to the challenge will study the videos very carefully Sue
  • Brushes Ordered the brushes a few weeks ago but hadn't used them until today. I was very pleased with the results, especially the foundation brush, far superior to the ones I had been using from a well known chemist chain. June
  • What a wonderful find I am so thrilled to find these products and am delighted with my order. I have looked for so long for make up for my 72 year old skin and found this site purely by accident. I have now thrown away all my old products that no longer suit me and feel that I have a new lease on life. Read more Thank you so much Tricia. Linda
  • Thanks Very Much! I have received my order today (beautifully wrapped by the way) and I am totally delighted !! I ordered two lipsticks, two eye shadows and a mascara – thought I was crazy to buy unseen – but what a delight when they arrived, I needed not to worry at all !! You will be receiving another order from me soon With every good wish Jan Jan
  • Thank You I discovered you via Facebook and tried the blue trio eyeshadow! Gorgeous! I read about you and was so impressed as I have often said to my daughter who is a make up artist that I wish there was make up for mature skin! Read more I’m 55. I have just received my second order for hubby to give me for my birthday! Came quickly and can’t wait for 7th July! Can’t wait for my daughter to see it! Your face primer is like velvet too! Thank you! Hazel
  • Great advice and products! I am 63 and always like to wear a little make-up, even when I am teaching my Pilates & Ballet classes. I used to be a professional dancer so was quite good at putting heavier stage make-up on, but struggled a bit with getting daytime make-up just right.I looked at your video tutorials and followed your advice, particularly for the eyeshadow application and it makes such a difference to my face! I feel more confident and fabulous! Read more I've ordered some products are they are all great & I know that I will be ordering more. Elaine
  • Inspiration as well as products I’ve just received my first order but have not yet used the products. I just wanted to let you know that the inspirational blogs, comments and testimonials are already making me feel more positive about life and getting older (I am 57). Keep it up. Caroline
  • Delighted.. yet again! I decided to try another colour in the lipstick range and wanted something nice for the summer and chose Fuschia on your recommendation. I have been wearing soft plum all winter and love how it looks but I am delighted yet again with the colour and quality of this product. The lipstick really does add the final " zing" to my make-up. Read more Love all your products so far. Helen McKillen
  • Lovely skin stuff Love your products, particularly the primers. Have vitiligo so am very self conscious about my skin but the foundation and concealers help to even out my skin tone without becoming mask-like. The tutorials are simple without being patronising and don’t last too long! Read more My only quibble is that the original design containers were very flimsy around the hinge. I’ve had two eyeshadows, a concealer, blusher and bronzer all snap at the hinge, which makes transporting the ver difficult. I hope the new design is more sturdy. Jennifer Kirwan
  • Well and Truly Hooked ! Having just placed my 4th order since beginning of April am asking myself why I didn't buy a collection in the first place and save money. Well the answer to that is that I had no idea how truly fabulous these products are and that I would enjoy using so much. Having always loved mak up In the last couple of years I've been subscribing to the "less is more" regime . Read more Well those days are over ! Am absolutely loving spending time applying my make up again. It's a joy to use and looks so much better. I may well be addicted :) dorothy
  • delivery Yesterday I placed an order by phone, and the lovely person dealing with me ensured that every detail was correct. As I live in Northern Ireland, I did not expect to receive my items for a while, but they came this morning which is the very next efficent, plus they were in beautiful packaging. I was delighted. Read more Well done indeed. alison
  • Hitting 60 and loving it! I've recently turned 60 and I made a promise to myself that I was going to make the very best of all that I have and am. I have always worn make up but not with any great skill and I've realised that I can no longer get away with a quick 2 minute regime. I discovered Tricia's site about 6 months ago and love all the tips and advice given here. Read more I am steadily building up my make up range and have placed several orders recently with my 'Birthday money!' With a new short hairstyle and the look fabulous forever range I am getting lots of compliments. My confidence is soaring and I'm loving going into my 60th year. Thank you so much Tricia!! Tracey Moore
  • Brilliant discovery I’ve never been confident using makeup so at 60 decided to only use moisturiser, powder and lipstick. Now nearly 65 and after finding LFF website totally by accident I have found a new interest in all aspects of makeup. I love the eye and face primers, blush, concealer and eye shadows. Read more All products are easy to use and make you feel good. I am still not an everyday wearer of makeup but really enjoy getting ready when I do. Thank you LFF. Carol
  • My First Products Have received my first order of the Primer set. What glorious products. Have just order another Face Primer for a friend's birthday. Read more Can't wait to try the eye colours. Dorothy
  • Fab - u - lous I have just received my first order and I am absolutely over the moon with the whole experience. I adore the products, they are fab-u-lous! I have watched the tutorial videos and I am now taking more time when apply my makeup and loving the results. Read more Over the next few months I will be building up my collection. Thank you so much. Ladygd
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