Makeover For Older Women
Bold Brights

Trying new makeup shades and stepping away from your everyday favourites can be a lot of fun! In this Style Guide Karen was open-minded and willing to step out of her comfort zone to discover a new style that made her feel confident and beautiful. Adding bold and bright colors to your makeup or wardrobe can make a significant impact. So we're here to encourage you to consider experimenting with vibrant shades of Eye ShadowLipstick or Blush to help your features pop. And to try incorporating brighter colours or bold prints in your wardrobe...

See the step by steps and the makeup we used to create Karen's new look below...

1. Prep and Prime to Perfection

1. Prep and Prime to Perfection

- Prep your skin with our Smooth The Day Face Cream and your lips with our Hydrating Lip Balm

- Apply 2 pumps of Smooth Like Silk Face Prime to the back of your hand and then use your fingertips to smooth it over your entire face

- Apply your Eye Prime with your fingertips to dry and grease-free lids

- Use the built-in applicator of the Never Feather Lip Prime to sweep primer onto the skin around the outer edges of your lips, then rub in with your fingertips

2. Ace Your Base

2. Ace Your Base

- Pop a pea-sized amount of Beauty Balm on the back of your hand, then take Foundation Brush 3 and stipple the product over your face evenly

- Start light and then build to desired coverage

- Use Cover to Cover concealer to hide any blemishes and set your base with our Translucent Powder

- Apply your Blusher using your fingers in a teardrop shape, starting just above the apples of your cheeks and tapering upwards towards your temples

- Blend out using our Blusher Brush 2

3. Frame Your Face

3. Frame Your Face

- First, tame your brows using Eyebrow Brush 6

- Using the integrated brush in the Brow Shape, make light feathery strokes to create the illusion of real brow hairs 

- To blend, and reach the right intensity, finish with a final sweep of Eyebrow Brush 6

4. Bold & Bright Eyes

4. Bold & Bright Eyes

- Use our Eye Shade Trio to create your full eyeshadow look

- Apply the lightest Eye Shade from the Trio all over your lids

- Then apply the medium shade to your socket to add definition. Apply slightly above the socket line if you have hooded or sunken eyes

- Line your eyes with the shadow by taking a Wedge Brush and softly push the shade into your upper and lower lash line

- Go over this with our Soft Eyeliner in Ocean Blue

- Dip the wand of your Mascara into the tube and wipe off the excess

- Then wiggle through your lashes to add length and colour

5. Add Definition

5. Add Definition

- Use our Instant Bright Highlight to add definition to your look. Apply to your cheekbones, eyebrow arches and cupid's bow

- Add a generous sweeping of Bronzer to your cheeks, temple and neck

6. Balance The Lips

6. Balance The Lips

- With your Lip Liner, start at your cupid bow and then work your way down with the liner following your natural lip line

- On your bottom lip, start in the centre and work your way outwards. Ensuring the line doesn't drop downwards

- Once the edge is outlined, fill in your lips with the liner

- Apply your chosen shade of Lipstick all over your lips - Top Tip: if your eyes are the focus of your look, use a subtler lip colour so the focus remains on the eyes

- Add a dab of Lip Shine to the centre of your lips for definition

7. Sophisticated and Styled Hair

7. Sophisticated and Styled Hair

- Take time to style your hair: if you are going for a bold and bright look, perhaps pair this with something sleek so the focus remains on your style

8. Accessories that POP! The Final Touches...

8. Accessories that POP! The Final Touches...

- Have fun with your clothing! Find something that is Bold and Bright and makes you feel amazing and pair with contrasting accessories. Karen wore:

Linen Suit - Pure Collection (

Fuchsia Polo Top - Kettlewell (

Earrings - Toolally (

Handbag - Sarah Haran (

Necklace - Zara and Trainers (

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