Top Questions and Answers About the Moisturising Lip Balm

"Why did LFF launch a Lip Balm?"

"What's so special about the Moisturising Lip Balm?"

"Should I choose the clear or tinted formula?"

"Will the tinted formula suit my skin tone, whether I am cool, warm or neutral?"

"Can I use the Lip Balm underneath my LFF Lipstick?"

"I use the LFF Lip Primer, where does the Lip Balm fit into my routine?"

"Does the Lip Balm have a scent?"


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Why did LFF launch a Lip Balm?

Many women suffer from dry lips, but mature women (especially those who are post-menopause) may find that their skin loses even more moisture and needs an extra helping hand. Particularly in the winter months, skin on the lips can feel rough and sore, which can be not only uncomfortable, but can prevent lip makeup from looking its best. Healthy, nourished lips appear fuller and help lipstick and lip glosses to look their very best.
Our Lip Balm contains nutritious almond oil to hydrate and care for the delicate skin on the lips, plus shea butter to expertly heal any chapping or cracking.

What's so special about the Moisturising Lip Balm, how does it differ from other Lip Balms on the market?

The lip balm and lip salve experience has been a greasy one since the dawn of time. Think of the slippery, synthetic qualities of vaseline and chapstick. These products simply create a barrier between your lips and the harsh outside world (think: cold air, pollution and free-radicals) but do very little to actually rebuild the skin’s barrier or hydrate the epidermis, let alone the dermis!


That’s why we wanted to create a premium product that would penetrate the skin’s barrier and effectively hydrate, repair and nurture the lips. The Moisturising Lip Balm is a non-greasy formula that acts just as your day and night creams would for your lips. It contains quality ingredients that are known to rejuvenate dry, tight and even broken skin on the lips. The balm has the double benefit of sinking into the skin and creating a fine, silky-smooth layer of hydration on top, to moisturise from within and keep out those environmental nasties too!


What’s more, we wanted to ensure the product itself is free from nasties and suitable for everyone. That’s why our Lip Balm is:


- Paraben Free

- Lanolin Free (eczema sufferers rejoice!)

- Palm Oil Free 

- Coconut Oil Free 

- Vegan 

- Never tested on animals

Should I choose the clear or tinted formula?

Our clear formula is modelled on traditional lip balms. It works its skin soothing magic without appearing as though you have any lip makeup on. If you want to apply your lip balm pre-lipstick, and don’t want it to affect the shade you’re wearing too much, opt for clear. You could also opt for clear if you intend your lip balm to be part of your skincare routine and don’t want to appear as though you’re wearing any makeup.
Our tinted formula has a subtle pink sheen. It’s the perfect product for women who are always looking to add a very light wash of colour to their lips. The tint provides more of a natural, ‘no-makeup makeup’ look than lipstick typically does. You’ll also find that the colouring is subtle enough to wear a pink, plum or bright shade of lipstick on top.

Will the tinted formula suit my skin tone, whether I am warm, cool, or neutral?

In short, yes! We wanted to take the guesswork out of choosing a shade for our tinted Lip Balm, so we formulated it with a neutral pink undertone. This means that women with cool, warm or neutral skin will find that it suits them beautifully.  And don’t forget that we offer a 30 day guarantee for any products that don’t quite tick all your boxes, too. 

Can I use the Lip Balm underneath my LFF Lipstick?

All Look Fabulous Forever products are created to work in harmony with one another. That’s why we ensured that our Lip Balm formula is non-greasy and feels ultra-light on the lips. If you’d like to wear your Lip Balm underneath your favourite LFF Lipstick, our head makeup artist Sally recommends applying it liberally along with your skincare, and then gently blotting at the end of your makeup routine before applying your lipstick.

I use the LFF Lip Primer, where does the Lip Balm fit into this routine?

Good question! At LFF we strongly believe in the power of our Lip Primer to ensure your lip line is crisp and your lipstick stays in place all day. If the Lip Primer has a firm place in your routine too, we recommend applying your Lip Balm before you start your makeup routine, and then gently removing with a light hand once you get to your lips. You should ensure you don’t have any excess Lip Balm around the edges of your lips in particular, and your lips should feel clean and hydrated to the touch. Apply your Lip Primer only around your lip line to seal it, wait 5 minutes, then apply your lipstick as usual.

Does the Lip Balm have a scent?

The Lip Balm contains a number of luxurious ingredients to moisturise and soothe your lips, including:


- Cocoa Extract

- Olive and Sweet Almond Oil 

- Apricot Oil 

- Shea Butter

- Aloe Vera Extract


These ingredients produce a very subtle natural fruit aroma without any artificial scents. This promotes a nourishing feeling without the need for any drying added fragrances.

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