Our 10th Birthday Stories
Suki Pearce

As we approach our 10th Birthday, we want to celebrate by sharing a collection of extraordinary stories that showcase the profound impact our brand has had on our Ambassadors, Team, and cherished Customers.

Meet Suki...

Suki is 77, she lives in the picturesque landscape of Suffolk. Suki is a cherished customer of Look Fabulous Forever. In her spare time, Suki takes part in a rich array of activities, from playing tennis and sailing to singing, practising pilates, cycling, and relishing peaceful walks. Her compassionate heart extends to volunteering at a hospice shop, reflecting her dedication to giving back to her community in meaningful ways.

Suki's Journey With Look Fabulous Forever...

Suki's journey with Look Fabulous Forever began four years ago when an email unexpectedly brightened her inbox. Since that moment, she has seamlessly integrated herself into our online community, Tricia’s Super Troopers. This group has become a source of joy, connecting her with like-minded women and offering a platform to share experiences, and advice, and celebrate the beauty of aging gracefully.


Suki's experience with Look Fabulous Forever has been nothing short of transformative. Our brand has not only instilled in her newfound confidence and self-esteem, but it has also revolutionised her approach to beauty and makeup. Guided by the expert advice of Sally and Tricia, Suki dives into new techniques she has learned from our online tutorials. The YouTube videos have been a wellspring of knowledge, equipping her with clever techniques that have elevated her beauty regimen.

During the unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic, Look Fabulous Forever became more than a makeup brand; it became a lifeline for Suki. As her husband's health declined during the early days of the pandemic, and the sorrowful loss that followed, our makeup tutorials, and engaging activities provided a source of solace and companionship.


From Tea at the Ritz to exercise tipscookery demonstrations, film club, and insightful fashion articles Look Fabulous Forever's offerings kept Suki company and offered a sense of connection during isolating times. Suki's anticipation for Tricia's Sunday morning blog speaks to the depth of inspiration and understanding she finds in them. The Super Troopers, a remarkable group of women filled with wisdom and friendship, and the impressive Ambassadors, have further enriched her journey.


Suki's story embodies the essence of Look Fabulous Forever - we aim to celebrate the beauty of ageing whilst creating content and connections that uplift and inspire. Her journey showcases the power of our brand to empower women to embrace their unique beauty and live life's journey with grace.

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