Our 10th Birthday Stories
Sally Deung

As we approach our 10th Birthday, we want to celebrate by sharing a collection of extraordinary stories that showcase the profound impact our brand has had on our Ambassadors, Team, and cherished Customers.

Meet Sally...

Sally is a talented and vibrant 59-year-old freelance makeup artist! Sally lives in the beautiful town of Guilford, Surrey with her husband and cat, Pebbles. With her passion for cosmetics and an impressive six-year tenure with our company, Sally has become an invaluable member of our team. Through her engaging videos, transformative makeovers, and informative tutorials, she has been instrumental in teaching our customers the art of creating stunning looks tailored specifically for women over 50.


When she's not perfecting makeup techniques, Sally indulges in her favourite pastimes, including playing tennis, attending yoga classes, and harmonizing with a Rock Choir on a weekly basis. Her zest for life and love for beauty are contagious, making her a true inspiration to those around her.

Sally's Journey With Look Fabulous Forever

Sally's journey with Look Fabulous Forever began when she learned about our brand from a colleague in 2017. She instantly connected with our ethos and thought our makeup would be perfect for her clients. One product that left a lasting impression on her was our Smooth Like Silk Face Prime, which she deemed a true 'game-changer'.

Sally was invited to our office in Wimbledon to see product samples and meet the team. From the moment she met Tricia, Julie, and Caroline, she felt an instant rapport, and her involvement with the company expanded. After meeting the team, Sally joined them for makeup training courses as well as photoshoots showcasing our range.


In the COVID-19 lockdown, Makeup Magic Mondays were born! Both Sally and Tricia would host live Zoom events all about makeup for older women, these then led to Sally creating captivating video content and tutorials for our YouTube channel. One of her most remarkable achievements was the creation of a 5 Minute Makeup, Fresh Everyday Look video in 2021, which garnered an astonishing 1.2 million views, making it our most popular video to date.

Sally's dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to empowering women through makeup have made her an indispensable asset to our company. Her passion for helping customers feel confident and beautiful shines through every aspect of her work, and we are incredibly grateful to have her as part of our team.

How have Look Fabulous Forever products or the community influenced your confidence and self-esteem?

"Doing the first live Makeup Magic Zooms in Covid was out of my comfort zone but grew my confidence.  I always know that my makeup will stay put because of the primers and that gives me confidence every day.  Also, the positive feedback from the lovely Super Troopers and customers about the videos and makeovers we do has given me confidence.  Such a wonderful group of women"


In what ways has Look Fabulous Forever changed your approach to beauty and makeup?

"It has just confirmed what I always felt about ageing gracefully and how makeup can enhance older faces without trying to make us "look younger". I am also a complete convert to primers because of LFF makeup."


Which Look Fabulous Forever product do you find the most effective or transformative?


Have you received any compliments or feedback from others since using Look Fabulous Forever products?

"Yes - and always that my makeup looks natural but polished which I like"


How has Look Fabulous Forever helped you navigate and overcome any challenges or insecurities related to aging or beauty standards?

"I think Tricia's weekly blog does that for me really well - I so relate to what she says"


Have you recommended Look Fabulous Forever to friends or family members? If so, what was their reaction or experience?

"Absolutely - to family, friends and clients.  My 85-year-old mum loves it too!"


What do you find most fulfilling about being a part of the Look Fabulous Forever community?

"Working with a great team of like-minded women of all ages and seeing my clients' confidence grow as I teach them makeup tricks and how to use the appropriate products for them"


Anything else you would like to say about how being part of the Look Fabulous Forever Community makes you feel?

"I just feel very privileged to have discovered LFF and to have helped women all over the world with the tutorials and videos we produce. 

Thank you!"

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